tagLoving WivesOffice Cuckold Ch. 04

Office Cuckold Ch. 04


I followed Marcus' orders the next day, forgoing breakfast and not bothering to pack a lunch. As I walked in, I got some strange looks from my co-workers, but I just blushed and kept walking. The note on my desk told me to come to Marcus' office as soon as I came in.

As I opened the door, Ashley's moans and whispers were loud. With a glare from Marcus, I instantly shut the door.

My boss sat in his big chair behind his desk. His hands were on the hips of the beautiful blonde in his lap steadily moving up and down. Ashley's eyes were closed, savoring every inch of thick black cock Marcus was providing her teenage pussy. She didn't even notice I had come in the room.

Marcus just smiled knowingly, as if he knew last night's activities with my wife. Lifting his hand, he beckoned me closer with a dark finger before moving his hand to Ashley's bouncing breasts and tweaking her nipple. His assistant moaned, having a small orgasm, while Marcus' grin grew.

I sat in front of his desk, taking in the scene with all of my senses. The room was filled with the scent of Ashley. As she bounced, I could see her frothy cum at the base of Marcus' dark shaft, starting to drop down his heavy balls. Her whispering and whimpers filled my ears, constantly begging Marcus to fuck her deeper, harder. Ashley's tight young body barely shook as she bounced, her firm tits barely jiggling. Only the sheen of sweat on her body told how long she'd been riding her boss.

I sat in my place as Marcus had enough of that position.

'The cuckold needs his breakfast,' he his new assistant. Ashley's green eyes snapped open, staring at me until Marcus flipped her on her back. Her ass was on the leather desktop as she raised and spread her legs, begging him to enter her again. He beckoned me behind his desk.

'Get a lick before I fuck this slut.'

Ashley glared at him as I knelt in front of her. I took a few seconds to admire how much Marcus had stretched her, Ashley's pussy gaping open, begging to be filled, before I buried my face in it. I drank as much of the blonde's nectar as I could before my head was pulled from between her legs.

'Get around the desk and hold her legs open.'

I obeyed, and from my vantage point, I watched Marcus line up with Ashley's sopping hole and heard her moan next to my ear as he slid in. I turned my head and was met with a sloppy kiss. As I made out with Ashley, Marcus pounded her. It soon became too much, and she turned her head as she screamed for him fuck her harder.

Marcus obliged, pounding away even harder before holding her hips and going as deep as he could. Ashley screamed as she came with him. I held her legs up as Ashley had Marcus' cum dumped inside her.

After he stopped twitching, a flick of his head told me my position. I was on my knees with my mouth open when Marcus pulled his black cock out of Ashley's tanned, shaven pussy. It gaped open, globs of his seed rushing out. I latched on, sucking his cum from her open hole. Ashley had another orgasm as my nose rubbed her clit, much smaller than the one she had with Marcus.

Licking the last drops from her, I sat back on my ankles, letting Ashley stand and return to her desk. She was putting her outfit back on when Marcus noticed the cum on his desk.

'Cuck, clean this,' He ordered.

Ashley and Marcus laughed as I slurped the cum off his desk.

'Get out.'

I left to the sights and sounds of Ashley, fully dressed in her skirt and heels, on her knees cleaning her boss' cock.

Leah came to the office for lunch that day. I passed her coming out of Marcus' office as I was entering, my confused look making her smile. My wife kissed me before walking away down the hall.

As I walked in, Ashley walked up to meet me. Again fully naked, she stopped a few feet in front of me. Her whole body was tan, her blonde hair lighter than the amber of her skin. As I admired her body, she spit Marcus' cum on my face.

I was shocked. I started to wipe it away, but Marcus' deep voice stopped me in my tracks.

'Don't touch it. You are going to wear my cum the rest of the day. You don't get lunch.'

I blushed and and nodded, turning to leave.

'Oh, and your wife watched Ashley suck me. This was her idea. I'll see you for dinner tonight, cuck.'

Leah? Leah had the idea to spit cum on my face and make me wear it around my co-workers? This was going to be an interesting dinner, I thought, my stomach growling.

When I got home, I was shocked to find a plate of food on the table

'I didn't think you'd be able to wait for dinner to eat,' Leah purred. After the events of the day, I shouldn't have been surprised, but my jaw dropped as I turned and faced my wife. She was wearing her wedding dress. Smiling the same angelic smile she had on our wedding day, she looked even better as she twirled in front of me.

'I take it you like my outfit,' she laughed, 'I thought it was fitting for tonight, as you will be giving me away to the new man in my life. You will greet Marcus at the door and lead him into the back yard for the ceremony.'

Ceremony? What had my wife turned into? It had only been a few days and she was willing to go this deep? I scarfed my dinner, and when I went to the bedroom to shower, I saw my outfit laid out on the bed. The crotch of the white tuxedo had been altered, leaving a hemmed hole that would perfectly frame my caged, useless penis. I went to the shower to wash the cum off my face and prepare for the evening.

When I got out, I put the tux on, confirming my suspicions about the hole. My cage glinted in the evening sunlight coming through the window of the bedroom I shared with Leah. Could I still call her my wife after tonight?

I heard noises downstairs, and as I came down the steps I found our friends and neighbors gathering in the house. This was public?! I blushed furiously, shamed, as the wives sniggered at my cage, the husbands wide-eyed, wondering if they were next. Hearing my name called, I went to the guest room, where Leah was putting the finishing touches on her outfit.

'Help me with my garter, honey?'

Leah handed me the white lace garter. As I took it from her, I noticed writing stitched into the lace. A black queen of spades with the words 'BLACK COCK SLUT' were written in large letters. Leah smiled as I read the words.

'After tonight, that's what I'll be, honey,' Leah cooed, 'Is this what you want?'

'More than anything,' I told my wife, fully confirming my perverted fantasy of becoming my wife's cuckold.

Leah lifted her leg and pushed me to my knees. I slid the garter over her outstretched foot and up her smooth leg. As I slid the lace upwards, Leah raised her wedding dress, showing me her bare wet pussy. I pulled my eyes from my wife's sex to arrange the garter so the writing was facing forward.

I tried to push my face onto Leah's pussy to give it a lick, but she grabbed my hair and pulled me back.

'Not yet. You can't have me again until Marcus takes my virginity. You know that's what it will be, right honey? I'm going to be a virgin all over again when that big black cock pushes its way into me.'

Leah was still holding my head near her pussy, and as she talked, her other hand began rubbing herself in anticipation. She stopped, pushing my head back.

'Go outside and wait, it's almost time,' my wife ordered.

I did as I was told. The guests had been seated in the back yard, nearly twenty of them in fold out chairs. I blushed again, wondering what they all thought about this. Marcus stood at the makeshift altar, another tall black man beside him to do the officiating.

'Are you ready to walk me down the aisle, honey?'

Leah looked absolutely beautiful. She still wore my wedding rings, and they shined in the sunlight. I nodded, and she took my arm, pulling me out the door.

As we started out, wedding music began playing and the guests stood. The male guests stared at my wife, unable to take their eyes off her chest framed by her red curls. I had the women's attention, and they stared and giggled at my caged cock. I blushed yet again, both loving and hating the attention.

We made it to the altar, and the black man motioned for me to stand behind my wife.

'I'm sure you all have been to a normal wedding,' He announced, 'but this is not a normal wedding. This is a cuckold wedding, where a wife's legitimate husband admits his inadequacies by giving his wife to a man who can truly please her. Marcus, do you have the anklet?'

My boss nodded, handing a small silver bracelet to his friend. He turned to me.

'Kneel, cuckold, and place this on your wife's ankle.'

While I did, he turned to address our guests again, 'The cuckold is signifying his wife's ownership with an anklet. The anklet has a queen of spades charm, signifying that she will be a slut for black cock from this day forward. Is this what you want, Leah?'

'It is,' my wife answered.

'Also on the anklet is a circle with an arrow, the male fertility symbol, for Marcus accepting this wife as his slut. Do you want this slut, Marcus?'

'I do,' my boss answered.

'I now pronounce you man and slut. Slut, you may suck your new husband.'

The crowd gasped as Leah sank to the ground in her white dress and immediately started fumbling with Marcus' zipper. The gasps turned to moans in the crowd as Leah fished the large black cock out of his pants with her small pale hand. I stood, useless, while my wife's tongue slid out of her mouth to lick the head of her new cock.

Husbands shifted their bulges in the crowd, their wives staring in awe at the size of Marcus.

'Cuckold, push the slut's head to show your commitment to her new marriage.'

My hands found Leah's red curls and I pushed. Her lips parted obscenely as they stretched around the girth of the black cock. I kept pushing. Marcus stood stoically as I forced Leah's head onto him. When I heard her gag, I pulled her head back, letting her catch her breath before pushing her on to him again. The only sound was the wet sucks and gags of her mouth as I used her face to fuck her new husband's dark cock.

After a few minutes, Marcus grunted. I held Leah's face down onto him as he pumped his cum down her throat. When he was finished, Marcus stepped back, pushing his softening cock back into his pants before zipping up. Leah stood, smiling as she addressed the stunned faces of our friends.

'There's food and drinks inside, and everyone is welcome to stay and watch the consummation of my new marriage.'

I wished my cock was free. I needed to jack off badly. My balls were aching, begging to be emptied. Leah must have known I was in need, as she turned to me while our guests went inside.

'Marcus, give me the key. I'm going to go upstairs to relieve my cuckold.'

Marcus chuckled and fished the small key out of his pocket. Handing it to her, he said, 'Remember the rules. I own you now, slut.'

My wife smiled and nodded as she led me through the house, pulling me by my caged cock. When we got to our bedroom she gushed.

'Oh my god, that was so hot! Did you like that, baby? Did you like making me suck your boss's, big, black, hard, swollen cock? I can see by you twitching you did. Here, let's take care of you.'

With a turn of the key and a click, my cock was freed. Immediately, it stood erect, not knowing of the black one downstairs that would put it to shame. Leah giggled at it.

'It looks so small after seeing Marcus' huge one,' Leah taunted, 'Climb up on the bed, and stay on your hands and knees. Marcus has rules about how you can cum now that I'm his.'

She opened her nightstand drawer and pulled out a bottle of lube, squirting some on her hands. She smeared some on my upturned ass, and I knew what was going to happen. Slowly, Leah slid a finger into my ass, her other hand tugging my cock downward. I tried to relax as her finger invaded my bowels, the discomfort fading quickly.

I came almost instantly. Her finger wiggled inside me, her other slick hand jacking me off. I shot my load onto the bedspread, moaning as I released my cum. Her job over, Leah washed her hands. I started to wipe up the large amount of cum on our bed, but Leah's voice stopped me.

'Leave it, honey. Marcus wants our marriage bed to be crusted with cum after the honeymoon. He's going to make you sleep in it, you know.'

'Babe, you can't keep me in the dark anymore,' I tried sounding assertive, but it was difficult after having a finger in my ass, 'I need to know what's going on.'

Leah gave me a long look as she dried her hands. Nonchalantly, she checked her hair and makeup in the mirror, shaking the red curls before coming back into the room.

'Fine. You want to know what's going on? I belong to Marcus now. You always talked about this fantasy, and I went along with it to make you happy. Once I saw his cock, though, I was more than curious. I had to have the real thing, not just the toy. I went to his office the next day and tried to seduce him. I failed. He saw my need and made me watch Ashley suck him. I was so jealous of that little bitch, I told him I would never sleep with you again if he would fuck me.

It was my idea for her to spit his cum on your face. I thought complete humiliation in front of your co-workers would be enough to shake you out of this, and we could go back to normal. When you accepted your humiliation, I had no idea what to do. Marcus called me and suggested this wedding. I figured you would like it, and our friends being here just rubs it in. I plan on being a true slut for your boss, honey. That's what you wanted, right?'

I could only nod, knowing it was true.

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