tagExhibitionist & VoyeurOffice Harem Ch. 04 Pt. 2

Office Harem Ch. 04 Pt. 2


Thanks are due to sdbnnc for her very kind assistance in editing this and all the previous parts of this series. I also appreciate her input to the entire fourth part of this story. I hope you enjoy this final chapter of Part Four. Part Five will follow shortly.

When I reached home, I found that I had a missed a call from Frances, so we had previously agreed, I sent Frances a text to say I was now home. A couple of minutes later, the phone rang.


"Hi, it's me. I got your text," Frances said.

"I'm just back in."

"Did you have a productive day in the office?" Frances asked knowingly.

"Not really. There were too many distractions."

"Too many?" Frances queried.

"Well, just one – Fiona -- unless you count each breast, each buttock, and the blowjob separately," I replied.

"So what happened?" Frances asked.

I gave Frances a rough outline, and heard her breathing changing as she got more and more turned on.

"Do you want me to come over?" I asked.

"No, you can't," Frances responded. "My daughters are having a sleepover."

"That's a shame," I replied. "I'm that empty of semen, I'm sure I'd last for ages."

"Don't say that!" Frances protested.

"I'll see you on Monday," I said before hanging up the phone.

Off the phone, I quickly downloaded the photos and video from my phone to my computer, and logged onto my work email account. I sent an email to Fiona, thanking her for this morning, and asking if we could meet at lunchtime on Monday. I considered adding a photo or two to the email to Fiona, but I didn't want to be sacked for distributing such material on email. Instead, I printed the photos, and then copied the photos and video onto a memory stick and a CD.

I spent Sunday working out how I would approach Fiona. I wanted to continue a relationship with her, but I wanted it clear that I would be in control. After I worked out my approach, I called one of my other lovers, Caroline, and dropped round to see her for some bondage and anal fun. I will keep the details of that episode to myself, but it was very enjoyable for both Caroline and me. Caroline's cuckolded husband wasn't so sure about the fun, but it wasn't as if he had any choice.

On Monday, I went into work, smiling. I checked and double-checked that the envelope of photos was sealed -- it wouldn't do for those to end up in the wrong hands. Fiona arrived in the office at her usual time, just before nine o'clock. Just after nine o'clock, Fiona sent me an email. She said that she was happy to meet up at lunchtime. I suggested we meet away from the office, to avoid any gossip starting. I told her I would appear to happen upon her at a pedestrian crossing, and we could carry on walking and chatting together from there. Fiona sent an email agreeing to this plan, so I happily got on with my work for the morning, checking the drawing that had been completed on Saturday.

At lunchtime, I quickly left the office, and headed out to meet Fiona, picking up a couple of sandwiches en route. When I met Fiona further down the street, I suggested we walk to the same park in which we had chatted on Friday. We caught up on some small talk as we found a bench in the square and sat down, after we unwrapped our sandwiches and began eating, Fiona said, "I really enjoyed Saturday."

"I know. I enjoyed it too," I replied.

"I can't believe that you made me orgasm twice," Fiona said with a smile.

"Just out of interest, did you enjoy the first, second or third time best?" I asked.

Fiona was confused. "Third time? I only remember two," Fiona responded.

"Maybe I should have said the first or second time with me, or the time with the candle?" I persisted.

"What do you mean?" Fiona asked.

I took out the envelope and handed over a photo of Fiona licking her pussy juices from her hand, then a photo showing Fiona moving onto her hands and knees, and finally the photo of the smile on Fiona's face as she ploughed her cunt with the candle.

"I can only assume that there was an orgasm after all this," I said.

Fiona hung her head, and held her face in her hands. She started to sob. Slightly cruelly, I let Fiona sit, crying, before saying I wanted to continue a relationship with her. Fiona looked astonished, but agreed. Then I told Fiona there would be conditions. Fiona looked curious, but agreed. I started to list the conditions.

I'm not particularly keen on dogs, so I said that the first condition was that Fiona's dog had to be given away.

"Please," Fiona pleaded, "I need my dog. I'll be so lonely with out him! My home will be so empty."

Seeing the despair on Fiona's face, I relented. "Okay," I said, "but until I say otherwise, the dog should be kept in one of the rooms when I come over." I don't like dogs that jump up on you, and Fiona's dog had done that. Still, I was willing to compromise and hopefully the dog and I would get used to one another since I anticipated spending quite a bit of time with Fiona at her flat..

Second, Fiona had to have suitable health checks undertaken by her doctor. I wanted to be certain she was completely clean. Neither of us knew what risks her husband had taken or to what he might have exposed Fiona.

Third, Fiona would stay in her flat; have the locks changed and a new alarm fitted or the code changed for the current one. There was no point in any further, major, upheaval in her home, but changing the locks and alarm would give Fiona a sense of security from her husband who had walked out on her. I, of course, would have a set of Fiona's keys, as well as the alarm code.

Fourth, Fiona was to dress and behave as I required. I would allow her to choose her own appropriate clothing for work, but the general style of underwear Fiona was to wear, even at work would be chosen by me. As I would explain to Fiona once our relationship began, I would require Fiona to wear stockings and suspenders with no knickers, crotchless knickers, peephole bras or balcony bras or perhaps to wear no underwear whatsoever, whenever I chose, including during working hours.

Fifth, Fiona would need some human company in the flat. Together, we would work to find a suitable flatmate for her, to give her some company in the flat, as well as to contribute financially now that Fiona was responsible for all her own expenses.

Obviously, these conditions created a relationship in which Fiona would be subordinate to me, but that is characteristic of many relationships. Not only would I gain the sexual outlet of having a relationship with Fiona (and possibly her future flatmate!), but my involvement with Fiona would provide me with a den in the city. Apart from the discussion about the dog, Fiona had readily accepted my conditions, intelligent and understanding enough to realise that the majority of them would give her more security and peace of mind. We finished up eating, and then went back to the office.

Fiona and I met after work, and went to Fiona's flat. As I drove to Fiona's flat, I told Fiona to remove her underwear, unbutton her blouse and pull it open to expose her breasts. Fiona wasn't too keen, but she did obey. Fiona liked what followed even less.

When we arrived outside Fiona's flat and exited the car, I did not allow Fiona to button her blouse or even hold it closed. Fiona's breasts were exposed for all to see, although I allowed Fiona to quickly lead the way to the common stair. As we climbed the stairs to Fiona's flat, I told Fiona to take off her skirt. With her skirt removed, Fiona's pussy was easy to access with my fingers she walked ahead of me. I inserted the middle finger of one of my hands into Fiona's pussy. Despite Fiona's obvious embarrassment at my instructions, following them certainly was turning her on.

We entered Fiona's flat, and I told her to kneel on the hall floor, facing the kitchen door. I left the flat door open, and then stood just within the kitchen. Undoing the belt and fly on my trousers, I pulled out my cock. It was, by this time, almost painfully stiff. I started to masturbate with my cock pointing at Fiona. Quickly, urgently, I masturbated, and soon approached my orgasm.

"Open your mouth. Open your eyes. Cup your hands under your breasts and offer them up to me," I said. Fiona complied.

"Hold them there . . . hold it . . . hold it . . ." I gasped.

Suddenly, explosively, I came. Semen spurted from my cock head, and splattered over Fiona's face; some of the next spurt landed in her mouth, the next hit her chin and then her chest. The next jetted across her breasts, and the remainder fell to the floor, joining the streams dripping from Fiona's body.

I looked around the edge of the kitchen door. There was an old man watching through the open flat door as Fiona knelt there, semen dribbling down her face and her body. I walked out of the kitchen, took a grip of Fiona's hair, and used her hair to clean the end of my cock. I put my cock away, and refastened my trousers. Until Fiona had her health check-up, my cock wasn't going inside her, at least not without protection.

Watching the old man, whose eyes had never left Fiona's kneeling form, I said, "Clean the floor."

Gratifying my instinctive recognition of the submissive in her, Fiona lowered herself to the floor and began cleaning it with long laps of her tongue. As Fiona cleaned each line of semen from the floor, she closed her mouth and savoured the taste of my semen before bending down for more.

When the floor was clean, and my surveillance of the old man indicated that he was nearly swooning from the sight of Fiona's bare ass and pussy, visible through her spread legs, I told Fiona to clean herself. Fiona knelt up and ran her fingers from her knees to her face, scraping off the cooling streams of ejaculate that marked her body. As Fiona gathered a finger full of semen, she would lift her eyes to mine, insert her loaded finger into her mouth and suck it clean, pursing her lips and frequently closing her eyes in bliss at the taste of me on her tongue.

Knowing that there were many more eventful days and nights ahead with Fiona, but pleased at the natural aptitude for submission she evidenced, I reached down to stroke Fiona's head, and then moved my hand over to pull her finger from her mouth. When Fiona looked at me, her excitement bright in her eyes, I shook my head and said, "One more condition, Fiona. Your sexual excitement and release are mine, now. You may not pleasure yourself sexually or give into orgasm without my express consent. Do you understand and agree?"

Fiona sighed before nodding her agreement. Once again, my demonstration of dominance and control touched Fiona's submissive core, prompting her to yield even more than I was asking of her, and promising me an opportunity for exploration and growth that I had not expected, but was happy to find.

"Good," I replied. "In future, you will need to be sure to answer me more formally and respectfully, but for now you have a lot to think through and understand. Therefore, I am instructing you not to masturbate and not to orgasm until I give you permission to do so. Instead, think about how wet your pussy is from the taste of my sperm; think about who controls you; and think about how you can please me further."

Satisfied that Fiona had revealed even more to me than she had unwittingly shown her neighbour, I walked along the hall, and closed the flat door. Once I was outside Fiona's flat, I looked across the hall at her neighbour. The older man looked at me with respect and some envy, I thought, before glancing back at Fiona's flat door. Although I didn't feel it necessary, the pride and excitement I felt at my new relationship with Fiona prompted me to catch the man's eye and quietly speak a single word: "Mine."

Nodding his head, the older man backed into his flat, closed and snapped the locks. As I moved off down the hall, I allowed myself to wonder what Fiona was feeling and doing. Our new relationship was off to an excellent start, but this only was the start of the things I had planned for Fiona. I wondered where I would find her a flatmate.

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