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My first job interview in months. The stress over the last few weeks has been totuous. So, when i saw the ad for help in an office block, it seemed perfect for me. As I entered the building I was becoming worked up with tension, I called at the reception and the man there told me to go straight up to the top floor.

As I entered the lift, I failed to notice that three men had just followed me into the elevator, all going to the same floor as me. And after about five floors, I felt a hand on my curved ass, feeling my cheeks and even trying to find my hole. I didn’t want to wreck my oppurtunities, so I just moved slightly, to get out of the way. However, the hand remained firmly on my backside and the finger eventually wormed its way into me. It felt so surreal, so bizarre, yet so fulfilling; I could feel the sensation gripping my whole body. Oh it felt so good!

Suddenly, the elevator came to a halt. All three men went out, “She had a nice ass. I can’t wait for her!” The conversation failed to register and mad little sense, but the emptiness after being probed in such a way, soon gave way to the sudden realisation that I was late for my appointment.

I finally reached Mr. Gore’s office. “Enter!” he seemed rather annoyed and irritated, but a smile lighted his face, when I entered “Sorry about my being late, I was just ........” he stopped me with a raise of his hand.

“You might as well sit, while I detail the job on offer.You’re an attractive woman; lovely short brown hair, beautifully tanned legs and a shapely figure. And this firm wishes to take advantage of this. So could I please have your assurance that our conversation will go no further than this?”

“Of couse, whatever you want” I really needed this job.

“OK! The first question I’ve got to ask you is whether you would like to have sex during office hours.”

“Excuse me, are you being serious?” this couldn’t be right, what was I getting myself into?

“ Yes, I never joke about. I’ll tell you about the full job later, if you really want it. Just come through into this back room. I will leave you for five minutes and you’ve got a major decision to make. You can leave now and remain unemployed or...you can get a hundred grand a week, by having sex for the firm.” Oh my God, is this real? “ If you decide to join, I want you to slip your panties off and leave them on my desk. And you can sit on that chair, with legs spread wide for me to see. Or, you could leave. Is that OK?”

I was dumbfounded. I nodded and entered the room. Is this a dream? It cannot be real. Nevertheless, I found myself in this backroom alone, with this choice. It took a while, but there would only ever be one outcome. So, I slipped my white knickers down and sat on the chair with my legs spread.

After waiting for a few minutes, my new boss came back into the room. H e appeared to be pleased, and a smile came upon his face. I could feel his eyes on my pussy, it was stragely making me feel horny and dirty.

“ Welcome to our company, we like to offer the finest service to our customers and our workers. And you have just become one of the perks of the company.” He began to stroke my pussy and he slowly slipped in a finger. “Each and everyone of your holes is now open. While you are on these premises, people can do as they please with your body,” I felt another finger go in. “ No is not part of your vocabulary, or you may be sacked. Some nights you may have to join parties and be the entertainment for us and our clients.” A third finger. I don’t think I could take another. “ We may also send you on business trips and you will have to be there for people’s every need. You no loger are an independant. You have just become ours. Our slave. Our toy. Our pleasure. And you will love it!”

He now tried to fit another finger up, but it simply wouldn’t fit up. “ And this will become more hospitable soon enough. I’ll be able to fit my fist up there soon. Is all of this fine?”

“Yeah Yeah, it’s great. Don’t stop, please keep your fingers there.” But it was too late, he had already pulled out of me.

He began to speak again, “ You’re first job is in the restroom. For today you will remain in there for your introductory training. Remember what I have told you.”

In a daze, I was lead to the restroom. I didn’t know where I was, I was just eager to find out what would happen. There was a sign on the wall which read, “ Slave room. All holes open.” I now knew what would happen. I entered slowly and he ordered me to strip. He took away my bra, and I felt his hand reach up behind to my ass. I felt some kind of metal.

“While noone is with you in here, I want this buttplug to be up in here. OK?” It felt so good inside me, I wouldn’t want to take it out.

He turned to leave and called out, “ Report to my office again after the tenth person has finished with you. I need to talk and see you. There’ll be no need for you to put your clothes back on after. There are only men here, and they won’t mind seeing your body or even doing more than just looking. Clothes are now useless for you.”

I knew he’d have a smile on his face. I should have resented him, but I was too hungry for some pleasure. I couldn’t wait to start my job.

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