tagInterracial LoveOffice Harem Ch. 05 Pt. 1

Office Harem Ch. 05 Pt. 1


Pt. 5, Ch. 1: Asian Delight

Thanks are due to sdbnnc for her very kind assistance in editing all the previous parts of this series. I hope you enjoy this first chapter of part five. The second chapter will follow shortly. This chapter is largely devoted to character development and building anticipation.

"Excuse me, can I have a word?" my manager asked.

"Sure," I said, "just let me finish this email and I'll be right with you."

Moments later, I walked into my manager's office and closed the door, saying, "You wanted to speak with me?"

"Yes, take a seat," my manager said. "The Inverness office has asked us if we can help them out. They need two engineers to go on a weeklong visit to Stornoway next week, leaving on early Monday morning and coming back Friday night, possibly Saturday. The only people we have that could be freed up are you and Krupali. Now I know it's not ideal because of Krupali's religious restrictions, but I think she'll be ok with this if it is you that goes with her. She seems to trust you a lot."

Krupali Sahni is Indian; she stands about 5' 3"; has light brown skin; long black, sleek, shiny hair; sparkling brown eyes; a cute but slightly broad nose; and full lips that look particularly inviting and kissable. Krupali's breasts are small -- probably only an 'A' cup size – but they were firm and high, in part because she was only in her mid-20's. Krupali is slim with a definite waist; and a tight, round bottom in perfect proportion to the rest of her body. Unfortunately, Krupali's practice of always wearing trousers in the office had denied me an opportunity to observe her legs, but I was confident they would not disappoint.

"I am OK with travelling with Krupali, as long as she is OK with it," I replied, my outer calm belying the racing of my mind at the thought of a whole week with Krupali who made my heart pound and my cock throb – not to mention the happy news that Krupali trusted me.

"I'll speak to her as well and then I can sort out the hire car and the like," I continued.

"Thanks. I think someone in the Inverness office will reserve your hotel accommodations," my manager said, "but let me know if there are any problems."

I left his office, and went to speak to Krupali. Krupali expressed no concerns about being away from the office for a week. In fact, she seemed happy that the two of us would be going together.

I arranged the hire car (a good one as I'd be doing all the driving myself); when the car arrived, I called the Inverness office to give the car information for the ferry booking, and was told our hotel reservations hadn't been made yet.

In order to make the ferry that we were booked on to, I told Krupali that I'd need to pick her up no later than 7:30 a.m. that Monday. I didn't know much about Krupali's religious restrictions, so when she asked me to pick her up at the end of her street so that the family she lodged with would not see her getting into a private car with a man who was not a family member, I was a little surprised. Krupali explained that the family would not approve of her being alone in a car with a man, and would be outraged if they knew Krupali and I would be on a business trip together for the whole week.

The weekend came and went; I packed my bag on Sunday night, and then I sent a text to Krupali to make sure she was on schedule. Krupali responded immediately, giving me the impression that Krupali was looking forward to a break from the office. Despite my excitement at the upcoming time with Krupali, I slept great that night; in the morning, I woke up feeling fully refreshed for the first time in a long time.

I was early getting to the street where I was to pick up Krupali, who smiled and waved when she saw me waiting. I helped Krupali put her bags in the boot, and took a moment to surreptitiously adjust my crotch as I walked to my door. When Krupali bent over to pick up her luggage, I had a peek down the front of her blouse. The lacy edge of the snowy white cup of Krupali's bra against the creamy tan of her breast elicited an immediate reaction.

After we settled into our seats, we headed north. It's always interesting to find out how different people react to being up and about early in the morning. I had jumped out of bed that morning, feeling energized and excited, and it appeared Krupali had the same experience. Krupali's excitement was obvious not only by her ready smile and sparkling eyes, but by the constant flow of chatter as I negotiated through the early morning traffic.

Eventually, as we travelled further north and traffic thinned, Krupali dozed off. When I glanced over, I could see how peaceful she looked. A slight smile played on her lips, her chest rose and fell gently as she breathed, and at times her lips parted and showed her perfect white teeth. Krupali had crossed her legs as she slept, and the position pulled the fabric of her trousers tight across her thighs. It seemed that Krupali's legs were as good as I had imagined.

As we arrived in Inverness, Krupali woke up and stretched, pulling her blouse tight, accentuating her small, pert breasts. When we got to the Inverness office, I parked our rental car, and we went inside. Whilst Krupali went to the toilet, I got the ferry and accommodation arrangements sorted out.

"What do you mean, we're in a self-catering cottage?" I asked the Inverness office clerk.

"That's all the accommodation we could get," she replied. "All the hotels and B&Bs are full. We had too short notice for anything else."

"Well, I guess we either stop at a supermarket in Stornoway or eat out," I said.

"I think a supermarket would be best. You're about 10 miles outside Stornoway," the clerk advised.

"Great," I said, "I wonder if Krupali fancies making curry? We might need to go to the supermarket here before we head out."

At this point, Krupali came out of the restroom, and I explained the situation. I had expected our cottage accommodation to be a problem for her, but Krupali seemed to take it in stride. After glancing through the materials, Krupali said that the cottage seemed nice and big enough for us to share, and she would be happy to do some cooking.

Krupali and I left Inverness, after stopping at the supermarket, and drove to Ullapool for the ferry. Our journey was uneventful, the scenery providing enough material to keep our small talk going along the way. We arrived in plenty of time for the ferry, but unfortunately the weather had worsened as we got further west. Although the weather wasn't yet so bad the ferry was cancelled, it looked as though the crossing might be rough.

We checked in for the ferry, and then waited in the car. As Krupali and I continued chatting, learning more about each other personally and comparing notes about the job we were going to be doing that week, Krupali got more relaxed. Krupali laughed and joked with me, and she angled herself in her seat so that she was facing more toward me instead of the windscreen. Krupali definitely was getting more comfortable in my presence, although she occasionally caught herself, as if remembering that we were co-workers, not just friends. It seemed a very short time before we were driving onto the ferry -- time really does fly when you're having fun!

About 15 minutes out from Ullapool, Krupali began experiencing sea-sickness. Unlike the smooth river crossings of ferries in India, Krupali was on a ferry crossing The Minch. The Minch is not known for being a calm body of water; frequent storms, like those we were having then, can turn the less than three hour crossing to four hours or more.

We weren't even out of the sea loch, into The Minch proper, before Krupali was feeling ill. I suggested we walk outside, thinking some fresh air might help. While the fresh air chilled Krupali, making her nipples erect, the only help it offered was to provide me an excuse to wrap Krupali in my jacket, which in turn excused my brief hug, pulling Krupali's slight body into mine. The feel of Krupali's pointed nipples against my chest indicated that I was getting more heated than Krupali, and I was careful not to pull her fully against me so that she would feel my erection pressing through my trousers.

Since the fresh air didn't make Krupali feel better, we went back inside the main cabin of the ferry and found a seat. I suggested Krupali might want to lie down; we could see other people doing that. The comfiest seats were in the lounge bar, so we went through there. Krupali lay down on one of the benches with her head on my rolled-up jacket, but complained it was too low. I suggested Krupali put my jacket on my lap, and use my jacket again as a pillow, but she said that was too high.

Still trying to help, I suggested the only other option was for Krupali to lie with her head on my lap, without the jacket under her head. I obviously was agreeable to Krupali doing that, but I told her I would understand if she didn't want to be so familiar with me. Krupali's cheeks went a lovely colour that is hard to describe, then she sat up, took my jacket off my lap, and laid down on her back with her head on my thigh. Krupali asked me to put my jacket over her like a blanket; while I was smoothing out the jacket after placing it over her, my hand happened to slide over Krupali's breasts. I immediately apologised, but noticed a small smile on Krupali's blushing face.

Krupali seemed to feel better once she was comfortable lying down; she drifted off to sleep, still with her head on my lap. The warmth from her head felt good on my crotch; I looked down at her peaceful face and felt my cock twitch and start to stiffen.

"Christ," I thought, "not just now."

Krupali's head moved on my lap and rubbed against my cock, causing my cock to stiffen further. Krupali mumbled something in her sleep, and then rolled onto her side, moving her face away from my crotch, but then brushed it against my cock before resting back in the same place. As Krupali continued sleeping, she rolled over to her other side, placing her face inches from my now very erect cock. My concern about my erection was compounded by the fact that Krupali's current position allowed me a clear line of sight down the front of her blouse. Just as when I caught my first glimpse of her breasts earlier, the effect on my cock was dramatic.

Krupali soon woke up; when she realized how close she was to my groin, she immediately sat up, and began chattering away to distract me from her blushing embarrassment. After a few moments, Krupali excused herself to go to the ladies' room, and I was treated to a view of Krupali's fine ass, moving smoothly as she walked quickly away from me.

When Krupali returned from the toilets, she headed out on deck rather than rejoining me at our seats. Since it was blowing a gale outside, I figured Krupali would be back in shortly, but I went looking for her after she'd been on deck more than five minutes. It took a tour of the deck before I found Krupali on the top deck, sheltering from the weather in the lee of the funnel, with tears running down her cheeks. Krupali was so overwhelmed with her feelings that she didn't notice me approach until I was just a couple of steps away. The resemblance to a cornered animal, ready to flee, was upsetting, so I immediately said, "Krupali, don't run away. I can see you're upset but let's talk."

Krupali settled back against the funnel, and I sat down on a bench across from her, giving her space and me manoeuvring room in case she did run.

"I'm ashamed," Krupali said.

"You've done nothing wrong," I replied. "You were innocently sleeping. I'm embarrassed about my erect-- I mean, my reaction."

Krupali's only response was silence.

"Look," I said, " we've got to get through this week. We can either have a big problem between us or we can put it behind us and get on with what we're here to do, and be comfortable around each other instead of being awkward."

"OK," Krupali responded with a tentative smile.

"Are you sure?" I asked. "Everything will be put behind us?"

"Yes. Can we go inside now?" Krupali asked " I'm cold."

"Of course we can," I said, smiling.

I stood and held out my hand to help Krupali up and, after a moment's hesitation, she took it. We moved to the leeward side of the boat, and then went down a couple of decks to go back inside to the lounge bar. "I don't know about you, but I could do with a drink to warm me up," I said. "The only problem is, I'm the driver. You could have one though."

"I'm not meant to because of my religion," Krupali responded, "but I would like something."

We settled on hot chocolate – Krupali's with a dram of whisky added – and were warmed up enough after a couple of drinks to get back to discussing the week ahead of us. Both of us were relieved to find, when we looked over the cottage information more carefully, that there were two bedrooms and two bathrooms. Being able to bathe and dress apart from each other seemed to be a relief to Krupali, for which I was grateful.

On arriving in Stornoway, we stopped for perishables at the local supermarket and drove straight to the cottage to unload our luggage and put away the food before going to the site for a quick visit. Once the luggage and food were unloaded into the cottage, I sent Krupali to check out the larger bedroom, which she would be using. I had barely got my luggage picked up to move into the smaller bedroom when Krupali called to me.

I went into her bedroom and found that the en suite bath had flooded, soaking the bedroom carpet and making the room quite uninhabitable for the short-term. Despite Krupali's protestations, I insisted she take the other bedroom, saying I would manage fine on the sofa in the living room. I called the owner of the cottage to report the damage after I turned off the water in the bathroom, and explained that we were going out, but that the problem needed her attention right away. She agreed that she would take care of it as best she could whilst we were out, and would call me on my mobile with an update as soon as she had one.

We went off to the work site; everything seemed in place for us to get our work done in the time allotted. Our safety instructions and schedule were confirmed with the staff, and then we returned to the cottage, despite not having heard from the owner. The owner actually was leaving the cottage when we arrived. She explained that the plumber could not see to the repairs until the next day, and thanked me for turning off the water to minimize the damage as much as possible. She explained that the rate for the cottage would be reduced because of the inconvenience of having one bedroom and one bathroom out of commission as well.

After the owner left, Krupali went to the bedroom to unpack, and I set about making dinner for the two of us. Dinner passed uneventfully, and after a brief reassurance to Krupali that I would be fine sleeping in the living room, we retired to bed for the night.

When morning came, I hadn't slept a wink, but Krupali slept really well, and said we'd make different sleeping arrangements for that night. After a quick wash-up and breakfast, we left for the work site. Once we were at work, both Krupali and I focused on the job at hand, and got through a good day's work with little difficulty.

When we got back to the cottage, we found a note from the plumber that the second bathroom repairs were not completed, and we still were not to attempt to use it. Krupali could tell I was knackered from the hard day's work and no rest the night before. Krupali suggested I take a nap on her bed whilst she made dinner. I knew this was a big offer, given Krupali's religious upbringing, so I thanked her and said I would sleep on top of the covers rather than in her bed. Krupali looked relieved, and went into the kitchen. I lay down on the bed, and was asleep within a minute. It seemed only moments later, despite the fact that a couple of hours had passed, when Krupali woke me for dinner.

Whilst we ate dinner, Krupali commented on how rested I looked, and how it was obvious I couldn't sleep in the living room. In the spirit of making both of us comfortable, Krupali suggested that, for tonight and as long as the second bedroom an bath were off limits for repairs, Krupali would sleep on the bed, under the covers, and I would sleep on the same bed, but top of the covers. Also, as a nod to the cultural taboos she was stretching, I would sleep with my head at the bottom of the bed, whilst Krupali's head was at the head of the bed, with a pillow between her head and my feet.

When I let Krupali convince me her plan would work, Krupali went on to say that she would be in bed before I came to the bedroom to get ready for bed. I would put the bedroom light out before going into the bathroom to change for bed. I would then turn out the bathroom light before coming back into the bedroom to go to bed. There was no way I could work all week with only a couple hours of sleep each evening, and Krupali seemed OK with the arrangement, so I agreed. I had some doubts that the plan would work in practice, though, and those doubts were justified around midnight the first night we shared the bed.

"Ow!" I groaned.

"What? What is it?" Krupali woke suddenly, disoriented and disconcerted at hearing my voice.

"You just kicked me!" I complained. "I think I'd be better off on the couch after all."

"No, you won't be," Krupali said. "You'd be better off if you just sleep on top of the covers but with your head up here."

"Are you sure?" I asked.

"Yes, it'll be OK," Krupali assured me.

I turned round, placed my head on the pillow that had been between Krupali's head and my feet, and we both got back to sleep. When I woke up, Krupali was lying on her side, facing me, and her hand was across my bare chest. As I realised this, Krupali's hand started to move, up and down my chest, although she obviously was still sleeping. The touch of her hand rubbing across my skin, her fingernails gliding over my erect nipples, was increasing the natural morning stiffness of my cock.

I knew Krupali was going to be mortified if she realized what she was doing, so I began to cough, using the motion of the cough to slide my chest away from her body, which had begun to sway closer to mine. After the third cough, Krupali began waking, and then came completely awake as she realised it was my chest under her palm.

"What were you doing?" Krupali demanded.

"I wasn't doing anything," I said, "It was your hand on my chest."

Krupali jumped out of bed and ran into the bathroom, not realizing that, whilst sleeping, her nightie had crawled up around her waist, giving me a great view of her gorgeous ass (a fact I was wise enough to refrain from remarking on to Krupali at the time).

My reticence was the wise choice, for I soon heard sobbing coming from the bathroom. After a moment's reflection, I went to the kitchen, made us each a cup of tea and went back to the bedroom. Sitting on the floor next to the bathroom door, I asked Krupali if she wanted a cup of tea. Krupali opened the door just enough to let me pass the cup of tea through. I told Krupali that putting her hand on my chest was an accident, and that neither of us did anything wrong. I don't know if it was the tea or my reassurances, but in a few minutes Krupali came out of the bathroom and joined me in the kitchen for breakfast.

Krupali cleaned up the kitchen so that I could have the bedroom and bathroom to myself, and then I caught up on some e-mails whilst she showered and dressed for the day. When we both were ready, we headed out again to the work site, assuming our most professional manner with the staff there, as well as with each other. We got on with the work scheduled to be done that day, but I was aware of the return of tension between Krupali and me, and I knew we couldn't finish off the week with that between us.

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