tagMatureOffice Harem Ch. 01 Pt. 3

Office Harem Ch. 01 Pt. 3


Thanks for the positive feedback on Office Harem, Pt 1, Ch 2. Thanks are due to sdbnnc for her very kind assistance in editing the first two chapters and this one. The story continues below.


Frances and I didn't have much opportunity to get together for the next few weeks. During that time, drastic changes in the economy, including a serious downturn in the housing market, made it clear Frances and her husband would not be able to sell their house for the foreseeable future. When Frances called me to discuss this development, she also let me know she would like to expand our recent liaisons into something longer term. We weren't able to coordinate overnight care for our children, so we agreed to meet for dinner. I reserved a table at a smart restaurant, and arrived there a bit ahead of time wearing a suit and tie. When Frances turned up, she looked stunning in a skirt that ended an inch or two above her knees, as well as high heels, fishnets and a tight top that wrapped over her cleavage.

I gave the waiter our drinks order, and then quietly asked if Frances she wanted to hear my conditions for continuing our relationship. Although Frances looked a bit disconcerted, she nodded. I asked Frances what she was wearing under her clothes, and Frances responded that she was wearing a bra, silk panties and a suspender belt for her fishnets.

Making sure I had Frances' attention, I instructed, "After our food order is taken, you will ask the waiter or waitress for directions to the toilet. You will enter a stall in the ladies' room and masturbate until you orgasm, letting your pussy juice soak your panties. You then will remove your bra before you return to the table."

Frances' eyes were round and wide, but she made no attempt to interrupt.

"When you return to the table, you will hand me your bra, making no attempt to hide it or avoid drawing attention to it." I said. "From this time forward, except when we are together at work-related functions, you never will wear a bra in my presence."

Frances looked stunned, but I continued, "After we finish our starters, you will return to the toilet and again masturbate to orgasm. When your pussy juices have soaked into your panties, you will return to the table."

"Is that it?" Frances asked incredulously.

"No," I said. "After our main course is completed, you will return to the ladies' room to again masturbate to orgasm, soaking your panties once again with your pussy juices. You will remove your panties, and bring them back to the table where you will hand them to me. From tonight forward, you will wear panties in my presence only if we are at work or a work-related function."

Frances could not compose herself enough to respond before the waitress came to take our order. Throughout the ordering process, Frances watched the waitress with a combination of excitement and anxiety in her eyes. As the waitress turned to go, Frances spoke up, "Excuse me. Where are the toilets, please?"

"The toilets are round the corner there, the second door on your left."

"Thank you."

Frances went to the bathroom, but returned quickly. As she walked toward our table, the movement of her breasts confirmed that Frances had followed my instructions. When Frances reached our table, the flush up her neck and over her cheeks was visible, and her sexual aroma rose around her like a cloud of scent. My belief that she had complied with all my instructions was confirmed when, as I rose to help her into her seat, Frances lifted her face to kiss me whilst passing her bra into my free hand.

As we began eating again, I added, "When you are in the office or at work functions, you are only to wear stockings or crotchless tights. Is that clear?"

"Yes, perfectly," Frances responded with a smile.

As we ate our main course, we continued working out how often we could arrange to meet, and confirmed that, whilst Frances would have sex exclusively with me, I was under no such restriction. When Frances completed her main course, she gave me an inquiring glance. I nodded, and Frances rose to return to the ladies' room, giving me a very interesting view of her ass and the damp spot on the back of her skirt. I was in the process of ordering drinks when Frances returned to our table. Again, her neck and face glowed pink, and her eyes glittered with excitement. Without disturbing me whilst I placed our order, Frances leaned over my chair and silently laid her exceeding damp panties on my thigh before resuming her seat.

After desserts (and one more ladies' room orgasm for Frances), we left the restaurant. As Frances preceded me out the restaurant door, I noted that the damp spot on her skirt was even larger and more obvious. We boarded the next train that would deliver us to our respective homes, but went into the toilet together rather than taking seats.

Once we were locked into the tiny cubicle, I opened my trousers, releasing my semi-hard cock. Frances pulled up her skirt and, whilst I enjoyed the sight of her very wet pussy, I pulled her skirt back down and pressed down on Frances' shoulders. Frances immediately sank to her knees on the toilet floor, and used her hand to insert my cock into her mouth and down her throat.

Frances got into a rhythm, sucking me, and then took my cock deep into her throat. The feeling of my cock being massaged by Frances' throat muscles was fantastic. I placed a hand on either side of Frances' head and began fucking her mouth. As my orgasm crested, I clutched her head deep into my groin, shooting pulses of semen down her throat. When I felt I had finished, I pulled my cock from Frances' mouth, only to have a few drops land directly onto Frances' blouse. We were approaching my stop, so I helped Frances to her feet, and bid her "Goodnight" with a kiss on the cheek.

The following week, I arranged for Frances to come to my home one weeknight. Frances arrived wearing a short leather skirt and a see-through top that made it very obvious she had complied with my "no bra" rule. I had been checking to see that Frances was complying with my instructions daily at the office, so I was not surprised to see how Frances was dressed. "It's great to see you," I said. "That's an interesting outfit."

"Well, it's because of the other night at the restaurant and on the train."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"When I got home that night, I lay in bed thinking about how unsure I was about what you asked of me. But I had to admit to myself that I felt good when given instruction. I was shocked when you took hold of my head on the train, but I was excited because you took charge."

Taking a deep breath that stirred her breasts slightly, Frances continued, "I looked forward to your 'daily checks,' and eagerly await your emails and texts asking for meetings to confirm my compliance with your instructions. All this has helped me gradually realise that I need to know you are in charge."

"How did your realisation lead to the outfit?" I excitedly asked.

"This outfit signifies that I am offering myself to you. I want you to take charge of me for the good of our relationship, and the good of my family."

"Are you saying that I am your master, and you are my slave?"


"'Yes,' what?"

"Yes, Master."

"You'll be a good slave, I'm sure. Tell me, is there anything sexual that we haven't done yet that you wish to do?"

"Whatever you want, Master," Frances replied.

I removed Frances' skirt, motioning that Frances should spread her legs to allow me to see her labia. Already damp, Frances' labia grew wetter as I began to speak, "I will take you at your word," I said. "Your limits will be tested over time. From tonight on, you should be prepared for me to tie you up, spank you, reward you and even punish you."

Frances began breathing more rapidly, and her pussy juices began leaking from her slit. I continued, "In addition to mastering you sexually, I will assume control of other aspects of your life. Your husband is cruelly stringing you and your children along. I am instructing you to secure a private detective to investigate your husband; you have access to your husband's money, and can pay the detective with those funds. Once the detective secures proof, you will be able to divorce your husband for adultery as well as for abandonment. During the private detective's investigation of your husband and your subsequent divorce, our sexual relationship will be on hold. Once the divorce is final, you should win a large maintenance award and sole possession your home. When you have clear title to the house, it will be signed over to me. We will keep our sexual relationship secret to maximize your award in the divorce. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Master."

"Do you agree?"

"My agreement is not required, Master, but as you have asked then, yes, I agree."


Having taken care of business, I took Frances up to my bedroom. I blindfolded Frances before starting to demonstrate bondage. Frances lay face-up on the bed, with her wrists secured to the headboard. Just the brushing of soft rope over her belly and across her breasts caused Frances' nipples to stand at attention and her skin to shiver. Frances was perfuming the room with the smell of her sex, and I knew Frances could easily slide over the edge into orgasm. However, I felt it was important for Frances to realize that I controlled her orgasms as well as her body. I kept Frances tied up for over an hour, bringing her closer and closer to the edge, but never letting her have that last little push into orgasm. When I had finished demonstrating my control over Frances, I untied her hands, took off her blindfold, and bid her "Goodnight" with a light kiss on her lips.

The following Monday, Frances took leave from work in retain a solicitor, who advised Frances that her chances of a substantial settlement were good. During the next few months, the solicitor was proved correct. The day after Frances received her divorce and settlement, Frances arranged for her parents to see to her children for the weekend. Once the children were safely with her parents, Frances came to my house, since my daughter was away on a holiday with my parents.

After a long weekend of fun, sex and testing Frances' limits, and a couple of hours before our children were due back to their respective homes, Frances and I met with her solicitor. In the solicitor's office, Frances deeded her house over to me, and executed a new Last Will and Testament that named me as her sole beneficiary.

When we left the solicitor to return home, I said, "Frances, there's another thing that I want you to do."

"Yes, Master."

"I want you to cautiously sound out some of our co-workers to determine how receptive they are to a relationship with me and, to some extent, with you and me."

"Yes, Master. Whom do you want me to speak to?"

"Caroline, initially; Lucy and Lindsay later on," I said. "You will be the first in my harem, for there will be others I will approach directly."

"I am at your service, Master."


Here ends Part 1, Part 2 will follows shortly. Please feel free to leave feedback.

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