tagMatureOffice Harem Ch. 02 Pt. 2

Office Harem Ch. 02 Pt. 2


Thanks are due to sdbnnc for her very kind assistance in editing all the previous parts of this series. I hope you enjoy this second chapter of part two.


As usual, I made my way through Frances' back garden, and then walked to the train station where I caught the first train to my home station. I walked home, then showered, dressed, and had breakfast. As I finished drinking my tea, I sent a text message to Caroline, asking if it was a good time for me to call.

When Caroline responded, "Later," by text, I was confused, since she had wanted me to call her. I knew Caroline was married, and thought maybe her husband was there, so she wasn't free to talk. I also thought that perhaps Caroline had gone further last night with me than she planned, and now was embarrassed to talk to me. Rather that sit around, wondering, I decided to ask Frances for her opinion. My text to Frances, asking if she were free to talk, got a return text saying she was on the phone with Caroline, and that Caroline felt good about her time with me last night.

My concerns that Caroline was getting cold feet were resolved by the message from Frances, so I waited another 15 minutes, and sent Caroline another text message, asking if I could call. When Caroline responded that it was OK for me to call, I did so immediately.

"Hi, Caroline," I began, "It's --"

"I know who it is," Caroline interrupted, "Your number's programmed into my phone; I got it from the list at Reception."

"I guess that answers that question then."

"Which question?" Caroline asked.

"Whether you meant last night; it wasn't just the alcohol."

"Definitely; I mean, I definitely meant last night."

"So where do we go from here? I mean, you're interested in something happening; I'm interested and excited about the idea as I've been attracted to you for a while," I admitted.

"I know; I've noticed," Caroline replied.

"Look, if you can get away from the house, do you fancy going for a drive in the country? We can go in your car or mine."

"That sounds great. Why don't I pick you up?" Caroline offered.

"Excellent. When will you come round?"

"I'll be there in about an hour. Is that ok?"

"I'll see you then," I said.

We hung up, and I cleaned up the breakfast dishes, brushed my teeth and shaved. I was ready well before time for Caroline to arrive, so I walked outside as she pulled her car into the drive. As I got into the car, I noticed how fantastic Caroline looked that morning. Caroline had dressed in a skirt that rested just above her knees; her legs were in black tights, and she was wearing pumps. The light blue blouse and subtle makeup called attention to Caroline's face, since although the blouse's top few buttons were undone, the material draped over her breasts. After I settled into my seat, I leaned over to kiss Caroline's cheek, and suggested that we drive to a nearby park. The park was heavily wooded, but accessible by car. The park, though not far from the city, gave an illusion of being in a primeval forest, completely private and removed from the civilised world in which we lived.

As Caroline drove to the park, I watched her legs as she changed gears. Caroline's toned calves flexed and relaxed whilst she drove, confirming a dedication to keeping herself in shape. The movement of Caroline's legs on the car pedals was also causing her short skirt to slide up her thighs, providing more evidence of Caroline's dedication to keeping physically fit. Whilst I debated the safety of sliding my hand up one of Caroline's thighs as she continued driving, Caroline gave me a sideways glance and her hips a little wiggle, causing her skirt to ride further up her thighs. The shift in position pulled Caroline's skirt up to reveal lacy trim at the top of Caroline's stockings. Thinking about Caroline's stockings and garters, and what lay under them, strengthened my erection, stretching my dick to its full length and making it difficult for me to sit comfortably in the car.

"Hmm, looks like we don't need to go to the forest," Caroline said, her eyes twinkling behind her glasses as she glanced at me.


"We don't need to go to the forest; there's enough wood in here," Caroline chuckled.

Far from being embarrassed that my condition was so obvious, I was relieved to hear Caroline's reaction since it proved she was comfortable with the idea of taking things further. Encouraged, I moved my hand to Caroline's left thigh and gently stroked her leg.

"You'll make me crash the car!" Caroline fussed.

"Nonsense," I said, using my fingers to ease her skirt higher.

Caroline dropped her left hand from the wheel to push my hand away, "Down, boy. You'll get your chance."

Driving through the forest, Caroline found a secluded roadway, and reversed the car to park amongst the trees. Then Caroline switched off the engine, and turned to me.

"What are you hoping for?" Caroline asked.

"A relationship with the beautiful woman sitting next to me," I responded.

"What kind of relationship?"

"It depends on what you are looking for; ideally, a long-term one, which will develop beyond just sex," I replied.

"What about my husband?" Caroline asked.

"What about him? If you were fully happy with him, you wouldn't be here. There's obviously something wrong, even if it's something minor, between the two of you or you wouldn't have agreed to be here with me."

"I suppose so. Do you honestly find me attractive?"

"Of course I do. What's not to find attractive?"

"Well, I've got small breasts compared to some," Caroline replied, opening the door for me to begin to understand this beautiful woman's insecurities and anxieties.

"Your breasts are perfectly in keeping with your body. I think they are fabulous. They felt amazing when they were pressed against me last night in Central Station. I'm hoping that will happen again soon, and that I'll be able to hold them and touch them and kiss them," I responded.

"Is that right?" Caroline asked. Again, Caroline's insecurities were revealed as she continued, "I guess we'll have to see what happens."

"You've not told me what you want from this," I said.

"I want to feel desired, and I want to live out some of my fantasies," Caroline responded. Before Caroline could continue talking, I leaned across and kissed Caroline softly on her lips. As I pulled slightly away, I smiled, and then leaned forward to kiss her more firmly. Putting a hand on the back of Caroline's neck, I deepened the kiss, pressing my tongue against her lips until Caroline parted them, letting my tongue slide into her mouth. My tongue got well acquainted with hers for the next few minutes, and I ran my fingers through Caroline's hair whilst kissing her. When I felt Caroline's body relax, getting used to kissing a man not her husband, I pulled away from Caroline's mouth, but continued touching her, keeping us connected physically.

"I enjoyed that," I said, "And I enjoyed that you seemed to be getting in to it as well."

In response, Caroline pulled the draping fabric of her blouse apart, revealing the tops of her breasts. Raising my eyebrows, I asked, "Trying to tease me with a glimpse of your breasts?

Caroline smiled as her hands moved to unbutton the blouse completely, and said, "No, trying to help you to realise your hope to touch and kiss my breasts, which I know I will enjoy as much as your kisses."

"So," I responded, "Are you enjoying what I'm doing with you or are you just enjoying how much I am enjoying it?"

Caroline smiled enigmatically and replied, "As long as we both enjoy, does it really matter why?"

In response, I gently ran my fingers under Caroline's blouse, tracing the shape of her silky bra from the side to pass my fingers over the cups, through which Caroline's nipples jutted. Continuing to massage Caroline's breasts, I kept my palms over the hard pebbles of her nipples whilst I leaned to kiss Caroline's décolletage, and then pulled my hands back to capture those nipples between my fingers, pulling and twisting them gently. In minutes, Caroline's body began to move as Caroline rubbed her thighs together, squeezing them in rhythm to the pressure I applied to her nipples.

"Enjoying yourself, are you?" I asked, pleased at Caroline's response.

"Oh, yes," Caroline replied, "Quite a bit."

Encouraged that Caroline wanted to go further, I slipped my hands into the cups of Caroline's bra and pulled them below her breasts. Once again, I took her nipples, which seemed even larger and harder now they were exposed to the cool air inside the car, and rubbed, twisted and pulled both of them gently. Caroline shuddered with excitement, and sighed deeply. I leaned over to kiss Caroline again, continuing to play with her nipples. As our kiss deepened, Caroline moaned, and then pulled me closer. I moved my head so that I could lick Caroline's breasts, and then I began to kiss, nibble and suck Caroline's nipples, alternating between them.

Then heat radiating up from Caroline's groin drew my hand like a magnet. My hand moved up Caroline's thigh, and Caroline suddenly moved in her seat. At first, I thought Caroline was pulling away, but soon realised she was raising her ass off the seat so that I could pull her skirt up further. I paused in my attention to Caroline's breasts to take in the sight of her beautiful thighs, framed by the lacy tops of her black stockings, bisected by the tight black elastic of her garters. My hand moved to stroke the bare skin at the top of Caroline's stockings, and heard Caroline murmur, but couldn't understand her.

"What was that?" I asked.

"Don't stop . . . please, don't stop," Caroline sighed.

"Are you sure? If I go further, I'll want to go all the way," I warned.

"I know -- me too," Caroline replied, "Don't stop. Please don't stop."

I moved my hand further up Caroline's bare thigh to touch the crotch of Caroline's thong. The tiny scrap of material was damp -- no, it was soaked. I rubbed the material between my fingers, feeling drops of Caroline's sexual juices drip. My fingers slid beneath the sodden thong to feel Caroline's labia. Caroline moaned, more loudly and deeply. Caroline's moans were encouraging, and I slid my fingers into the warm wetness between her labia. In her excitement, Caroline used her hands to press my face into her breasts, making it difficult for me to breathe, but I continued rubbing between Caroline's labia until I found and began concentrating on her clitoris. As Caroline's orgasm approached, her hands dropped from my head so I could breathe again, but I went back to sucking and nibbling Caroline's nipples after taking a few deep breaths. Suddenly, Caroline reached her orgasm, and cried out as spasms wracked her body.

"I want you inside me," Caroline panted.

"Are you sure?"


"Here? Or would you rather we go back to my house?" I asked.

"Yours might be better. I don't think I can drive though," Caroline sighed.

"That's OK," I replied, "Give me the keys, and I'll drive."

I got out and walked around the car, my erection making my movements guarded and slower than my excitement wished. By the time I reached the driver's door, Caroline had shifted into the passenger seat, so I got in the car and drove us to my house. Whilst I drove, Caroline removed her bra, leaving her unbuttoned blouse on. Then Caroline unhooked her garters, raised her ass off the seat to remove her thong, and reattached her stockings to the garters. She grabbed a case from between the seats, and carefully placed her glasses inside. Then, although we were nearing my house, Caroline turned in her seat and reached over to unzip my trousers.

"Patience," I said, "You'll get there soon enough. You won't get there at all if we crash!" Caroline stayed turned toward me in her seat, but pulled her skirt up around her hips. It was tough keeping my attention on the road when my quick glance showed that Caroline was smiling whilst slowly masturbating.

"Just keeping yourself going?" I asked.

"I'm keeping you going as well," Caroline replied, with a lingering look at my crotch. I couldn't argue with the evidence that Caroline was right. My penis was tenting my trousers, and a damp spot was growing as the pre-cum soaked into the material. When we reached my house, I parked the car and we practically ran up the steps. At the door, my excitement made me clumsy. I realised the keys in my hand were Caroline's, and I dropped them as I fumbled in my pocket for the door key. Despite this, we finally were in the house, and I immediately took Caroline into my arms, and began kissing her deeply whilst backing her to the hallway wall. Once again, I exposed Caroline's breasts, and began kissing and licking them whilst my hands stripped the blouse off her shoulders before moving to the fastening at the waist of Caroline's skirt.

"On or off?" I asked.

"On," Caroline replied, panting.

I pulled Caroline's skirt up around her waist, exposing her stockings and her hot, moist crotch. Caroline pulled my t-shirt up and over my head, and then I felt her warm hands on my chest. Caroline's hands again went to my trousers, unbuckling my belt and lowering the zipper. As my trousers slid down, Caroline reached for the waistband of my boxers. Caroline gripped the boxers and pushed them and my trousers down to my knees. As my rigid cock sprang free, Caroline dropped to her knees, and hungrily sucked it into her mouth.

Caroline took my full length into her mouth, and I felt the head of my cock touching the back of her throat. Although Caroline gagged slightly, she carried on licking and sucking my cock. I knew I was close to orgasm, and told Caroline so. Immediately, Caroline stopped sucking, and pulled a condom from the bunched up pocket of her skirt before standing up. On her feet, Caroline ripped open the packet and slid the condom down my cock. As soon as the condom was in place, I lifted Caroline off her feet. Caroline's legs wrapped around my waist, and I pushed my cock slowly and deeply into her hot, moist, tight vagina. Once my cock was fully seated in Caroline's vagina, I stepped out of my trousers and boxers, and carried Caroline into the lounge. Caroline moved her legs to stand, dismounting from my cock, and then laid down on the floor. I got down on my knees and again slid my cock deep inside her. My balls slapped against Caroline's ass as my cockhead reached her cervix. Withdrawing and re-entering, I brought Caroline rapidly towards orgasm, pushing her over as my cum erupted into Caroline. My ejaculate pulsed so strongly that it overflowed the condom to trickle down Caroline's ass and onto the carpet. Despite my climax, I kept sliding my cock in and out of Caroline, keeping her orgasm roiling on, encouraging my cock to stay firm.

As Caroline's orgasms calmed, I pulled out of her, and assisted her to move onto all fours. I quickly found another condom in Caroline's skirt pocket, and put it on with one hand whilst I pushed Caroline's skirt back up away from her ass. Sliding my cock back into Caroline's dripping pussy, I grasped her hip with one hand, whilst reaching forward to grab her hair with my other. I gently pulled Caroline's hair, lifting her head, and rubbed her ass with my free hand. Caroline moaned, but pushed her hips back toward me. Encouraged, I gathered the fluids leaking out around my pumping cock with my hand. As my cock pumped harder into Caroline, I pulled harder at her hair, and pressed my wet index finger against her puckered sphincter. Caroline exploded into yet another orgasm, and her sphincter relaxed. I slipped my index finger into Caroline's ass, and Caroline groaned, but continued pressing her ass back toward me. I pulled my index finger out of her ass, and then eased it back into her ass with my middle finger held tightly next to it. Once again, Caroline groaned, but her only move was to drop her head onto her arms, and then lower her chest to the floor. The repositioning of Caroline's body shifted her ass closer to me, but I knew my orgasm was close. I pulled out of Caroline's pussy, slipped off the condom, and masturbated whilst continuing to move my fingers in and out of her ass. As I reached my climax, I sprayed my cum onto Caroline's body, leaving spots on her skirt, and watching it slide down her ass onto the carpet.

I eased my fingers out of Caroline's anus, and then lay down on the floor, pulling Caroline into my arms. Caroline looked at me, her eyes seemingly unable to focus, the pupils wide and dilated. "How was that for you?" I asked.

"It . . . was . . . amazing," Caroline gasped, "I've never felt like that before."

"What about with your husband?"

"No, not with him. We don't have sex very often because he's infertile and thinks little of himself. He is 'little' as well, if you understand me."

"I see . . ." I left it at that, but my mind started mulling things over. "You know," I said, "I'd really like to do this again. But I also hope you'll stay a while just now, as well as come back another time."

"Definitely," Caroline said with a smile that lit her face. Caroline reached a hand down to my now flaccid cock. Realising my cock was sticky with cum, Caroline wriggled down, and took it in her mouth to clean it. I told Caroline that, pleasurable as her mouth on my cock was, perhaps we should have a shower instead. We went upstairs, and I helped Caroline finish undressing. We got the water at the temperature we wanted, and then got into the shower. During the shower, I ran my fingers through Caroline's pubic hair, and asked if she ever considered shaving it off. Caroline didn't answer, so I lathered up my hands and began washing her all over. We had a great time washing, stroking, holding and kissing each other under the shower, but eventually the water began to cool. We got out of the shower, and then dried each other off. Caroline said that she should head home, but promised to come back soon.

Caroline put on her garter belt, stockings and skirt in the bathroom, then went to the hallway to pick up and put on her blouse. As Caroline left the house and walked down the steps, I noticed that the cum on her skirt had dried, leaving very noticeable stains. I alerted Caroline, but she just smiled, which made me curious as to what she was thinking.

I went back inside, and then into the lounge. I carefully cleaned the carpet, removing the puddle of cum that had oozed from Caroline's vagina and the discarded condoms. As I finished putting things to rights, my mobile beeped with a message from Frances, letting me know that Caroline had sent her a message about her time with me.

Eager to get a report, I called Frances, who answered the phone with a giggle. "I hear you've had a good time -- in fact, I'm surprised you have enough energy left to make a call," Frances laughed.

"Caroline sent you a text on her drive home?"

"Yes," Frances replied. "She was ecstatic. Hope all goes well."

"Ta. Do you think I'll hear from her soon?"

"You'll hear soon, but maybe not from her . . ." Frances said mysteriously.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"You'll find out," Frances said, and then broke the connection. I was curious, but I knew Frances would keep her secret until she was ready to talk to me. I went on about my day, getting ready for my daughter's return from her vacation with my parents, and the telephone rang later that evening.

"Hello?" I said.

A man's voice answered, "Is that Caroline's lover?"

Somewhat taken aback, I responded, "Yes. Who is this?"

"I'm Caroline's husband, David."

The only greeting I could summon to this news was silence.

David went on as if I had responded. "Caroline told me to call you to thank you for what you did for her earlier. She also wanted me to invite you to come over for dinner tomorrow night."

"Tell your wife that she's more than welcome. I'll come round for dinner tomorrow."

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