tagBDSMOffice Detention Pt. 03

Office Detention Pt. 03


If you are not 18, do not read. This is for adults only. The following is a work of fiction. It contains scenes of domination, bondage, somewhat reluctant submission, and nudity. All characters are fictitious. F-dom/F, semi conc

Copyright July 7, 2007 by netsub


On Friday before the last week of Camille's 30-day servitude to her boss, Camille entered her boss's office, stripped, and went to her knees. As required, she placed her knees as wide apart as she could, grasped her nipples and pulled them from her body as far as she could tolerate, and stuck out her tongue. Mrs. H. glanced up a couple of times, but otherwise said nothing. How long was she going to make her wait? Camille began to fret. The rest of the office staff would be here soon. Most of their sessions had been in the office. Her knees began to burn from the carpet, and her nipples were sore. Saliva began to dribble. She was again amazed at how turned on she was. She could feel the wetness form between her legs. Five minutes, ten minutes?

"I have a surprise for you, office pussy licker." Camille felt her heart quicken. "Keep that position, but crawl to the center of the room. Now, I want you to lie on your back and play with yourself. I want you to bring yourself to orgasm, then beg me to let you cum." Camille dreaded these power plays. Controlling an orgasm was difficult, but she was learning. At first she could only last 2 times before cumming. Mrs. H. quickly got the handle on this, spanking Camille's pussy with her ruler. The most she had been able to get up to was 5 times, and then Mrs. H. let her cum. It wasn't long before Camille was writhing on the floor, begging for release.

"Please Mrs. H., I need to cum."

"No. Stop playing with yourself, but pull on your nipples." Groaning, Camille did as ordered. Mrs. H. towered over her, spreading her legs on either side of Camille's head. She had the ruler Camille had come to dread in her hand and Camille could see her boss's pussy. It looked wet and wonderful. "Now, begin again, but stick that tongue out." When Camille began again, Mrs. H. continued, "You have a cunt, and must always refer to as such. I have a pussy, and you must always refer to it as such. Is that understood?"

Camille nodded.

"I can't hear you office pussy licker, and when you answer, keep that tongue out."

"Yeth, ithreth." This was new degradation for Camille. It wasn't long before she was close, and begging to cum, as best she could with her tongue sticking out. Mrs. H. kept this going for 5 times before she had Camille stop. Camille was panting, her pussy -- cunt, pulsating.

"Now, grab your ankles with your hands." This forced Camille's knees up. "Spread your knees wide." When Camille was in position, Mrs. H. continued, "Now you are going lick me from my pussy to my asshole. You are going to bring my pussy to orgasm, and then you are going to tongue fuck my asshole." To emphasize her power, Camille felt the ruler press against her pussy -- cunt.

Oh god, how could she be so turned on by this disgusting behavior? She could feel her cunt pulse against the ruler, and she started to rub herself against it. Mrs. H. lowered herself until she was squatting over her. Camille hesitated a moment, but then felt the ruler tapping against her cunt, and began to lick, tasting the sweet nectar of her boss's pussy, and then the bitterness of her ass. While she licked, she could feel the gentle tapping of the ruler on her flowing cunt, and actually began raising her hips in time to the tapping. Sometimes Mrs. H. would slap the inside of Camille's thighs, causing gasps, and she would lick harder. Camille momentarily forgot her own need to cum, and concentrated solely on pleasing the pussy she serviced.

When Mrs. H. came, it was hard, and Camille almost felt smothered. Without being told to, Camille began to tongue fuck her boss. She knew she was lost when she felt Mrs. H's fingers enter her cunt. She came immediately, forgetting all consequences. Camille continued tonguing her ass, and was amazed when another orgasm flooded her.

"That's enough pussy licker, or should I now add ass licker?" Camille said nothing, but lay there panting. Perhaps her boss would be easy on her, and not say anything about her cumming without permission. She decided she should say something.

"I'm sorry I came without --"

"Enough! Just lay there while I think of something appropriate."

Camille stayed where she was. She heard Mrs. H. unlock her special drawer. Soon she was standing over her. Camille was apprehensive about what was to follow.

"It is too late for apologies, you naughty pussy licker. You need to think about your status here." With that Mrs. H. pushed the glass coffee table by the window, and opened the blinds. Camille was already shaking. "Roll over on your knees, and put your forehead on the floor, and hands behind your back."

Camille had immediately followed instructions. Before long, she felt Mrs. H. behind her, feeling her ass cheeks. Then she felt something cool on her cheeks, and knew her boss was writing on her. Mrs. H. then took several digital pictures of her, pulled a chain collar around her neck, connected a leash, and dragged Camille across the room to the table by the window.

"Please, Mistress, I'm sorry, please don't expose me, please I'll do anything. Please." The collar was new, and felt strange. Being dragged across the room was an equally new and humiliating experience.

Mrs. H. told her not to speak, or her punishment would be worse. Camille was near tears, but resisted little, as her boss tied her to the table, bent over, and ass facing the window. This followed by clothespins on her cunt lips, and nipples, and three on her tongue. Camille was soon in agony, and quickly began to whimper. She watched as her boss left the room, leaving the door unlocked, and Camille in her bondage. She was left for some time, and worried constantly about who could see her from the offices across the street. Her tongue, nipples and cunt lips burned, and she soon began to squirm in pain. What had Mrs. H. written on her? When would she come back? Why was her cunt still needy and warm? Who could see her? How could this turn her on? When Mrs. H. did return, Camille was so relieved that she had started to babble, "pleeth, A thorry." Mrs. H. seemed delighted with this. Saying nothing, she took more digitals of her.

Camille groaned when she heard her boss say, "There are office renovations going on across the street, and I am sure that you gave the workers quite a view. Have you learned your lesson? I am sure they particularly liked the red letters spelling 'office pussy licker' on your ass."

Oh please not that Camille wished, but eagerly nodded her head, and repeated. "pleeth, A thorry." She then yelped when Mrs. H. began to randomly pull and twist on her tortured cunt lips, and nipples. She could feel the tears in her eyes, and she had moaned and kept repeating, "pleeth, A thorry. Yeth, A nurned my nethen. Pleeth thop." Mrs. H. had continued her sweet torture on Camille, causing her to cry and plead with all the sincerity she could muster; until Mrs. H. finally seemed satisfied.

"Very well," Mrs. Huntington had finally said. She felt between Camille's legs. "You are wet, my office pussy licker. You really seemed to be enjoying yourself, despite your obvious pain."

Camille eagerly nodded her head. She would have agreed to anything at that point, just to get the clothespins off. When Mrs. H. finally untied her, she was ordered to face the window, wave to anyone who may be watching from the other office, and remove the clothespins herself. Camille could not believe how much everything hurt when she pulled them off. She was barely aware of the digital camera taking photos of her pain. Camille could smell her own arousal.

Mrs. H. could not ignore the passion in her own pussy, and decided that her office pussy licker should service her pussy again. Without a word, Mrs. H. guided her waiting slut to her pussy. "Lick, and make it good."

Camille earnestly began to lick her boss's clit, and pussy, and tongue her deeply. Mrs. H. seemed to enjoy this, and Camille wanted desperately to please her. She could feel her Mistress relax, and she continued to tongue and lick her, flicking her clit the way she knew she liked. It wasn't long before Mrs. H's pussy was convulsing and contracting around Camille's tongue. Camille lapped at the juices, drinking in the sweet nectar. Camille lost track of how many times her boss came. Even though her tongue was tired, she kept lapping and sucking, and servicing her.

When Mrs. H. pushed her away after having several wonderful orgasms, Camille was panting and horny, and needy. Yet, she waited for further instructions.

"Now, get back to your desk, and leave the collar on."

Definitely shaking, but afraid to argue, Camille left it in place. She humbly put her wrinkled clothing back on, took a deep breath, and left the office. She went straight for the restrooms to inspect any damage.

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