tagMatureOffice Harem Ch. 01 Pt. 2

Office Harem Ch. 01 Pt. 2


Thanks for the positive feedback on Office Harem, Pt 1, Ch 1. Thanks are due to sdbnnc for her very kind assistance in editing that chapter and this one. The story continues below.

On Monday, a staff night out was announced for the end of the following week. Frances and I both decided to attend if we could get babysitters or farm out our kids. It turned out that Frances' husband actually would be home that night, so Frances told him that she'd be staying with a female colleague overnight whilst he took over childcare. My daughter would spend the night at a friend's house, supervised by the friend's mother. Frances and I were happy to have another chance to spend time together socially, but we knew we had to guard against appearing like a couple to our co-workers.

When the night out arrived, Frances looked stunning in tight black trousers with a black halter top that was cut so that the sides of her breasts showed, and was so low at the back it was obvious she wasn't wearing a bra. Frances' large heavy breasts pointed very slightly downwards; they were remarkably perky considering she was a mother of three children. In keeping with our low profile at the gathering, we had agreed that, as I began to talk about leaving, Frances would say that she wasn't feeling too well. I would offer to walk Frances to the train station and see her on the correct train, since that was the train I took as well.

Frances and I enjoyed the night out with our colleagues, and our departure plan was going well, until one of Frances' Admin Department colleagues offered to walk her to the station or even to let her sleep back at her flat. Frances managed to convince the co-worker that she preferred to go home, but we couldn't shake the escort to the train station. Frances and I had to keep our distance, and Frances had to continue acting ill (but not too ill) longer than anticipated. Once we had our tickets and were boarding, Frances' colleague left us to head home on her own.

Once we were safely on board the train, Frances sat in the aisle seat and turned towards me. As we kissed, my hands moved under her jacket to her bare skin, stroking her back and the sides of her breasts. Frances pulled the side of her blouse up over her left breast, exposing it to my right hand whilst shielding it from the other passengers by her body. I ran my hand over her pendulous breast and her rapidly stiffening nipple. We continued kissing until the conductor came to check our tickets.

Although Frances kept her back turned whilst I showed our tickets to the conductor, the conductor's eyes kept looking to the side of me. As I watched the conductor, her lips parted and she licked them. Glancing back, I saw that the conductor was looking at the reflection of Frances' breast in the window, so I shifted position, giving the conductor a full view of Frances. The conductor's nipples were starting to tent her blouse; I discretely passed her one of my cards, and mouthed that she should call or text if she was free in the morning. Although she nodded, she glanced at the back of Frances' head and raised a questioning eyebrow. I nodded and winked, and then she left with a smile.

As we approached the station nearest my home, Frances tucked her breast back into her top. While we waited to disembark, we stood next to the conductor. At one point, Frances stiffened, and I looked at her questioningly. She mouthed, "My bum." I frowned. "She's touching my bum," Frances whispered. "She likes you," I quietly replied. "She saw the reflection of your breast in the window. If you're interested, she may be coming round tomorrow morning. I think it's you she's after."

Frances' mouth fell open, but I noticed she pressed back against the conductor's hand. Then Frances let go of my hand to reach behind her to cup the conductor's crotch through her slacks. The conductor breathed in deeply, but did not move away from Frances' hand. I could see that both women were interested – or at least curious – enough that a morning get-together was likely.

When the train stopped at the platform, the conductor moved past Frances to get to the door controls. Frances went out first, and I noticed that she turned, rubbing her breasts across the conductor's back on her way off the train. As I passed the conductor, she said, "I finish in half an hour. I can come round tonight or in the morning, whichever you prefer."

"I'd like to have her to myself tonight," I replied, "call me in the morning."

It crossed my mind that it was surreal to discuss Frances as a possession with a woman we didn't know, especially since we were doing in front of Frances. As Frances and I walked up the station ramp to the main street, passing the cemetery on the way to my house, Frances could barely keep her hands off me. Although Frances' attentions were making walking difficult for me, I put off her suggestion that we go into the cemetery before continuing to my house, responding, "Maybe another time."

Just inside the front door, I took Frances in my arms, and we collapsed onto the stairs kissing passionately. I stripped off her top, marvelling at her breasts as I slid my hand between her legs and up to her crotch. I could feel her heat, and noticed her trousers were damp. Realizing just how ready Frances was for sex, we went up to my bedroom, where we undressed each other. Soon Frances lay on the bed, legs spread; she pulled me down on top of her. The gyrations of her hips against mine made it obvious that Frances wanted my hard cock in her soaking pussy right away.

I slid my cock inside Frances' moist pussy, easily reaching as far as her cervix before beginning to slide back out. When just my cock head remained inside her, I paused, savouring the look of desperation on Frances' face. Need spurring her to action, Frances lifted her legs, using her calves to pull me forwards, and slamming my cock head back against her cervix. I pumped my cock in and out of her pussy; Frances began moaning loudly as waves of ecstasy swamped her. I had yet to come, so I pulled out of her pussy, and told her to get on all fours.

Before I entered Frances from behind, I slid my fingers over her labia and inside her pussy, gathering some of her copious lubrication. I replaced my fingers with my cock, pushing in deeply, and used my wet fingers to play with the tight button of Frances' asshole. I pushed my fingers into Frances' tight asshole one at a time. When all three fingers were buried inside Frances' ass, Frances pushed back against me, forcing my fingers and my cock deeper. Now that I had stretched Frances' asshole, I pulled my cock from her pussy and my fingers from her asshole. As I pressed my cock head against her now loosened asshole, Frances didn't push back but, when I asked if she wanted this, she nodded. When I told her to speak, she said she wanted me inside her, using all of her holes.

Reassured, I pressed my cock head against her button, feeling it slowly stretch until the head was inside. Having breeched the initial barrier, I let Frances control the rate at which my cock continued entering her asshole. Although I had stretched and loosened Frances' asshole with my fingers, Frances' sphincter was so tight around my cock that I almost lost my load before I was fully inside her. Using my self-control to clamp down on my climax, I held on and eventually my cock was fully buried in her rectum. Frances adjusted to the intrusion of my cock into her ass, and began to sigh and shift her hips, signalling me that she was ready to go on. I withdrew my cock until the swollen cockhead was hard against her sphincter, and then with increasing speed, I began to fuck Frances' asshole.

I knew Frances would be sore, but the movements got easier for both of us and the sounds Frances was making changed. She clearly was excited by my ravaging her asshole, and I felt pressure increasing in my balls. As I came, I drove my cock deep into Frances' ass, pumping my semen inside. Feeling the contractions of my cock in her ass, Frances began her own orgasm. When we both were finished, we collapsed exhausted onto the bed. I rolled us onto our sides, my slowly deflating cock still held fast by her sphincter.

After a few minutes, Frances suggested we shower. As Frances moved, my cock slipped out of her asshole. I handed Frances a tissue to hold against her asshole until she could get to the toilet. After dropping the tissue into the toilet, Frances expelled what she could from her asshole, wiped her ass, and got into the shower.

In the shower, we washed each other, but I also used my soapy hand to play with Frances' labia and clit, bringing her to close to another orgasm. I knelt in the shower, and held her labia apart as I licked her clit. Within seconds, Frances was cumming; I kept licking, feeling her ejaculate dribble into my mouth and down my chin. Frances' continuing orgasm weakened her knees, and she slumped against the shower wall. I fingered her again, rubbing her clit whilst sliding my fingers in and out of her pussy. I finally stopped playing with Frances to give her a chance to recover whilst I showered, carefully cleaning my cock. When I had cleaned up and rinsed, I pulled Frances to her feet, gave her body a final rinse, and switched off the shower. We were exhausted, so we went to bed, falling immediately to sleep.

In the morning, Frances made breakfast wearing an apron and nothing else, providing me with clear views of her pussy and asshole, enhancing my usual morning erection. I retrained myself with difficulty, and Frances and I discussed our relationship over breakfast. Frances again spoke of her loneliness due to her husband working on the other side of the country. She still planned to join him, with the children, once he was established in his new job and their house here was sold. Until she relocated, she hoped we would continue seeing each other whenever possible.

Frances understood that ours could not be an exclusive relationship; she had to accommodate her husband's marital desires, and I was single, with my own needs that our occasional meetings would not satisfy. Having decided our course, Frances needed to get home. She went upstairs to dress, and I received a text message from the train conductor, asking when she should come over. I responded that I was about to walk Frances to the next train so she could get home. The conductor responded that I should put Frances on the back of the train and then look along the platform; the conductor signed the text, "Claire."

I made sure we had plenty of time to walk to the station so Frances would not miss the next train. Frances dressed to go home in a modest casual outfit, but when she approached me, I pulled up her top. I grasped the right cup of her bra, pulling it away from her body so that I could cut off the tip of the cup with a pair of scissors. I repeated this procedure with the left cup, and then pulled Frances' blouse back into place. I raised Frances' skirt to her waist, used my scissors to trim the crotch from her panties, and then lowered her skirt back into place.

As we walked to the station, Frances' nipples rubbed against the inside of her blouse, exciting them into erect nubs. At the station, whilst waiting for the train, my hands roamed freely over Frances' body whilst we exchanged long, lingering kisses. When the train arrived, I walked Frances to the door the text message requested. I gave Frances' ass a parting squeeze as she got on the train. When I glanced along the platform, I saw Claire, the conductor, at the far end of the platform, wearing a long overcoat. Turning back to the train, I blew Frances a kiss and waved as the train left the platform.

Claire was still standing at the end of the platform; I beckoned for her to come. As Claire approached, she opened her coat, revealing that, underneath the coat, Claire was wearing a dog collar and nothing else. Having given me a brief preview of coming attractions, Claire closed her coat and continued walking toward me on 4" stilettos.

"It's lovely to see you again, especially so much of you. What's the collar for?" I asked.

"I'm a submissive; I prefer to be dominated," Claire replied.

"In that case, let's go to my house."

What happened next is another story, which I may tell later. I'll certainly tell you what happened next with Caroline.

Please leave feedback, whether you like the story or not, it's all appreciated.

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