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Dave, he touches me again, out of the blue when I am thinking of work and what I must do.

Yet the sheer feel of his touch soothes me and makes me feel good.

I turn to him, still sat at my desk, I put the computer on pause as I feel his hand rumple my vest, he standing behind me, one hand cradling my chin, the other into my vest, stroking my chest, feeling his warm breath tease my right cheek as I lift a hand to cover his which is still on my chin, squeezing it so he knows I am wanting of him.

"As long as I am not disturbing your mode" he whispered in that considerate tone of his, I know how you writers become so involved in your subject, all those characters running around in you mind, just waiting to be written about!" he chuckled.

"I dare say they can wait," I replied; " they will still be there after we share, and no doubt with the gratification of you, they will be all the more ready" I continued moving myself around just a bit, enough to take in the scent which turns me on, and he knows it, gently smoothing himself against my face. And his lunch box was already noticeable.

"I love when you do that, Dave - it feels so very good and nice" so he does what I want him to, unzips and then I am indulging in the splendour of his taste, simply wrapping my tongue around that gorgeous plum head; to feel that so very sensuous swelling begin to grow, bulging my cheeks and sending me to heaven, just sucking and tasting so very slow , the so wonderful feel of cock between your lips- so beautifully pungent and flexible as I instinctively lick him down to the core, suck his firm balls and squeeze my thumb and forefinger around his thick girth, feeling the throb inside as I take it into my mouth once more and deep throat him more and more and more.

To hear his moans is magic, I want him so very much, feeling his sensuous touch delve into my jeans and between my crotch and cup my balls. "Just drop them Alex, nice and slow and sexy so I can enjoy, you have a lovely ass so ready for it, I just want your all, that's right pout it for me, you know what I like, wiggle and move it, present it to me, lean it over my knee and leave the rest to me."

I paused my sucking , still sensing the taste of him on my lips. I felt him prompt me across his lap feeling his fingers tease and tantalise my soul as soon they reached their goal. Dave was Mr considerate always, he had the coconut cream to hand and gradually inserted first one and then two and more fingers into me, and I am feeling the need for his fuck as he twists gently inside, opening me so very wide, I feel his tongue explore me and his mouth suck me there as I perk up my bum. That very special feeling and sensation unique, I am moving, swaying my ass across his lap, enjoying what he is doing to me, slap it, that's right, more and I feel the combination of his form slaps and nudges after each contact. At this stage I just want to be all ass for him.

"I so love it to be ripe and flushing for me, it is so wonderfully fuckable, Alex" and then I feel his hands stretch my ass cheeks again, and know soon he will be fucking me, the way we do.

"Let me take you some more before we fuck" I say taking his fine hard upright cock into both my hands, rolling his stiff erection between the palms, driving him crazy as I give it to him rough and fast, then a severe wanking, stretching it fully back as I suck where his foreskin has been, open for me, the certain pungent smell of raw cock I adore so much, I feel his p-hole and make him moan all the more, he cries out for my fuck, says for me to crumple on all fours on the floor, but first I tell him to wait for a bit, I want to really enjoy and taste that which will soon be inside me for that fuck supreme.

My mouth is full of his cock again, my tongue exploring his p-hole and enjoying the flavour, now he is really hard and throbbing and raring to go, I plant myself neatly on the rug in front of the hearth one all fours I perk up my bum, open my legs for him to kneel between, and soon he shows me just what it is like to be his queen, that hard fine cock edging up inside me, stretching my hole again as his thrust start to work into me. I feel the wondrous sensation of his hot fuck take me completely, his full erection working inside me, I yell for him to fuck me silly, feel him push tight into me as his ripe firm balls slap my ass each time he thrusts into me

Yes this is what a real relationship is all about, I feel the fuck grow and know I will soon be there, he likes to take me this way so rough as he pulls my hair, "fuck me fuck me don't stop I implore" I plead and I feel my knees slide on the floor as he fucks me so hard and thorough, my ass numb with his intense and long lasting fuck, but suddenly we are there, it feels like a volcano bursting inside, and then I am well fucked, his cock out of me now, I want just to taste it after the fuck - it is so lovely and scrumptious, to suck its dwindling length, to know that it has been served well inside me, and I can still feel the sensation of that wonderful fuck. - and I know I will do as he leaves me and I get back to work, but now with a cushion beneath!

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