tagGroup SexOffice Escapades Ch. 01

Office Escapades Ch. 01


**All characters in this story are at least 18 years of age. This story is a fantasy and is not meant to reflect any real persons dead or alive.**


"... and don't forget this tomorrow's meeting! I'm expecting you to close this deal, don't let me down."

"No problem. You know you can count on me." Justin said, while looking over the paperwork. Adjusting his glasses, he spoke back into the phone. "Tom, you're paranoid, you know," he said laughing. "In five years I've never lost a client or missed a meeting. Granted, we've never had a deal this big, but come on... show a little faith in your best closer."

"Yeah, I know, J. But this deal could single-handedly make this firm rich! There's a reason I let you handle it, but damn it makes me nervous with this much money riding the line. Just don't fuck up the Saturday meeting or I'll have to kill you." The stress was evident in Tom's voice, but Justin knew that after five years he had the full confidence of his employer and best friend.

Tom and Justin had gone to school together at ASU and started their own advertising firm immediately after graduating. Tom came from money and had their operating capital, while Justin had the silver-tongue, business savvy and brains to get the clients and their money. Not to say that Tom wasn't excellent at the job, but there was a good reason Justin had always graduated at the top of his class from grade school through college. At just 27 years of age they were both quickly achieving their dreams of wealth and success.

"Well, I know you've got everything under control. I'll see you when I fly back from Chicago next Thursday. Let me know the minute they've signed that deal, Justin. I've got the champagne on ice already! Good luck."

"Thanks, Tom. I'll email the paperwork to you as soon as the deal is done. Tell your parents I said hello." Justin laughed as he hung up the phone, shaking his head. Always the worrier, Tom would call him at least twice a day for the last month about this deal. Justin wasn't worried, just excited since this was at least an eight-figure contract if he played the cards right, which he always did. Grabbing his jacket, he walked out of his office and through the lobby to let Angela know she could go home early.

Angela, the 25 year-old receptionist and bookkeeper for the firm, was an absolute knockout. They had hired her two years ago, both for her excellent resume and the instant boner she produced when Tom had first met her. Her auburn hair and smoky hazel eyes perfectly complimented her electric smile; while the rest of her 5'4" 115lb body had enough curves to make a Formula One racer woozy. Her breasts were at least a D cup, but perkier than one would think possible, tiny waist with hips that flared out beautifully, and her ass was a wonder of creation. Her caramel skin tone, high cheekbones, full lips and the exotic set of her face left only perfection to be admired. How Tom had found her, Justin didn't know or care. He just knew she regularly starred in his fantasies.

"Hi, Mr. Lachman! Heading out for the night?" Angela flashed one of those thousand-watt smiles.

"Yeah, cutting out early tonight. And, Angela, how many times do I have to remind you to call me Justin. There's no formality here, and technically, I'm not your boss. I leave that job to Tom. Why don't you call it a night as well?"

"Sorry, force of habit, Mist-- um, Justin. I'd love to, but that just means another early evening to bed. Besides, there are about three pages of receipts from Mr. Schneider, um, Tom's last business trip I need to get to." Angela said, a slight wistfulness to her voice.

"Oh, you can't be serious! Going home early on a Friday night and no plans with your girlfriends or ...um, your boyfriend what's-his-name?" Justin said teasingly.

"His name is Greg, and we broke up last month..." she said trailing off, a sad look on her face. "Sorry, I don't mean to blurt out my personal life it's just been a rough few weeks. Anyway, have a good weekend, Justin." She started shuffling papers at the desk and organizing them.

How could anyone break up with this absolute beauty? What an idiot! Suddenly an idea came to him and he smiled broadly. "Angela, why don't you come out and have dinner with me, maybe a little dancing and a show? It'll be fun."

"Oh! I don't know if I could do that Mr. Lachman! I've got these receipts to reconcile, and you have that big meeting tomorrow afternoon."

"I insist, Angela! There's no reason a beautiful young woman like you should have to go home early on a Friday or worry about a few more hours of busy work here at the office. It'll be fun, and get your mind off of your troubles. My treat, of course! Besides, I've got the meeting as good as wrapped up." Justin grinned at her and gave that smile he had sealed so many business deals with.

"Justin, I don't know. Wouldn't that be like dating within the office? I mean.. um, not a real date but um, well you know.." she said at a loss for how to respond.

"Just say yes, and I promise it'll be a great night. And no, it's not technically dating within the office. It's two friends having a good night out on the weekend. Besides, we don't have any rules against office fraternization at the firm of Schneider & Lachman." Justin smiled and leaned across the counter "Say yes, or I'll be forced to put in a few extra hours as well. I can't have you showing me up, now can I?"

Laughing, she gave in. "Alright! Fine! But I need to go home and change first if you don't mind. Where are we going?"

"Great! I'll drive you home to change. I was going to make it a surprise, but I thought we could go to Donovan's for dinner then dancing at Myst." Justin smiled at her, removing his tie, and pulling on his suit jacket. "So, ready to go?"

"Donovan's and Myst? I don't know if I have anything to wear for that! Well, I might be able to borrow something from my roommate. Okay, let's go. I live about 3 miles from here off of 50th & East Van Buren."

They left the office and got into Justin's Cadillac STS, not a pretentious vehicle, but roomy and enough to show he was a man of means to his clients. They chatted about themselves as they drove to Angela's apartment and while she was getting ready. Justin walked around the living room looking over the place and admiring the view they had of the common area below where some nubile young people were playing volleyball or swimming in the pool. He grinned, realizing that most of these kids were ASU students, remembering his days back in Tempe.

"So, Angela. Have you always lived here the whole time you've been in Phoenix? Tom said you grew up in San Diego." He continued looking out the window, watching one particular blonde playing volleyball. Her micro-bikini barely covered her ample assets as she jumped and dove around on the sand with her teammates. Quite a large crowd had assembled, mostly men, to watch the two teams battle it out.

Angela responded from her bedroom, "Yeah, Greg and I lived here when we moved from Chula Vista for his new job. We dated since we were 16 and I thought maybe someday we'd get married. I guess he had other plans...with some stupid slut..." she trailed off and Justin thought he heard her stifle a small sob. "Anyway, thankfully my roommate is my best friend Krystal, she moved out here last year to finish her grad studies. I told her we had a spare room, and she was welcome to live with us. Good thing too, since I don't know if I could afford this place on my own now." Justin nodded, looking out the window. The game had wound down and the girls were heading their separate ways. He turned from the window and walked back across near the door to Angela's bedroom.

"Well, any man who would break up with you must be a fool. So, I guess you could look at it, as you're lucky not to be with an idiot anymore. Ha!" His tongue-in-cheek compliment elicited a burst of giggles from Angela. "But seriously, you're a beautiful woman. I'm surprised he would leave you." Justin walked over to an end table and picked up a photograph showing Angela and another woman (her roommate?) at a beach somewhere. Quite a breathtaking sight captured in that image. He just shook his head at the stupidity of Greg breaking up with this woman.

"So, how do I look?" Angela said from behind him.

Turning, Justin nearly had his jaw drop as he took in the beautiful sight in front of him. Angela was wearing a deep red cocktail dress with spaghetti straps, cut very low across the bust, revealing more than a little of her ample cleavage. The dress clung to every curve of her body like a second skin, the skirt short but tasteful, ending about three inches above her knees. A huge smile played across her face as she pirouetted and turned, showing her glorious ass covered in little more than a satin second-skin. If she was wearing anything under that dress Justin couldn't tell, though he didn't know how she could wear anything and not have it show through that ultra-tight dress. She was wearing stiletto heels, which gave her an additional few inches of height. "Wow! Just wow!"

"So, you like it?" Angela flashed that smile at him. It's my roommates and she is much taller, so for her this is even that much more slutty looking." She giggled again at her own joke.

"All I can say, Angela, is if we weren't 'just friends' I'd be hard pressed not to try and sweep you off your feet. Undeniably gorgeous." Angela visibly blushed at the comment while Justin's eyes were still soaking up her beauty, when he heard a voice behind him, startling him.

"I'd say yummy if it was me, and if she wasn't stealing another one of my dresses!" said the tall blonde who came walking around Justin. He recognized her as the one playing volleyball earlier. The bikini did not disappoint. She appeared to be about 5'9" and around 130 athletic pounds, with a large C cup bust and legs that seemed to go on for miles. As she walked past, her micro-bikini did little to hide the phenomenal ass on display. "Looks like you're going out with this hottie, Angela. Don't do anything I wouldn't." She smiled and gave Angela a hug as she moved toward the kitchen.

"Krystal!" Angela said, quite flustered. "We work together, this is Mr. Lachman, and he was just taking me out for a nice dinner. Not a date!"

"It's alright Angela, and please" Justin said, looking at them both "please just call me Justin. Just a friendly dinner, Krystal. Angela seems as though she needs to have a good weekend for a change of pace. I'm sure you know."

"Yeah, that piece of shit Greg really hurt my beautiful Angel! Besides, I'm just teasing her, though if it were me," she bit her lip in a sexy manner, while sizing him up. "Let's just say I don't think the friends thing would work for me." She laughed and slapped Angela across the backside as she disappeared into the bathroom. "Don't ruin my dress Angel-baby or if you do make sure there's a good reason for it." And with that double-entendre Krystal disappeared into the bathroom, the shower coming on a few seconds later.

"She seems nice." Justin grinned. "Don't worry, I'm not offended. Shall we go? Angel-baby?" Another smile and laugh, as Angela blushed. "Where's the nickname from?"

"Oh, God, I don't want to talk about it. She is always so forward! Everything is a conquest for her, but I love her so much. I don't know what I'd do without her." Angela smiled a sad little smile and took his offered arm. "So, Justin, did you mean what you said about if we weren't just friends?"

"Of course. I've always thought you were beautiful, but seeing you in that dress just about knocked me off my feet." Justin smiled at her as they walked to his car.

"Huh." She smiled and got into the car. "You're sweet."

During the ride they talked about Angela and Krystal's relationship, how they became friends and roommates. They tried to stay off topic of her ex but inevitably it would come up. So, they switched topics to the meeting on Saturday with Justin giving her the synopsis of how he planned to present what they could offer to TechNext Media. "You should join me tomorrow, Angela. See how things are done outside the office. I think you would probably enjoy it. Unless you have plans with Krystal or otherwise."

"Oh, no plans yet. That actually sounds like it might be fun. Watching the 'boss-man' hooking another fat cat client." She laughed, the sound happy and more carefree than Justin had ever seen her. He was glad she was enjoying herself; she deserved to be happy.

"Well, we're here!" Justin got out of the car and handed the keys to the valet then opened the door for Angela and helped her out. "Madam, after you."

The maitre d' showed them to their private table, handing them their menus and wine list. "Madame, Monsieur, might I interest you in our reserve wine list?"

Justin nodded, "Actually we'll start out with a glass Russian River Chardonnay and your delicious crab cakes. Thank you."

"A pleasure, Monsieur Lachman, as always." He stepped away to prepare their hors d' oeuvres and get their wine.

"You must come here a lot." Angela said. "Monsieur Lachman." She laughed. "How often do you come here? This place is expensive!"

"It's not too bad price-wise, but I come here about two or three times a month. We do all their advertising and they've had quite the upswing in sales since that time two years ago. So they are a bit more deferential to Tom and I than other customers. It's a great place!"

"So, what you're saying is that there are benefits to having your ass kissed?" Angela grinned and chuckled as the maitre d' returned with the wine and crab cakes. Justin ordered their entrees and a bottle of Napa Valley Merlot. "I really appreciate this, J -- is it okay if I call you that -- it's the nicest thing anyone has done for me since I moved here. Greg and I rarely went out, he was always occupied with something else or said he was too tired. I didn't realize he was cheating on me until... oh, I'm so sorry!" Angela took a sip of her wine to cover her embarrassment. "You don't have to apologize. Sometimes talking about it and getting it out of your system can be cathartic. And I will reiterate, he is a complete moron for ever having cheated on a woman as incredible as yourself." Justin smiled, his eyes memorizing every facet and detail of her face, traveling discreetly down to her cleavage where those gorgeous pillows of flesh were tightly bound and pushed up. Man she has great tits! I'd love to—he shook himself from his thoughts as their food and wine arrived. They ate in silence for a few moments, Justin enjoying his ribeye and Angela enjoying her petit filet. Watching her eat, Justin was glad she wasn't one of those pretentious girls who only insist on eating salads and then picking at their food in their poorly intentioned means to remain 'skinny' or 'attractive'. A stick figure isn't great art and it doesn't make for a beautiful woman. He smirked at his thoughts then looked up at Angela. He caught her staring at him, then quickly grabbed her wine and took a drink to cover it up.

"So, Angel-baby, huh?" Justin prodded. "I've gotta' know that story. I'm sure it's good."

"Well, prior to dating Greg I was kinda' into girls." Angela began sheepishly. "Greg was the only guy I was ever with and we've been dating since our senior year in high school. Anyway, Krystal and I have been friends since grade school and we were girlfriends during high school when we both realized we liked girls. That's where the nickname comes from. We're not lesbians, but I guess you would call us bisexual. I hadn't made love to her in a couple of years, but we are still really super close and definitely the best of friends. When Greg and I broke up, it was Krystal who consoled me and well, we both kind of rekindled the old flame. I'm not sure if there's anything there but ... well, anyway..."

It seemed she gained strength from telling the story. The more she talked about her relationships the more she opened up and the stronger she became. Justin was really beginning to like this girl.

"Wow. Sounds like she's always been a great friend for you. Don't worry; I'm not judging you. It's natural for a beautiful woman to be attracted to another beautiful woman. Men aren't alone in recognizing feminine beauty. What you have sounds like a beautiful love and a good friend. Very few people can say they have that." Justin gave her a genuine smile, and reached across the table to take her hand in his reassuringly. She didn't pull away or seem startled, but entwined her fingers with his.

"You know, I always thought you were cute, but I never realized you were such a nice guy," Angela said quietly. "Thanks for tonight. I don't know how I could repay you for being so kind. I know you don't expect it, so I won't even mention it, but honestly thanks Justin. You're the best!" She gave him such an honest and electric smile, Justin couldn't help but return it, and hands entwined, a feeling of friendship and attraction passed between them. "Maybe I'll just have to fuck you!" She giggled, then covered her mouth in horror as her face flushed crimson. "Oh, my god! I'm so sorry! It must be the wine!"

"Well then we'll just have to get you some more wine." Justin grinned, pouring the last of the bottle into her glass. "There are few things you could ever say that would offend me. And hell, I can't say the thought hasn't crossed my mind."

They finished their meal, Justin leaving a hefty tip behind as they left. Hands still clasped, they walked out the doors and gave the valet their number for him to return the car. Angela shivered a little in the open air. "Cold?" Justin asked.

"No, just not as warm as when we went in, and this dress doesn't cover much." She smiled, one hand indicating the length of her torso.

Justin drank in the sight as he looked down at her, her nipples noticeably showing through the thin material and answering the question of whether she was wearing a bra. "Well, you look absolutely amazing. Fantastic is an understatement. Here," he said, taking off his suit jacket. "This should help some." He draped it across her shoulders and put an arm around her back, pulling her in. "Thanks Justin. You're such a nice guy." Angela smiled at him, giving him that warm and slightly uneasy feeling. "Don't worry about it" he said. "I don't get cold easily. Plus, it always amuses me how people here call 70 degrees in November cold. I guess growing up in a place where in snows and rains in the winter makes me wonder how people in Phoenix can call sunny and 70 cold. Ha! It is a beautiful night though." The valet pulled up in the car, Justin tipped him, then they both climbed in, heading for Myst.

During the drive and at the club they discussed their personal lives, where they grew up, family, friends, the paths they took to work at the same place. The next few hours went by quickly as they danced and drank becoming more and more comfortable with each other. During one particular dance Angela was grinding her ass against Justin's throbbing crotch, both of them gyrating and dancing to the music. His hands traveling the length of her torso from mid-thigh to shoulders, lingering every step of the way. She ground back against him, his cock firmly between the globes of her ass, nothing but thin material between his cock and her ass. Both were breathing heavily by the end of the song, clinging to each other as they moved across the dance floor to the bar.

"My, you're a big boy!" Angela hollered into his ear over the thumping strains of music. "If I didn't know better, I'd say I did that to you." She grinned squeezing his cock through his pants, then pulling away and ordering drinks for them. Justin tossed a couple large bills on the counter to pay for their drinks and the previous round. "I'm so wet I can't think straight," she said, nibbling his ear, the alcohol obviously affecting her inhibitions.

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