tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOffice Fantasy to Reality Ch. 03

Office Fantasy to Reality Ch. 03


Weeks pasted quickly. With the new contract under our belts, we began to ramp up our operations, meeting all requirements as set forth in the agreement.

But my mind kept returning to our Saturday morning escapade that led to our award of the new contract. I had used my relationship with my subordinate, Sara, to gain an upper hand and receive the contract. I had manipulated the situation to have my Sara fucked, sucked, bucked, and provided the client with a threesome fantasy I knew he desired.

And, I suppose, the shock of having him suck my cock, swallowing my cum, had me in my own turmoil as well. I had never even considered a bi-male relationship. The thought had never crossed my mind. And for the past several weeks, my sex with Sara had been absolutely fantastic. We fucked like demons. I could not get enough of her. She initiated our sex encounters often, even surprising me as to the frequency, and the forcefulness of our sex acts. It was lust, pure, sexual lust. Our bodies needing, craving sex. Our organs constantly engorged. Mindless, lustful, hammering, sex. I could not describe it any other way.

As we ramped up operations to meet our increased demand, a temp service sent us a male administrative assistant. First surprised, we quickly grew to realize this young man, Brian, had tremendous skills. A music teacher at the local high school, he taught music on the side, and temped when he had the time. The most amazing "skill" I observed – he typed about 110 words per minute. Just flat out fast fingers. Bright, articulate, eager to work, he was a good addition, even on a temporary basis. Only 5'8" tall, slender, soft hands, he easily made his place with the staff.

Brian did not really cause me any problems. However, his desk was just outside my office. And with Sara playing my flute on more than one occasion, I would watch his face as we exited the office. I definitely saw a slight smile as Sara would pass him. He would hang his head slightly, lower his eyes, and his manner changed ever so slightly. On one late Friday morning, after Sara had come to my office, ripped my cock from my pants, hungrily sucked my cock, draining my balls in record time, he reached his finger to the corner of her mouth as she exited my office. He quickly drew the fingertip to his mouth, and sucked the finger into his mouth. He winked at her, grinned at me, and returned to sit at his desk.

I stood dumbfounded. Turning, I reentered my office, pushing the door nearly closed. My mind was racing. Had Sara had a drop of my cum still on her lips, the corner of her mouth? Did he actually do what I thought he did? Was it for show? I got lost in my next project. Thoughts of Brian slipped to the background.

Several times during the afternoon, my cock clubbed big time. Sara had just got me started. Now, I was craving a taste of her sweet pussy. After a grueling conference call, I called her extension. In a lowered, husky voice, I requested her presence in my office immediately.

"Sara, I want to lick your pussy! I want to suck you clit into my mouth! I want to feel your thighs wrap around my head, holding me tight, my tongue buried in your pussy! I want to feel your body arch against my mouth! I want to feel your orgasm pulse through your crotch! I want you to flood my mouth with your juices!" I whispered into the phone. I stroked my growing cock through my pants.

Within just a couple minutes, Sara was at my door. Quitting time, I figured we would be alone for the evening.

"Brian, we are not to be disturbed," Sara instructed him. Walking in, Sara closed the door, lifted her skirt just above her pussy. Sliding her hand down, her fingers slipped beneath the brightly colored panties. Spreading her feet slightly, pushing her mound forward, her fingers slipped between the lips of her cunt. "Boss, she dripping!" she whispered. She rotated her hips, teasingly, nastily for my viewing. Pulling her hand out, she presented her hand palm up, fingers glistening from her wetness. Extending her tongue, she licked her fingers, starting at the palm, and pulling her hand down, her fingers raking across her extended tongue. Her eyes closed.

I moved quickly, dropping to my knees in front of her. Pushing gently, she leaned against the door. I ripped her panties down her legs, exposing her soft, hair covered mound. I leaned forward, inhaling her muskiness. Her hand reached to the top of my head, her fingers lacing in my hair. Extending my tongue, she pulled me forward firmly. I sucked her clit into my mouth as she ground her mound on my mouth and nose. With each thrust of her hips, she bounced gently on the door. It made noise each time she thrust against my tongue.

I reached to her, pulling her mound deep on my tongue. I nipped at her extended, engorged clit. She humped my face. "Yes boss man!" she whispered. "Fuck me with your tongue!" she grunted as I thrashed her clit over the inside of my teeth. Her body sunk down slightly, lowering her cunt deeper on my mouth. She molded against the door, allowing me to ravage her wet, inviting cunt at will. I slid my right hand up the inside of her thigh. My fingertips parted her soaked lips. I pushed two fingers into her hole, pushing firmly, sliding deep with my initial thrust up into her body. A loud grunt escaped her. I thrust quickly in and out of her hole as I held her clit firmly between my teeth. My tongue danced over her clit.

Sara humped my face harder. "Fuck me! Fuck me!" she grunted over and over. Her thighs quivered. She held my head firmly, pulling me tighter against her wet slit. I pounded her hole unmercifully. My fingers glistened with her wetness. Sara started growling, deep inside her petite frame. I glanced to her face. Contorted, her head thrown back against the door, she was writhing with each thrust of my fingers deep into her body. Her growl grew louder, a low, guttural scream emanated from deep within. I knew she was close. Her thrusts grew more intense, her hips driving forward, her cunt opening wider, sucking my tongue deep, demanding that I thrash her clit. Within seconds, her body froze, her hips thrust forward. Breathing stopped! She ground her clit on my mouth. Simultaneously, her body exploded as her orgasm took hold, ripping through her loins. I focused on sucking her clit, mashing, sucking, and washing over it with my tongue. Sara's knees buckled, allowing her to slide down the door. I tried to hold her clit in my mouth, but it pulled out as she slid too low for me to suck her. My fingers were still buried in her cunt. I thrust deep, and stopped all movement. Her cunt squeezed my fingers, her muscles contracting around my probing digits. Her tongue extended, licking her lips. I leaned to kiss her softly. A small whimper, a small groan trickled from her lips.

I moved to her, sitting on my rump beside her. I wrapped my free arm around her, pulling her close. We snuggled on the floor, in front of my door for several minutes. "I'll be right back," she whispered, rising. I pulled my fingers from her cunt reluctantly. I moved to my desk as she opened the door and exited.

Brian came into my office. Embarrassed, he grinned. "You should move away from the door on those occasions," he stated. "Anything I can do for you?" he asked, looking at me, his eyes trailing down to my crotch. The gauntlet thrown down, I did not hesitate.

"Yes Brian," I stated. "Push the door almost closed," I continued. Brian moved to close the door. "Leave it slightly ajar," I said. "Sara will be returning," I finished.

I sat on the front edge of my desk. "Brian, come here. Sit in that chair," I commanded. Brian moved forward, sliding quickly in the chair in front of my desk. "Tell me Brian, what would you like?" I queried. I stroked my rigid cock through my dockers. Brian watched intently. Even through my pants, my cock looked massive. "Would you like to see my cock Brian?" I asked. "Would you like to feel how hard my cock is at the moment?" I continued. Brian stared intently at my hand as it caressed my cock.

I stood, unbuckling my belt. I hesitated. I unzipped my pants slowly. I opened the front of my pants. I grabbed the waistband of my briefs, reaching in to pull my cock upwards. The head and several inches popped up from beneath my hand. Brian's eyes opened wide. I pushed my briefs down slightly lower, allowing my cock to stick perpendicular from my body. It pointed directly at Brian.

"Take it Brian," I commanded. "Feel it," I continued. Brian moved slowly, his hands reaching out to grasp my cock. Both hands wrapped around the shaft, pulling the skin forward toward his mouth. A drop of precum formed in the eye. Brian's mouth opened.
"May I," Brian asked. He tongue extended as he slid forward. He lips surrounded the head, his tongue danced into the eye. He sucked hard. I reached to him, grabbing a handful of hair. I pulled him forward roughly, forcing several inches into his mouth. He jerked backwards as he reached the gag point. Swallowing hard, he moved forward again. This time, he took more into his mouth, starting to slide down his throat. He pulled back. "I have never seen such a big cock," he whispered. Reaching around my hip, he pulled himself forward again. More cock slid down his throat. My cock expanded, reaching maximum size.

"That feels good Brian," I whispered. "Suck me," I commanded. Brian impaled his face on my rigid cock. The door opened, Sara stepped through. She grinned, pushed the door closed. "Want to share Brian with me?" I asked. Brian, unaware Sara had returned, pulled off my cock. He glanced quickly to Sara. I grabbed my rigid cock. "Brian," I said firmly. He turned, I thrust my hips forward again, pushing my cock into his mouth.

Sara stood beside me. Brian looked into her eyes. She caressed his face as he sucked me deep into his mouth. I started thrusting against his mouth. I pulled hard against the back of his head, driving my cock deep into his mouth and throat. Quickly, I drove my cock balls deep in his mouth and throat. A tear trickled down his cheek. I pumped hard, thrusting back and forth, fucking his face with abandon. I hammered him. His hands went around my ass, pulling me hard, forcing my cock deep into his mouth and throat. I approached my orgasm quickly. My cock expanded, my balls filling my shaft with sticky liquid. I felt my balls churn, tighten, and explode. I jammed my cock deeper into Brian's face. I ground my hips forward, my balls bouncing off his chin. Sara reached to my swinging balls, milking them gently. Brian inhaled all my spurting liquid. As my cock deflated, Brian sucked harder, not willing to give up my cock. I humped his face, driving my now flaccid cock back into his mouth. He sucked hard. Balls drained, I sat back down on my desk. Brian returned to his sitting position in the chair.

"That was interesting," I quipped. I leaned to kiss Sara. She nearly sucked my tongue out of my mouth. Her hands raked over my back, her hips thrusting against my thigh. She moved to straddle my leg, grinding her crotch against my thigh, squeezing her legs tightly around it. Her tongue explored my mouth. Catching a moment between kisses, I looked to Brian.

"Are you gay? Or do you do women as well?" I asked.

"Bi" Brian said. "More men than women, but I love a good female partner now and then," he continued. He stared at Sara! She reached to her tits, squeezing firmly, pulling them upwards through the material of her blouse. She pinched her nipples.

"Sara, check to see if anyone is still around," I asked. Sara moved to the door. She opened the door, stepped out. At 6:00 pm on a Friday, nobody was really expected to be in the office.

"Looks clear boss," Sara said as she reentered the office. She joined my by my desk. "What should we do with him?" she asked, staring intently at him. He was sitting, stroking his cock gently with his fingertips over his pant leg. "Take you clothes off Brian," Sara instructed. "Now!" she continued.

Brian stood in front of us, quickly pulling his polo shirt off, reached to his pants, and forced both pants and briefs down in a single movement. I laughed. "Brian, get totally naked. Take the shoes off," I followed.

Sitting, Brian quickly removed his shoes, socks, and clothes. Totally naked, he attempted to cover himself slightly. Not knowing what to expect, his nervousness showed. And ours as well I suppose. "Sara, I want to try and suck his cock," I blurted out. I turned to Sara. Her face was blank. "Ok, I'll try, but no guarantee. I have to first make myself touch it," I continued.

I moved to Brian, pushing him back in the chair. Sara joined me on our knees beside his feet. She reached to him, lifting his hard cock up from his lap. He immediately moaned. I just stared at his cock. Not only was he substantially shorter than me, he was about half as big around as I. Sara was talking to me.

"Boss, reach out and touch it. It will not bite," she said as she pumped the shaft slowly. Up and down, she pulled the skin. To the head, then firmly, quickly, she pumped it back down.

"Ah, but it spits," I responded without thinking. I reached to touch his thigh. He watched as I slid my hand upwards along the smoothness of his thigh. I rested the other hand on his knee. Sara pushed the cock over toward me, leaning it out toward my hand. My fingers moved into the hair of his pubic region. Coarse, tangled, soft. I turned my hand upwards, curling my fingers to accept placement of his cock in my hand. My breath was short. I was nervous. Other than my cock, I had never even touched one. No young days of exploration with the buddies, nothing. Here, now, at my age, I was touching a virile, young cock for the first time. It jumped under my hand. I wrapped my fingers around the shaft. I pumped it as Sara had done. It was like pumping mine, without the feeling from the action. Really weird!

I pumped a couple more times, and began faster movements. Brian reacted, shifting his hips, lifting to get more grinding when my hand slammed down on his pelvic bone. Sara reached to my hand. "Slow down," she whispered. Her hand joined mine, each touching his cock. "Watch," she whispered, looking into my eyes. She leaned forward, her tongue extending to lick the head of his cock. Her lips circled the head. She pushed a couple of inches into her mouth. Her tongue swirled around his shaft, I could see it cross her cheek. Her hand pumped his shaft slowly, deliberately.

Pulling up, she passed his cock to me. As my fingers wrapped around the shaft, I pictured my mouth lowering to him, sucking the head of his cock into my mouth. I leaned forward. I was approaching his cock. My mouth opened, my tongue licked my lips. I took a deep breath. I looked to Sara, her hand slid up my back to my shoulder. I looked back to his cock, inches from my face. I could do this! I could do this! I hesitated. I raised up, sitting back on my legs. I stroked his cock. Not yet!

"Its ok bossman," Sara volunteered. "You can try again when you want," she continued. Sara moved in front of Brian, turning her ass toward him. Spreading his legs, she reached between her thighs, grabbed his cock, and aimed it upwards as she sat down. In one swift movement, she drilled her pussy with his cock. Brian arched, thrusting his hips upwards, grinding his cock into her wet cunt. She spread her legs. "Come see this," she instructed me.

I moved in front of her. I could see her wet slit, glistening with her juices. She reached to spread her lips, exposing her clit to the air. "Watch," she commanded. She rose up. For the first time, I watched her lips grab another cock, stretching to hold it, sucking it back in. "Come suck my clit," she told me. Leaning back, I got a great view of her inviting sex.

I moved forward, my lips taking her clit into my mouth. Biting down gently, I flicked her clit back and forth between my teeth. I ground my face hard against her cunt, my mouth ravaging her mound, her clit, and her wet slit. She pushed me down toward her hole. My tongue instinctively reached to her hole. There, I froze, my tongue extended. Brian was thrusting into her body. I felt his shaft with my tongue. I tasted Sara. I wanted Sara. "Grab his balls baby," Sara instructed me. She pulled my face tight against her slit, grinding my mouth on her clit. I reached upwards as I have done many times. I found his hanging sack. I squeezed his balls, rolling them in my fingers. I nearly tore her clit off her body. I forgot what I was doing. I sucked her deeply into my mouth, pulling her clit taunt in my mouth as I sucked hard.

My fingertips raked the base of Brian's sack. A nail passed over his puckered hole. Brian jumped, his body going instantly rigid. I sucked Sara's clit harder. Her breathing was becoming ragged. I wanted to make her cum. I moved my hand higher against Brian's body. My fingertip roamed over his tight hole. He squirmed. I forced my fingertip through his tight ring to the first knuckle. Brian screamed, grunting loudly. I reamed him, rotating my finger roughly around his asshole. I sucked Sara's clit deep into my mouth. Brian bucked upwards, Sara jammed her body down on his rigid shaft. I thrust my finger in and out of Brian's ass, jamming more into his body with each thrust. I wanted to jam it deep.

Sara lifted up, her hand reaching to her cunt. Brian's cock squirted free of her hole. Grabbing my head, she pushed down as his cock jumped upwards. No new taste, his cock head slipped between my lips. "Suck him boss," Sara whispered. I jammed my finger deep in his ass. I'd suck him alright. I forced my mouth down hard. Only several inches jumped into my mouth. My lips were circling his shaft. I bobbed once, twice, my tongue licking his skin. His cock was in my mouth. I opened my eyes. I could see, smell Sara's cunt. My insides retched, almost gagging me. I could not breathe. I wanted to throw up. Sara pushed me back down. "Suck him," she again instructed. I hesitated. My mind went blank. I was fucking his ass with my finger, hammering his puckered hole. His cock was in my mouth. I sucked him deep, taking all of his cock into my mouth. Instantly, I gagged, reaching my gag reflex on the first thrust. My cock was rock hard.

I pulled back. Regaining my senses, I extricated my finger from his ass. I stood. I would fuck his ass. Would I let him fuck me?

Not time now. I walked to the couch. "Brian, come bend over his arm," I told him. He moved quickly to the position I wanted. "Sara, make me wet. Let me stick it in your wet cunt." She joined Brian over the arm of the couch. Not expecting this, I swatted her ass. Moving behind her, I placed the head of my cock at her wet hole. Pushing gently, I slid quickly into her. With just several thrusts, I was buried balls deep in her cunt. I moved behind Brian. My cock, wet from her juices, looked large against his small backside. Spreading his cheeks, I placed the head of my cock at his asshole. I thrust forward, pushing against him. The head popped through the ring. Brian screamed.

Sara stood, watching me. "Fuck him! Bury your cock in his ass," she commanded. She reached to her cunt. Her fingers danced over her engorged, extended clit. She slapped my ass as I thrust forward. Inches of cock were sliding into his tight hole. I slammed my body forward, grinding inch after inch into his white ass. Soon, I was thrusting with abandon, banging his ass, my hips slapping loudly as my flesh pounded his. I did not care about him. I wanted to cum. I wanted to fill his ass with my spunk. I wanted to dominate him. I wanted to pull his hips back to me by the hip bones, driving hard inches into his body. I realized for the first time what pure sex was. No feeling other that sexual thought. My only the intent was to complete my orgasm. I hammered his ass. Grunting, I hammered him hard. He also was screaming. Sara, her body twitching, reached her orgasm.

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