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A peep into the everyday running of a busy office.

This story contains consensual BDSM, humiliation, some pain and lesbian sex. Please look elsewhere if this is not your thing, otherwise please enjoy.

And please comment, but sensibly. I also welcome emails.

Lydia stood in the exact centre of the room, six feet away from the large desk, the bright sunlight coming through the high window shone harshly into her face causing her to squint. She licked dry lips and blew a wisp of hair from her face. And she waited straight and tall, almost at attention. A bead of sweat escaped from her hairline and trickled down the side of her face, it tickled but she made no attempt to wipe it away, keeping statue still as though afraid to move, and she watched nervously as the young woman sat in the comfortable leather chair on the opposite side of the desk.

The young woman was named Stella O'Conner, she was twenty eight years old, twelve years younger than Lydia, but age has no respect for authority, and certainly not in this situation. She gazed idly, seemingly bored, out of the window, watching the traffic trundle by on the busy street three storeys below. She held a wooden rule - twelve inches long, the kind one would find in a school room - between the finger and thumb of one hand, idly allowing it to swing back and forth, much like a pendulum, and Lydia's eyes followed its movement as though hypnotized. Suddenly a low sigh escaped Stella's lips, quiet, but loud enough to break Lydia's attention, and she turned her eyes to the younger woman's face.

Stella was not beautiful, not in the classic sense, but she was certainly attractive: her mouth, though sensual, was maybe a little too wide, and the myriad of freckles across her pale cheeks and small nose gave her an elfin look, and her wild, fiery red hair only added to the effect. She was tall and slim, though it was hard to judge just how tall as she lounged with her long shapely legs raised and crossed at the ankles, her feet resting nonchalantly on the polished wood of the desk. Lydia subconsciously clenched her fists as she noticed the young woman's sharp three inch heels carelessly scratching the surface of the expensive furniture.

"Lift, show me," Stella said in a lilting Irish brogue, and taking Lydia by surprise. She pointed lazily with the ruler toward the front of Lydia's skirt "let's see your old lady knickers," she added. She sounded bored, as though even the task of mocking Lydia's attire was beneath her effort.

Lydia's hands trembled and her eyes watered, she told herself it was because of the bright dazzling sunlight, but deep inside she knew it was the humiliation of obeying one so young, and the shameful things she was always made to do. But as if they had a mind of their own her fingers found the hem of her tailored skirt and slowly raised the material up and over her thighs to bunch at her waist.

"Oh my God!" Stella said, finally showing some interest "you really are a dirty slut aren't you? Those big old bloomers are soaked," she added with a small laugh.

It was just another humiliation for Lydia. But she knew it was true, she didn't even need to look down to see, because she could feel the dampness and the fine silk of her panties clinging to her shaved labia. Even so, she wanted to protest, to shout that she didn't wear 'old lady,' underwear, that she wore only the finest designer lingerie, that her bra and panties alone probably cost more than Stella's whole outfit. But she didn't say anything, because it didn't matter, ultimately, in comparison, she knew that she was worthless, just a toy to be used for the younger woman's amusement.

Stella dropped her feet to the floor and stood, slowly uncurling from her position in the chair. And she walked lazily around the desk, languidly placing one foot in front of the other until she stood close, intimidating her prey. Even in her bare feet she would still be six inches taller than Lydia, so her three inch heels only emphasized her superiority, and it made Lydia feel small and weak by comparison. Stella stared at her toy; waiting until Lydia gained enough courage to look up at her. Then with a somewhat bored expression she held the ruler to Lydia's lips, and automatically the older woman opened her mouth to grip the flat wood between her teeth.

Stella's lips curled slightly, not quite a smile, but more of a smirk, and the tip of her tongue protruded as she studied Lydia's face, a beautiful face, immaculately made up and with her blond hair expertly gathered and styled into a bun at the back of her head. She too was slim, but with more curves, and dressed in her expensive designer clothes she could be mistaken for some silver screen goddess.

Stella watched closely for some reaction from Lydia; an intake of breath perhaps, or a small tightening of the lips, as she raised her hands and began loosening the buttons of the woman's shirt. But apart from briefly closing her eyes Lydia was resigned, and she stood docile as Stella flipped the ivory coloured discs one after another until they were all undone. Then Stella did indeed smile, and she licked her lips so that the already glossy red lipstick seemed to brighten, and she roughly pulled the shirt open to reveal Lydia's bra covered breasts.

Still looking into Lydia's eyes, Stella silently challenged the smaller woman to protest as she pushed her hands slowly into the top of each bra cup and paused, taking time to feel the warm, plaint flesh, to squeeze and massage, demonstrating her dominance and her power to do just whatever she desired, then squeezing the erect nipples and finally making Lydia groan softly in what?.. pleasure?.. Pain? Before she lifted the soft boobs clear of their confines.

Lydia bit down hard on the ruler and stared straight ahead, she felt unable to look at Stella's hands or meet her eyes. She had no idea of what might be coming, what indignities Stella might have planned for her, whether they be painful or pleasurable? And she whimpered, trembling slightly, wondering if, to her fevered brain, they might just be one and the same? Regardless, she waited, docile, holding her skirt high, with her breasts, naked and venerable, forced up and out by the bra scrunched up beneath them.

Stella ran her fingertips over the exposed boobs, dragging her red painted nails lightly across and around, circling the stiffening nipples and leaving pink trails on the pale skin. She tilted her head to one side and studied Lydia's breasts, as though she had never seen anything like them before. Then, making a purring sound, and as if the idea had just occurred to her she gripped each small nipple between finger and thumb, squeezing gently, and twisting just a little.

Lydia's breath hissed through clenched teeth, and she closed her eyes tight against the sudden discomfort, and even though it didn't hurt too badly, she was well aware of how much worse it could become. And she was proved correct when Stella's smile widened and she increased the pressure, digging in her nails a little and stretching Lydia's nipples away from her body. Eventually forcing Lydia to groan in pain, but still she made no move to resist.

"Does that hurt?" Stella asked,

Lydia at last looked up at her tormentor "uh huh," she nodded her head affirmatively, discomfort clearly etched on her face.

"Do you want me to stop?" Stella asked, and releasing one nipple, but keeping a firm grip on the other, she retrieved the ruler from between Lydia's lips. A silver stream of drool escaped from Lydia's mouth and hung, glistening in the sunlight for a moment before falling onto her breast.

Lydia knew that the question was rhetorical: what she wanted didn't matter. But she was required to reply, and she also knew the wrong answer could only make things worse "I only want what pleases you Miss," she said, and stifled a yelp when Stella suddenly pulled the one nipple up high and hard so that Lydia was forced onto her toes.

"And what is it that pleases me?" Stella said.

Lydia had to think for a second, searching for a suitable reply "when I'm obedient Miss," she said hesitantly, hoping it was satisfactory.

"Good girl. And what else?"

Lydia had trouble concentrating as Stella pulled ever harder on her nipple "please Miss..." she groaned, she was about to ask for mercy but managed to stop herself in time "I...I don't know Miss." She said resignedly.

"Don't know?" Stella said. Then to Lydia's surprise and relief she relaxed her grip and released her nipple. But Stella saw the nervousness still in the other's eyes, and almost lovingly she stroked Lydia's face and despite the words she uttered her voice was warm "it doesn't matter, it just gives me an excuse to punish you."

Lydia expected nothing less, and she nestled her cheek into the girls palm, feeling perversely comforted, but knowing that the very same palm would, in all likelihood, soon be causing her pain. Even so she kissed the fingers stroking her face and acknowledged Stella's right to punish her, and the very thought made her nipples stiffen and a pulse to throb through her pussy.

Trailing her hand down, Stella stroked Lydia's chin and neck, then across the top of her chest to cup her breast. Then taking a small step back gripped the soft boob tightly, her finger's and thumb squeezing opposite sides, distorting the flesh and forcing Lydia's nipple to poke prominently forward. And with a half smile, and no warning, she struck the tender bud squarely with the flat of the ruler. At no time did she look at what she was doing but instead watched Lydia's face intently, studying her reaction. And even though the blow wasn't particularly hard, it was enough to make Lydia jerk and gasp.

Stella licked glistening lips and her eyes sparkled with excitement as she began to tap lightly with the ruler, three, four, five, six times, all the while watching Lydia's expression. Then she delivered another hard smack, this time eliciting a groan. She repeated the process over and over until Lydia was squirming in pain, but at no time did the older women protest or resist. Finally, seeing Lydia's lips press together Stella delivered five rapid strikes, hard and square to the nipple, and Lydia at last twisted and bent her body in a vain attempt to avoid any more punishment.

"P...please mistress..." Lydia gasped, she may have been begging for more, but Stella was sure that she was pleading for her to stop, so releasing her grip she placed the ruler beneath both of Lydia's breasts and lifted them. She compared each; one so pale and unblemished, the other an angry red and slightly swollen, but both, at least to her eyes, beautiful and perfect. And acting on a whim she bent to gently suck each erect nipple, leaving them wet and glistening in the afternoon sunlight.

Stella then walked around her thrall to stand behind her, she was pleased to see that she still held her skirt bunched up about her waist, nicely displaying her panty covered bottom. She reached around to again hold the woman's breasts.

"I love how you pretend not to enjoy when I hurt you, but these little hard pebbles don't lie," she said, squeezing Lydia's nipples for emphasis "and your panties are soaked," she continued "go on, feel them, feel how wet your dirty, slutty pussy is...do it." she commanded.

Lydia slid one hand down and gasped as her fingers touched her puffy labia, she didn't need to feel nor see to know how wet she was and Stella's degrading words were only making her more aroused.

"Well, tell me; are you wet? Do you love me hurting you? Are you really a slut?... tell me bitch."

Lydia kept her eyes facing front and drew shuddering breaths. She could feel the dampness of her panties with her fingertips. She wanted so much to plunge her hand into herself, or better, to feel her young mistress' fingers bringing her to a beautiful climax, but she knew that wasn't going to happen, at least not until Stella was ready.

"Oh God, I really am a dirty slut Mistress, and so wet, please hurt me, make me cum, I'll be good I promise," Lydia was dizzy and her legs felt weak. Stella's teasing was making her hot with arousal, she really did need some release and she didn't care if she had to humiliate herself to get it.

Lydia heard a soft chuckle from behind and felt a hand on the back of her neck, pushing her forward. Instinctively she let go of her skirt to place her hands on the desk in order to stop her face contacting the hard wood.

Stella kept up the pressure until Lydia's nose was within an inch of the surface, and the women was bent with her body horizontal and her trembling legs straight, she could feel her nipples scrapping the edge of the desktop. Then holding the woman down with one hand between her shoulders, Stella calmly lifted the back of Lydia's skirt, raising the hem up and over to reveal Lydia's proffered behind in all its glory. She trailed her hand down Lydia's back, lightly caressing her bottom, stroking the naked buttocks and thighs in the space between the cream silk panties and the tops of Lydia's hold up stockings.

Lydia sighed deeply and automatically parted her legs, subconsciously inviting the teasing fingers in between.

"No, not yet slut," Stella said, and she worked her fingers under the snug material of Lydia's panties to grip and pull them up hard, forcing the fabric between the white buttocks and tight into Lydia's arse, sawing the material from side to side and jerking her hand until the crotch of the silk knickers separated the woman's labia and pressed against her clit.

Lydia groaned and her hips rocked in time with Stella's hand, and the slight movement of her nipples scraping on the desktop caused an ache of desire deep within

Stella went back to stroking the pale flesh, studying the movement of her hand "I really love your bum, so smooth and white, just begging to be spanked," she said "would you like that, hmm?"

Lydia gasped and whimpered and said something too quiet to be heard.

"What was that? You'll have to speak up. Now ask me nicely, ask me to spank you."

Lydia swallowed audibly "oh God please Stella...Miss O'Conner... please spank me?...please?" she said, her voice was husky, she was nervous, afraid, but so very aroused, and she was desperate to feel any kind of stimulation, no matter how painful.

"Of course my sweet, as you asked so nicely. So, how many do you think you deserve?" Stella teased.

Lydia's mind wanted to say that she didn't deserve any, that she had done nothing wrong, but her body spoke otherwise; her leaking pussy, and her aching nipples wanted Stella to spank her, to punish her for no other reason than simply because Stella wanted to do it.

"Please Miss, please spank me until I beg you to stop, then please spank me some more," she pleaded. The blood was pounding in her head and her voice sounded strange to her ears with her lips brushing the ink blotter on the desk. She could imagine Stella standing behind her, a grin of amusement and satisfaction on her pretty face. And Lydia pushed her bottom out an inch further and allowed herself a small sigh of contentment.

Stella was indeed smiling as she stroked the up thrust behind, she licked her lips and used her slim fingers to nip the sensitive flesh on the inside of Lydia's thigh, then she did it again when the woman's bottom writhed deliciously "I think you're enjoying this," she said accusingly and with a little amusement.

Lydia didn't reply, she was too embarrassed to admit to such a thing, and too aroused to deny it, although she knew it must be blatantly obvious. Besides, if she did deny the accusation Stella was likely to punish her harder for arguing, and if she did agree the spanks would probably also be increased "because I'm being nice," the tall redhead would say. So she was damned if she did and damned if she didn't.

Instead she stared at the desk just a couple of inches from her face; trying hard to relax just a little but unable to escape the building tension of waiting for the first smack. The first was always the worst, she tried to convince herself, but it wasn't strictly true: her tormentor had the power to make, not just the first stroke, but the whole thing as painful or as gentle as she desired.

Then Lydia jerked, not from the expected impact of the ruler, but instead in surprise when Stella slid the implement between her thighs. And she couldn't stop a low guttural moan and a shudder of pleasure as the thin wooden edge moved through the lips of her pussy to scrape over her throbbing clitoris. And as Stella slowly moved the ruler back and forth, Lydia lifted her arse higher, lewdly thrusting her hips in time to the movement of the strip of wood.

"You really are quite the little slut, aren't you?" Stella said with a chuckle and increased the pressure against Lydia's clit. Lydia's reply was a groan and a parting of her legs "answer me slut!" Stella demanded, and tapped the rule firmly against Lydia's clit for emphasis.

"Aghh...I'm sorry...sorry...yes, I'm a...a slut Miss, " Lydia gasped, her head twisting from side to side.

"Hmm, I thought so," Stella said, and to Lydia's utter dismay she stopped the teasing of her pussy.

Then, before Lydia realized what was happening Stella took a step to the side and again pulled Lydia's panties hard into her crotch. Then using her left hand to hold the knickers firmly in place, she swung her right to impact the ruler firmly across Lydia's buttock.

The stroke wasn't particularly hard, but enough to leave a bright pink stripe and make Lydia flinch. Then two more in quick succession forced a moan from her lips.

"Oh did that hurt?" Stella said mockingly, and as the older woman squirmed she applied six more stinging strokes.

Lydia's bottom wriggled delightfully, and vivid red lines were appearing as if by magic on the pale skin "would you like some more?" Stella asked pleasantly "or maybe this is this more to your liking?" she teased by running the ruler again between Lydia's legs.

Then she moved close so that her belly contacted Lydia's bottom, and cupping her hand over Lydia's crotch she pushed her forefinger against the wet and hot pussy and her thumb on her arse, pressing and rubbing firmly, forcing the trapped panties slightly into the submissive woman's two orifices.

Keeping up the pressure between Lydia's thighs, Stella bent so that her lips touched the small delicate ear "should I stop?" She whispered, and pulled her teasing hand away, making Lydia groan in despair "or maybe spank you some more," she added and flashed her palm down onto the back of Lydia's thigh.

Lydia jerked and gave a small involuntary yelp, the single slap stung, but then changed into a warm burning sensation, and her body tensed, expecting more. Instead she gasped when Stella's fingers once more wormed their way down between her buttocks to rub her damp panties over her wet pussy.

"Look at me," Stella said, still close enough that Lydia could feel hot breath on her ear.

Lydia twisted her neck to comply, and she felt Stella slide her hand beneath her chin to raise her head slightly. Suddenly her vision was filled with the pretty elfin face surrounded by a fiery mane, and her eyes locked on the plump, moist lips as they grew closer, and when they touched Lydia thought she would melt.

Stella pressed her lips against Lydia's, smiling inside at the yummy sounds coming into her mouth. She probed with her tongue, parting Lydia's lips and sliding over her small teeth. She tasted of strawberries and mint, and her lips were pliant and soft and eager to feel.

Lydia had often heard the term "swoon," but to her, it had always sounded just a bit overly romantic, but at that moment she understood: with Stella's fingers rubbing her to distraction and her mouth, kissing and insistent, warm and wet, so lovely...Lydia thought she might very well swoon.

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