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Office Heat


It was basketball season and the Heat were in town. Her boss had season tickets to the Heat at American Airlines Arena and when he was taking clients to a game, he usually took a date the night always included sex. Tonight it was his associate who would accompany him.

A curvy Cuban-American, in her late 30's, she was dressed like many female attorneys in Miami, wearing a suit with short slit skirt, heels, no hose, and silk blouse. Her bra and panties were black and sheer. Her dark brown hair was in a bun and she wore a small amount of makeup, mostly eyeliner and lipstick. Her olive skin, dark hair and dark brown eyes, coupled with her curvy figure and tight suit made for a very fuckable attorney. Of course, her boss knew it well.

It was late in the afternoon when he called her into his office to invite her to the game. She didn't care much for basketball but she enjoyed the company. She said yes to his invitation. They would go after work.

The rest of the afternoon went by uneventfully. One by one, people left the office. Before she realized it, everyone else was but her boss was gone. She walked down the hallway towards his office and saw him at the desk. He motioned her in and, with hand motions, told her to lock and close his office door. With a sly smile on her face she complied.

She walked over to his desk, slipping out of her office pumps. He swiveled his chair towards her and unfastened the tab of his pants and then unzipped them.

His cock stirred as she dropped to her knees, with a look in her eyes that told him how hungry she was for his cock. He fished it out of his boxers before kicking off his shoes and dropping his pants to his ankles. Kneeling before him, she pulled them off of his feet so that she could nestle between his legs.

She knew where this was going and how it would end. She needed no encouragement. She slowly unbuttoned her blouse, showing off her shear bra and full, natural breasts. Staring at his cock, she licked the shaft up and down before sucking on his balls. She looked up at him to see how was responding. His closed eyes and the soft caresses from his right hand against the side of her head told her that he was pleased.

She leaned in and engulfed his thick cock with her mouth. Before she could work his cock, she needed to coat the shaft completely with saliva and pre-cum. With sloppy wet kisses, she covered his shaft completely and then she went to town.

His cock was close to erupting when the phone rang. As he often did with her and other woman he took the call even though he was being sucked off. He didn't care.

From the conversation, she could tell that it was a family member, perhaps his father. She didn't stop sucking him. She never stopped sucking him when he took a call flagrante delicto. She didn't even stop when someone knocked at the door. Placing his hand over the receiver he called out to the person on the other side of his office door, another partner of the firm, that he was on the phone with a client and would be for a while. All the while, she continued to suck and got wetter doing so.

Her boss remained on the line for awhile. Long enough, in fact, that he was semi-hard. She tried everything she could to make him cum and lose control while on the phone. She cradled his balls and gently tickled the frenulum. Nothing would make him cum. She knew he wasn't nervous and would probably brag to his father later about getting sucked off while on the phone.

After a while he completed the conversation and hung up. Without saying a word, he removed his boxers and dropped to the floor. At his side, she finally had his attention. Her saliva and his pre-cum covered her face as she began her ministrations in earnest on his cock. Working the shaft with both hands, gently moving the skin up and down as she sucked and licked the tip of the cock she knew she had him. His hips began thrusting and his cock swelled in size. She knew what came next. The shaft twitched violently with gobs of his cum shooting into her mouth and down her throat. Without slowing tempo, she continued to stroke the shaft as she drank all of his cum down her throat. Looking up at him, cock in her mouth, she could tell he was pleased. She reached over to his credenza and grabbed tissues to wipe off her hands, face and chest. When she was done she put her blouse back on and excused herself to freshen up before the game.

He remained on the floor a while longer, thinking about the game and what might happen afterwards.

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