tagGroup SexOffice Help Ch. 02

Office Help Ch. 02


Walking along that fateful corridor, which I had gone along innocently, just hours before; I was sore all over, my pussy was sore from the many poundings it had taken, and the butt-plug was deeper in my ass. How could I have let myself do this? What was I, an animal? I felt a warm trickle down the inside of my thighs. It felt so slutty, but I knew my master wanted their juices still to be up there.

I passed by a meeting room, where half of the firm was in deep discussion, when the chair of the meeting noticed my naked body and called out for me to enter. I just wanted to tell him to leave me alone, but I knew that I couldn’t. I came into the boardroom, all eyes were fixed on my breasts and my ravaged pussy. I could see the pleasure in the men’s eyes and even in some of the women’s.

“I’ve been informed that this is our new toy, ladies and gentlemen. She is to answer to all of our sexual whims and she is to please us all. So, I think a demonstration and taster of her skills wouldn’t go amiss.” Looking at me now, he said, “Come to the front here and pull that out of your ass, you slut!” I couldn’t believe this! But I did as he had ordered. He told me to bend over before them all and show my stretched ass to them all. I didn’t understand, but it made me excited to be looked at and talked to like this. “ OK! You can leave now. We’re pleased to have such a beautiful and slutty bitch under our control.” I felt degraded, but I was beginning to enjoy this feeling.

As I was leaving the room, one of the ladies, in her mid-forties (but had a perfectly youthful and toned body) put a strong hand between my legs and forced a few fingers inside me. She teased my clit for a little while and then pulled out. I hated the emptiness after she had stopped. As I slowly opened my eyes again, I saw that her fingers were covered in all those men's juices, from the restroom. She told me to lick her fingers clean, but kept her hand low so that I had to bend over before it. While I was licking the cum off her fingers, I felt hands all over my ass and even playing with my hole. It felt so good, to be used like this, but they all stopped and had to leave. I still hadn’t orgasmed all through the day and I was still left on the brink of ecstasy.

I walked back to my new master’s office. I knocked and entered, but I noticed that he wasn’t alone.

“Now my bitch. Stand in front of this woman and bend over touching your toes, and remain in that position.” I did as he wished with little hesitation, and after a short wait, I felt her tongue begin to worm its way inside my pussy. Licking me deep inside and out, she was savouring every drop of cum from inside me. I was coming closer to my orgasm now. Closer. Closer. Now. I felt wave upon wave of pleasure tremble through my body. She must have known it because she suddenly quickened her pace. But he then called it all to a stop and for me to stand up.

“Now, Julie, here, is one of the other girls, who are our sex toys. I’ve called her in here to show you that you are not indispensable, we can get rid of you and replace your slutty services. So don’t tempt anybody to sack you. And we’ve also got something here that you might like.” He then pressed on a remote and I began to here myself moaning with pleasure, screaming for more. I turned around and saw myself bucking against a man’s cock, with another in my mouth. He must have filmed it earlier. “ So you are officially mine now. There’s no escape, or this all goes to all your family and onto the internet, with all your details.”

He paused for a few moments, then began again. “ Julie. I believe the board members are after some under the table services, while they conduct their meeting. Would you please go down and do what they please?”

She immediately stood up without question, went over to my boss, stroked his balls with one hand and then took his cock in her mouth, pleasuring him for a moment. Then she pulled off, kissed the end of his prick and left, so naturally.

“That’s the official way for all you sluts to leave the room and to say goodbye to me. It highlights your slavery and servitude. Also, we have collars for each of our whores. Here’s yours.”

It said, ‘Please, I want it in any hole! Please!’ I put it on and now I felt like I was theirs.

“Get under the table and suck me off now! I want you arching your ass out of the other end of the table, while I do my work.” So, I began work on my master’s cock and was beginning to get a handle on my new job, when the door opened. And a man called out, “Sir! Do you mind if I have a go with her?” He must have nodded his assent, because a minute later, the young lad entered my ass, slowly. The pleasure made me work harder with my mouth and to shiver with enjoyment.

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