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It's getting late in the day and most of the office staff had left. My office was feeling lonely and I was surfing the Net looking for some nice erotic stories to read. I found a site which looked good and started to browse. Even the titles of the stories got me horny and soon my cock had hardened fully and it was straining to get out. I looked through the window into the open office and saw that most people had left. A couple of lights shone over desks to show at least some staff were still there. I'm proud of my company and all the staff. I've made sure that most of the girls I've employed are good looking at least. Several of them have already stayed on after hours to give me even more reason for keeping them on. A couple have even been given pay rises for their performance, and not only with their office work.

I settled down to read a story about two girls teasing a guy on a train. I slowly unzipped my trousers and carefully extracted my now very hard cock. It looked good as I pull it out and the eye was already weeping pre-cum. I soon realized that I was extremely horny. Reading the story, I slowly stroked with my right hand along the length of my shaft, feeling the excitement building already. Suddenly the phone rang. It was my wife. I turned to look out the window as I chatted to her. It didn't take me long before I caught on to the fact that she was also incredibly aroused. I wondered what had turned her on, but I knew she had already detected the sexiness in my voice.

"What are you doing, darling?" she asked, innocently.

"The usual," I replied, non-committed.

"You mean you've got that big cock in your hand again?" she giggled sexily.

"Ummmm, well, yes," I admitted. "I was bored a little and I thought you were out until later."

"Oh I am out, but I'm just at the movies with Cindy and the others. It's mid-film break."

"What movie are you watching?" I asked as we'd only yesterday discussed the fact that there were few good movies around at the moment.

"I think it's called something like 'Suzie rides New York'," she giggled again.

"That sounds to me like a porn movie," I cried, quite surprised.

"It is!" she replied, giggling again. "And it's a very sexy one too. That's why I called you to prepare you for when I get home. I'm so hot and wet already."

"I see," I said, now starting to stroke my cock again in anticipation. "And I guess you might need some further stimulation?"

"Cindy says we might both come back and enjoy your offerings," murmured Sara softly.

It wouldn't be the first time for me with those two gorgeous girls and my cock twitched in excitement.

Just at that moment, I felt something moving behind me. Before I had time to react a blindfold had been quickly tied round my eyes and my hands and feet had been tied quickly to the arms and swivel base of my chair. I cried out and my wife called, "Have you just cum, you naughty man?" The phone was taken from my ear and a soft female voice said, "I'm sorry, Mr. Jackson can't take your call now. He has more important matters to discuss." I heard the phone click down on the cradle.

"Now what have we here?" asked another female voice. "I believe Mr. Jackson was having a quick one in the office."

A person moved between my widespread legs and soon a hot mouth engulfed the length of my cock in one motion. I groaned noisily.

"I think he likes that," giggled another voice. I thought 'how many of them are there?' but the pleasure I was getting from the incredibly talented mouth on my cock was driving me quickly quite wild.

"Oooo, look girls," said yet a fourth voice. "Mr. Jackson's been reading some erotica. And it's a good one! Shall I read it to you, Mr. Jackson, while your cock is being sucked?"

"Yessssssssss," I managed to hiss, as I felt a naked breast pressed into my face.

My mouth opened around the erect nipple that was pushed against my lips and I sucked it inside, teasing it with my teeth until I elicited a groan from the owner.

"Oh, Mr. Jackson, you are quite good at that," cooed a sweet voice.

As I pulled my mouth away, my head was jerked round and another breast and nipple was forced into my mouth. This nipple was even larger than the first and a groan escaped the owner's mouth as soon as my teeth clamped down on it. I bit a little harder than normal and the little squeal told me that this one liked a little pain. I giggled inside.

The mouth on my cock was so expert that I was now bursting to cum and the girl knew it. She moved away, still keeping her hand around the base.

"Mr. Jackson is about ready to burst," a voice said. "Should I let him cum?"

There was a chorus of three voices that said, "Not yet!"

The girl's hand released me and my impending orgasm slowly faded. I still hadn't worked out which of the girls in the office were now surrounding me. And actually right at that moment I didn't really care. I was blindfolded and tied down and being treated to some wonderful sensations. I guess they might have known that I wasn't into pain because none of them had tried to hurt me -- yet!

Now my head was moved again and the big nipple slipped out of my mouth. A little groan of disappointment came from the owner of that lovely breast. I felt the closeness of a body in front of me, and I could smell the distinct aroma of a horny pussy.

"Put out your tongue," ordered the first girl who had spoken. Deliciously, when I obeyed, I could feel and taste the unmistakable texture of pussy, hot wet pussy, with copious juices oozing out. As the body moved closer, my tongue buried deeper, parting the folds of the pussy lips and being inexorably drawn inside. I have a long tongue and I can almost make girls cum just from pushing it in and out, so this girl began to gasp almost immediately.

"Careful, Jo," called out a voice, "Don't let him make you cum too quickly."

"But it's so good," came the husky and full of desire voice from the girl I was licking.

There was general giggling.

"We told you he was talented in other ways than that huge cock you are almost touching," explained a voice.

"I'm not touching his cock," giggled the girl, as I moved my tongue out of her pussy and started searching for her clitoris. "Oooooo," she groaned, loudly.

Someone was touching my cock, but it seemed impossible for anyone to get between myself and the girl whose pussy I was licking gently. However, it appeared that a hand had pushed between the girl's legs and was now manually stroking me slowly and expertly. I soon became close to a big orgasm again, especially as the girl in front of me shuddered and let out a little squeal as she quite obviously orgasmed.

"Hee hee," giggled another girl. "We told you he could make you cum quickly, Jo."

Jo had obviously been primed for this moment.

The first female voice I'd heard when they came in now came close to my ear and whispered quite loudly," Jo is a strong lesbian. She swore that no man could make her cum. Now you've done that, we are very pleased with your behavior. Do you want to please us even more, Mr. Jackson?"

"Yes please," I cried, "Anything!"

Several pairs of hands untied my wrists and ankles. "We are not going to remove your blindfold, Mr. Jackson," the 'boss' voice said. "And we shall leave your hands and feet free. You must not attempt to hurt anyone who comes near you. Do you understand?"

"Of course," I replied, "Why would I hurt anyone?"

The girls pushed me from the chair and made me lie on my back on the furry rug in front of my desk.

"As you like giving it to us on the rug," giggled a voice I was now beginning to recognize, "we thought we could get you in our position."

"Jo!" commanded the voice. "Now it's your turn to lose it!"

My cock was as far as I could tell sticking straight up to my belly button -- it felt harder than I'd ever been. A pair of hands grabbed my shaft and pointed my cock vertical. I felt a pair of legs straddle me then I could feel the heat of a hot sexy body getting closer to my groin. The tip of my cock felt wetness and then very slowly my cock was enveloped in a hot and very wet pussy.

"Gently, Jo," urged the 'boss' voice, "There's no hurry. We'll hold you and lower you down slowly."

And slowly it was -- the girl's pussy opened as my big hard cock was pushed into her. She grunted and gasped as the long shaft just kept on moving deeper and deeper inside her. I was almost ready to cum anyway and I still don't know how I held off. I suddenly felt the girl stiffen as my cock head came up against a firm obstruction deep inside her. This girl was a technical virgin and I was going to be allowed to literally pop her cherry.

"It's OK, Jo," coaxed the 'boss' voice. "Now is the moment. Are you ready?"

"Uh huh," agreed Jo, not too convincingly. She stiffened even more, tightening her pussy around my shaft. My orgasm built right to the point of no return. As the girl pushed down hard and my cock slipped and burst through her hymen, I exploded into an enormous orgasm, spurting my cum deep inside her now-not-virgin pussy. I groaned and grunted as my cock just kept on pumping inside her.

"Oh wow!" cried one girl. "I think he's just popped her and cum inside her!"

"Um, yes," I said, apologetically. "I did just that. You didn't say that I couldn't cum."

"No, we didn't, but we expected more from you, Mr. Jackson," said the 'boss' voice. "Now each of us is going to ride you here until you cum inside each of our pussies. We will change around, so you won't know which of us is on your gorgeous cock at any one moment. Do you think you can handle that?"

"I guess so," I replied, my cock rapidly hardening again inside the girl who I'd just deflowered. She slowly got up, presumably with help from her friends.

"Thanks," she murmured in my ear.

"Now you, Sue, wash off that blood and clean him up, while Jo goes for a shower. We'll start on him right away. Oh, Mr. Jackson, what time will your wife get home?' asked the 'boss' voice.

"She was at the movies, halfway through the main feature. I guess by now it will be in about 30 minutes," I replied.

"OK. Well that gives us time. Because when you are ready to cum for the fourth time, we're going to call your wife and let her hear us all groaning and moaning around you. Is that OK?"

"Do I have any choice?"

"Not really, and you know your wife will cum hard when she hears us, won't she?"

"Almost certainly," I agreed with a reluctant smile.

I did not have time to recover. Another tight pussy soon slid down the length of my cock and buried me deep inside. The girl began to ride me urgently.

"I want to cum so much after watching Jo," moaned the girl. It was only a few minutes before she spasmed on my cock and collapsed against me in a torrent of dirty words.

She got off me and was immediately replaced by the next girl. This one began to talk to me and I knew immediately it was my assistant Jess, who I often enjoyed during office hours.

"You know how to make me cum, Mr. Jackson," she urged, taking my hands and placing them on her lovely firm breasts. Squeezing her breasts rhythmically and tweaking her nipples drove this girl completely wild and she was soon exploding into orgasm on top of me.

The 'boss' voice interrupted mine and her pleasure at that amazing orgasm.

"I thought we were going to get him to cum lots of times, not to cum ourselves."

"But," replied Jess, "you've not tried him yet. He's just so good."

I grinned at Jess, who I must have enjoyed twice a week for at least a year now.

"OK, I guess it's my turn," said the 'boss' voice, somewhat reluctantly. "Actually I've not had a cock inside my pussy for five years. Isn't that amazing?"

My cock was already stiff, but now it went rock hard again in seconds. I was now sure that this girl was the one absolute lesbian in my office, Judy. She had a body to die for and a face like a film star, but she was so unapproachable for me. Now I was getting her served up on a plate, so to speak. I wish they would release the blindfold. I put my hands up there and tried to unfasten it.

The other girls all giggled as I presumed they watched the 'boss' girl getting ready to sit on my hard cock. She must have lowered her body because I felt another hot wetness touch the tip of my cock, then the sheath of her pussy glided down along my shaft until she was fully seated on me.

"OoooHHH!" she cried, ":You're right, Jess, he does feel good!"

She began to ride me slowly and carefully, massaging my cock with her tight pussy muscles. I wanted to play with her breasts, but my hands were captured and taken aside to finger two very wet pussies.

"Can you make us all three cum together?" cried the 'boss' girl, now riding me somewhat more urgently.

I did not have time to reply as one of the girls I was fingering screamed out "He's making me cum already!"

Her pussy spasmed around my fingers and lots of juices oozed out all over my hand. That had been one very horny girl.

The 'boss' girl was now driving herself hard onto my cock so that our bodies were slapping noisily together. I could feel that her pussy was getting ready to cum - however much of a lesbian she was, her body could not resist my cock.

"She's going to cum!" I cried just managing to extract my fingers from the other girl's pussy, before the girl on my cock exploded into orgasm. And she squirted as she came -- not just a little, but heaps of her juices shot out, drowning my belly and running onto the carpet. The girl's voice rose to a squeal just as she came, and it became a wail of delight as she realized how good an orgasm she was having.

"Oh, Oh, Oh," she continued to cry for some moments after her peak. The girls gathered round her and one, who I knew was Jess, slipped off the blindfold. The sight that greeted me was truly amazing. Four completely naked girls with superbly toned bodies were looking at me. The 'boss' girl I could now see was Judy as I'd guessed, had that 'I've been well screwed' look on her face -- a satisfied grin and droopy eyes. She still hadn't moved from sitting on my cock and as I drank in the incredible sight of these lovely girls, I could feel it hardening again inside her. She could obviously feel it too.

"He'll be hard again for you soon, Sara," said Judy, with a super grin. "Thank you, Mr. Jackson. Perhaps I'm not going to continue to be such a strong les in the future."

The other girls all laughed as she slowly lifted her body from my cock, giving it a gentle pat as it plopped out of her pussy onto my belly.

It seemed that perhaps I wasn't going to have to cum quite so many times as they'd wanted, but from the looks on almost all of their faces, they were satisfied with their evening's work.

"Time to call the wife," cried Judy, somewhat staggering as she walked to the phone. Sara did not hesitate further. I got the impression that she was the girl who I'd been fingering just before Judy exploded. I knew she was close to cumming and had whimpered in disappointment as my fingers moved away.

Her lovely pussy opened up as she spread her legs over me. She settled down onto my cock most gently, but the feel of her silky soft pussy just amazed me. My cock hardened into steel, or so it felt. Facing me and able to show her feelings now I wasn't blindfolded, Sara, slowly pushed down until her body touched against mine.

"I've never had one so big or so long," she murmured.

My wife's voice came on the speaker phone.

"Hello, John, what's happening? I've just got home and you're not here to relieve this ache."

Judy held the phone to my ear.

"I've been a bit delayed. I guess you'll hear why quite soon. They're going to leave the speaker phone on for you."

Sara was now slowly rising and falling on my cock, squeezing me exquisitely with her pussy muscles. She was moaning softly too and I could see out of the corner of my eye that the other two girls were fingering each other's pussies and kissing passionately.

"Mmmmmm. I can hear you have company -- female, of course."

The girls giggled, even Sara and this tightened her pussy on my cock and almost made me cum. Sara groaned then as my cock seemed to get even bigger inside her.

"Who is that on your cock?" asked my wife. "It sounds like you are giving her a nice ride."

"It's Sara, Mrs. Jackson," said the gorgeous girl riding my cock. "He's so big and so delicious!"

"Yes, darling, I know," murmured my wife. "It makes me so hot to know he's having fun and giving u all a good time. How many of you are there?"

"Four of us -- two girls were out-and-out lesbians, but Mr. Jackson has been good to them too,' chuckled Sara, squeezing her pussy tightly on my cock shaft and smiling at me.

Listening to my wife chatting to a girl who was riding on my cock had excited me so much that I was about to cum.

"Darling," I called to my wife, "I'm just about to unload into Sara's pussy. Do you mind?"

"Mind, my dear, of course I don't mind," she replied. "In fact, I'm so horny that I'm going to go upstairs and ride my Sybian until you get home.

"I'm cumming now," I cried as Sara squeezed me once more. My cock bucked and writhed inside her tight pussy, sending loads of my hot cum deep up inside her. She giggled and groaned a little, then fingered her clit for a few moments before bursting into orgasm herself. Her cries were added to by the two girls who'd been playing with each other, as they both came at almost the same moment.

My wife cut the phone connection and all the girls crowded round me, excitedly chatting about hearing her talking while I was enjoying someone else. I played with them all again, making each one of them orgasm at least once more from my cock or my tongue before I decided I could ask to leave. It appeared that they were all very satisfied, even though I'd only orgasmed twice.

I left four naked girls slowly getting dressed in my office.

"Please remember to lock up when you leave," I asked. "And thanks!"

There were cries of 'thanks' and 'till next time, Mr. Jackson!' as I left the office. After a 10 minute drive, I arrived home, crept upstairs expecting my wife to be the throes of orgasm on her Sybian. I was surprised to find her completely naked, lying slumped over the sex machine, completely out for the count. Maybe she'd had too many orgasms. I didn't see Cindy. Perhaps that arrangement had been put aside after the phone call.

I gently picked her up and carried her onto the bed. When I let her fall onto the bed, she fell on her back and her legs spread wide. Then I realized that the sight of her gorgeous body in repose like that had turned me on immensely. I quickly undressed, my cock already fully hard and clambered up onto the bed between her exquisite thighs. I licked her for a moment, tasting her copious cum juices. This lady had really been horny.

My cock was aching now, despite its earlier enjoyment and I lifted myself over her, positioning the head at the opening of her pussy. I sank into her slowly but in a single thrust. She groaned, but did not wake up as I slowly began to thrust my cock in and out of her pussy. I was using her, I knew that, but I also knew that if she was awake we'd have been making love anyway. I loved the feeling of her pussy on my shaft and I just slowly and insistently kept thrusting into her. I guess it might have taken about 15 minutes of my regular piston-like action before I began to feel like an orgasm was beginning. My wife was still soundly unconscious, but her body was starting to respond to my cock. Her pussy squeezed the shaft on occasion and soft moans escaped her lips. Perhaps she was dreaming that she was making love.

Some time later I was still thrusting into her and now my orgasm was building, slowly but deeply. I knew I was going to cum hard, but I just patiently continued my slow gentle rhythm. She still slept on and the urgency began to reach me. My cock swelled inside her and I gave one last very deep push and shouted my release. I exploded into a brilliant orgasm, pumping her full of my hot cum while she still slept, although I felt her pussy having quiet spasms along my shaft when I'd calmed down a little.

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