tagMatureOffice Harem Ch. 03

Office Harem Ch. 03


Thanks are due to sdbnnc for her very kind assistance in editing the previous parts of this series. I hope you enjoy Part Three. Part Four will follow shortly.


Lucy was in her early forties. Although I had begun to recognize a pattern in the women that attracted me, Lucy was slightly different. Her breasts were about an F cup, with a proportioned figure. Lucy also was a reasonable height, about 5' 8", for a woman, which kept her from looking dumpy. She had a beautifully curved ass, shapely legs, jaw-length, straight, brown hair. Light blue eyes completed the picture. We met during a social event organised by the Sports & Social Committee in the office at the local indoor climbing centre. At our first meeting, I found Lucy's company pleasant, but no more than that. We ran into each other at a Franz Ferdinand concert in Glasgow. Seeing Lucy's breasts bouncing as she danced to the music caused both my cock and my feelings to grow.

Seeing her around the office, dressed in either trouser or skirt suits, she seemed to ooze sensuality. At least she did as far as I was concerned!

More recently, Lucy and I had arranged to visit the climbing wall again. I enjoyed climbing with Lucy as I was able to ogle her voluptuous body whilst checking her harnesses and again whilst belaying her. We had been climbing for a while, and were both getting a bit hot, sweaty and tired. When Lucy came down from her latest wall route, Lucy mentioned that some of our colleagues were meeting up for a few drinks later and asked if I'd like to join them. I said that I would, but I'd need a shower beforehand, but I wouldn't have time to get home and get back in to the city centre to meet them. Lucy suggested that I shower at her flat, as she lived closer to the city centre than I did, and then we both could head off to meet our colleagues. I thought that was a good idea, and so we both went to Lucy's.

A quick walk to the local underground station, a short journey on the train, and then a walk from the underground to Lucy's flat passed in pleasant conversation. When we arrived at Lucy's flat, Lucy offered me the first use of the shower, insisting when I deferred to her. Whilst in the shower, I was sure I could hear Lucy talking on the phone; I thought I heard my name, but couldn't be certain. As I finished my shower, I could hear Lucy hurriedly finishing her conversation.

As I left the bathroom, I called to Lucy to let her know that the shower now was free. Lucy approached me, and seemed nervous, although her lips were slightly smiling. Still wet from the shower (since I was wearing my towel around my waist), I walked through to the spare room where I dried myself, and started getting dressed. I barely had begun dressing when I heard the shower stop. I had left the spare room door open, and saw Lucy walk along the corridor. Lucy was wrapped a towel that barely covered the underside of her buttocks. She went into her room, and closed the door, but I soon heard Lucy calling my name. I buttoned up my jeans and walked along the corridor. Stopping outside the door, I asked Lucy what she wanted.

"Can you come in here, please?" Lucy asked.

I walked into Lucy's room, and saw her standing near the end of her bed, wearing a plain white cotton dressing gown.

"What's up? Don't you need to get dressed?" I asked

"Don't you?" Lucy replied, waving her hand at me, where I stood in my jeans but without my shirt.

"I guess. Shouldn't we be going soon?"

"Yes, but my climbing belt chafed me. I need to put some cream on, and I can't reach everywhere. Can you help me?"

"Uh, OK, I guess."

Lucy handed me a tube of moisturising cream, and turned her back to me. As I approached Lucy, she lifted the hem of her dressing gown. After it went up a couple of inches, the first chafed area was revealed. I started to apply some cream to the area, gently at first, and then making sure the cream was rubbed in properly. Lucy lifted her dressing gown further, and showing me a chafed area across one of her buttocks. She leaned forward, and put her hands on her bed. Lucy also parted her legs slightly, and from where I stood, I could see the fuzziness of her pubic hair. My cock twitched and started to stiffen. Finally, Lucy raised her hemline above her waist. There was a chafed strip across her lower back from the waist belt on the harness.

Having dealt with the marks on her back, Lucy turned round and sat on the bed. She had a glint in her eye. I glanced down and saw her trimmed bush edged with chafed strips. She parted her legs further, and I could see the gleam of her moist labia. I asked if she wanted me to continue.

"Yes, although these areas may be too sensitive for the cream," Lucy replied with a smile.

Tossing the tube of cream aside, I knelt down and start to use the most soothing thing I could think of -- I started kissing the chafed areas. The air was filled with the musky scent of an excited woman. It didn't take long for me to succumb. Moving my fingers to her crotch, I started to rub Lucy's clitoris. Moving my tongue to her crotch, I started to lick her clitoris. Quickly, Lucy's breathing became shallower, coming in short pants. Finally, Lucy's first orgasm arrived, her hips bucking, her cries jerked from her. Moving away from Lucy, I took off my jeans and my jockey shorts that were damp from my pre-cum. My cock was stiff and still leaking lubrication in anticipation of closer contact with Lucy.

I stepped between Lucy's legs, and slid my cock deep inside her in one smooth movement. She was so moist and ready for me that her pussy easily expanded to take my girth, and I was balls deep inside Lucy before I realised it. Sliding in and out of Lucy, she gasped at how full I made her feel. I soon approached my orgasm. Just before I ejaculated, I withdrew my cock from Lucy's pussy and climbed onto the bed. Straddling Lucy's torso, I slapped my cock down onto her cleavage and Lucy pulled her breasts up to envelop it. As I pushed forwards, the head of my cock moved to within range of her tongue. Lucy licked my glans as and when she could. After a few minutes, my delayed orgasm arrived. Feeling it pulsating up my cock, Lucy tucked her chin into her chest and opened her mouth. Erupting from my cock, my semen splattered over Lucy's face, from her eyes to her chin. Some landed in her mouth and some more dribbled over her cheeks and down her jaw line, pooling on her chest.
Quickly, Lucy let go of her breasts, allowing them to fall back to her sides. With her hands now free, she scooped as much semen from her face and into her mouth as she could collect with her fingers. Swallowing all that, Lucy then used her towel to wipe the rest from her face and chest. I climbed off Lucy and, before my cock started to soften, Lucy took it in her hand and masturbated me to keep me firm. Lucy motioned for me to lie down on the bed, and then straddled me. Lucy lined her pussy up with my cock, and lowered herself down onto my waiting cock. Lucy rode me, setting the pace to suit her mood -- sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly – no matter the speed at which Lucy moved it was marvellous to see her pendulous breasts swinging in front of me. Her large breasts had prominent nipples that were stiffly erect. Our second orgasms coincided, and Lucy collapsed onto me as her pussy spasmed around my pulsating cock. Holding Lucy in my arms, I rolled us onto our sides, and pulled Lucy closer. As our orgasms subsided, I asked Lucy a question.

"There never were any colleagues to meet for drinks, were there?"

"No," Lucy replied, "there weren't."

I thought for a moment.

"Whom were you speaking to on the phone earlier?" I asked.

"Frances, from work," Lucy smilingly replied.

"I thought it might have been," I said, "I know Frances."

"So she told me," Lucy said, "she also said that you were looking for someone who liked a bit of bondage from time to time."

My eyes widened; Lucy smiled. I knew that this would not be the last time I was in her arms. I was happy Lucy already knew about the relationship Frances and I had, but wondered if Lucy also knew about the others. Deciding that I'd deal with that question in the near future, I held Lucy in my arms and let my mind wander to thoughts of other means of restraint we could explore in the future.

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