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Office Fantasy


His voice on the speaker summoned her to his office. The tone left her no doubt…"LILY!"

"Place your hands on the edge of my desk, leaning so your bottom is extended" he ordered. She hesitated and he spoke again…. "Lily, assume the position ordered now!"

She attempted to explain that she'd correct whatever the problem was if he would please just let her go. He continued opening the desk drawer. She followed his hands with her eyes. She could not stop her eyes from moistening with unshed tears.

She began to speak but the sight of the red ball gag, silenced her. She shook her head no, as he reached for the blindfold as well. She whimpered, "no, please no, no!"

He smiled knowing the two things she feared the most. First, the damn ball stuffed in her mouth would make her cheeks ache after. Then the blindfold over her eyes upset her. She hated having her eyes covered. "Pretty please," she plead again to no avail.

He fastened the gag in her mouth, covered her eyes and walked away. She leaned on the desk, not daring to move. She heard the door shut.

She can felt the racing of her heart as she considered removing the blindfold. She wondered if she could get it back on before he returned. Turning her head slightly, she sensed his presence. Taking slow deep breaths, she hoped to calm her body as her mind raced rampantly. She worked herself into a state with the images in her own mind. Oh, how did she get herself into this. All this because the story she wrote for fun got mixed into his proposal papers. She had been just amusing herself on lunch break. She hadn't meant to send it to his desk. Now he knew all her fantasies of him. Egotistically, he enjoyed himself immensely at her expense. Oh why did she agree?

The silence drove her crazy and her back was beginning to ache in that position. She shifted herself, and then stood straight up. "Hmmm that feels so much better," she sighed.

"Did I give you permission to move?" he questioned.

She leaned forward again, placing hands back as she was. She lowered her head knowing that she would pay for her disobedience. The snap of the paddle on her tender flesh as it struck her bottom. "Ouch," she moaned into the ball gag as he spanked her over and over. The tears soaked the blindfold, and the whimpers were barely audible with the gag in her mouth. He drew her red lace panties down and began to caress her warm flesh.

"Lily, my dear I am so glad that you told me what turns you on" he asserted. He reached down to her pussy and laughed because she was wet. He stroked her lightly, chuckling as she whimpered and squirmed as his fingers explored her flesh. "Feel how hard your pink ass has made my cock now" he stated. She turned touching his cock as requested. He asked, "does my little office slut want her pussy fucked?" She nodded her head.

He laughed as he told her to remove her dress. She unbuttoned the dress, fumbling with the buttons. She wished she could see knowing that he would not let her take the blindfold off. She felt the dress slide down her legs. "Now, the bra, free those breasts for me," he demanded. She fumbled and struggled with the hooks, finally getting them. "Rub them, Lily, make them hard for me. Pinch them hard," he ordered, "I can't hear you whimper." She obeyed not daring to risk his wrath.

She wondered about his expression, wishing she could see his face. She imagined the smirk on his amused face. She flinched as he pinched her nipple hard. He knew he was driving her crazy.

She stood waiting for him to speak the silence was unbearable. She longed to speak, beg him to take her.

The phone rang and she heard him answer, "Yes, my secretary is tied up at the moment, can I assist you?"

He talked for a few minutes while she stood beside the desk almost naked except for her panties. She shifted from one foot to the other as the time passed slowly. Her mind was filled with images of what he had in store for her.

The door handles turned, but it was locked. She heard someone twisting the handle attempting to open it. She heard him say, "just a moment." She heard muffled voices but couldn't distinguish whose. She moved her hands to cover her body.

He spoke sharply, "did I give you permission to move?" Placing her hands back down to her side as she began to tremble.

She flinched as hands tugged her panties down. She couldn't tell who was touching her. She felt hands that were cool against her skin, stroking her breasts. Another hand was on her clit, pinching it between gentle fingers. She felt warm breathe on her neck.

He told her to bend over, place her hands on her knees. The paddle wailed across her ass again. She whimpered into the ball gag as the painful blows landed on her tender bottom. She felt a cold sensation as she was filled with a vibrator. She felts another being pushed against her tiny puckered rose bud opening. It hurt at first but finally it went in.

She heard his laughter as he spoke to the person he was sharing his office slut with. "She looks good with her holes filled doesn't she?" he asked.

The fire on my ass was intense, as the rhythm of the vibrators increased. She felt an orgasm building, she arched trying to get it deeper in her. "Yes, Yes going to cum," she thought to herself as she pushing hard against the vibrators. She was thrashing and thrusting her body to have them deeper in her.

Then there was silence as she felt the vibrators being withdrawn. She heard the door open and close. He unbuckled the ball gag from her lips. She wiggled her cheeks, attempting to stretching the stiffness from her face muscles.

"Kneel Lily, suck my cock." He ordered. She knelt down, the weight of her bottom against her calves. Her bottom hurt so much. She made her tongue swirl and teases his cock making it swell. As she felt his knees shakes as he was cumming. She swallowed every drop.

He told her, "get your smutty ass out of his office and return to work." He then uncovered her eyes. He lifted her face to look into her eyes as they struggled to adjust to the bright light, "Every noon, you will appear in this office, strip naked, place your hands on my desk and await me. Is that clear, Lily?"

She nodded her head and then replied, "yes sir."

She opened the door; her eyes darted everywhere wondering who joined her boss in the office. She sat down at her desk, her bottom was on fire. Sitting was a difficult task, what had she agreed to? HMMMMMMMMMM!!

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