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Office Custodian


I had worked at the university for a lot of years, and was no spring chicken at forty. My work frequently had me all over my department, doing all sorts of work, some of it fairly dirty. I tried to stay on good terms with the rest of the staff, including the custodial staff, particularly because I was prone to making messes when I worked on equipment.

We had a new custodian in the building, Tina. She was in her early thirties, fairly slim, very pretty, and oh yes, had a nice large pair of tits, which have always been my favorite part. She traditionally wore jeans and baggy t-shirts at work, which I frequently joked with her "hid her best assets". Initially I was afraid of sexual harassment, but it was clear from her returned jokes and comments that as long as we kept it between us and not in front of others, that there was no problem. It was not unusual for her to joke when she came into my office to dump the trash late in the morning. One day I was crawling around the floor under my work tables looking for a tiny nut that I dropped.

"Whatcha doing down there?" I heard her ask from behind me.

"Looking for a nut."

"OH? Did you lose one? Seems like they're both there!" she kidded.

I crawled out from under the table and looked up at her. "I'd ask you to come down here and help, but I'm not sure you could get close enough to the floor with those huge hooters to be able to help."

"Never know what I can do with these babies!" she replied with a huge grin as she hefted one of her tits in its industrial strength bra.

"Any time you want to demonstrate!" I said as I crawled back down to look for the tiny piece of hardware.

"Someday I just might!" she chided as she put an empty liner in my trash can.

"Promises promises." I said over my shoulder

"See you tomorrow!" she said before heading out of the office door. Eventually I found the errant nut and got the project assembled.

That was pretty much a normal type of conversation if we were alone. All in fun.

Things changed one day. As I frequently had to work on engines and such, I always kept grubby work clothes around to change into. My office was L shaped, since part of it extended around behind an equipment closet. It was common for me to lock my office door and then step back into the L portion where I wasn't visible through the office window and quickly change clothes, either putting on or taking off the grubby portion. I had probably done this a hundred times with no problem. That particular day, like many others, I locked the door and stepped back to change into my grubbies before going to work in the engine lab. I had just finished pulling off my shirt and shoes and was standing with one leg in and one leg out of my pants, wearing nothing except my socks and my skimpy underwear.

When my wife was amorous around the middle of the month, she would make sure to put some sexy satiny bikini underwear on top of my underwear drawer. She knew that by the time I wore those all day I would be horny and ready to meet her needs. In reality I didn't need much revving up to have sex with her. All she had to do was take off her shirt and bra and I was ready to strip down and have sex any time, any place. But it seemed to make her feel good that I thought about her all day. It also had the effect of making me somewhat larger after having a hardon a good part of the day. That day was no exception. I was wearing a pair of very brief bright red men's bikini underwear, with the bulk of my persistent hardon poking over the top. The tiny underwear barely covered my dick and balls when I was soft. When I was hard, like now, better than two thirds of my dick stuck out the top.

I didn't hear the lock in the door click, and apparently didn't hear it open. What I did hear was a gasp just before the door clicked closed, with me standing with one leg in and one leg out of my pants. Tina had stepped to my office to dump the trash, thinking I wasn't in, but instead of dumping the trash she was standing there, frozen, staring with a shocked look at me standing there half naked. She stood looking at me for several seconds, with me frozen, not reacting or acting. I felt like my brain had gone numb all of a sudden. Finally the silence was broken as she gave a short whistle in appreciation of the view of my dick.

"Don't let me interrupt." She said with a huge grin.

"I appreciate that." I said as I finished pulling my pants off and tossing them across a chair. I leaned over to pick up my grubby pants and then moved to put them on.

"Not taking any more off?" she said with a fake pout.

"You'd like that wouldn't you." I teased back. Why don't I just strip naked so you can get a good look."

"Would you?" she grinned.

"Sure! I'll just stand here and let you get a good long look too!" I said only half joking as I hooked my thumbs into the top of my underwear and standing there like that.

"Well, what are you waiting for?" she asked as she stepped around my desk and sat in my chair.

"You're serious?"

"Why not?" she said as she turned my chair so the back was to the window. "Will this help?" she asked as she pulled the top of her shirt up so I could see her bra enclosed tits. "Or maybe this!" she added grabbing the bottom of her bra and pulling it up so her 38 DD tits were on full display. They were full and round with dark areola about three inches across and nipples that were easily half an inch in diameter and sticking out at least that far. She was obviously very turned on.

"Why not!" I echoed as I pushed my underwear down to my knees and stood back up.

"Wow! Nice cock!" she said as my dick swung and bobbed.

"Thanks! Nice tits."

"You like em?"

"What's not to like?" I asked her as she ran her fingers around her hardening nipples.

"You like tits?"

"My favorite part."

"OH? She asked looking over at me. "You don't like pussy?"

"That I never said!"

"Take them the rest of the way off and I'll show you mine!" she said as she unsnapped her pants.

What the hell, I thought to myself. I bent over and pushed them the rest of the way down and stepped out of them, leaving me in nothing but my socks while she rolled my desk chair around into the L with me, so she wouldn't be visible to the window. She stood up and pushed her pants down to her knees and then sat back down, pulling her shirt back up over her tits again. I could see everything she had to offer from her tits to her knees. She was slim, as I had figured, probably not over one forty. She had a completely shaved pussy with slightly protruding dark lips, glistening with moisture.

"What do you think? Do you like my pussy?" she asked as she lifted and spread her legs as far as her pants would allow.

"What's not to like!"

"I'm glad you like it." She said rolling the chair toward me. "Because I really like how you cock looks." She said quietly as she reached out and gripped it with her hand. She squeezed its hardness a few times, stroking her hand up and down before pulling her whole body toward it and sucking the end into her mouth. I groaned involuntarily as she suctioned my dick all the way into her throat, making my dick twitch and grow even more.

"Oh you like that too!" she cooed after pulling my dick from her mouth. She let go of me long enough to pull her shirt and bra off the rest of the way and then lean back in to suck my dick. She sucked like a pro, working both her hand and mouth on my hard dick. I hadn't planned this, and wasn't really planning on cheating on my wife, but this had taken on a life of its own, and now all I was thinking with was hormones.

I moaned as she brought me closer to climax. "I'm going to cum." I said between clenched teeth.

She pulled my dick from her mouth and started stroking it franticly, rubbing her hand in a circle around the head each stroke.

"Good! I want you to. I want you to squirt all over my huge tits! I want to feel your hot gooey cum squiring all over my tits. I wanted that for months now!" she panted.

"ohhhhhhh" I moaned as the first shot of cum flew from the end of my dick, hitting her at the base of the neck. She aimed my hose so that the successive shots hit all over her tits, sliding and running down and across her nipples, and eventually dripping into her lap. When I stopped spurting and had reduced to a drool she sucked my dick back into her mouth, and sucked it no hands, draining it of the last of its juice. Her hands were busy rubbing my cum all over her tits, massaging it in like lotion. Finally my dick softened and she let go, leaning back in my chair. I could see beads of moisture on her pussy lips and knelt down, pushing her legs apart. I licked up her lips, tasting her sweet nectre. I licked a second time, spreading her lips with my tongue and dragging it across her engorged clit.

"Oh god yes" she hissed as she squeezed and pinched her nipples.

I licked a third and fourth time before concentrating on just her clit. Her body shook and spasmed as her orgasm washed over her only a few moments later, her breath coming in ragged gasps as I continued to flick her clit with my tongue. She finally pushed my head away from her pussy and cried. "No more... please!"

I wiped my mouth with a paper towel and then started pulling on my clothes, covering my dick first with the red underwear and then my pants. She was just starting to stand up and pull her pants up when I pulled my shirt on and started working on my shoes. I sat down to tie my shoes, which put my head at tit level, as she wiggled her tits around while getting dressed. She did her shirt and bra last, wanting to give me the longest look possible. Then she leaned down and kissed me on the lips gently.

"Thank you that was wonderful"

"You're welcome." I answered as I got up to follow her out of the office.

The next several days were interesting. It seemed to me that the sexual innuendo ratcheted up significantly, even though the two of us talked after that and agreed that we were both married and didn't want to screw that up, so we were not going to repeat it. One day I was headed up in the elevator and I heard her call to hold the elevator, which I did. The car started up, and it's a SLOW elevator....

"So seen any good tits lately?" she asked me as she leaned against the side of the car.

"Not really." I answered

"How about these?" she asked as she pulled the front of her shirt up, and exposed her tits to me. Instead of the industrial sports bra she had worn last time I saw her, this time she had on a lacy bra that held her tits up, but stopped below the nipples, leaving them and the whole top of her tits exposed.

"Very nice!"

"Got anything for me?"

"Not just now." I said as the car slowed and she dropped her shirt back in place.

"Well, let me know when you do." She said as she moved toward the opening doors.

"Will do!" I said as I headed down the other direction. Clearly she was not done with this.

The next morning I was hard at work in my office when she walked into get my trash.

"Morning." She said as she stepped in, wearing a long oversized t-shirt again and a pair of loose shorts that looked like they were made of cotton jersey material.

I looked to make sure the door was closed behind her, a requirement for the building air handling system to work properly.

"I'm doing ok sexy!"


"What did you expect?"

"About that." She answered. "You know if you move your trash over here I have to come all the way around your desk like this." She said as she slid my trash can around to a blank spot in the wall at the beginning of the L shape. "Now you won't miss so much." She said as she bent over to pick up a piece of paper. She moved farther into the L portion and bent over again, this time she pulled her shorts down as she did, spreading her legs as far apart as they would allow. She was wearing a pair of powder blue panties that were nearly see through. She held that position for several seconds and then straightened up, pulling her shorts back up.

"Nice ass. Too bad it had to be covered by all that material." I said, leaning back in my chair so she could see the bulge growing in my pants.

"You don't like how they look?" she asked as she pushed the shorts down and let them slide to her ankles. "They match my top." She said grinning as she pulled the t-shirt up and exposed a blue lace bra encasing her tits. The lace was open enough that her nipples nearly poked through the holes.

"I like the combination better." I replied.

"Good." She said dropping her shirt and pulling her shorts up. She bent over again and picked up the trash bag and walked past my desk and out the door.

I hoped that my wife didn't wonder what was going on that night when I went home and screwed her silly.

The next morning I was headed down to a lab to work on a piece of equipment. I opened the door and left it locked, as is customary. Tina walked around the corner as I was stepping into the lab.

"Hey, can I talk to you a minute?" she called.

"Sure." I answered as I held the door open for her. We stepped in and allowed the door to close behind us. This particular room was a laser lab, and the whole room was cordoned off with black curtains so no one could see in, and no laser beams could sneak out. "What's up?"

"Well, I know your hot for me, and you know I'm hot for you, and we don't want mess up what we have at home. Soooooo" she said pausing.


"Look." She said. "My husband has no idea that we're flirting, and I don't think he cares. All he knows is that when he gets home I want to fuck, like every day!"


"And I want you to fuck me!" she said boldly.

"I see." I replied, a bit stunned. "I thought we decided that we weren't going to do that?"

"We did. But after tasting you I just have to feel you inside me." She said as she moved up next to me, rubbing my dick through my pants. "I'm not asking for it every day. I just need it once, just so I know." She said as she pulled my hand up under her shirt. My hand met with what felt like a satin or silk material. "Wanna see what I have on? I wore it for you."

"Why not."

Before I could even move she pulled her shirt up above her tits, and showed me that she was wearing a silk translucent top that allowed her tits to move when she shook them, which she did.

"See how they rub along the material? I'm so hot I can't stand it." She continued unsnapping her pants and pushing them down to reveal that it was a teddy, and just as sheer on the bottom. She pulled my hand to her crotch and I could feel the wetness there. Then she pulled my hand away and pushed it up to my nose to smell her sweetness. "Do I smell horny or do I smell horny?"

"Ohhhhh" I said as she rubbed my dick. "Put yourself together and follow me."

"Oh goody." She said as she snapped her pants up. I led her out of the room to the elevator and pressed the down button. As soon as the doors closed she was on me, kissing and pressing her massive tits into me. She released me just as we got to the first floor and the doors started to open. She followed me to a store room that we have old equipment in. No one goes in often, only me looking for stuff on occasion. I let the door close behind us and lead her around behind several shelves of equipment.

"Strip." I said quietly.

"With pleasure." She said pulling her shirt off and tossing it aside. She undid her pants and pushed them down but had to bend over to get her shoes off. This gave me an opportunity to play with her perfect looking ass, which I didn't get to touch the other day. I slid my hand back and forth across her ass and then let it dip down and between her legs, pressing against her wet pussy lips.

"Ohhhhh I like that." She said as she pulled her second shoe of and tossed it aside before pulling her pants the rest of the way off. She stood back up and turned to face me wearing nothing but that see through silk teddy. "Your turn!" she said as she started pulling my shirt up and off. She tossed it aside and then knelt in front of me, and undid my belt and zipper. In one motion she pulled my pants to my knees, leaving me in the pair of skimpy underwear I had on. I was already sticking out the top by this time. "Yum." She said as she sucked the head of my dick into her mouth, her blond hair pressing against my stomach and her fingernails tracing and tickling my balls through the material.

"While I like this, I think you want something else." I said a s I lifted her higher, pulling her off my dick.

"Yes." She whispered. I knelt down in front of her and reached between her legs, unsnapping the fasteners and letting the material spring away so I could see her naked pussy. I moved her around to an old table and pushed her back against it and lifted her legs, allowing full access to her pussy. "OH GOD!" she moaned as I licked between her lips and across her clit. I worked her pussy for several minutes, stopping only when I felt her legs trying to clamp against my head, a clear sign she was close. I pulled my head away and kissed up her body, pushing the blue material up and eventually off her body. I kissed to her tits and sucked a nipple deep into my mouth, making it distend and stretch. "oooooooo" she moaned again as I moved my cock into position at her sopping pussy.

"You're sure?" I asked as I pulled my face from her tit.

"Oh fuck yes!" she answered as she hooked her heels behind my ass and pulled me into her, driving my dick deep into her pussy in one easy stroke. "OHHHHHH YES" she growled.

I started stroking in and out of her pussy with my huge dick. I felt like I was going to explode inside her silky pussy any second, but I held myself back, working her tits with my mouth and one hand and pushing her clit to ride on the top of my dick with my other hand.

"OOOOOOOO" she cried out as her body started to shake. "I'M CUMING" she cried as she pulled my head toward her chest so hard she about smothered me. I slammed into her pulsating pussy several times, letting go of myself and allowing my own climax to finally build to completion. One, two , three... Four! Strokes each one getting harder, slamming her pussy with my body, each time pressing her clit into the base of my cock. "OH GOD!" she screamed into her hand, trying to muffle the sound. A few more strokes and I plunged deep one final time, groaning in ecstasy as my dick started its dance inside her pulsing pussy. "AHHHHHH" she cried as her body continued to shake, being sent back up the slope by the feel of my hot juice filling her pussy and pulsing against her cervix. I felt like I pumped a gallon of cum into her pussy before my dick finally eased off and reduced to a twitch, all the time I continued to suck and play with her fantastic tits. Finally I eased off her breasts and she pulled herself up against me, pressing as much of her naked skin to me as she could manage, her tits smashed against my chest.

"Holy shit that was good." She panted.

"I hope no one heard you, you were a bit loud." I whispered back.

"I'm sorry, I never make that much noise. It just felt so wonderful I couldn't help myself."

"It'll be ok." I said kissing her neck.

"Boy can you fuck." She said when she could breathe well again.

"Well, it takes two." I said. "Besides those tits are a great inspiration."

"If that's what it takes, I'll be sure to let you see them all you want."

"I thought this was a onetime thing?"

"It was. Every time will be a onetime thing. You think I can resist this cock after getting fucked like that?"

"Oh boy. And our spouses?"

"I won't tell if you don't tell." She whispered.

That was two years ago, and many many interludes, true to her word, no emotional ties, each time being a "one time thing." As far as I know neither of our spouses know. The teasing we do at work tends to make us horny and we bring that home, and I don't think they want to find out why, as long as we bring it home to them.

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