tagGroup SexOffice Fun Times Three!

Office Fun Times Three!


Jim and Christine were office mates, but their torrid affair had turned them into much more. After they "broke the ice" with an incredibly hot session outside a local bar, then soon found time to try all kinds of new and interesting things sexually. They both had vivid imaginations, and the possibilities seemed endless.

Jim was particularly happy to learn that Christine liked women. In fact, she had a steady girlfriend, Lora, who kept her happy whenever Jim wasn't available. Lora was another Asian beauty, but tiny where Christine was tall. She had the same beautiful, silky black hair but her breasts were petite – where Christine's were large and luscious. Jim had met her, and they had spent time together socially, but it never went any further than the three of them "hanging out". Although she was completely bisexual, Christine could never talk Lora into the idea of a threesome – with Jim or any other man. It was the one sexual fantasy that Christine hadn't been able to fulfill...yet.

One night, as they lay in her bed after some particularly vigorous doggie-style sex, Christine brought the subject up (again) with Jim.

"I just don't know what her problem is," Christine said, "I know she loves a good, stiff cock but she just won't let us enjoy one together. I don't think she's the jealous type, and I've assured her that you'd be willing to provide her plenty of attention!"

Jim smiled, as he let his fingers trace the dark areola around Christine's hard nipples. His hand cupped the heavy globe of her breast, and he felt his cock stirring as he thought about having both the Asian hotties together.

"Well, maybe we should try to ease her into the situation. Maybe if she saw us fucking, it would get her interested."

Christine thought for a minute, then a sly smile crossed her beautiful, exotic features. "I know what we'll do," she told Jim, "and it will work like a charm!" The thought was so arousing, that she leaned down and took Jim's hardening cock in her mouth. She loved when he dominated her as she sucked him, and he didn't disappoint her. His hand immediately went to the back of her head, and he shoved all eight, fat inches into her waiting mouth. She swallowed him easily, circling the head of his fat cock and the length of his shaft with her tongue.

Jim lay back, eyes closed, trying to hold back the cum he could feel building in his balls. Christine was the best cock sucker he had ever met, and it never took her long to bring about the desired result. Almost before he knew it, he could feel his balls starting to churn, and another big wad of cum started to work its way out. He pushed her back and quickly got on his knees. He stroked his cock with his right hand, and blew the huge load all over her big tits. Christine was fingering her pussy, rubbing her huge clit as she massaged his seed all over her breasts. When he finished cumming, Jim leaned down and started licking her nipples. The taste of his own cum and her sweat was oddly arousing, and he could tell that Christine was enjoying the attention. It was going to be another great night!!

A few nights later, Christine and Lora were sitting in the living room, just relaxing. They had opened a bottle of white wine, and a couple of glasses later, they were both a little tipsy and very horny. Christine took Lora's soft face between her hands and started to kiss her passionately. Lora responded, squirming beneath the pressure of Christine's body, letting her hands explore every exquisite curve. Lora slipped her hand beneath the short cotton dress Christine wore, and was happy to find no panties in the way. She dipped her finger into Christine's sopping pussy, then pulled her hand back and licked her fingers clean. Christine's musky, salty juices tasted so good and she could feel her own panties getting soaked.

"I think we should move to the bed," Christine said, "I want full access to you – now!"

Lora didn't need any coaxing, and the two women stumbled to the bedroom. It was a big space, with a king-sized bed and two huge walk-in closets. The master bath was just off to the right, with the big soaking tub and double shower.

Christine positioned Lora in front of the bed, then slowly began to undress her. As she revealed Lora's perkjy breasts, she took one nipple in her mouth and bit it gently. Lora moaned and pulled her girlfriend tighter, so she could suckle her aching breasts. Christine obliged, while letting her hands explore the rest of Lora's tight little body.

Christine stepped back, and began to remove her own clothes. Lora watched impatiently as her stately lover revealed those large, firm breasts and long, luscious legs. Lora loved her pussy, with its little tuft of hair so neatly manicured. It made it so much more enjoyable to lick her slit without all that hair tickling her nose!

Christine led Lora around to the side of the bed, and laid her down. Lora noticed that the wine had made its way into the bedroom with them. Christine took the bottle and poured a little bit over Lora's tits. The cold made her catch her breath. Then Christine put her amazing tongue to work and started licking circles around each hard nipple. The sensation was driving Lora crazy, and she was dying to have the same treatment on her pussy!

Christine paused, and held the glass of wine out for Lora. "Here, have some more – I want you to have fun," Christine said. Lora knew that protesting would be useless – Christine normally took charge in the bedroom. So Lora took the glass and took another long sip. She could feel the warmth as it went down her throat, and it almost matched the warmth in her pussy. She felt a little light headed, but she couldn't tell if that was the wine or the sex.

As she finished her drink, Christine went to the dresser and took out some of their toys. She brought over a blindfold, a feather duster and one of their big strap-on dildos. Lora got excited, knowing what was coming next!

"I've been looking forward to this," Christine said seductively, holding the blindfold out to Lora. Lora took it and placed it over her eyes, thrilled at the game that was about to begin. Light bondage and play were a favorite part of their sexual routine, and it had been far too long since the toys had been out of the drawer!

"Lay down on the bed, on your back," Christine commanded, "Spread your legs and wait for my direction."

Lora nodded and did as she was told. She could feel how wet her pussy was, and she knew that a change of sheets was going to be required when they got done.

Christine looked down lovingly at Lora's beautiful pussy, admiring her entire body. She leaned forward until her lips were just inches from her wonderful clit. The smell was so enticing, and it took all of her control to avoid diving right into that muff. Instead, she stuck out her tongue and ever so gently flicked Lora's swollen clit.

You would have thought that someone ran an electric current through Lora's body – she jerked like she'd been shocked! She knew that she had to stay still, or Christine would stop. That was part of their game – the sweet "torture" of her pussy licking. So Lora used all her self-control to lay still while her lover resumed.

Christine licked her lips, savoring Lora's taste. She flicked her clit again, then again. Now she leaned closer and took the little bud between her lips. She squeezed gently as her tongue ran back and forth across it. She could feel Lora struggling, and she could tell that her pussy was getting wetter by the second. She continued to nibble and lick Lora's clit, as her finger gently probed the sopping opening to Lora's love tunnel. She stopped short of full penetration, though – that would come later!

Lora was dying from the torture – it felt so fucking good! She wanted Christine to shove her silky tongue deep into her pussy, but she knew she would have to wait until the time was right. Instead, she began to fondle and tweak her own breasts – an activity that was "allowed" under the rules of their game. The more she played with herself, the hotter she got. She felt like she was going to burst, but Christine would always stop just before she reached the point where an orgasm would give her relief. It was maddening!!

"Please, sweetie, I'm not sure I can take it tonight. Please fuck me know, honey!" Lora pleaded with Christine. Instead of complying, Christine picked up the feather duster and began to run it lightly across Lora's swollen nipples. The soft feathers felt so good, and Lora thought she might be able to cum just from that!

As quickly as it started, the pleasure went away, replaced by the sensation of Christine's tongue and fingers back on her clit. Okay, Lora thought, this works, too! But just as she was gearing up to cum, Christine stopped yet again. With the blindfold on, Lora couldn't see Christine's beautiful face, but she was certain that her lover was smiling a wicked grin!

Then Lora felt Christine's hands on her hips, and she was being rolled onto her belly. Christine admired her girlfriend's smooth ass, then gently rant the feather duster across her butt cheeks. Lora clenched, feeling her pussy juice squirt out as she did. She couldn't remember the last time she was this aroused, or that her pussy had ached so badly for relief! Christine was really on a roll tonight, and the best part was yet to come!

"I'm going to strap up now...lay there and do NOT play with yourself. If you do, we're done!" Christine said commandingly. Lora knew enough to believe her, so she lay their expectantly, listening to Christine put on the strap-on.

What Lora didn't see or hear was Christine motioning toward the closet. Jim stepped out, naked with his fat eight inch cock in his hand. He had been watching the action, and it was everything he could do not to blow a wad all over their designer shoe collection! Now he moved forward silently, staring at his hot lover, and at the equally hot ass and pussy of HER lover sticking up in front of him!

"Okay, my love," Christine said to Lora, "Get ready – you're going to get fucked like you've never been fucked before!" With that, she motioned again to Jim, who aimed his throbbing prick at Lora's love opening and began to slide it in slowly.

Lora caught her breath, unprepared for how large and warm the dildo was going to feel. She thought Christine must have gotten a new one...she didn't remember any of them feeling this good in her cunt. But she just relaxed and enjoyed feeling her pussy being spread by the toy, which pushed deeply into her.

Christine stood next to Jim, mesmerized by the sight of his cock impaling her girlfriend. She reached down and felt Lora's pussy where the cock penetrated her, then reached underneath and gently rubbed Lora's clit. She could feel Lora's body shiver, as Jim slowly and gently moved in and out of her. Christine put her hands on Lora's hips, and held her firmly as Jim began to steadily increase his pace.

Lora lay there, face on the bed, ass in the air with the incredible sensation of the dildo pounding into her pussy. She couldn't remember Christine ever fucking her so powerfully, but it felt wonderful! She could feel the stirrings of an orgasm deep in her belly, and she could wait to lose all control and cum from her girlfriend's attention.

Christine watched, captivated, as Jim worked his fat cock in and out of Lora's tight hole. She gripped Lora's hips, feeling her own arousal grow with every thrust. She could see on Jim's face that he was building up to an orgasm...she knew the look very well! She could also see from the way that Lora was twitching and moaning that her own release was coming very soon.

Jim increased his pace, and soon he was down to the short strokes. With one more thrust, he drove deep into Lora's pussy and let loose with a massive load of hot cum. His balls pumped furiously and he filled her cunt with his love juice, completely splattering her cervix. Finally he couldn't take it anymore and he let out a deep, guttural moan.

Lora was lost in the bliss of the fucking, her pussy responding like never before. The pounding got harder and harder, and her G-spot was going crazy from the perfectly placed blows. She felt Christine's grip on her hips tighten, and she could feel the dildo penetrate deep inside her – right up to the opening of her womb. Suddenly there was another sensation – her pussy was being flooded with a wet warmth. It took a few seconds for it to register in Lora's fuck-soaked mind, but it felt just like she was being filled with cum! Her foggy brain figured that Christine must have bought a new toy with an added feature...but then she heard the groan that couldn't have come from Christine!

Lora spun around and ripped of the blindfold. She looked and saw Christine kneeling on the floor, Jim's cock in her mouth as she sucked him back to an erection. In a flash she understood what had happened – what Christine had done to her. For a split second she was furious that her lover would have tricked her like that, but just as quickly she realized that she was GLAD it had happened. Secretly she had always wanted a threesome with Christine, and she found Jim very sexy – but she was always worried that it would be awkward and that it would ruin the fantasy. So she avoided it, never letting Christine live out her fantasy.

Now, as she lay there feeling Jim's semen seeping out her pussy, Lora knew that she had been wrong. This was perfect, completely natural – and very exciting. As she watched Christine sucking Jim's fat cock, she found herself imaging all kinds of fun that the three of them could have together. The first thing she wanted to do was lay underneath Christine and lick her pussy and Jim fucked her. She wanted to see that big cock in front of her, and let her tongue lick it and taste Christine. Without realizing it, Lora's hand slipped down to her pussy and she started to finger her clit.

She knew that as soon as Christine had Jim ready, they were going to have a LOT of fun this evening...

To be continued...

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