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I met Sue Ann at a legal seminar. She was an office manager in the process of hiring a staff for a newly formed law office. She asked a number of legal secretaries out for drinks to discuss the opportunity. When she offered me twice my current salary, I jumped at the opportunity. There were to be five attorneys in the new office and it would be run in a unique manner.

Two weeks later, I started working in the new office along with four other women. We met in Sue Ann's office for orientation and training. At that meeting one of the women asked why we were being paid at a level exceeding the norm. Sue Ann explained that we would all be required to perform extra duties. When one of the women asked what that ment, Sue Ann told us she would tell us in thirty days when things were running smoothly.

A few weeks later we were called into Sue Ann's office and informed of our extra duties. Each morning, we would be required to come into Sue Ann's office for what she called the panties check. We would be required to raise our dresses or skirts, or pull down our pants for her so she could see what type of panties we were wearing. Whoever was chosen that day had to undress down to her panties and serve coffee to all of the attorneys in the private conference room.

With regard to our work, Sue Ann would implement an old fashioned policy. No mistakes would be tolerated and anyone who made an error would be dealt with quite severely by Sue Ann. If the mistake was serious enough, the discipline would be administered in the presence of the attorneys. While we were all shocked, we agreed that our salaries would more than compensate us for the difference in standard office policy.

The next morning, we went into Sue Ann's office at 8:00. Mary was first and unzipped her pants to reveal white bloomer style panties. Barb was next and wore the same type. Kathy pulled up her skirt showing white bikini panties. Cheryl pulled her pants down to her knees to reveal light green, transparent bikini panties. Now it was my turn. I raised the hem of my dress and displayed pink bikini panties with a French diaper cut. Sue Ann dismissed us and told me to return at 10:00. When I went in, Sue Ann congratulated me and told me how honored I should be to be choosen first. I was instructed to undress her down to her lavender lace bikini panties. Then Sue Ann undressed me. She removed my dress, my pantyhose, and undid my white lace bra. While doing so, she bent over and sucked my nipples until they were hard. She told me to do the same to her, which I did. The two of us then entered the private conference room to serve coffee to the attorneys. As we were serving them, the attorneys would cup, fondle, and massage our breasts. As we were leaving, Sue Ann whispered in my ear. At that point, we both stopped, pulled our panties down, and slowly turned completely around.

A couple of weeks later, I discovered the what happens when a mistake is made. Sue Ann buzzed me into her office and told me she needed my help. Cheryl was sitting on her couch and I was puzzled about what I was to do. Sue Ann then lectured Cheryl about her error and told her she would have to be punished. She sat on the couch and told Cheryl to lay across her lap. Connie, please prepare Cheryl for her spanking. I then raised Cheryl's skirt and pulled her pantyhose down to her knees. I then lowered her navy blue bikini panties to her thighs. It was then obvious to both Sue Ann and myself that Cheryl was into tanning. Her bottom was alibaster white. Sue Ann then told me to hold Cheryl's shoulders. She then began a very hard ten minute hand spanking. The once white bottom was now pinkish red.

Later that month, I too was punished. I took home a file to work in the evening and forgot it at home. When I explained the situation to Sue Ann, she was furious. She escorted me to the private conference room and used the intercom to gather the entire office. She place a chair in the middle of the room. I was then told to grip the back of the chair. Sue Ann then unzipped and lowered my pants to my ankles. Upon seeing my black lace bikini panties she told me she was going to spank me until she could see my red bottom through my panties. My panties were then lowered and thus began my first spanking since I was twelve. It seemed to go on forever and then Sue Ann allowed everyone in the room to give me five swats each. When it was over, she pulled up my panites, walked me over to a mirror and behold I could indeed see my red bottom.

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