Office Girl Ch. 03


The woman licked and kissed at Tara’s neck and upper chest before moving to her large tits. She did all the things to those lovely breasts that I wanted to do, kissing and sucking every inch of them, pinching and biting her large nipples, and burying her face in between them. I would have loved to do all of that and more. My cock would look wonderful sliding in between her massive cleavage.

By the time the woman left her tits and licked her way down Tara’s stomach, I had my pants unzipped and was rubbing my cock directly against my underwear. She teased Tara in same manner Tara had teased her, by kissing and licking at her inner thighs. The woman was more thorough, though, and more intent on the tease, spending much more time exploring Tara’s smooth thighs and around her shaved cunt.

Tara moaned out loud as the woman finally moved down and touched her tongue to Tara’s clit. Her entire body shivered in delight. I absently fished my cock free and through the opening in my pants and stroked the entire length as I watched. The woman’s technique as different from Tara’s. While Tara relied completely on her mouth and tongue to give pleasure, the woman used a combination of her mouth and left hand. Her right was busy rubbing Tara’s stomach and playing with her tits as Tara rubbed her own, squeezing them together and occasionally licking at her own nipples. The woman ate at Tara’s cunt with as much delight, though, and her tongue rarely left her pussy lips and her hand spread them wide and teasing worked their way inside the sopping wet hole.

Tara moaned again as the woman worked over her clit, and I turned briefly to make certain no one was behind me that might have heard. When I looked back my heart nearly stopped when I found Tara staring straight at me.

”Come in and shut the door,” she ordered in a sultry voice. The woman stopped and looked up at her in surprise before following her gaze. When she spotted me, cock in hand, she started to stand up and look for cover. Tara grabbed her arm and whispered something to her. At first the woman shook her head angrily and whispered something back, but as the two spoke, too quietly for me to here, whatever Tara was saying finally convinced her. By the time the woman settled down and sat on the couch, I was leaning against the closed door, still stroking my hard cock.

”Come here,” Tara ordered again, and I flowed towards her. My own alcohol consumption, combined with the sights I had been witnessing and the thick smell of feminine sex in the air was unlike any drug I could ever imagine. When I finally stood before her, my eyes lingering over both beauties up close, I couldn’t help but nervously look behind me, expecting Tara’s husband to barge in at any moment.

Tara took my hands and pulled me to my knees. Then she did something I would never have expected: she kissed me. It was a sensuous, deep, magnificent kiss that went all the way to my twitching cock. The way she knew how to work a man over, it should not have been a surprise that she could kiss the way she did. The faint taste of the woman’s juices also lingered in her mouth, and I kissed her even harder as Tara helped me out of my jacket and tie. She broke the kiss as she started to unbutton my shirt.

”Cheryl here is going to watch,” Tara whispered. Cheryl, yes, that was her name. “You’re going to fuck me now, and she’s going to watch, and you aren’t going to touch her. Got it?”

”Yeah,” I croaked as Tara pulled my shirt off.

”Then fuck me,” she cooed.

I stood up and quickly kicked off my shoes before dropping my pants and underwear and kicking them away. I thought briefly about removing my socks. Black socks on a naked body was not an attractive sight, but when Tara and Cheryl still wearing their shoes it seemed to somehow continue the theme.

I glanced over at Cheryl. She was still a bit nervous about the sudden turn of events, but by her flushed body and hard nipples she was obviously excited about what she was about to see. I mimicked the girls and dropped between Tara’s open legs and kissed her hard. She kissed me back, pulling me tight against her and ground her tits into my bare chest. Her rock hard nipples poked at my skin and I shivered in delight. As I broke the kiss and moved down her neck, I couldn’t believe how good she smelled. The scent of perfume and sex filled my nostrils as I stopped at her tits. I started at them intently for several moments before attacking them with my mouth and tongue.

Tara cooed and moaned and my mouth and tongue touched every part of her tits, spending more time on her nipples than anywhere else as my hand kneading the firm flesh. They were absolutely glorious. I finally placed my face in between them and used my hands to force them against my cheeks. It is every man’s desire to bury his face in between two large, beautiful tits and shake his head back and forth, and I did just that. Tara giggled and writhed as I tickled her, and Cheryl giggled along with us. When I started to move myself lower, Tara grabbed my arms.

”Nope,” she said simply. “You’re going to fuck me now.”

I wanted a taste, but all things considered there was so sense ruining the moment by pushing. I glanced over again and found Cheryl intently watching as I moved into place between Tara’s legs and aimed my cock at her wet hole. Looking into Tara’s eyes, I gave her what she wanted and forced my cock inside of her. Hot and wet from Cheryl’s work over, I slipped easily inside. Tara always seemed perpetually wet when I had encountered her, but this time it felt as if my cock was being seared by her heat as her cunt muscles gripped and worked over my cock.

”Fuck,” Tara hissed. “Fuck yes.”

I started out slowly as Tara purred and wrapped her legs around my waist. I took the opportunity to lean in and suck and fondle her inviting tits as I fucked her with slow but steady thrusts. Tara moaned and I groaned in turn as I fucked the amazing woman below me. She seemed created only for sex and the pleasure of men and women alike.

”Yes, Tara,” I moaned as I sucked on her hard nipple.

”Fuck me, Stephen,” she grunted and started to hump back against me. From her flushed skin and excited, glazed eyes, I knew that Cheryl must have brought her close. It wouldn’t take much to bring her over the edge.

My steady thrusting was sent of rhythm when I felt a hand on my ass. I almost stopped as I looked over and found Cheryl kneeling on the floor behind us, her face only inches from our connection. Tara looked passed me to see why I had slowed and smiled.

”That’s it, baby,” she encourage Cheryl. “Do what you like.” She turned back to me. “And you, fuck me.”

I started to thrust a little faster and a little harder as I felt Cheryl’s hands and hot breath move around my ass and balls as she watched us fucking. I wanted to turn and see what she was planning to do when Tara forced my head back into her tits.

”Fuck me, Stephen,” Tara moaned as I started pounding into her. “Fuck me. Yessss. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck meeeee.”

I’d like to think it was my cock that sent her over the edge and spun her body into a serious of orgasmic convulsions, but since it also nearly sent me over the edge as well, I knew it had to be Cheryl’s tongue that started licking at my shaft and Tara’s snatch between thrusts. I slowed my pace, uncertain of what to do and only knowing that I didn’t want to cum just yet. It took all of my concentration to keep control as Tara squealed and thrashed below me and Cheryl licked and sucked at my cock and balls.

”Mmmmm,” Tara moaned as she looked into my eyes. “So fucking good.”

I stopped at that point and was surprised when Cheryl pulled my cock out of Tara. Tara only smiled and squirmed as Cheryl licked at her cunt before sucking the first few inches of my cock into her mouth. I nearly came again, but thankfully she only wanted a taste and guided me back inside the waiting hole.

”Fuck me more,” Tara pleaded. “Fuck me hard, like before.”

I nodded and started to pound into her again. I could feel Cheryl still moving about behind us, sometimes licking my full balls, sometimes attacking Tara’s cunt lips between my thrusts. It was an amazing moment. Just down the hall, a room was filled with our coworkers and Tara’s husband. In the small lounge, I pulled her tight against me, savouring the feel of her tits against my naked and sweaty chest as we fucked hard. Cheryl presence and occasional participation heightened the wanton experience to a new level in my experiences with Tara.

I felt Cheryl’s hands on my ass again, slowly spreading my ass cheeks. I started to squirm, but Tara held me tight as Cheryl slid a finger along my ass crack.

”Fuck,” Tara moaned again as I continued to fuck her. “Fuck me. Cum in my pussy, Stephen. Cum inside me. Please!”

”Yes,” I murmured thoughtlessly. “Fuck, yes.”

”Fuck me. Fuck me. Cum in me. Cum!”

I couldn’t take it anymore. With a few more powerful thrusts I pounded into her as deep as I could go as my balls tightened. Just as they were about to explode, Cheryl did something that I had never imagined happening. She spread my ass cheeks and rammed her tongued deep into my asshole.

I groaned like an animal as the new and incredibly perverted sensations spread through me. Tara mewed and cooed at me as her cunt muscles flexed and worked the cum out of my spasming cock. Cheryl’s tongue licked around the super-sensitive rim of my ass and her hand squeezed gently at my balls as I emptied every dropped into the hot hole.

When I was done, the two of them almost frantically pulled me off of Tara and down onto the couch beside her. Tara twisted sideways and sucked my softening cock into her mouth, drinking my sperm and her own juices from my shafy. But it was what Cheryl did next that made my cock twitch and stay semi-hard.

Cheryl moved between Tara’s legs and started sucking at the oozing pussy. She licked and sucked my load of cum out of Tara’s pussy and did her best to work over her lips and clit as well. Tara shuttered and moaned around my cock, which she never took out of her mouth as she reached her second orgasm of the night. Cheryl continued to lick Tara out well after Tara’s orgasm slowed down, and only stopped when she was satisfied every drop of our mixed cum had been licked clean. It was only then that Tara released my cock from her mouth with a plop. The two ladies moved together again and met in a slow, exploring kiss.

We sat in a small group for many minutes as we caught our breaths and reveled in the experience we had just shared. Cheryl was the first to get up and start to dress. I waited until Tara joined her so I could watch both their bodies, before rising and gathering my clothes. We dressed in silence, but small smiles played on all of our lips.

”Wait a few minutes,” Tara instructed, “before you follow us out. I think you should head straight to the bathroom and clean up.” She giggled and kissed me on the cheek. Cheryl looked me up and down and smiled before kissing me on the other cheek.

I stayed in that room for a quarter of an hour before gathering my wits. I decided to skip the bathroom and headed straight for home.

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