tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOffice Girls Ch. 03

Office Girls Ch. 03


The four women knelt upon the carpet with heads bowed before the young man, each in turn taking his cock in their mouths in a demonstration of their position of fealty to him. Margaret enjoyed the sexual contact making the most of it so that he had to pull away from her. Katrina's embarrassment became obvious as her cheeks blushed and he watched the flush spread down her neck to her bare breasts. Carol's eyes were shut tight as he pierced her lips using her compliant mouth for just one slow stroke.

June watched her friends abuse with astonishment; it was their submission to this humiliation as much as the audacious act they were being forced to perform that shocked her. She was struggling to gather the words to admonish this stranger who had invaded her home and her body. The words came to mind too late as his deflated member was quickly pushed into her open mouth. When she found herself sucking it like a comforter, consternation reigned in her mind. The feelings of sexual gratification were kindled again overcoming her natural reluctance to submit to this arrogant young man.

As soon as Jason left the house the four friends pulled themselves together, each disappearing upstairs to a room for privacy. June made an effort in the kitchen sink to freshen up. Anger flared inside and subsided just as quickly as she thought about the three of them upstairs. It wasn't their fault. He had seduced her too. Too easily, too completely. Holding on to the edge of the sink she took a moment to wonder at the way he had taken her, taken all of them. It had been unexpected, outrageous, catching them off guard so they just let it happen. She trembled a little at the memory of that powerful orgasm.

In the lounge they readied to leave. Nothing was being said obviously wanting to run away from the sordid episode. "Just wait a moment." June told them. "Sit down. We've got to sort this out. We can't just give in to him. We can't just let him have sex with us whenever he wants. Its blackmail, dirty blackmail, and we must do something to stop him."

"Should we go to the police?" Katrina asked. Margaret and Carol shook their heads.

"That won't work now. We've given in to him and there isn't proof he coerced us. Which is worse, having the photos revealed or continuing with this debasement?"

"Why not just play along with him?" Margaret asked. "Do what he wants until we get the opportunity to destroy the photos, then we'll be free. Don't try to pretend you didn't enjoy it June."

June was taken aback. There hadn't been enough time to work out how she felt about it, except shame. Margaret had a point, which she didn't want to face right then. "What do you think Katrina?" She said, trying to ignore Margaret.

"I don't know what to do about it. I'm sorry June; I tried to get the photos back that first evening. I really did! I shouldn't have given in to him that first time, it gave him such an advantage. He has such a way about him it was difficult, impossible to resist him." She shook her head trying to clear it of the naughty thoughts. She explained what had happened that first evening and the second with both her and Margaret giving in to him.

"Good grief. You let him shave you? Both of you? I must admit he seems to know a lot, too much, for such a young man." She said quietly. This was the closest she was going to come to admitting she had enjoyed that evenings sexual escapade.

"What about me?" Complained Carol. They looked at her seeing the hurt expression creasing her face into almost-tears. She explained how he had brought her here on the pretext Katrina had made the arrangements. "I can't tell Luke, he must never find out, he will kill me. We must keep it a secret." The others nodded silently each with similar reasons for keeping the photos a secret and now there was the added problem of having had sex with him.

"It's not just the photos now. What if I'm pregnant? My husband will know it's not him. I pretend it's my fault but we both know he can't produce children." Carol looked like a young girl sitting there wringing her hands rocking back and forth.

Both Katrina and Margaret spluttered tea over the kitchen table. "Oh! No! I hadn't thought of that. It was only this evening that he actually. Oh! No!" Katrina wailed.

"Calm down!" June demanded.

"It's all right for you. Your past, well you know. I mean." Margaret ground to a halt.

"He didn't fill you up, either of you, did he? Well he did me." June stated. The expression upon her face revealed to her friends a secret thought, a thought that had been pushed away ever since she had felt him coming. At that moment she had wanted him and his sperm so badly she was willing to submit to anything.

"I'm not passed it if that's what you mean." June glared back at Margaret.

Katrina waved her open hand between the two of them. "Listen. Can you get some morning after pills from that friend of yours in the pharmacy?" June nodded. "When that's taken care of we can deal with the photos and blackmail. None of us can afford to let him carry out the threat so we will have to come up with a solution."

"In the mean time we do as he says, yes?" Margaret added with a sly smile upon her face.

"Yes! We must, all of us. He said that. We must all do as he says. Please! My husband mustn't find out." Carol pleaded.

Margaret was forming a quip about being sleeping with a stranger to help her friend out, when June recovered her composure to say. "I could take him on. You three have husbands to consider. I could demand he leaves you alone. Make a deal with him." June leant back from the looks of angry suspicion on the three faces. Even Carol gave her a stern look over the proposal. June dropped the idea wondering at their reaction questioning her motives behind the suggestion to.

They hugged and said good night agreeing not to decide anything until after a good nights sleep. Katrina drove the two friends home and reluctantly entered her empty house. On opening the fridge she became aware of a ravenous hunger. With her husband away there was little there, no tasty leftovers. An overwhelming desire for chocolate sped her across the kitchen for the car keys. "Oh! No! Not a craving for chocolate. She relaxed a little knowing pregnancy urges were a long way off. Even if she was pregnant, which she wasn't! She stroked her stomach smiling with the thought of it. Was it worth the risk?


Waddling into the prenatal clinic a nurse asked Katrina her name. "And who is this." The woman was obviously experienced enough not to assume anything. The young man didn't appear to be her husband but you could never tell.

"He's the father. Jason." Katrina purred contentedly, as he helped her down onto the cushioned mat where she would attempt some exercises. Jason turned to help the next woman, swaying a large belly through the door.

"That's OK! I'll see to her." The nurse exclaimed. She was alarmed at seeing this young man about to man handle another of her new intake.

"Its alright, Jason can help me. After all it's his lump too." Margaret grinned.

The nurses' eyes swivelled between the two women in astonishment not knowing what to say. Carol entered the sparsely decorated room and lifted her arms for Jason to wrap her in a grip ready to be lowered to the floor. She sat gently on another blue cushioned mat and looked up at him. "Baby says thank you, Daddy." Carol smiled.

He turned to June and wrapped his arms around her unable to get a grip then dismissed propriety to hold her large swollen breasts, lowering her too onto a mat.

The nurse looked as though her eyes would pop. All four women looked at her expectantly while she pulled herself together. Clearing her throat she said. "There's four more booked in for this session, perhaps we should wait for them." It would at least let her regain some composure. She looked at the young man fussing over the four pregnant women. She thought she had seen it all but this was astonishing, that he should be responsible for all four was just astonishing.

Katrina introduced each of the pregnant women as they entered the room and Jason helped them to a mat. "It's OK these belong to Jason too. This is my neighbour Jessie, and Cousin Aggie, and Aunty Mildred. Oh! Mom!"


Katrina sat up in bed shaking. She looked down at herself half expecting to see a pregnant lump but her tummy was still flat. Her feelings too were flat. The sigh of relief left her lips pouting while she thought about the contentment felt in the dream. On impulse she stuffed a pillow up the baggy tee shirt used as a nightgown and tried to sleep, all the while stroking the stretched shirt. Was it a nightmare or a wish fulfilment dream? Still feeling hungry she got up to feed the microwave with whatever was found open from the fridge. Still half a sleep it took a few moments to realise she still had the pillow tucked up the nightgown. Reluctantly she pulled it free.


Next day was hectic in the office, preparing for an audit, leaving the four women too busy to discuss what they must do to rid themselves of this perverse situation. When a colleague appeared from another department with a baby shower list it caught Katrina and Carol off guard. Katrina watched Carol's eyes wide with desire, her fingers stroking the tiny romper suit comparing the blue and the pink her eyes filing with a misty far away glow. Katrina wondered if she too shared that wistful look.

The colleague patted Carol's stomach and asked her. "Are you going to be next then? I'll start a collection shall I?" She laughed, gathering everything up to stride off on her rounds of the building.

Carol gave Katrina a near-tear simper and hurried out to the bathroom. Katrina knew how she felt and decided to carry the pillow again tonight; it might help.

All four women peered over the computer monitors across the office at each other. The look in their eyes said it all; each had received a message from him with instructions for tonight. They had been summoned.


In the car, on their way to June's house Katrina wondered out loud to her two friends. "He must have access to our office systems to send a message like that. One of us must have left their Id and password on the laptop. I wonder what else is on there?" She murmured.

"It doesn't matter does it?" Margaret asked. "I mean it's the photos we want back. With them in our hands our lives will be our own again. I'm not saying I haven't enjoyed some of it, but I would rather have the choice of what to do. Whose to say what he will do to us next." She commented, turning from the front seat to look at Carol.

Carol grimaced. " I don't want to think about it. Lets just get to June's and try to figure a way out of this. I just hope June has thought of something."

Katrina wondered about Margaret. She seemed to find it all just some wild adventure as though re-living her adolescents. Katrina was feeling sick thinking about what she had done and how she would cope when her husband returned home.


They heard him arrive and quickly put down their drinks listening to the even tap of his leather shoes on the hall tiles. When the door opened they dropped the dressing gowns in unison. "Wonderful. Absolutely ravishing." A small part of each of the women wanted it to be them he was lavishing praise upon yet feeling sullied being naked before this young man. Standing with heads bowed was a sign of their submission though Katrina rationalised they were too embarrassed to look him in the eye. There just hadn't been long enough to mount a revolt or agree to a plan of mutiny.

"Katrina, go and wait for me in the hall. Margaret, wait in the kitchen. Carol, go stand in the corner." June couldn't believe they were being treated like this. Four grown women had stripped themselves naked and were being ordered around like servants. She had had just about enough of this ridiculous situation.

Before June could protest the audacious young man placed a belt around her waist trapping her arms to her sides. "What are you doing?" She complained. He slipped a blindfold around her eyes.

Holding her close he whispered. "You like this don't you." She mouthed a protest in answer at the same time nodding her head betraying more truthful feelings. When she opened her mouth again he popped a gag into her mouth. While she gasped for air trying to get used to this surprise attack s let him lead her across the room with little hesitant steps. Gently pushed over the back of an easy chair she lie there shrinking into a little dark world of her own knowing what was to come. A little whimper escaped her throat as she wondered if perhaps it wasn't the obvious but something horrid, something painful he had planned for her. Was she going to be punished or had she something more frightful to endure.

She felt his fingers playing with her pussy and it was a relief. The irony of this made her chuckle. A stranger had her helpless in her own living room and she was grateful that he was playing with her pussy. At least he wasn't greasing her arse. In such a vulnerable state she needed to encourage him and with relief felt her body responding. He was good; he knew a woman's body surprisingly well. She felt him entering her and frowned, it felt wrong. She heard a hiss and the thing inside her expanded filling her up feeling huge, leaving her whimpering.

When she felt him lubricating her bottom she struggled only to feel the thing inside her wriggle. Every movement was felt as it touched nerve endings she hadn't known existed. On feeling another device gently eased up her anus she exhaled round the gag, sucking and blowing air in fear. He stroked her hair and spoke reassuringly into her ear until she quietened. Feeling the thing expand like the first one she whinnied like a nervous pony.

She was left to her darkness concentrating on the strange feelings, trying carefully not to move, not wanting the sensations to overwhelm her. Her pussy and her bottom were full and the ends were swinging between her legs. She concentrated on keeping still and keeping sane, under control. It wasn't easy when such conflicting feelings were coursing through her body, of sexual tension and fear and above all a need to orgasm. She didn't hear the others being brought back into the room and if she had it would have been some comfort to know they too were blindfolded not seeing her disgraceful condition.

Jason positioned the four women in a line close to each other one behind the other. Taking a tube from between June's legs he eased it into Katrina's prepared bottom. It had been well greased yet she still protested by rising up on tiptoe. It was no good the tube reached and the two women were pulled together. Pressing the nozzle of an aerosol can to a valve in the tube it immediately grew and stiffened. One end was firmly buried up Katrina's arse the other deep in June's pussy. Expanded as they were with compressed air there was no way of pulling them free.

Carol was next inline then Margaret. Margaret had the tube from her bottom attached to the wall. Each of them was coupled together, from bottom to pussy, like a string of carriages and Jason was about to become their engine. To complete the chain Jason moved into position before Katrina with his own pipe ready to couple.

The women were already steamed up moving slightly then stiffening their bodies trying to avoid the slightest movement where each transgression elicited a little whimper of pain and pleasure. The women's perfume was overpowering with sweat and hormones from their excited bodies. Each woman was straining with the dual need to hold on and let go. Holding onto Katrina's hips he slowly eased himself in while she breathed out in a whoosh of air, cooling his chest.

He started a gentle rhythm, which Katrina refused to accept until with a grunt she met his hips with hers, all restraint gone she began to buck her hips. The tightly fitted tube up her arse pulled June's pubis forward, and so too Carol and Margaret. For a few strokes they were all out of step with one another feeling the objects movements in vagina and arse to the maximum. A steady writhing rhythm gave them the appearance of some strange caterpillar getting nowhere faster and more urgently. Jason arrived first coming into Katrina who squealed as though applying air breaks urgently. She shuddered to a halt quivering with excitement the tubes movements extending the feelings with every thrust from June. Each of the women in turn came, June shaking her head from side to side, Carol silent and intense, Margaret still bucking furiously back and forward impaling herself on both phalluses, unintentionally punishing Carol's arse.

The sound of badly leaking air brakes brought them to a halt. The four women stood perfectly still pressed up close sharing the objects presence, trembling on it, living the last vibrations together. They knew better than to sink to their knees, couldn't anyway, unable to escape the terrible thing inside them. He lifted the blindfold and undid the gag on each woman in turn. Releasing June's arms she swayed threatening to tumble to the floor but Jason held her until she recovered. With June leaning against Carol she looked to be squashed against Margaret with her head between the woman's breasts breathing heavily against June's back.

"I need a drink after that. We all need a large glass of water. Off to the kitchen with you." He laughed. "Be careful, move slowly." He said. Each in a world of their own, unable to think for themselves, they obeyed his order shuffling across the room like members of a chain gang. Orgasmic post tremors rippled through their bodies as they made their way to the kitchen. The torture to their bodies was both pleasurable and appallingly embarrassing and it showed on their faces as they shuffled back into the room.

"Please, let us go. Undo us. Please!" Katrina pleaded.

"I might keep you like that all weekend. It will teach you not to misbehave and to do as you are told." He firmly threatened.

"Please sir. We'll do as you say. You don't need to keep us like this. We'll behave. We promise to do what ever you want." Katrina pleaded. She wriggled her bottom in response to a ripple effect starting from Margaret. Jason watched the looks of suppressed pleasure and discomfort cross the four faces. It was amusing to watch so might try this again some time but enough was enough. He didn't just release the tubes he played between their legs until they were lying exhausted upon the carpet. He had been tempted to leave the annul tube in to see the effect of them parading around with tails but let them off this humiliation.

"On your knees slaves." He cajoled them. They were compliant like well-trained dogs with Margaret attempting an imitating of an eager pup seeking his approval by sitting up on her knees making little whining noises. Katrina looked at her friend with a look of contempt. Before she could say anything Jason reprimanded her. "There's no need for that. You're all in this together. Take it, you know what to do." He told Katrina. She turned to face the front as though on parade, arching her back and pulling her shoulders back thrusting out her breasts at him at the same time shuffling her knees apart. The others adjusted themselves, squatting on the floor in a row displaying their naked bodies to him.

Jason was impressed with the size of June's breasts and they still felt firm. Next to her Carol looked so small and cute it was no wonder they had dressed her up as a schoolgirl on their naughty evenings together. There were quit a few photos on the computer which had given him clues on how best to treat each of them. On the end was Margaret always eager and ready for more. A nice figure but it was her vivacity that beamed out from her entire body straining at him to take notice. He looked back at Katrina. Her thin waist made her breasts look large too but knew by their feel they were smaller than June's.

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