Office Confrontations Ch. 04


He was gay. For Kyle. Very, very, gay. And apparently a bottom. He did not like remembering Kyle explaining the term last night, with an obnoxiously smug grin, that Marshall was now his bitch. Marshall knew he was just joking to torment him, but that was besides the point.

He really wanted Kyle. And...he hadn't thought about the situation fully until now. Were they dating? A casual fling? A quick fuck? Dammit, already the questions were blotting out all thought. He really hoped Kyle could concentrate better, since he'd most likely be no help whatsoever...

"Marshall, wake up."Kyle's voice startled him, and Marshall tightened his hand on Kyle's, eyes searching around frantically. "Relax, I was just going to tell you we're here."Kyle gave him a smile and disappeared out the door.

When he started tapping on the window impatiently, Marshall decided Kyle was never allowed to carpool with him again. Marshall huffed and opened the door, and they made their way through the building toward their usual suite.

The trip didn't take long, but having Kyle beside him made everything more tense, even the accidental brush of their fingers sent spikes of cold down his spine, reminding him just where he spent the night, and exactly what he'd rather be doing compared to working. Of course, Kyle liked to remind him constantly.

He'd reverted to introverted freak through the hallway, ducking his head and hiding behind Marshall's shoulder, even though there wasn't a single other person in the building. And he certainly just had to grope Marshall's ass as he stepped into the suite.

"Dammit Kyle! Just one day. One day without you violating me would be nice."Marshall commented. Kyle tipped up his chin and grinned. You are such an attention whore, I swear."Marshall smirked, slipping into the seat on the far corner.

Kyle failed at suppressing a grin, pulling up a seat dangerously close to Marshall as he did.

"Fuck off and hand me my briefcase."Kyle demanded in that tone he used when he wanted to get his way. Marshall fought a grin himself and silently pushed it over. He enjoyed the view he got of Kyle stretching forward to grab his property, and blushed when Kyle caught him in the act.

"Take your fill now, we've got work to do."Kyle grinned and went straight to work. Marshall stared for a second longer before clicking his own briefcase open and digging out the enormous stack of papers he had to rush through.

Out of nowhere he felt Kyle's hand graze up his thigh. He jumped and let out a faintly girlish yelp. Kyle chuckled.

"Hey! Keep your hands off me, how the hell am I supposed to do my work if you're molesting me all the time?"He glared. Kyle squeezed his leg roughly before letting go and going back to work.

But every once in a while Kyle would do it again, and after the fourth squeeze Marshall realized Kyle was trying to keep him aroused. He huffed loudly and scooted his chair away. Kyle rolled his eyes.

"Geez, and here I was trying to make your work more enjoyable."Marshall ignored the comment and went back to reading the same sentence a sixth time. Today was going to be damn impossible to get through.

* * *

"Fuck, there's no way we're finishing all of this in two hours.' Marshall groaned, staring at the daunting stack. Kyle waved his hand dismissively.

"We'll get it done."Kyle responded, unperturbed by Marshall's outburst or the never ending stack of paperwork. Already Kyle was on his third file.

"How the hell do you work so quickly?"Marshall wondered aloud. Kyle smirked.

"I don't stop to ask a thousand questions. Or stare at you incessantly, for that matter."Marshall looked away.

Fair point. He admitted to himself, though he wouldn't dare say so out loud. Marshall distracted himself by going back to work. Unfortunately every time he looked up Kyle was grinning broadly at him. Somehow Kyle's stack dwindled twice as fast as Marshall's, and when they had no more than half an hour left, Kyle had finished the stack and started on Marshall's half.

With Kyle's help they managed to finish with five minutes to spare.

"Thanks."Marshall begrudgingly admitted. Kyle had the gall to take a bow.

"Thank you, thank you. I'll be here all week."Kyle joked.

"Oh shut up."Marshall chuckled. I guess we better get started on today's work."Marshall sighed, though Kyle stood up abruptly, placing his hand on Marshall's arm.

"No, I think we deserve a coffee break. Come on."Marshall groaned.

"Kyle, we have enough to do without wasting more time."Marshall complained.

"It'll be fine. Besides, I'm dying of thirst."Kyle pulled him harder and Marshall stood with a good bout of negative commentary. Kyle opened the door and ushered Marshall out, following behind. When Marshall reached the break room he was glad, he actually was starving. And coffee sounded pretty damn good too, stale or otherwise.

"Want me to pour you a cup?"Marshall asked over his shoulder, grabbing a pair of mugs.

"Um, y-yes pl-please."The weak response had Marshall turning on his heel.

"Kyle would you stop--" Marshall came up short as he caught sight of Aaron, who instantly engulfed him in a hug.

"It's been forever Marsh! Still yelling at poor Kyle I see." Marshall groaned inwardly. Aaron finally released him and turned to look at Kyle.

"I hope he's not making too much of an ass of himself."Kyle's face flared red and he backed up against the wall.

"N-n-no, he-he's b-b-b--"Kyle winced and ducked his eyes, shrinking in on himself. Aaron laughed.

"Relax, kid. Marshall is all bark, no bite."Aaron slapped Kyle's arm roughly and Kyle gasped. Marshall's eyes narrowed.

"Aaron, do you need anything in particular? We have work to do, you know."Marshall gestured toward Kyle, who cringed against the door again and turned away. Aaron frowned, eyebrows furrowing as he stared at Marshall.

"Just wanted to catch up. Maybe another time."He shrugged. I'll give you a call. See you, Ky. Try not to hurt yourself."Aaron shoved him lightly on the arm and Marshall gritted his teeth, resisting the urge to yell. Marshall reached over to grab Kyle's hand, squeezing it. Kyle raised an eyebrow.

"You know I'm not really intimidated by that tool, right?" Kyle asked. Marshall dropped his eyes and let Kyle go.

"I know."He grunted, heading back to the coffee pot. He poured two cups, appetite lost, and turned on his heel.

"Let's go."He grumped. Kyle squeezed his ass as he walked away and Marshall yelped, jumping in surprise. Luckily he didn't slop coffee down himself, though he was close. Kyle had gone back to pathetic nerd by the time Marshall turned around, but Marshall was sure he heard Kyle chuckle.

Damn him. Every time. He has to grope me every time we're at work!

* * *

The day went by slow, much too slow for Marshall's taste. Of course, Kyle made it particularly excruciating by not only working more than twice as fast, but also hindering Marshall every couple of minutes with violations and double entendres(Marshall could never figure out if Kyle meant them or not). How he possibly kept his erection the entire day could be explained by Kyle's mere presence.

And oh goodie, Kyle was also driving Marshall home. In reality, he liked having Kyle around. But that didn't necessarily mean Kyle needed to know that.

"So, back to my place?"Kyle asked out of the blue as they drove down the rain-saturated asphalt. Marshall's head whipped around. I know how much you enjoyed it last night."Kyle winked, turning his attention back to the road. Marshall's mouth opened but he couldn't utter a word, though his mind screamed 'Yes, yes, dear god yes!' stamped out his thoughts and squeezed his eyes shut, looking away.

"I―I don't have clothes for tomorrow."He mumbled. He didn't want to look completely , though with his cock hard as a rock against his leg, keeping his head seemed pointless. Kyle laughed.

"I was just kidding. You really are easily flustered."Marshall tried not to look disappointed. He kept his eyes on the streets they drove through. Surprisingly, they were already halfway to Marshall's.

Marshall realized Kyle hadn't planned to bring him home no matter what he'd replied with. That bothered him, much to his chagrin. The rest of the drive passed in silence, and soon Kyle pulled up to the apartment building.

"See you tomorrow."Kyle patted his leg and waited expectantly. Marshall hesitated, hand on the door handle.

"Want to come up for a bit?"Marshall asked. He instantly regretted the offer.

Stupid, so stupid! He just teased me about coming over, he obviously doesn't want to deal with me any longer. Marshall berated himself silently. He tensed, preparing for rejection. From a man. God, what is wrong with me? I need to stop acting like such a damn girl!

"Sure." Kyle's response shocked Marshall into silence. "I assumed you wanted a bit of time to yourself." Marshall shook his head.

"No, I mean...I, I don't know, enjoy your company. Or whatever."Marshall waved his hands in exasperation. Kyle smirked but said nothing about Marshall's word malfunction.

"I guess I better park somewhere. Don't want to get towed."Marshall nodded and kept his eyes averted.

Shit, how am I supposed to entertain him now? My place is shit and I don't even have booze! Marshall continued to mentally kick himself all the way up the elevator to the door, and the long tense moment when Marshall dropped the keys at the door and Kyle picked them up, opening the door himself.

"Where do you want these?"Kyle shook the key chain before Marshall's face. Marshall mutely pointed toward the kitchen counter. He turned his back to lock up, taking a steadying breath.

"Are you going to wear those clothes all night?"Kyle asked, making Marshall jump and turn around, panicked.

"What?"Marshall yelped, clearing his throat when his voice cracked like a prepubescent teen.

"Your work clothes? They can't be comfortable."Kyle clarified."Aren't you going to put on something less corporate monkey?"Kyle's eyebrow shot up at Marshall's look of understanding. His quirked lip felt patronizing, and Marshall fought a blush under Kyle's gaze.

"Oh,"Marshall breathed, I though you meant―yeah, be right back."Marshall took off for the bedroom, pretending he didn't hear Kyle's laughter as he closed the door.

Marshall collapsed against the door, taking another deep, shaky breath. What was he thinking? Kyle was sitting on his crappy couch in his crappy apartment expecting Marshall to be engaging and interesting. How the hell was he going to pull that off?

Not by hiding out in the bedroom like a coward, he reminded himself with disgust. He quickly unbuttoned his jacket and shirt, tossing the fabric toward the laundry basket in the corner and worked to unbuckle his belt as he headed to the closet.

Marshall refused to fret over clothes like a girl, so he threw on the first t-shirt he could find, which turned out to be an awful, tattered Tony the Tiger shirt he'd won five years ago with a frayed hem and a torn neckline. He cringed and considered pulling it off, but refused, reminding himself that he wasn't trying to dress up for Kyle. A pair of faded, low-slung jeans completed his broke-ass loser grunge look.

Marshall finally braved the living room, where Kyle relaxed on the couch with his feet up, jacket hung neatly on the edge of the coffee table, white button up halfway undone and sleeves loosely rolled up to his elbows. The tie was tossed over the jacket and Marshall gulped as he stared at Kyle's smooth chest peeking from beneath the clean white shirt.

How the hell does he look so god damned perfect all the time? Marshall gaped. Kyle looked up at him with that lazy grin.

Marshall couldn't remember what he was going to say or do. He just stared, blinking slowly. Kyle raised an eyebrow.

"I see you've made yourself comfortable."He quipped. Marshall found his tongue "stuck to the roof of his dry mouth.

"You too."Witless but at least not speechless.

"I figured you'd approve of the casual look."Marshall scoffed, rolling his eyes.

"Oh yes, please grace me with your perfectly toned pecs."Kyle laughed and sat up, and Marshall struggled not to stare.

"Are you going to join me or what?"Kyle asked, scooting over and patting the worn green cushion.

"No."Marshall shook his head. He covered his amusement at Kyle's confused expression and held out his hand.

"Come on. We're going."Kyle reached for his hand and Marshall pulled him to his feet.

"We just got here, what could we possibly have to do?"Marshall ignored him and led him out the door, pausing only to grab his keys and lock up.

"This isn't very hospitable of you, inviting me upstairs and not even letting me get to first base." Kyle mock complained, slinging his arm around Marshall's waist, who scoffed loudly at the comment.

"Forcing you to hang around my shitty apartment isn't very hospitable."They stepped into the elevator and Marshall pushed the button absentmindedly. He looked over at Kyle, looking so sexily disheveled with his hair raked back from his face, and gulped.

Just do it. He ordered himself. He leaned forward and kissed Kyle gingerly, a soft peck of the lips. When he pulled back he turned his face away.

"There. First base, happy?"Marshall retorted. Kyle responded by grabbing Marshall's face and capturing his parted lips with a very forward tongue. Marshall's hands instinctively rushed to Kyle's hair, tangling in the mass of loose curls and dragging his lips impossibly closer.

The elevator chimed and an angry sounding woman coughed loudly. Blushing fiercely, Marshall pulled away and met the stare of a terrifying matron and two dewy-eyed kids.

"Sorry."Marshall apologized. He towed Kyle behind him as he escaped the elevator for the lobby. The woman harrumphed at their departure.

Kyle squeezed their fingers together and tugged, demanding Marshall's attention as they disappeared through the entrance door.

"Why are you apologizing?"Marshall licked his lips and looked away, toward the sidewalk.

"She seemed upset, and we were making a scene. I do recall you fondling something pretty inappropriate for underage viewers."Kyle snorted.

"And? We're grown men exercising our right to heavy petting in empty elevators."Kyle jabbed him in the ribs.

"Alright. I'll stop apologizing for your very unconventional ability to scar little children.

"Ha ha. Very funny. You started it that time."Marshall had no snappy comeback prepared for that slice of truth. Marshall brusquely gripped Kyle's hand and dragged him down the street rather than commenting.

"Marshall where are you dragging me off to?"Kyle demanded.

"For a walk, unless the uppity actor has a problem with using his legs."

"Does this walk have a particular destination?"Kyle sped up, gripping Marshall's hand tight, and walking beside him instead of being towed behind.

"Yeah."Marshall responded curtly.


"Well what?"

"Fuck Marshall, just answer the damn question."Kyle snapped.

"I thought you liked surprises."Marshall grinned.

"This isn't a surprise, it's an arduous trek in the drizzling rain with a psychotic man taking the lead."Marshall laughed and slowed as they approached their destination.

"You're a bit of an anal nut-bag aren't you?"Marshall looked at Kyle with a wicked grin."And a bit hypocritical, coming from the seemingly schizophrenic actor boy."Kyle laughed quietly.

"Touche."Kyle sighed. "Fine, you're not a complete psycho. Now where are we going?"Marshall pointed to the dingy building in front of them.

"Since I don't have booze of my own, I figured you might enjoy a drink, and maybe get to know each other a little better since we're..."He motioned between them, unsure how to describe it.

"Gay lovers? Butt buddies? Fuck friends?"Kyle supplied. Marshall cringed and slapped his free hand over Kyle's mouth, who subsequently opened his mouth and slobbered everywhere.

"Fuck!"Marshall yelled. "Very mature."He grumbled.

"I try."Kyle smirked. Now, shall we?"

Finding a decent spot in the grubby bar proved surprisingly easy. Marshall picked out a corner booth and plopped down, and a lovely blonde appeared to take their order. She was quick, and thankfully didn't stare at them like a freak show. Not that they were but...well, Marshall still didn't know what to do with himself every time Kyle grabbed his hand and sat in his lap in public. He wasn't even sure what Kyle wanted from him for that matter.

Marshall played with his ice water and glanced over at Kyle.

"Hey Kyle?" Marshall coughed to clear his throat. Kyle looked up from his lager with interest.

"How much of this is fake?"He asked. Kyle raised an eyebrow. "The act at work."He elucidated. Kyle shrugged, leaning back in his chair.

"Most of it."Kyle replied. He lifted the glasses from his face and slipped them into a case from his pocket. "These, for instance. Just a prop. The stutter, obviously.

"Your friendship with Clara?"Marshall prompted. He had wondered since that day in the cafe just how honest Kyle was with her. Kyle paused, swirling the bottle in his grip.

"That's complicated."He responded vaguely.

"How much does she know?"He tried again, nonchalantly sipping his water as he watched Kyle over the rim of the glass.

"Nothing."Kyle's one word answer surprised Marshall. He'd assumed she knew something, the way she spoke to him seemed more like close friends than a random girl at work.

"Are you really even her friend? Did it bother you at all making her cry the way you did or was she just a pawn in your game?"Kyle's eyes narrowed dangerously.

"Of course I care. Do you honestly think I'm such an awful person that I'd disregard her feelings so easily?"

"Then why continue lying to her?"He pushed. "Why not tell her the truth."Kyle turned away, glaring at the empty bar, and exhaled sharply. Marshall said nothing further and soon Kyle's eyes closed and he stopped choking the neck of the beer bottle, setting it down blindly onto the table.

"And admit everything about me is a lie?"He asked quietly."Besides, my last day isn't for another week. I can't keep slipping up."He took a long drought of liquor and rolled his shoulders.

"It's better for everyone if I just cut ties and get out of her life.

"She really cares about you."Marshall muttered, reaching over to take Kyle's hand. Kyle flipped his hand over, palm up, and laced their fingers together, rubbing Marshall's wrist with his thumb.

"I know. That's why I can't tell her. It'll only make things worse."Marshall wasn't convinced, no matter how much Kyle seemed to be.

"I'm sure she'll understand."Kyle laughed mirthlessly, shaking his head and looking away, toward the nearest window to his right.

"Yeah, right."Hearing such honest words in such a resigned tone surprised Marshall. He really did have feelings for Clara "platonic ones, otherwise Marshall sure as hell wouldn't be advocating their continued relationship.

"You never know until you try."Marshall pointed out, though he knew it was virtually useless.

"I think it's time for a subject change."Kyle turned back to Marshall and fixed him with his steely gaze. Marshall sighed, but there was nothing he could do to change Kyle's mind.

"Fine. Can I keep asking questions?"He tried. Kyle continued to stare for another moment before he relented.

"Alright. But nothing about Clara, got it?"Marshall nodded, resisting the urge to roll his eyes. Marshall bit his lip, considering. What to ask, what to ask...Marshall's eyes drifted down, studying Kyle(and ignoring Kyle's bemused look and the quirked eyebrow meaning there were either dirty things running through his mind...or dangerous things) before finding himself fixating on Kyle's hands.

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