tagExhibitionist & VoyeurOffice Harem Ch. 04 Pt. 1

Office Harem Ch. 04 Pt. 1


Thanks are due to sdbnnc for her very kind assistance in editing this and all the previous parts of this series. I also appreciate her input to the entire 4th part of this story. I hope you enjoy this first chapter of Part Four; the second chapter will follow shortly.


"Hi! Are you heading out for lunch?"

I turned to see Fiona, one of the Admin women at my office. Fiona is about 5' 6" tall; fairly slim with a slight tummy, and 38E breasts, which are fairly large for a woman her size. Fiona has brown hair with lighter highlights, kept shoulder-length but usually worn up for work. Fiona's large hazel eyes usually are bright behind her glasses, but today I noticed they looked a bit strained. "Yes, I am -- just to Greggs (a local take-away shop), and maybe Woolie's (meaning Woolworth's)," I replied.

"I am going to Greggs as well, do you mind if I walk with you?" Fiona asked.

"Not at all," I replied, "I've not seen you in a while."

We headed out of the office, and walked in the direction of Greggs, chatting about office politics, current news, folks leaving, that sort of thing. The walk to Greggs seemed shorter than usual, and I wondered if Fiona's company made it seem so.

Despite that, I was slightly troubled, having sensed an undertone to Fiona's conversation. After leaving Greggs with our sandwiches, Fiona asked if we could get a seat somewhere. After we found benches in a nearby square, and sat, we began eating our lunches and continued the small talk we had carried on whilst walking.

Once our sandwiches had been eaten, however, it didn't take long for Fiona to start speaking very seriously.

"I've been finding things really tough in the office recently," Fiona said. "It's been horrible since my husband left me."

I was shocked to learn her husband had left Fiona, but also that she was discussing this with me. "What? He's left you? When? Why? . . . Sorry, it's none of my business."

"It's ok; I want to talk about it," Fiona replied.

"What happened?"

"He had an affair, and then left me for the guy," Fiona said.

"For a guy? He's gay?"

"Apparently so. Was it my fault? Am I that unattractive?" Fiona replied, her voice breaking.

"Not at all. You are really pretty. Maybe he'd been in denial, and needed to be honest with himself," I offered, my head spinning as I tried to process this information.

Fiona couldn't respond, as she began to sob. I put my arm around Fiona's shoulders, and pulled her over to rest her head on my shoulder. After a few minutes, Fiona's sobbing lessened, and she composed herself.

"Look," I said, "why don't you take the afternoon off, and do something to cheer yourself up? I'll tell Joan you needed the time, and that you'll make it up over the weekend."

"Would you do that for me?"

"Of course," I responded, "You need a bit of space from work. In fact, if you let me know which day you'll be in at the weekend, I'll come in as well."

"OK, that would be nice," Fiona replied. "I could do with some company. I'll come in tomorrow."

Fiona headed off to do whatever she wanted to do; I went back to the office, and spoke to Fiona's boss. Joan was a bit annoyed, but eventually accepted my assurance that Fiona needed the time off, and would make up the hours missed.

The next day I woke up early, having had a fitful night's sleep, probably missing the usual baby noises, as my daughter was visiting her grandparents so I could have a short break. I had a relaxed breakfast before checking my mobile for messages, finding this from one of my lovers, Frances:

"I spoke 2 FiMcC last night."

I was surprised to learn that Fiona had contacted Frances, and since I was about to meet Fiona at work, I thought I should find out more, so I sent a text back to Frances:

"What about?"

"Enjoy today," was the only response Frances offered.

"Pardon?" was my text back, hoping my open-ended question would elicit more information.

"When you're in the office, enjoy" came the text from Frances.

"What do you mean?" was my next text, more directly asking for information, but Frances did not respond.

I left the house, curious about Frances' texts, and drove into the office. As it was the weekend, I knew I'd be able to park in the car park under the office. When I parked, there were no other cars in the section reserved for employees of my company. I hoped Fiona hadn't changed her mind about coming to work, but I decided I'd find out soon enough, and got on with my work.

About half an hour later, I heard the main office door open and close. I hoped Fiona finally had arrived, but it was one of the draughtsmen.

Ten minutes later, I heard the door open and close again. This time the footsteps paused at the front of the office, then a couple of minutes later, they approached mine.

"Hi," Fiona said.

"Hi," I responded, "I thought you changed your mind."

"No," Fiona replied, "It was a bit of a struggle to get out of bed, but I knew that I had to do it."

"Do you fancy a cup of tea?" I asked.

"Yes," Fiona said, "I'll get it if you like."

"OK, thanks. I just take it with milk."

Following Fiona with my eyes, I admired (not for the first time) her shapely ass, slightly wiggling as she walked in her high heels. I thought it a bit odd that Fiona wore her normal office clothes (heels, tights, skirt and jumper) for weekend work, but knew that some people prefer wearing professional clothing whenever in the office. It seems to help them get in the right mindset for working.

I went back to looking at my work -- "looking" because I certainly no longer was concentrating on it. I looked up again as Fiona came back with our tea. I was sure that Fiona's breasts were wobbling more than usual, but couldn't be completely certain without staring for an inappropriately long time.

Fiona sat down, and we chatted for a bit before she went to do some work. Again, I watched her ass wiggle away from me. After Fiona was out of view, I again looked at my work. This time I couldn't concentrate on it because my cock had hardened and was pushing against my jeans. When my erection eventually subsided, I went to the toilet, and then got a second mug of tea. As I returned to my desk, I sat down and prepared to get on with some work. Before I could start working, I heard a sound -- "Pssst."

I looked around, but couldn't see anyone. Then the voice came again -- the words making it clear that Fiona was speaking.

"I'm under the desk. Lower your chair."

Stunned by this turn of events, I acted almost automatically to lower my chair. When the chair reached its lowest level, Fiona reached from under the desk to pull my chair closer. Then Fiona's hands reached over, and started to unfasten the zip, belt and button on my jeans. Once Fiona had my jeans fully opened, she teased my cock from my boxers, and pulled it toward her. I felt Fiona's tongue delicately licking the tip of my cock, which rapidly stiffened. As Fiona tried to take my cock into her mouth, the draughtsman appeared behind the partition along the back of my desk.

"I'm just heading off now," the draughtsman said. "That drawing's finished, and you can check it on Monday."

"Uh, thanks," I responded. "Remind me then; I've got lots of things on my . . . mind just now."

"No problem," the draughtsman replied. "I'll see you on Monday. Have a good weekend."

"Yes," I said, "will do on both counts. Enjoy the rest of yours as well."

As the draughtsman walked away, I relaxed slightly. When I heard the front door close behind the draughtsman, I pulled my cock away from Fiona, and reached down to help her out from under my desk.

"Fiona," I said, "if you really want to do this, I think that we should go elsewhere. It would be more satisfying and more comfortable."

"You're probably right," Fiona replied, "though this is kind of exciting."

"I know," I agreed, "but I think we need somewhere with more space. If it's to be here at the office, it'll need to be in the disabled toilet. If not, then we could go to your place."

"Do you have a car downstairs?" Fiona asked.

"Yes," I responded.

"Then let's go to my house," Fiona said.

"OK -- I'm not just a rebound shag, am I?" I questioned.

"No; not at all," Fiona said, smiling. "Frances put me on to you. Frances said she thought you and I would have fun."

Still holding my hand, Fiona came out from under the desk, bent over at the waist to kiss my cock, and then stood up. Fiona said she would go to the toilet, shut down her computer, and be right back. I closed my computer down, put my jacket on and waited for Fiona's return. As soon as Fiona rejoined me, we left the office and went to my car, left the car park, and headed to Fiona's flat. I had a general idea where Fiona lived, and Fiona gave me directions as we got closer. At one point, as Fiona told me to turn right, she dropped something in my lap.

After I made the turn, I looked down to see a pair of silky knickers with a very obvious damp patch. As I tried to keep my focus on my driving, I realized that Fiona had removed her panties whilst in the toilet. Then I had another thought -- given Fiona's interest in sex in my office, she seemed to have an exhibitionist streak. I began to think that perhaps Fiona hadn't waited for the privacy of the toilet, but had taken off her panties at her desk, in view of anyone looking in from the street. That thought made concentrating on driving even more difficult, a task that only became -- like my cock -- harder as Fiona reached over to stroke my crotch with one of her hands.

As Fiona continued running her fingers up and down my lengthening cock, she began sighing, causing me to glance over at her. My glance was riveted by the sight of Fiona's skirt, bunched up around the top of her legs, and Fiona's other hand, moving in and out of her pussy as she masturbated. It was more and more difficult to keep my attention on the road, especially after another glance revealed Frances licking her sex juices from her fingers. Fortunately, Fiona was cleaning herself up in readiness for leaving the car -- we were nearly at her flat.

When I parked my car in front of Fiona's flat, she got out of the car, pulling her skirt down, and walking around to my side of the car. After I got out of the car, Fiona took my hand and led me into the building. As we climbed the stairs that served all the flats, Fiona let go of my hand to walk in front of me, once again hitching up her skirt. I could see Fiona's rounded ass, the sheen of her wet pussy lips, and a dribble of pussy juice running down one of her thighs to the top of her stocking.

Fiona stopped outside her flat, leaving her skirt up as she searched her purse for her keys. Coming up behind Fiona, I slid one of my hands between her legs, and the other hand went up under her jumper. To my delight, I confirmed Fiona wasn't wearing a bra, confirming my suspicion in that she was braless in the office. As my hand caressed her breast, Fiona pushed back against me. I removed my hand from between her legs, and slid it under her jumper as well. Rubbing Fiona's breasts with both hands, I was surprised what a difference the lubrication of Fiona's sex juices, transferred to her breast by my hand, made in the sensations I was feeling. I kissed Fiona's neck, and Fiona turned her head to offer me her lips. Fiona and I exchanged a deep kiss.

Fiona moved to open the door, and I removed my hands from under her jumper. When we walked inside Fiona's flat, her Labrador dog came out, barking. Fiona reassured her dog, leading it to the kitchen, and closing it inside. It wasn't very used to strangers, but over time, hopefully it would get used to me visiting at Fiona's flat. Fiona returned to me, and we went through to the living room. Fiona turned toward me, and I pulled her jumper up and removed it. After I dropped the jumper, my hands returned to Fiona's breasts; my mouth moved from one nipple to the other, teasing, nibbling, and kissing them. As my mouth focused on one nipple, I rubbed the other nipple between the thumb and forefinger of one of my hands. Soon Fiona was squirming and rubbing her thighs together. Fiona quickly removed her skirt, and then started to undo my jeans.

Once Fiona removed my jeans, I sat down on one of the stools in the room, and slipped on a condom. I pulled Fiona towards me, and settled her down on top of my stiff cock. Fiona was so moist and ready that my cock slid easily inside her, but with plenty of contact with the walls of her pussy. Fiona found it difficult to maintain a rhythm on my cock in our sitting position, so we moved to the floor.

Fiona lay on the rug in the centre of the living room floor, and I again slid inside her. As I moved in and out of her, my balls were getting wet from the volume of pussy juice Fiona was producing. Fiona quickly reached her orgasm, rolling her head from side to side, lifting her upper body from the floor. I could feel Fiona's pussy muscles clamping and releasing my cock, threatening to bring me to orgasm. I eased my cock out of Fiona's pussy, and suggested we adjourn to her bedroom.

Fiona agreed (I think she was getting uncomfortable on the rug), and I helped her to her feet. We quickly went to the bedroom, but when I suggested that Fiona kneel on the bed, she said she'd be uncomfortable about that. Fiona lay down on her back on the bed. I used my hand to wipe away some of the pussy juice leaking from Fiona's vagina, and eased my cock into her once again. Using one hand to brace myself above Fiona's body, I extended my other hand, coated with Fiona's pussy juice, to Fiona's mouth. As Fiona opened her mouth, I slid my fingers onto her tongue, and Fiona began sucking my fingers, licking away her juice.

The excitement of tasting herself on my hand, and the friction of my cock moving in alternating hard, fast and slow, gentle thrusts in her pussy, led Fiona very quickly toward another orgasm. As Fiona began her orgasm, I kept thrusting, pushing through the contractions, feeling the pressure building in my balls. Finally I orgasmed, thrusting hard and deep into Fiona, holding myself balls deep inside her as pulse after pulse of semen jetted into the condom, filling it up to seep out around my balls and drip onto the bedcovers.

When our climaxes subsided, Fiona reached up for me, and I lowered myself into her arms. We rolled to the side and lay there, cuddling.

"Oh my," Fiona said, "that was wonderful."

"I did get the impression you were enjoying it," I said with a smile.

"I think I need a sleep," Fiona replied, with a stifled yawn.

"I'll cuddle you for a bit, and if you fall asleep, I'll show myself out," I promised.

A short time later, Fiona did indeed fall asleep. In her sleep, Fiona rolled over pulling my flaccid penis out of her vagina. Slowly, carefully, I eased my arm out from under Fiona's neck. As I stood at the side of the bed, I noticed a small pool of semen forming on one of Fiona's thighs. I turned and quietly left the bedroom, and then gathered my clothes from the living room and hall. Before dressing, I went to the toilet and washed up. Once I was dressed, I opened the kitchen door to allow Fiona's dog out. After taking a few moments to express its gratitude for being let out, the dog began snuffling me, no doubt smelling Fiona's scent all over me. Once that task was completed, Fiona's dog was obviously keen to locate his owner, and trotted off to the bedroom.

I was nearly through the living room to the front door when I heard quiet moans coming from Fiona's bedroom. Fiona's dog had nuzzled into her neck and face, causing Fiona to waken. As Fiona awakened, I saw her face light up as she remembered the pleasure we had shared. Fiona's dog continued to snuggle close to Fiona, and Fiona reached out to hold the dog closer to her as she broke down, sobbing. After listening to Fiona's crying for a few minutes, I quietly went to the bedroom door.

By the time I reached the bedroom door, Fiona had stopped sobbing and, apparently believing I had left her flat, was now masturbating with a candle. Her gasps of sexual excitement were punctuated with sighs of the name of our Office Director, her immediate boss. I pulled out my mobile phone, took a couple of photos of Fiona, and then started filming, capturing her blissful climax and return to sleep.

I thought that I should go before Fiona woke again, so I stopped filming, took another couple of photos and left. As I walked down the corridor and stairs, I reviewed the photos. One of them showed Fiona with her head turned to the side, smiling, eyes closed, as she drove the candle into her pussy. I was wondering what use I could find for the photographs and video footage as I drove home. Although I paid strict attention to traffic on the drive, the smile on my face revealed my anticipation of my next move with the lovely Fiona.

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