tagExhibitionist & VoyeurOffice Exposure Ch. 02

Office Exposure Ch. 02


I was working late and in need of a break. I started thinking about Michael Freeman, my office neighbor across the street. I hadn't heard from him in quite a while.

The phone rang on my private line. I figured it was Steve, my regular sex partner. The voice said "put the phone on speaker" so I did. I didn't recognize the voice as of yet. The voice told me to move over to the window and bring the lamp and chair close to me. I still didn't recognize the voice but I did as I was told.

"Now, start taking your clothes off very slowly" the voice continued.

I'm thinking it was Michael but the voice didn't sound like him.

"Yes Michael" I said.

"This is not Michael but he did tell me about how you liked to tease men from your office window."

"Then who is this" I asked.

"I will tell you all in due time, now keep stripping your clothes off" the voice from the phone continued.

I was down to my bra, panties, nylons and garter belt. Lifting my leg on the chair, I began to roll my nylons off. I unfastened my garter belt and it fell to the floor. The voice told me to turn around when taking off my panties and bra and then to turn towards the window slowly covering my breast and pussy with each hand. Turning slowly as instructed, hiding my breast and pussy. I looked out into the night at the building across from me but I couldn't see anything.

"Drop your hands by running them all over your body. Tease me like you tease Michael," the voice said.

I ran my hands all over myself, down my legs, up to my hair taking out the pins that held it up. I turned around so he could see my ass. Bending at my waist I parted my legs slightly running my hand between my cheeks. I was getting really turned on as usual parading myself naked in front of a perfect stranger. Thinking he was across the street and my door locked I felt pretty safe.

The voice told me to sit in the chair, spread my legs far apart and finger fuck myself. I did as I was instructed to do. I could hear him utter little comments like, "that's it, oh yeah baby, you are really hot babe". His breathing was getting shallow, I could tell I was turning him on.

"Now my sweat lovely thing, go sit on the floor up against the window. Press your pussy up against the glass spreading your legs slightly. Yeah, push your pussy against the window just like that."

Leanning back on my hands pushing my pussy against the cold window was very erotic. I backed away a little and pushed up against it again (like I was fucking). This movement really got me excited. I began to moan, I took one hand and spread my lips apart and pushed harder up against the glass.

The voice from the phone said "Oh yes baby, fuck the glass for me."

After about five minutes I realized I couldn't hear my mysterious man from the phone. I wondered if he was still there so I said "Hello, are you still there?" Nothing! "HELLO! Anyone there?" Still nothing. I wondered where he had gone; if he was combing back or not.

Just then I heard him say, "Yes baby, I'm still here enjoying the view."

"Now honey, use your fingers again. Fuck your beautiful pussy for me," he pleaded.

I got up off the floor, backed up to the window spreading my legs, bending over and began to finger my snatch with one hand. With the other hand I reached behind me ran my fingers between the cheeks my buttock and began to probe my most intimate private part of me. When I pulled one hand out I was pushing the other hand in.

I could see my reflection in the window. I could see the satisfaction I was delivering upon my self. Thinking of the man watching me from across the way intensified my emotions. I loved being watched and having a stranger tell me what he wants me to do. Knowing he is receiving as much pleasure from watching me as I am doing for him.

I was startled from a familiar noise. I looked up still hearing the male voice from the phone and saw an image by the door to my office. The voice still coming from the phone on my desk said "don't be scared, it's me!" The man on the phone is now standing in the dark. "My name is Mitchell, Mitchell Freeman. I'm Michael's brother. He told me what a pleasant enticing woman you were and he was most definitely right about that."

As he walked towards me the dim light creeps up his legs to his torture and then to his face. He was very striking. Tall with dark brown hair and piercing blue eyes. I guess he could tell how pleased I was by the look on my face because he smiled and winked at me. He then began to disrobe telling me to go to the couch and kneel on it facing the wall. I could feel his presence get closer to me. I felt his large masculine hands circle the curvature of my round ass.

All of a sudden he gave me slap on my right side that tingled slightly. Then he slapped the left side a bit harder. Squeezing the skin and rubbing it after each slap. I gasped with a moan each time.

With a sultry low tone he asked "you like that, don't you?"

All I could do was nod my head and moan. He reached around in front cupping my breasts with each hand. Squeezing them gently at first and gradually squeezing them harder playing with my nipples. Now I could feel his cock lay between my cheeks and his balls up against my raging pussy.

"Mmmmmm . . . you are so wet and hot! Are you ready for me? Do you want my hard rigid cock inside your tantalizing hot wet domain?"

He was asking me all these questions and all I could do was say "yes, oh god yes. Slide your cock in and out of me as you desire. Make my juices surge out of me all over both of us."

I begged and begged to be fucked by my stranger but all I got was slaps on my ass and his cock teasing me sliding up and down the part between my cheeks. His balls in bedded snuggly between the lips of my woman hood. I was aching to feel a cock deep inside and was not getting my biggest desire.

He then turned me around and pushed me to my knees. I was staring directly at his cock. My tongue immediately went for his shaft. Licking it down to his balls sucking them like big cherries. My hand grabbed his cock and found my mouth. I opened wide and swallowed this beautiful swollen thick protrusion from his body. Twisting my hand around as I am going down and up, down and up, down and up on his peter. His moans were getting louder and deeper as time went on.

I stood up turn around and bent at the waist to offer myself to his cock. Spreading my butt apart his cock found its way in my love canal. Pushing back on him slowly I felt heaven as his long thick cock filled me up. I was already to explode with all the fore play I had done leading up to this point. But I waited and enjoyed the fucking he was giving me. He changed me in all positions even one that was rarely done. He lifted me up around his waist, sat me on his cock and bounced me up and down while I was squeezing my legs around his waist. He watched my tits bounce up and down slapping him in the chin every so often.

"I am going to cream" I yelled at him and just then my hot sex juices flowed out of me all over his cock and down his legs. His body tensed up and he shot his load deep up inside me bouncing me faster and deeper on his cock. We were both screaming in extasy as our orgasms continued. Our bodies went limp from exhaustion but our minds still wanted more.

Looking deep in each others eyes there was something there, it was like a magnate pulling us towards each other. Our lips locked onto each other like fire. Darting our tongues in and out of our mouths; running our hand over each other needing more, aching for more of each others sex. Pressing our bodies tightly together, melting our skins into one. I pulled myself on his lap. Sliding his cock back inside me where it belonged. Rocking back and forth with fierce fire between my legs. I couldn't get enough of this mans cock.

"Fuck me! Fuck hard" I said as our mouths clung on to each other.

His passion full fill me as a woman. He was making love to me and I was making love to him. It was not just sex anymore. There was chemistry between us. We hit that high climax that we all wish we could every time. After lying in his arms for a minute or two he looked me in my eyes and kissed me very passionately.

I was emotionally and sexually satisfied. Wow. . .what a man! What a lover!

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