tagBDSMOffice Harem Ch. 02 Pt. 3

Office Harem Ch. 02 Pt. 3


Thanks are due to sdbnnc for her very kind assistance in editing all the previous parts of this series. I hope you enjoy this final chapter of part two. Part three will follow shortly.


My sleep that night was fitful; I couldn't remember specific dreams, but I woke the next morning more tired than I had been when I went to sleep. Even though I couldn't remember my dreams, I had a sense that, if I had not emptied my balls with Caroline, my bed would have been a sticky mess from wet dreams.

I was unsure about what to expect that night, and Caroline didn't answer her mobile when I called. I kept myself busy to get through the day, and then showered, shaved and dressed for dinner at Caroline's house. As I drove to Caroline's, I stopped to pick up flowers. I made the drive to Caroline's house mechanically -- my brain was racing at about 100 miles per hour, exploring the possibilities of having dinner with Caroline and David.

I rang the doorbell, and immediately heard someone approaching the door. Caroline's husband, David, opened the door and invited me inside. After I entered the house, David showed me through to the lounge, where Caroline was waiting. Caroline looked fabulous in a short, black leather skirt and black velvet jacket. The jacket buttoned up to the base of Caroline's throat, but, when Caroline crossed her gorgeous legs, I could see right up her thighs. Once again, Caroline's long legs were sheathed in black stockings with black lace tops, but I could see that these stockings were hold-ups, as no garter belt was in evidence. Caroline also wore black patent leather stilettos with dangerous looking heels.

I walked over to Caroline, and bent to kiss her cheek. Caroline turned her head and gave me a kiss full on the lips. Before I could pull back from Caroline's mouth in surprise, she brushed my lips with her tongue, encouraging me to open my mouth and deepen our kiss. However, I was very aware of David standing at the lounge door, watching us, so I pulled away from Caroline quickly, and looked at David.

Caroline giggled, "Don't worry about him. He's being put into his place tonight."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Wait and see," Caroline replied as she stood and led us through to the dining room. As we entered the room, Caroline turned and said, "David, you should have taken his jacket when he got here."

David hurried to obey, assisting me out of my jacket, and disappearing into the hall to hang my jacket in the closet by the front door. When David returned to the dining room, he scurried around the table to seat Caroline, and then pulled out the chair closest to Caroline's for me. It was a little awkward, having a man assist me in seating myself, but as soon as I sat down, I noticed other things that claimed my attention.

First, Caroline and I had place settings of fine china plates, crystal wine glasses, heavy linen napkins, and sterling silver flatware. David's place setting was cheap crockery, a thick glass tumbler, plastic-handled flatware and a paper napkin. Whilst my chair was at the head of the table with Caroline at my right hand, David sat at the far end of the table, which easily could have seated 12 diners. Despite the distance between us, David served Caroline and me throughout the meal, bringing each course in from the kitchen and clearing the table at the end of every course as well. Caroline reserved the intimacy of serving her wine for me, and directed her conversation to me as if David were not even present. When David cleared the dishes after we completed our starter, I was pleasantly surprised to feel Caroline's foot, still in its stiletto, stroking up and down my thigh. When I looked at Caroline, raising my eyebrow in question, Caroline smiled and winked at me.

Just then, David came through with the next course, and I was disappointed that Caroline placed her foot back on the floor. We continued with our meal, and then David cleared the table again, staying in the kitchen for a while to organise dessert. Once again, I felt Caroline sliding her foot up my leg, but I could feel that she had left her shoe on the floor before starting this exploration. Caroline's stocking-clad foot crept up the side of my calf, and insinuated itself between my legs, prompting me to move them further apart. Having been granted access, Caroline gently stroked my crotch with her foot. My cock, which had softened during the previous course of the meal, stiffened again, attracting more attention from Caroline's foot.

By this time, all the questions I had kicked around in my mind overnight about the nature of Caroline's relationship with David, and how I was going to be added to the mix took a back burner to my appreciation of the moves that sexy woman was making on me, despite the fact that her husband was there with us. David brought in dessert, a platter of strawberries, with a mound of whipped cream, and a small pitcher of chocolate sauce. Caroline motioned for me to feed her strawberries, so I picked a large berry, dipped it in cream, and drizzled a small amount of chocolate sauce over it. I held the berry just out reach of Caroline's mouth until she leaned forward and captured it with her teeth. We ate a few berries, alternating feeding each other, and then Caroline stood and turned to me. "Can you help me with something?" Caroline asked.

"Of course," I said, rising to my feet, "What do you want me to do?"

"Help me take off these stockings. I need to use them to tie David up," Caroline answered. David looked up from studying his lap in surprise, and pushed his chair away from the dining table, but made no attempt to rise.

I was surprised, but hurried to crouch at Caroline's feet. Running my hands up Caroline's legs, I could smell the scent of a woman ready for sex. My hands slid under Caroline's leather skirt to the top of her stockings, and rolled them down Caroline's sleek, smooth legs. I handed the stockings to Caroline and, as I stood up, she used the first stocking to tie David's wrists together, and the second to tie David's arms to the back of his chair. Once David's upper body was restrained, Caroline then undid David's trousers, and pulled at them to get David to lift his ass off the chair. Caroline pulled David's trousers down his legs to bunch together at his feet. Caroline then had me tilt David's chair onto its back legs. Once the chair's front legs were in the air, slipped one leg of David's bunched trousers over the end of each of the front legs. Once the trousers were in place, I lowered David's chair to rest on all four legs. David's legs were simply and effectively restrained by his own weight in the chair.

Caroline turned and sat on the table directly in front of David's chair. In response to Caroline's glance at me, I walked over to Caroline, who pulled me closer, and then kissed me deeply whilst cupping my groin with one of her hands before leaning back on her elbows on the table, presenting her crotch for my attention. Sliding my hands up Caroline's thighs, I felt the dampness in her panties. Easing my thumb under her panties, I gently rubbed Caroline's clitoris, sending her body into quivering spasms. I looked over my shoulder to see David's eyes transfixed on Caroline and me.

To further demean David, I tugged Caroline's panties down over her hips. Caroline raised her ass so that I could pull her panties off and toss them to the floor. I unbuttoned Caroline's jacket, delighted to find Caroline wore only a brassiere underneath the jacket. I used the jacket to pull Caroline up off her elbows so that I could strip off her jacket and her bra. Once Caroline was stripped down to stilettos and leather skirt, I moved further between Caroline's legs, spreading her open for my use and David's better view. I reached down to pick up Caroline's panties, balling them up in my hand before using them to roughly wipe Caroline's crotch, from clitoris to the top of her bum crack.

I turned, holding the now soaking panties in one hand, and picked up Caroline's bra with my other hand. I approached David, and said, "Open your mouth -- I'm going to feed you your real dessert."

David's eyes were burning with rage that he was afraid to express, but he refused to open his mouth, even when I brought Caroline's panties to his nose and wiped them across his pursed lips. My response was to grab a handful of David's hair, pulling his head back against the chair. When David involuntarily opened his mouth, I stuffed the panties in and made sure the dirty, wet crotch was on David's tongue. David closed his mouth over the panties, but I could see the rebellion in his eyes. I took Caroline's bra and tied it like a gag across David's mouth, pulling the knot tight behind his head. I had twisted the bra into a tight rope before tying it on David's face, so his view of his wife giving herself to me would not be impeded, and I kept it clear of David's ears so that he would easily hear Caroline's moans and sighs.

"I like that you did that," Caroline said.

"I thought it was along the lines of where you were going," I responded.

"Can you do something else for me?" Caroline asked.

"What would that be?" I replied, a little apprehensive about where Caroline was going next.

"Can you pull his cock out?" Caroline requested.

"I'd rather you did that," I said, "I don't think I'd like to touch another man there."

Caroline sat up and slid off table, and then walked over to David, and began groping around inside David's boxers. "The damn thing's so small, I struggle to find it most of the time," Caroline said as she continued groping David. Eventually, Caroline just pulled David's boxers down below his balls. David's cocktail sausage of a cock nestled in his pubic hair, barely visible. Caroline stood up, still facing David, waiting for him to look into her eyes. When David finally did, Caroline pointed to her lips and said, "These no longer belong to you. They belong to my lover."

Caroline cupped her breasts in her hands and continued, "These no longer belong to you. They belong to my lover." Caroline moved her hands to her crotch, and used her fingers to spread her labia. Then Caroline said, "This no longer belongs to you. This belongs to my lover." Turning her back on David, Caroline bent over and used her fingers to separate her buttocks, exposing her anus to David as she said, "This never belonged to you. I now give it to my lover." Standing and turning once again to face David, Caroline said, "I never belonged to you. I now give myself -- wholly and completely -- to my lover, my bull."

Caroline turned and walked back to the table, and kissed me. Before Caroline lay back down on the table, I pulled her skirt up to again expose Caroline's crotch. Once Caroline was stretched out on the table, I moved further up between her legs, easing them further apart. I opened my flies, and pulled out my cock that had been straining for release since before dessert. I stroked my cockhead up and down Caroline's labia, coating it with her juices, and then pushing slowly and gently into her pussy.

Caroline was so tight, even though I knew she had been well-used the night before. Of course, having seen David's cock, I also knew that Caroline's pussy was almost virginal at the depth my cock was penetrating. Caroline's face took on a look of concentration and fleeting shock, but soon was lit by a smile of complete delight. I pushed further and further into Caroline's pussy, feeling every ripple in the walls of her pussy as my cockhead slid past them.

When most of my cock was inside Caroline, I stopped, waited a moment, and then started to pull my cock out. Every ridge lining Caroline's pussy resisted the withdrawal of my cock, which I stopped when only my cockhead was left in Caroline. I immediately pushed back into Caroline's pussy, moving more quickly. I quickly established a steady rhythm, fucking Caroline's pussy and holding her body under me as she began to writhe as her orgasm began claiming her. As Caroline's fluids increased, the pumping of my cock produced little spurts of sex juices, sliding down Caroline's ass crack to pool underneath her ass on the table. Caroline moaned, and began shouting, "Do you see how it's done, David? With you, it's never been like this. Fuck, David, this is how a man fucks. Oh, my God, what have I been missing? Fuck, fuck, fuck -- oh, oh -- your cock is so good, so thick and strong! What a difference!"

Caroline's breathing became rapid and shallow; her orgasm just moments away. I slowed my thrusts to hold Caroline on a plateau, prolonging her sexual tension before allowing her orgasm and release. As my thrusts slowed, I took Caroline's breasts in my hands and began teasing her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers. After I twisted and pulled Caroline's nipples a few times, Caroline opened her eyes, some of her attention called from her pussy to the tantalizing attention I was granting her nipples. Caroline smiled and raised her head, offering her mouth for my kiss. I took Caroline's mouth, kissing her deeply. With my cock still deep in Caroline's pussy, and my hands cupping Caroline's breasts, I glanced over my shoulder at David, Caroline's cuckolded husband. David's face reflected was a mixture of shock and anger; assured of David's full attention, I slid my hands to grasp Caroline's shoulders and began thrusting my cock into her pussy fast and deep and hard. Almost as soon as my thrusting began, Caroline crashed into orgasm. I felt Caroline's pussy spasm around my cock, and my cock began pumping deep inside Caroline. It felt as though Caroline's pussy was milking my cock, taking in my seed to feed her need for a child.

When the jets of cum slowed, I simply held my cock deep in Caroline's pussy, and waited for her spasms to stop. As Caroline calmed down, I slowly and gently began moving my cock in and out of Caroline's pussy, bringing Caroline back from her zenith of emotion and sexual excitement. When I finally pulled my cock out of Caroline's pussy, some semen dribbled from her pussy, collected on the edge of the table and then dripped to the floor. I was surprised that the volume of cum was so small, but then realized that Caroline's position on the table tilted her body so that most of my ejaculate stayed deep inside Caroline's body. I helped Caroline off the table, and she hugged me tightly. A drop of semen dripped from her labia onto my foot, and I asked Caroline what she wanted to do next.

"My husband is still tied up; I gave you my mouth and anus, as well as my pussy, to you. You've certainly staked your claim to my pussy, but you haven't taken ownership of my mouth or anus yet," Caroline replied. "What happens next is up to you. I have given myself to you."

"I can't have your husband saying that I forced you. The first time should be of your choosing," I said.

Taking my hand, Caroline turned me so that I was side-on to David. Caroline smiled and knelt at my feet. My cock stiffened in anticipation, and then Caroline leaned into my crotch, licking up the length of my cock before taking it into her mouth. Slowly sliding her head forward, Caroline too my full length down her throat. Reaching to my side, I grabbed a handful of David's hair and pulled back on it, forcing David to watch Caroline sucking my cock. Caroline's head bobbed back and forth, and I soon felt an orgasm building. Sensing it, Caroline cupped my balls in her hand, and increased the speed at which she was giving head. As Caroline felt my cock begin pulsing, she pulled her head off and drew back to present her face as a target for the streams of sperm that jetted from the end of my cock. In seconds, Caroline's face, neck and breasts were marked with my ejaculate.

Even the cum dripping down Caroline's face could not dim the brilliant smile she directed at me. After leaning back into my crotch and cleaning my cock with her tongue, Caroline slid her hands up my thighs and used that support to rise back to her feet. Caroline turned to face David; I could see David torn between the need to see Caroline's face and the humiliation she had caused him. Finally, David raised his face to meet Caroline's eyes, and the pain I could see there made me wonder if Caroline was pushing David too far, too fast.

Then Caroline slowly bent over, resting her hands on the arms of David's chair. The cum I had sprayed over Caroline's face began to drip down onto David, and I knew the smell of another man was strong in David's nose. Then the smell of Caroline's sex, presented to me along with her beautiful ass, claimed my attention.

Caroline's beautiful strong thighs glistened with the juices seeping from her pussy. I slipped my hand between Caroline's legs, reaching forward with my hand so that my cupped palm was directly under Caroline's labia. I stroked Caroline's labia and collected her dripping juices in my palm. Once my palm was slick with Caroline's juice, I brought my hand back to slide it over my cock, and then ran my wet fingers up and down Caroline's bum crack.

Once I had lubricated Caroline's anus, I pressed my cockhead against it. Despite my prior orgasms, my cock was erect enough to slowly penetrate Caroline's asshole. Caroline gasped as my cock entered her ass, but I continued to press forward, slowly filling her anus until my balls were pressed against her butt cheeks.

I pulled back until my cockhead strained her sphincter from inside, and then I reversed direction to push into Caroline's ass again. Building up speed with my pumping, I felt my orgasm building, so I reached through Caroline's legs to rub Caroline's clitoris. Caroline began to orgasm immediately, and her knees began to buckle, almost dislodging my cock from her ass. I grabbed Caroline's hips to steady her on her feet, and to hold my cock deep in her ass. Then I resumed pumping in and out of Caroline's ass until my semen surged from my balls, filling Caroline's anus. When the flow subsided, I slipped my cock out of Caroline's ass. As Caroline started to stand up, I noticed a dribble of blood, semen and faeces from Caroline's ass, moving down to her thighs.

I guided Caroline around to face the table, and placed her palms flat on the surface for support. Then I released David from the chair, but kept his wrists bound. When I pushed David onto his knees on the floor behind Caroline, he didn't resist. The look on David's face made me wonder if he was really aware of what was happening; he seemed to be in shock. I reached down and untied Caroline's bra and pulled David's mouth open. I reached into David's mouth, and pulled Caroline's panties out.

I gave David a moment to stretch his jaw, and then pushed David's head toward Caroline's ass. I nudged Caroline's feet further apart, and pushed David's face right into Caroline's perineum. "You will not lick any further than where your tongue is just now," I ordered Caroline's cuckolded husband. "However, you will clean Caroline by licking and sucking everything that comes from her anus," I continued. "Do you understand me?"

"Uh-huh," David sulkily replied.

"Pardon?" I asked sternly.

"Yes," David responded with just a tinge of anxiety in his voice.

"Yes, what?" I shouted.

"Yes, I understand," David tried again.

"Yes, I understand, MASTER!" I roared in exasperation.

"Yes, I understand . . . Master," David whimpered in surrender.

I leaned over David's head to whisper into Caroline's ear, telling her to push as much out of her ass as she could. I told Caroline not to be concerned if she farted or expelled waste along with my ejaculate -- after all, David would make sure nothing hit the carpet! Needing no further encouragement, Caroline pushed and strained the muscles of her anus. I still had Caroline's bra in my hand after removing it from David's mouth, so I used it to hold David's head in place against Caroline's ass. I pulled the bra under Caroline's thighs and brought the ends back together behind David's head, and then tied it tightly. It crossed my mind to wonder how David would be able to breathe in that position and David's struggles against the binding made me think that David was worried about that as well. I leaned down next to David's ear and told him exactly what would happen to him if he did not follow my orders and clean Caroline's ass immediately.

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