Office Harem Ch. 02 Pt. 3


Eventually, Caroline glanced over at me, drawing my attention from the bobbing of David's head as his tongue worked up and down Caroline's bum crack. I untied Caroline's bra, and let it drop to the floor next to David. Leaving David kneeling on the floor, his head bowed in shame, I took Caroline's hand, and asked her to lead me to the shower.

As Caroline and I showered together, the stroking of our soapy fingers was enough to rouse our sexual excitement, so I pinned Caroline to the wall of the shower, and, just as when we coupled in my front hall, Caroline's legs came up to wrap around me, giving me even deeper access to her pussy. Having orgasmed repeatedly that evening, we settled for a brief fuck before rinsing off and leaving the shower. Caroline and I dried off, and I followed Caroline from the bathroom into her bedroom.

As we were tired from the evening's exertions, Caroline and I spent our time together in her bed talking. Obviously, the events of the evening gave us a lot to discuss. The first decision we made with regard to how David would be handled was that Caroline would immediately extend her control over David. I suggested that Caroline might want David to be fitted out with a chastity tube, cock cage or Kali's teeth bracelet. When I explained this equipment to Caroline (and she stopped laughing at the thought of how difficult it would be to find something small enough to fit David), Caroline jumped off the bed to go to her computer on the desk in the room.

Caroline and I did a quick search on the internet, and found a tube that we thought would fit David's cock. Caroline ordered it immediately, and bookmarked the other sites for possible future purchases. Then we went back to bed, and fell asleep immediately.

I left Caroline's house the next morning completely happy. Caroline had informed David, before I left, that he was going to be sleeping on a cot in the basement; he would have no access to her body unless I ordered it. I could see that, as submissive as Caroline was to me, Caroline was going to dominate David completely. With David continuing to work and contributing financial support, but completely under Caroline's control, I could see a bright vista of possibilities. Caroline would expand her dominance over David, yet worship my cock and strive to serve me in any way I chose. The fact that Caroline was in charge at home, a home that did not include children, meant there would be many opportunities for me to sleepover, to use the spare bedrooms in Caroline's house to include other women in our play -- and all of this would provide even more opportunities for Caroline to humiliate and dominate David.

Whilst we were talking after ordering the new "toy" for David, Caroline confided to me that she wanted me to tie her up before fucking her in front of her tied up husband the next time I came to her house. Remembering that request put a big smile on my face, and I pulled out my mobile phone as I drove away from the house.

As I expected, Frances answered my call on the first ring. "Hi," I said, "I'm just leaving Caroline's."

Totally unsurprised, Frances replied, "That's good. Did you enjoy yourself?"

"Oh, yes, Frances. Caroline gives a very respectable blowjob, despite her lack of experience given David's pitiful equipment. I fucked Caroline's pussy for the first time without a condom -- very tight, despite the fact that Caroline was very excited. And I took Caroline's anal cherry, again without a condom -- all with David as an unwilling audience. It wasn't something I had ever thought about doing, but I found I enjoyed it very much."

After a pause, Frances said, "When are you seeing Caroline next?"

"She's going to take a week or so to re-arrange her household, and more firmly establish her control over David. Why?" I asked.

"Well, for one thing, I want to see you," Frances replied.

"And for another?" I asked, smiling as I anticipated Frances' reply.

"Your dinner invitation was planned with several things in mind, Duncan. Caroline is ovulating this week. She is hoping that the seed you pumped into her will take hold inside her. She's hoping that she might miss her period."

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