tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOffice Girls Ch. 04

Office Girls Ch. 04


The four friends met early at June's house desperate to discuss their predicament. Giving into a young man's blackmail was leading to ever more degrading sexual acts. With the drinks poured they sat back on the sofa and easy chairs ready for a difficult decision.

"We have got to do something about this. I was going to say 'before it goes too far' but it already has. Maybe we could simply refuse to play his games and see what happens." June said.

Margaret interrupted. "It was my fault I got you into this so maybe I should confront him."

"No! Margaret we're all in this, together. He's blackmailing us all. We must decide together."

"He has photos of our naughty evenings here, nothing too bad but very embarrassing. Holding that over us he's pushed us into sleazy games; his games not ours." Taking a deep breath she continued. "I admit enjoying some of it. I never dreamed of doing such things before. I wouldn't think of suggest something so sordid even to a long time partner and here we've being doing, 'things', with a stranger. For me the decision to call his bluff is easier. I don't have a partner to consider whereas you three do. So, Margaret, what do you think?"

When young Carol chirped in it was a surprise as she usually just followed the others lead.

"If anyone sees the photos of the silly games we played it will be embarrassing but what will happen exactly? My husband doesn't want me. He blames me for not having children. His family are against me. They want him to leave me anyway. In this country I would have the house so I won't be on the streets. At work I'll have you three. We'll have each other as friends to stand up to the ridicule. Lets just tell him to sod off!"

They laughed at the fierce delivery and she joined in. They shared another drink still nervous though more confident after their chat.

Jason walked in. The conversation abruptly stopped and the three looked to June.

"Well June. It looks as though you've been appointed spokesperson." He was prepared for this; even surprised it hadn't happened before now. Slipping a disk into the player he reached for the remote control. "Just a minute June. You need to see this first."

The television flickered with images then settled to a shot of the four women on their knees before him. Seeing the look of shock on their faces almost made him laugh out loud but he didn't want to distract them. They were absorbed in the scenes of them playing his games on the wide screen. They each in turn were paying homage to his cock, caressing and kissing it. At least that's how he saw it. What was most disturbing to them was the evident acceptance of their place at his feet.

He clapped his hands loudly for their attention. "Now ladies. Take these clothes and get changed. I don't want any more backchat or insubordination. Just do as I say and do it quickly. In case you're wondering, I placed micro cameras around this room. Everything, and I mean everything, is on record. I'll leave that copy for you to enjoy. Now get going, get changed." Jason ordered.

In separate rooms they changed into the clothes he provided and nervously applied makeup. The women timidly emerged from bedrooms and bathrooms to meet in the lounge. June and Katrina looked each other up and down and shrugged at the unexpected image, somewhat surprised and mystified but unwilling to contemplate what it was all about. June silently poured drinks wondering why they were dressed up as they were.

Katrina and Margaret wore a little black dress hugging their figures over black sheer stockings complete with a pair of shiny black high heels. The hem only just covered stocking tops, stretched tight by a suspender belt. The white of their thighs flashed when they walked.

Carol was clad in a black leotard stretched revealingly thin over the bumps of her body. A little bolero jacket revealed, where the leotard thinned, a pair of small breasts every time it swung open. The micro skirt hardly covered her bottom meaning it was more lascivious than protective. Carol thought the little high heel boots cute though.

June looked once more into the mirror at her outfit. The long black dress with a deep cut front and back was almost an evening gown, only it revealed as much as it covered. Without panties the slits up to her hips were very daring.

None of the women wore panties and Carol relied on the leotard to hold her breasts. Jason had at least allowed the three older women some support, providing a half-cup bra.

"Well ladies you do look gorgeous." Jason announced with a wide beam lighting his face. Despite themselves they couldn't help preening in his presence, brushing back hair or adjusting stocking seams. He took each one by the hand turning them with a look of admiration. "Such a beautiful long neck." He said, while kissing June below an ear, then blowing gently into it with a promise of more to come.

The clothes would have been sluttish if they hadn't been so obviously expensive. Was he intending to take them out on the town looking like high-class hookers? Someone was sure to recognise them in the neighbourhood. What would friends and neighbours think? What would the gossip be after the exaggerations of wagging tongues?

Their protests were silenced by his reassurances. "You're looking too wonderful to waste on this neighbourhood. I don't think there is anywhere around here that deserves you. So I have a special surprise. Tonight will be my treat to you for being good girls and obeying my instructions. No questions. Just follow me." He ordered them out of the room. They wiggled their hips on high heels out to a waiting limousine thankful for the cloak of darkness, then again relieved the windows were heavily tinted.

June found it too easy joining the others in obeying his wishes. She understood how he had captured the friends into this compliant role but was still mystified as to how easily she too had given in to him. They spread themselves out in the back of the limo, sinking into the leather, as it silently moved off.

When Margaret let him kiss her deeply June was shocked to see her responding so wantonly to his wandering hands. The hussy was spreading her legs without a trace of reserve. When he turned to Carol, June had to look out of the window, ignoring the girls imploring eyes. June couldn't help the young friend knowing she had lost the will to resist him. Although angry June knew that when it came to her turn she would give in. She gulped at the champagne and poured another.

With a guilty look at Carol she saw the young woman had closed her eyes no longer afraid yet still reluctant to give in completely. A furtive glance at Katrina sitting across from her revealed a pose of defiance, the only one of them prepared to resist him.

Carol clamped her thighs together not wanting the shame of showing herself up before her friends. There was nothing she could do about his teasing hand pulling at a nipple while his caresses worked on her neck and lips. Unused to such attention it aroused her more quickly than her defences could be raised. It was a shock when his fingers slid up the fine material covering her thighs. Too late she clamped her legs shut on his hand. Those devilish fingertips flicked against the thin material covering her bud sending shock waves through her legs. They tensed and relaxed in spasms as though operated by him through her sensitive little button. The press-stud parted and he was into her creating more unmanageable patterns of sensations; her legs parted, thrust outward, quivering to the rhythm of his fingers.

Margaret stared at the two of them clearly wishing she was the centre of his attention. Katrina looked out into the night trying to distance her self from them. June downed another glass of champagne embarrassed at being a forced witness to her friend's seduction and feeling guilty for not helping the young woman.

The limo cruised to a halt without a discernable movement. By the time the chauffeur had opened the door June was sitting adjusting what little skirt there was, perceptibly clenching her thighs. "Come on girls a night out will do you good. I don't suppose you will relax but a little adventure is good for the spirit." Jason laughed as he guided them out into the dark night. Lights flashed in multi coloured neon brightness revealing this to be an entertainment district for tourists and hustlers.

Carol kept close to her companions walking straight legged afraid of revealing an open crotch now cooling in the night air. She helped her friends tottering in high heels all struggling desperately to keep up with Jason not wanting to be left out on the streets dressed as hookers.

Into a club they tottered, past a door leading onto to the dance floor, continuing along a corridor into a more secluded room. A bar top was set into a wall, obviously adjoining the dance floor from the sound of music seeping in. At this end of the room stood a sturdy looking pool table. Peering past it they saw a serious game of cards being played, obviously serious from the players expressions and piles of chips stacked high. The card players were the only other customers and ignored them, concentrating on the game instead.

Carol looked around desperate for a ladies room needing to pop her modesty securely back into place. The body stocking had been rude enough pulling tight between her legs, though now her lips were pouting crudely from their lair. She tried to lean forward in an attempt to lower the hem of the skirt knowing if she stood up straight and raised her arms all would be revealed.

Not wanting to sit they shuffled to the bar as though tethered to him, needing to be close under his protection. Still no one took any notice of them concentrating instead on the game. Perhaps their outfits weren't so outrageous here. With drinks in hand Jason announced. "Ladies we are going to have a game of pool."

They looked relieved for a moment. Katrina choked on a Gin and Tonic, while Margaret looked across the table knowing that meant bending over it. Carol blanched pale on following Margaret's eyes. Reaching and bending over the green baize would mean revealing all.

"As an added incentive the loser has to pay a penalty. The loser will be given a token. That token will be placed in the pot on the poker table. Whoever wins the pot takes the loser. They will own the loser for the weekend." Jason smiled.

The four women were aghast at the idea that some stranger might win them in a bet. If they hadn't been so sexually excited with their wits dulled by alcohol they may have railed against the idea. Instead they stared at each other wondering at each other's ability. Who was the best player or more importantly who was the worst player?

"Heads or tails?" The women looked at Jason wondering if this was another torture then realised it was to see who played first.

"We can't do it Jason. You can't do this to us it's too squalid to contemplate. Please Jason." Katrina begged quietly holding her friends close for support, knowing if she upset him he might do something even crazier. Dressed the way they were and without money it was going to be difficult getting home without him. The feeling of vulnerability kept them dependent on him but it was the video of those dreadful games that brought them to heel so effectively.

"Play the game and I'll think of something else. Something private, between us." He smiled with a frown revealing they needed to show willing or else. It was enough. They started playing.

Bending over the table for a shot Margaret knew what she was showing and tried desperately to keep her legs together. The card players were quiet, the pot was too valuable not to concentrate on the game. They were men and couldn't help glancing every time a woman bent to a shot.

Carol had run off to the rest room to press the popper back at her crotch only it had a terrible habit of popping when stretched, always at the wrong moment. June avoided the card player's side of the pool table, taking the chance of doubling the ball across the table, even if it meant losing. Even Katrina was subdued revealing how humiliated and frightened she had become.

Jason looked on ensuring they put on a show, muttering his disapproval if one of them tried to avoid a shot on the card players side of the table. The four women had become cowed enough to follow through with his suggestions even if it meant stretching out over the table. Eventually the game was over, all four had played and the loser was Carol. The four women watched Jason expectantly hoping they had earned the alternative task; hoping it was less terrifying than being given away to a stranger.

"Ladies, finish your drinks and follow me. I have a surprise for you." Jason told them. On seeing his friend's pile of chips had grown considerably there was no need to hang around. The guy had his back to the pool table which Jason was sure had saved his concentration as planned. Despite their preparations even he wouldn't have been immune to distraction from such a show.

Tottering on high heels they clipped along behind Jason whispering their fears. Two doors down he stopped and knocked at a storefront, closed and shuttered for the night. Four scantily clad women trying to be unobtrusive on a brightly light and crowded street was impossible. Whatever was in store for them behind that door would be a relief from the catcalls and lewd offers from passers by leaving them eager to follow him.

The door opened enough for them to squeeze through one at a time. The lights were off leaving the place in darkness except for the neon of advertising signs slanted through the iron shutters. They had walked into some kind of workshop at peace for the night.

"Wait here. Katrina, you come with me." Jason demanded. She followed him through a bead curtain leaving the others huddling together for comfort. Along a narrow corridor with squeaking floorboards only heard in the dead of night, away from the noise of the street and late night revellers. In the gloom she saw a row of barbers chairs covered by dustsheets.

"Sit there." He ordered, after clearing one of the chairs. She looked around for the man that had let them in but it seemed he had disappeared only hanging around to open the door. In the large shabby chair she hefted herself up feeling the leather upon her bare arse. Behind her Jason popped a gag into her mouth, reached over her and clamped both wrists to the arms of the chair. "Quiet!" he hissed. Scared and angry she sat still and silent. Before he left he whisked a dustsheet back over the chair and Katrina.

"Your next June." He said and waited until she had passed through the curtain. Sitting her in a chair furthest from Katrina he did the same to her. She sat there glowering at him until he covered her like a parrot in a cage.

Carol didn't want to be left on her own in the creepy shop so walked forward as soon as Jason appeared at the curtain. He shrugged and guided her to a seat between June and Katrina. She had her mouth clamped shut to stop her teeth from chattering with fear. He kissed her lips and told her. "Open wide." So used to doing as she was told he slipped the gag into her mouth without a hassle. She sat supine while both wrists were clamped to the chair arms.

Margaret sat guessing her three friends were either side of her. What was she to do but follow their lead? Pulling the sheets off the chairs he now had the four victims seated before him. Feeling no better with her friends beside her Katrina watched in trepidation as Jason fiddled with the chair at her feet. She felt him pull the stilettos from her feet but when she tried to stretch found her ankles had been tethered.

Now the four women were firmly attached to the chairs he went back to Katrina. A lever behind the chair winched the back down at the same time raising leg rests. Katrina's legs were lifted up and outward. Each in turn Jason adjusted them until all four ladies were lying back with legs spread, helplessly tied to the chairs.

They looked to left and right squirming and signalling messages to each other with wild eyes flashing. It was no good they were trapped. With the hem of the dresses and skirts tucked around the waist everything was on show leaving it obvious what the centre of attention was to be. They hoped this alternative plan wasn't worse than the original. Perhaps one of them should have been sacrificed for the others safety. What they hadn't guessed was this had been planned from the start and the pool room merely a diversion in payment for the use of a friends workshop.

"Just relax ladies. You must be used to showing me everything by now." Jason reassured them with a laugh, and then settled on a stool between June's legs. He began to trim and shave her. With a brush he tickled her most sensitive places applying lather over lips and her entire crotch. "Now keep still." He warned. After a rinse he leaned forward and kissed her naked smooth lips. Sucking everything into his mouth he nibbled upon her inner lips and licked as deeply as he could.

He moved the stool over to Carol. She mewed through the gag pleading for him to stop. What was she going to tell her husband! The others couldn't fully see what was going on but guessed. Katrina and Margaret had already been shaved bare and were used to it but were wondering if this was all they were to be subject to. When he bent forward to kiss his handy work Carol became silent then. Again she started up a keening noise only with an obviously different meaning entirely. Eventually he stopped and so did Carol as she came.

He moved over to Margaret. She felt his fingers working their magic over her now engorged lips. The sounds from her two friends and anticipation of what was to come had set her off on the road to craven desire.

Taking the cloth off a tray Jason looked at a set of instruments prepared for him by a friend. The same friend playing cards who was now a winner for a change. That is, if he had walked away when the women left the pool hall. Jason wondered if he could do this. After practicing with a banana he had become proficient but this was very different.

Being so wet it was easy to ease a Chinese egg into Margaret's vagina. She was usually up for anything but this was obviously a surprise. He sprayed her lips with a mild anesthesthetic followed with an injection. Neither of which brought a reaction so he quickly worked away while she was still getting used to the trembling egg.

Katrina strained to move her head forward to see what was going on between her legs but the gag was attached to the headrest preventing movement. She stopped squirming on feeling the egg invade her.

Carol hardly moved seeming to have given up. She lay back with legs splayed letting him get on with the task.

June hissed at him through the gag obviously angry and wanting out. He wondered at this having already worked out she liked to be tied up. He didn't stop to think she might be worried about her friends. She soon stopped fidgeting on feeling the egg slide deep into her vagina.

Jason finished the task on the four women and lowered their feet knowing they were feeling the strain of the ordeal. He fitted a belt round each of their waists and unclipped each wrist from the chair arm to clip it to the belt. Now free of the chairs he helped each of them up and ushered them out through the bead curtain. They had no time to think or find out what he had been up to. What was the purpose of all that other than shaving them? With each step they felt the Chinese egg quivering inside.

Walking back out onto the street they were more anxious than ever; with wrists now attached to their waists they were so very vulnerable to passing strangers. They looked at each other seeing the fear in the eyes but they couldn't talk to reassure each other. Still wearing the gags they were attracting attention so were glad to hobble into the waiting limo.

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