tagMatureOffice Harem Ch. 01

Office Harem Ch. 01


With many thanks to sdbnnc for her help with editing.

It had been a difficult few months since my wife died. After the initial rallying round of the extended family, I got my daughter into a nursery near our home, and things were approaching a new normality, but that was about to change, unbeknownst to me.

Frances, one of the women from my office lived several stops further up the same railway line from my stop; we frequently got the train together. One Friday evening, although Frances couldn't leave the office when I did, she caught up with me just as I boarded the train. As she sat down next to me, her right hand resting on my right forearm, as she said, "Oh, I'm so glad I caught you -- I mean, this train," she said. "It's been such a busy week."

"Month-end reports again?"

"Yes," she replied. "And the Board papers as well!"

"No wonder you've had a hectic week. Still, at least it's the weekend, and you can relax now."

We chatted the rest of the journey to my station. Frances was very careful not to probe too deeply into how I was doing. Instead she concentrated her question on my daughter, and how she was getting on. As we pulled in to my station, I excused myself, got up and went to step into the aisle. Frances couldn't turn her legs to the side because too many other people were standing in the aisle. I squeezed past her and froze; I was certain, absolutely certain, that my bottom had been gently but deliberately stroked. I got out into the aisle, and said, "Cheerio!" to Frances. She kept a straight face, but then winked as she replied. I didn't know what to make of it.

On Monday evening, I was on the train before Frances. I put my suitcase on the seat next to me to keep it for her, as I'd seen her just a few people behind me in the queue. I had taken the seat at the aisle this time. Frances arrived and, as she went to move past me, the train jerked pulling away from the platform. Frances seemed to lose her balance, and landed in my lap. As she fell down, my hands grabbed her waist, and then slid upwards as she moved downwards. My left hand ended up touching the side of her left breast. I wasn't sure if the wiggle she gave on my lap before she slid across to her seat was deliberate or not. Either way, it meant that my hand pressed into her breast even more as her breasts jiggled.

"Sorry about that," we both said at the same time.

"It's ok," "It's alright," we both said together.

"It was an accident. Freak timing on the train moving," I said. "Don't worry about it."

"So, how was your weekend?" Frances asked.

The rest of the journey passed with small talk. Nothing untoward happened, though I noticed that Frances seemed to be touching me slightly more than usual. Just before I got off the train, her hand rested on my leg, and there was a deliberate and definite squeeze. "See you tomorrow," she said, as I got up to leave.

"Will do," was the only response I could make as my brain churned.

I probably should describe Frances; in her mid- to late 30's, about ten years older than I, and about 5' 5", she is a brunette with a shoulder length bob. Frances has a lovely smile, quite a thin nose, and an hourglass figure with breasts around 36E or even slightly larger. Following the births of her triplets, she had a slight tummy; her ass is rounded, reasonably broad in proportion with her chest. Her thighs are slim viewed from the front, and nice and broad viewed from the side. She always wears tight-fitting skirts and tops or dresses, with high-heeled shoes or boots. She is a sexy, mature woman.

On the way to my home, I couldn't help wondering what had just happened, what had possibly happened on Friday, and what it all might mean. I was confused. Still, at least looking after my daughter meant that I wouldn't worry over it all night.

In work the next morning, I was told that I needed to visit various construction sites over the next few weeks, and that I'd be out of the office a reasonable amount. I was to get a hire car the next day for the first visit on Thursday. I went to Reception to book the hire car, and found that Frances was there. Caroline, the usual receptionist, was off sick. It was slightly awkward, but I was leaving early, so I didn't see Frances on the train home.

On the Thursday, work went normally until my hire car arrived. Caroline was still off sick, so I collected the keys from Frances. They were in an envelope, which was unusual, but I didn't realise that it also contained a note until I got back to my desk;

"Duncan, I'm sorry that I've made you uncomfortable around me with my actions on the train recently. Can you give me a chance to explain? Can you give me a lift home tonight? Frances, X."

I really didn't know what was going on. I emailed Frances to say that I had her note, and that I could give her a lift home as my daughter was picked up by her aunt and given her dinner on Thursday nights, after which I picked her up and brought her home.

At the end of the day, I called at Frances' desk. I had to wait for about five minutes as she was speaking to the office director on the phone. When she was finished, we headed to the underground car park. I enjoyed watching her breasts jiggle as we walked down the stairs. Finding the car, we got in. I noticed a flash of creamy skin under her skirt; she obviously was wearing stockings. Once we drove out of the car park, Frances started to talk. We chatted as I drove onto the motorway.

Shortly after we got onto the motorway, whilst still conversing, Frances reached over and undid the fly on my trousers. She pulled my cock from my boxers and trousers, and leaned over to give me a blowjob. There was nothing I could do, except continue to drive the car. I have to confess that it was hugely exciting, having this beautiful, mature woman bobbing her head up and down, her moist lips surrounding my shaft and her tongue licking the head as I drove along the motorway. Eventually, we came to the junction for the road to the town that Frances lived in. The traffic lights were against us, so I had to stop, and finally was able to lift Frances' head from my cock.

"What was that for?" I asked. "Frances, what's going on?"

Frances looked down at her hands, clasped in her lap.

"It's Paul," she said. "I hardly see him these days, he's so busy working. When I do, we're more like friends than husband and wife."

"I see, at least, I think I do," I replied.

"I admire you so much for the way that you've coped since your wife died," Frances continued.

"It's been difficult; lonely at times, as well. I just have to get on with it for my daughter," I replied.

"I know. With hardly seeing Paul, I find it difficult looking after the triplets, but what else can I do?" Frances asked.

I replied, "Have you spoken to him about it? Told him how you feel?"

The traffic lights started to change as Frances responded; "I've tried, but it's like he doesn't want to know. I know you can't help me speak to him, I just want you in my bed." I was so shocked that I stalled the car.

"What?" I was incredulous. "But I can't. You're married!"

"I know, but these days, it seems as though I'm married in name only," Frances replied.

"You're really attractive, but I don't know. There's so much for you to lose, and it could get so complicated at work," I explained.

"Won't you at least think about it?" she asked.

"Of course, I will," I responded.

Our conversation moved on a bit, though haltingly at first. At one point, Frances' mobile phone rang with a call from her mother sayings wouldn't be able to take Frances' kids home as their car had broken down. Frances raised an inquiring eyebrow at me and, after I nodded in response, said that she would pick them up. After wrapping up the call, Frances said she'd explain me as a friend from work.

Once her children were in the car, she did so, although the kids didn't seem too concerned. I think Frances wanted to ensure everything looked innocent in case one of the kids mentioned the ride his Dad. As I dropped them off at Frances' house, she leaned back into the car, allowing me a last, lingering look at her cleavage. She invited me over for dinner the following evening when my daughter would be staying overnight with aunt. Once Frances added that her husband was away on business for the weekend, I accepted.

I struggled to maintain concentration on my regular tasks that night and through the next day on the construction site – not a safe place when one is not alert and focused on the job at hand! After arriving home, I quickly cleaned up and dressed, and then drove to Frances' house. I arrived just as her parents were picking up her children. I was introduced briefly, and Frances explained to her parents that, unfortunately, some of her other guests had cancelled. I discovered, after she waved goodbye to her kids and parents, and closed the front door behind her, that "some of the guests" really meant "all the other guests".

Frances got a drink for me; as she leaned over to place it on the coffee table, it was obvious that her breasts were unconfined by a bra. Her low-cut, loose fitting blouse drooped open, making her free-hanging breasts and reddish-brown nipples clearly visible.

As she stood up, Frances looked at me and asked, "Do you like?"

I responded, "Very much so. I look forward to seeing more of them later."

Frances sat in an armchair placed near the end of the sofa where I sat. I hadn't seen enough of her moving around to be sure she was wearing a thong, but I certainly hadn't seen any visible panty line despite her very tight skirt. Unfortunately, the tightness of the skirt had a downside -- I couldn't see very far up it! The view I had after she sat was exciting, though – the side slit of the skirt showed her silky stocking topped with lace.

Although the sexual tension between us was palpable, we chatted until Frances announced our dinner was ready. Frances had prepared a delicious, but light meal, to avoid inhibiting our activities later. Throughout dinner, Frances told me more about the increasing distance she felt with her husband. Frances made it clear she wanted a long-term affair and that she could ultimately leave her husband. Her version of the situation made me think Frances would have abandonment as grounds for divorce.

By the time dinner was over, despite having drunk over a bottle of wine (I thought she needed Dutch courage), Frances began clearing the table. I admired her buttocks as she walked into the kitchen and her breasts as she walked back in to the dining room. When she walked into the kitchen with the last dishes, I followed her. As she bent over to load them into dishwasher, I walked up behind her, and then reached round to cup her breasts through her flimsy top.

My cock already was stiffening; touching Frances' breasts accelerated the process. Frances pushed back against me, and my rock-solid cock pressed against her. I pulled the blouse out of her skirt, and slid my hands underneath it. With our first skin-to-skin contact, a shiver ran through Frances' body. With pressure from my hands, I encouraged Frances to stand so that I could remove her blouse as I turned her to face me. Her heavy, full, breasts rubbed against my chest, and I could feel her nipples standing out proudly as I drew her closer. As I started kissing her, Frances pressed her tongue past my lips, and French-kissed me. Ending the kiss, Frances dropped to her knees, unbuckled my belt, and undid my trousers. Frances placed a hand on either hip at my waist, and then gently and slowly pulled down my underwear and trousers, leaving them bunched around my ankles. After carefully cupping my testicles in her hands, Frances began giving me a blowjob. She was particularly expert at oral sex, varying her actions to bring me close to ejaculation, and then backing off to keep me on the edge.

"Lie down," I instructed.

Frances removed my cock from her mouth to ask, "Pardon?"

"Lie down on your back," I said.

Frances lay down on her back on the kitchen floor as I picked up a bottle of olive oil that was on the counter. Holding the bottle in both hands to warm it slightly, I sat astride her waist. I pushed breasts towards each other, and then dribbled oil into her cleavage. After I put the olive oil down on the floor, I gently rubbed the oil into the valley between her breasts, and up the slopes. Once I had smoothed the lubrication on completely, I leaned forward slightly to press her breasts around my rigid cock, the tip of which extended beyond her breasts, close to her mouth. I began to masturbate, using her breasts, feeling the occasional lick from her tongue against the cock head as my strokes lengthened. It didn't take me long to climax. Quickly releasing her breasts, I raised my cock to pump spurt after spurt of my cum onto Frances' face and neck.

As my orgasm subsided, my cock stayed hard. I helped Frances to her feet. She led me from the kitchen, with my cum dripping from her face down her onto her breasts, out to the conservatory. Once we were in the conservatory, I whispered for her to get down onto her hands and knees. Frances quickly complied, and I knelt behind her before sliding my cock effortlessly into her extremely moist pussy. As I reached the full depth of Frances' pussy, my cock head thrust against her cervix. The impact of my penetration caused her breasts to swing, attracting my attention despite the warm clutching that was exciting my cock. I took hold of Frances' breasts, squeezing them to the rhythm of my cock pumping into and out of her pussy.

My prior ejaculation delayed my second release so that I easily brought Frances to multiple orgasms. After her fourth climax, Frances said she could barely take any more. I brought her to a fifth climax and, as the orgasm hit her, I slid my thumb into her anus. She seemed not to notice, so I replaced it with a couple of my fingers, working them in and out of her, stretching her sphincter. Frances later told me that was the first time anything had penetrated her ass, that she now had a desire for more.

We were both pretty well exhausted after the evening's activities, so we agreed I would head home instead of staying the night. We also agreed this would be only the first time we would have together, although we'd have to be discrete at the office.

Pt. 1, Ch. 2, coming soon

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