tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOffice Girls Ch. 02

Office Girls Ch. 02


Katrina wondered how Margaret would feel tomorrow knowing she would suffer after everything went so badly this evening when the situation had gone way beyond their control. It was admittedly her fault to begin with and as soon as Jason entered her home this evening she had capitulated to him leaving Margaret to stand up to his demands. When she too had given in they were reduced to a couple of kittens purring at his feet.

They needed help desperately. They had hoped to settle the problem without telling the other two friends but they would have to be told now and in any case they were involved as much as she was. He had naughty photographs of them too. Carol wouldn't be much help whereas June was an older woman, their office supervisor, with a greater experience of life. She wasn't the type to take any nonsense from Jason.

It was June's home they used to meet and play where those dreadful photographs had been taken. The one's he was using to blackmail her and now Margaret. June's husband had died two years ago and the four had met together to cheer her up until one evening they had all been a little drunk and started a game. A naughty little game had started out so innocently where one would tell a fantasy scene from a novel and each would add to it. It had all been just a laugh, until now.

The stories often ended up in complete farce creating a lot of merriment and did cheer June up but they had taken it all a stage too far. On Halloween night they dressed up and after a few glasses of wine June had taken photos. After a few more glasses they became more daring. Katrina always found being dared was hard to refuse and June knew how to push each of the friends from working with them as their supervisor. Bending over to show her panties had been easy for they felt it was a safe place to play out silly fantasies or so they had thought.

Over the months the weekly sessions had formulated into a routine of escapism with stories being written on the computer together with photos of them posing, illustrating the story. Dressed as a gorilla Carol had reached around Carol dressed as a schoolgirl grabbing her breasts. With a little more wine they were pulled out for the first of many bare breasted shots. Ordering saucy books over the Internet, for none of them had been brave enough to buy one in a shop, they read the stories out loud often laughing at the ludicrous scenes.

June too would join in and end up being subjected to small humiliations like standing in the corner with her hands on her head or over someone's knee while they pretended to smack her bottom or serving the drinks with the skirt tucked into the back of their knickers. When a bondage book arrived by mistake things did get out of hand a little when whoever drew the short straw was lightly bound. They were always just a tease but the photos didn't reflect that.

June had suggested they pose nude to record themselves while they looked young and beautiful, as a reminder for when they were her age. Katrina remembered remarking that June was good looking for forty-eight. June had a large pair of breasts over a slim waist and looked fabulous in a bustier. Her legs were long and slender and strong from dancing. A hobby she shared with her husband. Somehow they all agreed to strip off for a group photo and from then on it was easy to pose naked for ever more raunchier scenes.

Katrina remembered Carol squealing with a mixture of fear and delight when a dildo was held against her pussy. She was tied up for a pose and couldn't stop June from teasing her while she pleaded for her to stop. With tears of laughter she collapsed on the floor with all four of them in a heap laughing.

No one said anything but all suspected June had started using the thing, as it was never seen again. Other props were bought with an understanding nothing would actually be used; nothing too embarrassing would be done to each other. Yet it didn't always look that way in the photos if you hadn't been there.

Everything was photographed and saved on the computer and now that young man had a copy. Unfortunately it didn't look so innocent anymore when a young man had a hold of them. They looked lascivious, indecent even.


Katrina made arrangements to meet on Wednesday instead of the usual Friday night by sending emails to each of the other three. Nothing was mentioned, no emergency or difficulties, just that they should meet up. Just in case Jason turned up at her house Katrina drove straight to Margaret's from the office. Over a quick coffee they tried to make sense of what had happened last night and what they should tell June. Carol wasn't even mentioned for they knew she would be a push over and go along with whatever they decided.


Jason waited outside for the right moment to pounce and exactly on time he saw her leave the house, hesitating to check the front door was locked she turned toward her car. The twenty-five year old woman was slightly built and pretty. He remembered seeing the pictures of her dressed as a schoolgirl acknowledging how well the little outfit had suited her.

"Hi, Carol." He said, while raising his hand. She took it into hers automatically. He shook it with a gentle but firm grasp. "Katrina told me to pick you up. Here I have a note somewhere. Are! It must be in the car." He said while patting his pockets. "I'm to drive you both over to June's house. We have to hurry because they're meeting early. Katrina's directions weren't very good and it's taken me time to find you. By the way I'm Katrina's cousin, Jason." He lied, while holding the door to his sports car for her.

Carol sat quietly on the short journey wondering what this meeting was all about and why the sudden change of plans. If Katrina's cousin was driving them there and home again it must mean a special evening with a lot of wine on the menu.

A little tingle of excitement flushed her cheeks. Under the light raincoat she wore a nice flowery summer dress. Nothing outrageous, except under it she wore sheer stockings held by suspenders with the tiniest pair of panties she had ever worn. The white suspenders and panties were in bright contrast to the smooth tan of her skin.

She inherited her beautiful features and skin tones from her parents, who were born in Kuching in Malaysia. The suspense was thrilling too as she wondered which one of them had something special to share with the others, and what was it?

"Here we are safe and sound. Katrina practically ordered me to drive slowly for you. Katrina!" He shouted, walking straight into the kitchen while Carol waiting in the hall. "Hi Katrina. OK. I'll tell her." Jason said into the mobile phone pressed against his cheek. He didn't want Carol to see it wasn't even switched on. He smiled reassuringly at Carol with a conspiratorial wink. "She's on her way there, couldn't wait. She says to get changed and I'll drive you to June's house. Does she order everyone around like that or just me?" He asked.

"I'm afraid the three of them do it to me too." She said.

"Upstairs in the spare bedroom. She's left something for you. Here let me take your coat." Ignoring the ineffectual resistance he had her coat off and hung it on the coat rack. "Hurry up. It's the second door on the left."

Holding onto the sides of the dress with both hands she scampered up the stairs taking no chances of showing off the suspenders. He could see the sheer stockings and she could feel his eyes looking up at her from the hall. What he couldn't see was the embarrassment on her face simply from what she was wearing underneath the dress. It seemed so naughty to wear this saucy outfit with a man so close, even though he was young and didn't suspect a thing.

In the room she quickly shrugged off the dress and grabbed the garment off the bed. She gasped in surprise. It was a little bunny girl outfit. The tiny skirt was far to short. What was she going to do? She would have to make some excuse for taking it with her for she couldn't change into it while he was down stairs with her coat. Carol wasn't daring enough to wear it even with a coat over it.

"Come on we have to go." Jason told her.

Hearing his voice right outside the door startled her into a greater panic.

When she didn't answer he asked. "You OK?"

She nodded then realised she hadn't spoken. "Yes, OK!" She managed to croak. He must have assumed her reply meant he could come in and here she was wearing nothing but this insubstantial underwear. Despite herself she was becoming aroused from this handsome young mans presence.

"Your not dressed yet. Come on! Get a move on." He scooped up the dress she had worn to drop it into a shopping bag. It was the same bag he had purchased the bunny girl costume in. It had been easy leaving it here in Katrina's house as his mother had a spare key. She used it when Katrina was on holiday to water the plants.

He flashed her a big reassuring smile. He had a right to feel satisfied as he had conquered two of the four friends and now had a third stripped down to her underwear. It had been a well-planned deception where he had practically kidnapped her.

"Quickly slip that on and I'll zip it up." He told her.

The feeling of humiliation at him seeing her in the naughty underwear was confusing her. Not wanting to face him, unable to ask for her dress back, she quickly pulled the outfit over her head desperate to cover a near naked body. She let him turn her body to be zipped in to it with his hands upon her shoulders. Jason was a large well-built man, well able to man handle her, yet he hadn't taken advantage or made lewd remarks. Still she found his presence overpowering. The thought crossed her mind that he was gay and Katrina had set her up in this embarrassing situation.

The spandex top was a perfect fit, like a second skin. He had her measurements from the computer where the four of them had ordered outfits on the Internet. All their measurements, purchases, photos, addresses and more were his.

She trembled while he fiddled at her neck. In the mirror she saw a collar around her neck with a short leash dangling from it. What was happening, she had no idea. Was this all a plot by the others to humiliate her?

"Here, down on the floor. You have to practice crawling." He told her.

On hands and knees she crawled next to him out of the bedroom onto the landing. She didn't see the phone in his hand videoing the event for his collection. The feel of the little hem fluttering upon her bare bottom was so mortifying she kept her eyes shut knowing it was working its way to flop around her waist. This very scene had been enacted in the privacy of June's home where even there it had been almost too much for her, but then she had worn sensible knickers.

With this young man in charge it was so much more intense and she was wearing practically nothing between her legs. Carol was humiliated, devastated and turned on all at the same time. The confusion of emotions was so overwhelming there was no option but to retreat into a little world in her mind leaving him to guide her. She had lost control and let him control her body.

He looped the leash around the banister and descended the stairs. Looking up at her he said. "You'll have to stand up to walk down the stairs or you might fall. Come on we need to hurry. Take hold of the leash."

She stood trembling with humiliation looking down at him knowing he could see up the tiny skirt. It only covered her hips so he would be able to see the suspenders and most embarrassing of all the minute patch of white moulded to the lips between her legs. Looking down at each step she descended carefully avoiding his stare. Still she hadn't noticed the phone videoing the sway of her hips with the pulsation of that white triangle in rhythm.

"No! Please. I need the raincoat. I can't go like this." Carol pleaded. Desperation had overcome fear bringing her back to the reality of what she was doing; or rather what she had allowed him to do to her.

"You'll be fine. I'll look after you. Now do as your told and get into the car."

Feeling his hand gently slap her bare bottom brought a spurt of energy propelling her out of the door onto the drive. Eager to get in out of sight she fell into the passenger seat trying to sink out of view. When he got in she looked down to where his eyes were drawn. She had squirmed down into the seat leaving her legs uncovered to the crotch. Pulling at the hem did no good she would have to put up with it for the short journey to June's house.

When a van pulled up beside them at traffic lights she felt so dreadful she wanted to wake up willing it all to be some kind of nightmare. At last they arrived.

"We'll just wait a moment, their car isn't here yet." Jason told her.

Carol wasn't in a hurry to expose herself to any passing stranger so sat with eyes shut tight and with the small consolation he hadn't touched her much. He was a well-built man and could easily have his way with her, especially as those naughty panties were so flimsy. He had a slight excuse too for she had just stood there in a bedroom in her underwear, letting him take the lead. Her friends would protect her, so it would all be over soon.

The two friends didn't see them sitting waiting. They left the car, still arguing, walking up to the front door of June's house. Katrina fished in her handbag for the key June had given her, at last finding it. Right behind them Jason led Carol on a tight leash.

"Hello girls." He announced as they walked into the hallway.

Katrina and Margaret were stunned. They stood with open mouths staring at Jason then took in the sight of Carol. The cold air had swollen her nipples for them to be displayed like candles on cup cakes, through the thin spandex, ready to be set on fire. They knew how sensitive she was and the slightest touch would set them aflame.

"Now we are here you two had better follow the rules. Down Carol." He ordered, with a hand on her head. Carol sank awkwardly to her knees then on to all fours. The young man did the same to Katrina who gave in with a little whimper.

Margaret watched mesmerised as he strapped a collar around her friend's neck sickened by the way she had capitulating so easily. His smile seemed so all consuming, the struggle to tell him 'No' was lost. She thought at least June would save them form this humiliation. The idea that she was enjoying this was firmly filed away in the back of her mind. Before she could adjust to what was happening she too was on her hands and knees while he fastened a collar around her neck. The three women crawled beside him along the hallway into the lounge.

'At least the carpet is soft on the knees.' Katrina thought.

"What do you think of this then?" June said while turning slowly around showing off a spectacular new outfit. The black latex suit lifted her breasts into two impressive globes. It creased tight between ample cheeks, pulling tight at the waist and between her legs. Completing the turn she faced her three friends. Whatever she was going to add was choked off on seeing her friends on hands and knees beside a stranger. Like them she was stunned into silence.

"Your friends have something to tell you. Come on Katrina, confess." Jason told her while pulling on the leash forcing her to look up at June.

Still on hands and knees Katrina looked up at her friend who's smile was replaced by a look of shock. While she stammered out a sorry tale of woe about the computer and how Jason had the photos, June looked at her not wanting to acknowledge Jason's presence in their secret playground.

He circled the room casually examining the fine furniture recognising it from the photos. On a piece of furniture here and there he placed a miniature camera. At last he stood beside June examining the outfit. She hadn't moved from the spot where she had given the slow twirl. He bent to her ankles quickly snapping the clasps together and stood upright, close to her.

"What have you done to them? This has got to stop now young man. We won't submit to blackmail. You will hand over the photographs or I will phone the police." June stated. She was quick to recover but not quick enough. Taking a step away from him she began to fall when her foot refused to leave its companion.

Jason took hold of both arms gently lowering the woman to the floor. Unlike her friends she couldn't support herself on her hands as the wrists were clasped to a tight belt about her waist.

"What do you think you are doing? Let me go. Get out of here now!" June protested.

"So this is the toy box." Jason said. He rummaged through it until he found a large vibrator. "So who wants to play a game then?" He asked.

"No you don't. We want nothing to do with you." June told him while squirming on the floor.

He sauntered over to her and knelt. "Until you learn the rules of this game you had better be kept quiet. For your own good." He told her. From a bag he pulled a gag and fitted it around her head. Carefully pulling the long blond hair away from her face he slipped it into her mouth while she gathered more words of protest.

The muffled shout convinced her of its effectiveness. She at last lay still, exhausted from the ineffective struggle, flat on the floor sucking in air through flared nostrils, glaring at her friends.

"So. Now we are all together let the fun begin. Who wants to be first?" Jason asked, with a glint of mischief to his voice. The three women cowered on the floor staring at the carpet not wanting to catch his eye. "Katrina." He said, the single word making her tremble. "You had better get changed from your office attire into something more comfortable."

Katrina kicked off her shoes, undid the white blouse quickly twisting each button. Unzipping the side of the black skirt she let it slip to the floor. At a look from him she twisted the white bra to unclip it and let that too drop to the floor. She wasn't to be spared; the tights and black panties were pulled off each leg. She wanted to reach out for the outfit he held to cover her body but cuddled her naked body instead.

"Hands to the side girl." He told her. "You arranged this meeting so you must be punished. Go stand in the corner like a naughty girl. Count to thirty silently then place your hands on your head. Count another thirty and put them to your sides. Then start over." He ordered.

She nodded obedience and started counting. The others had watched entranced at seeing their friend capitulate to his whim. Who was going to be next and what was in store for them?

"Margaret your next. Stand up girl, quickly."

She hurried to obey not wanting to be punished, not daring to look at the others.

Carol was in her own little world pretending it was the usual Friday night game and that he wasn't there.

June lay where he had left her galled at seeing her friends reduced to playthings of this young man. How had he reduced them to this state? It was more difficult for them having husbands to consider but even she shuddered to think what friends and neighbours would think if their secret was revealed.

Margaret stood perfectly still with arms to her sides while he examined her naked body. Her breasts weren't large but they were firm and her legs were shapely. At first she was highly embarrassed but he seemed to enjoy the look of her body and was surprised at how much this pleased her. Her mind became filled with thoughts of what he had done to her last night and how much she had enjoyed it.

"Lie on the floor face down over here." Jason told her. He directed her until her head was between June's knees.

On his knees beside June he carefully unzipped the outfit from the back to her belly. She protested through the gag a meaningless stream of sounds while he held onto her breasts squeezing the nipples harshly until she held still. For a moment he simply tingled her thighs with tender strokes of his fingertips then suddenly sucked on her lips. Pushing his tongue in to explore he felt her thighs relax, opening a little.

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