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Office Hours


“You don’t appreciate me,” she pouted, casually thumbing my cock.

“What?” I stared at her, confused. We were in my office, as usual, and the afternoon sun through the half-open blinds covered her body in a latticework shadow. The chiaroscuro effect left her eyes and mouth hidden while my cock, gently cradled between her thumb and forefinger, stood out obscenely in stark relief.

“You heard me.” Her mouth spoke from shadow.

“Annette, honey.” My voice sounded entirely too loud in the stillness of the office. I lowered it and tried to sound matter of fact. “You’re a whore. I pay you. That’s how I show my appreciation.”

“It’s not the same thing.” She lowered her head and her tongue snaked out, rimming the edge of my mushroom helmet. Too quick for me to read her expression, her eyes flashed at me like an accusation. I couldn’t tell if she was being serious or not.

“Are you telling me that I’m not paying you enough?”

Her eyes retreated back into the shadows while her thumb massaged the trail of saliva she had left behind. She didn’t answer me directly.

“Do you know, “ she murmured, “that you have the most perfectly shaped penis I’ve ever seen?”

I stared at her.

“Oh, don’t let it go to your head,” she chuckled. “I didn’t say ‘biggest’”. Her thumb kept working, lightly but deliberately, as though she were oiling a treasured heirloom and trying not to mar the finish.

“What do you mean, then?”

“I mean that it’s perfectly shaped.” She shook her head. “I’m not sure how else to describe it. Everything about it is in perfect relation to everything else: The length, the thickness, everything. And the doctor who cut you was a fucking artist. This thing should hang in the museum of art, so that all women could enjoy it.”

“You do want more money, don’t you?”

“Alan,” she sighed, “you are so stupid.”

Bewildered, I sank back into my chair. The sensation of her thumb on my cock made it hard for me to think. My knob was turning a dark shade of purple and becoming more and more sensitive. No question about it, Annette was skilled at her work. One of the perks of my job was a large office with a window offering a nice view of the harbor. Oh, yes, and a door that locked. Of course, my secretary had a private entrance but she knew better than to interrupt one of my “meetings”.

Annette always dressed appropriately for business and today was no exception. She wore a navy pinstriped jacket with a matching skirt of moderate length. But underneath the jacket her blouse and bra were so sheer as to reveal the darkness of her areolas, and her skirt hid only a garter belt to support her stockings. Now, as she knelt between my legs, her jacket had been removed and carefully hung over a chair and her skirt rode high enough on her legs for me to see the gentle sweep of her ass cheeks. I reached down to caress the tawny flesh on the back of her thigh and she slapped my hand away.

“Not yet.”

My cock had now reached a level of sensitivity that was almost painful. Each swipe of her thumb caused an involuntary spasm in my body, as if she were administering a shock from a mild cattle prod.

At last she seemed satisfied with the state of my erection and lifted herself up from the floor. She hiked her skirt up and slid one leg around behind me. For a few moments she performed a delicate balancing act, like a dream of gravity in suspension, with her glistening slit poised just inches above my jutting pole.

“I would advise you,” she said softy, “not to move until I give you permission.” Her eyes, now freed from their shadowy prison, stared at me intently. The inside of my mouth felt dry and parched. I barely managed a nod.

Her luscious pussy, pink and distended at the folds, ruby dark where the blood rushed, slowly descended. I heard her breath catch as my burning cock seared her outer lips. Her eyelids fluttered. Wet, but not slick, her flesh clutched at mine and clung, denying me entrance. Her tongue swept over her lips, moistening them.

“It’s okay,” she whispered. “Just wait.”

We sat together, joined but not joined, her powerful legs like a vise around my waist. I waited breathlessly for her honeyed walls to loosen and let me in. The head of my cock, numb from her exertions, pulsed silently in time with my pounding heart.

“You see,” she managed between breaths, “the other thing I love about your… uhhhhhhhh…cock, is that it is sooooooo thick!”

She shifted her ass slightly and gained an inch of my meat.

“Whoever said…‘size matters’…ooooooh…should have said, ‘thickness counts.’”

Another inch.

“Christ!” Her breath scalded me. “If I only had a…uhhhhhhh…cucumber this thick, then I wouldn’t…need…you!”

Her eyes opened at that; deep, swirling emerald pools flecked with golden shards, challenging me. They seemed to be asking how much more of this I would take. With agonizing slowness her syrupy juices, aided by gravity, sucked me inside of her.

My mushy brain struggled to find an appropriate response.

“Cucumbers,” I gasped lamely, “don’t pay your bills.”

Her chuckle was throaty and her face loomed over mine like an accusation.

“Oh, but cucumbers have other uses.” Her tongue swiped at my lips. “When they’ve served their purpose, you get to eat them!” Less than an inch of my shaft remained unsheathed.

Unbidden, my mind filled with an image of a giant female spider, feasting on her mate only seconds after receiving his seed. Before I could react to the horrifying sight, she relaxed her legs and plunged the remaining distance onto my lap.

At the same moment she pried apart my lips and thrust her tongue deep into my mouth. Her lips clung to mine savagely. Our tongues darted and danced with such ferocity that saliva squirted from our mouths like clear drops of come. In contrast, our loins remained perfectly still; her ass cheeks fused to my thighs, my throbbing dick imprisoned against her cervix.

She pulled her mouth from mine and stared at me, her eyes soft but stern.

“Now, don’t move.”

She kissed me again; this time the probing of her tongue was slower and more sensual. I felt her ass muscles clench as her hips began to churn. Slowly, she rolled her body against mine, grinding her clitoris firmly against my pubic thatch. The walls of her cunt milked and squeezed my cock mercilessly.

“Oh, yeah!” Her breath exuded a sultry perfume. “That’s what I’m talking about!”

Her pace began to speed up, with short, staccato bursts first accentuating and then taking over the rhythm of her movements. Her clit flayed my groin like a whip.

I slid my hands underneath her blouse, cupping her breasts through her bra. My thumbs rapidly swiped across her nipples and she moaned into my mouth. Sensation was flooding back to my cock head now and I had to fight the urge to grab her ass and begin thrusting.

Her breathing became ragged and her rhythm faltered as she began to lose control. A sheen of sweat glistened on her forehead. The large muscles in her legs twitched spasmodically as her orgasm approached.

I traced along the edge of her jaw with my tongue. My lips fastened on her earlobe and suckled it.

“Yes!” she cried. “Oh, yes!”

My lips parted. I lathered the underside of her ear and followed it down the soft curve of her neck. I fixed on her lobe again, this time biting with my teeth.

Her moan became a low, husky cry. Her entire body convulsed as she came, her orgasm rolling through her like a huge ocean wave thundering against the shore.

My cock felt enveloped by a velvet fist as her cum drenched my skin and dripped down my balls. I continued to hold myself perfectly still. One move, one gentle thrust on my part would start a chain reaction that would end with my jism flooding the already soaked walls of her pussy. But I knew better than to displease her.

And she hadn’t yet given me permission to move.

Her contractions began to dissipate. I cradled her head, her breath purring softly against my neck. Though I bore her entire body weight, I felt nothing, only my growing need for release. Gradually her breathing changed and, after a few minutes, she lifted her face and looked at me. Her eyes were softer and less demanding.

“Good boy,” she murmured finally. “Maybe I won’t have to switch to cucumbers, after all.” She unwound her legs from my hips and hoisted herself off of me. My groan brought a sly smile to her lips.

“Awww, poor baby.” Her hand gently cupped my erection. “Hmm, and just feel that heat!” She knelt again and brought her face next to my cock. She pressed it against her cheek. “Is that what I feel like inside? All hot and oveny and you my red hot sausage?”

She rubbed her face on me while at the same time milking my balls with her hand.

“I think I need to cool you off a little.” With that, she began to blow softly on my skin. Occasionally, her tongue would run the length of my dick, lapping up her drying juice. “Mmm, I taste good.”

Finally, she took my cock in her mouth, her lips sliding over the sensitive corona. Her tongue flicked back and forth across the tiny opening. Her mouth slid forward down my shaft until the knob reached the opening of her throat. She stopped and her eyes looked up, finding mine. In them I saw a level of supplication that hadn’t been there before. I smiled at how quickly our roles had become reversed.

“So,” I said hoarsely, “still feeling the need to be appreciated, huh?”

She closed her eyes and the suction increased on my cock.

I curled my fingers through her soft, lustrous hair and gripped hard, stopping her. Her eyes opened and she stared at me, confused. My smile became a grin and I shook my head.

“My turn, baby.”

I relaxed my grip and stroked her scalp lightly. She hadn’t been exaggerating about the thickness of my cock. Blood-full and ready to boil over with cum, it stretched her lips and hollowed out her cheeks as she struggled to take more of it in her mouth. The sight of it framed against the oval of her soft and supple mouth was at once obscene and erotic, like a variation on a Robert Mapplethorpe theme.

Slowly, I pulled my cock back from her mouth until the knob separated from her lips. A trail of her saliva mixed with a drop of my semen to form a bridge between us. She swiped at it with her tongue and it disappeared into her mouth.

“Hmmm,” she sighed.

“Is that what you want, baby? Do you want me to cum in your mouth?”

Her answer was to reach between my legs and grab my ass, pulling me toward her. Her mouth descended on my cock and gobbled half of it in one swallow, her tongue bathing the thick blue vein that ran down to my balls.

Annette was not a deep throat artist; at least not with a cock this thick, and that was fine with me. No, for me, the action was all in the first inch or two and I wanted to keep that part of my meat within reach of her heavenly tongue as much as possible.

My cock slid back past her lips and then forward to her tonsils. Within a few moments we had agreed upon a slow, comfortable rhythm that allowed her to enjoy her meat without choking on it. With each pendulous stroke, my cock bobbed freely in the air for the barest of seconds, only to submerge once more in the hot, buttery cavern of her mouth.

Her fingers danced around my puckered anus and her nails scraped at my ball sac. At this rate, I knew I couldn’t last much longer. I felt my balls tighten and the first ripple of my impending orgasm rolled through me. I thrust forward to the edge of her throat and back again. A guttural cry rose from the depths of my consciousness. I gave one final thrust as the cry burst from my lips.

She wrested her head back and the first thick, ropey spurt splashed against her lips and teeth. The second creamy missile landed on her swirling tongue and the rest were hidden from view as I disappeared into her voracious mouth. Again and again I exploded, each one more exquisitely painful than the last

At last, my legs gave out and I staggered backwards. My softening cock plopped from her mouth and her tongue darted after it but I covered it with my hand.

“Are you trying to kill me?” I asked her. She grinned, but also had the grace to blush slightly. I stroked her hair and drew her to me. A few drops of cum had escaped her mouth and landed on her chin. I swept them onto my tongue and presented them to her. She hungrily sucked them into her mouth and we kissed, savoring our mingled juices.

“Hmmm,” she sighed when our mouths parted at last. “You’re slurpy delicious.”

With a last gentle kiss, she pushed herself up and away from me. She stood, checking her stockings for runs, and smoothed down her skirt. I watched in amazement as, in the space of a few moments, she donned her jacket, patted her hair, and transformed herself back into the businesswoman who had entered my office less than a half hour earlier. For the final effect, she reached into her purse and pulled out a slim pair of glasses that flattered the shape of her face perfectly.

She looked at me coolly and said, “Do you really want me to open the door with you like that?”

“Oh, shit!” I glanced down, realizing that my pants were bunched around my ankles and my no longer turgid cock and balls were exposed for the world to see. I hastily stood up and made myself presentable. She still stood there, every inch the professional, staring at me expectantly.

“What? Oh!” I snapped my fingers and reached into the center drawer of my desk. I pulled out a manila envelope. “I believe this is what you are waiting for.” I handed it to her. “I hope it makes you feel…appreciated.”

“I told you,” she dropped the envelope into her purse and snapped it shut, “this is not about money.” She stared at me, her expression closed and dark. “If I have to spell everything out for you, then maybe our arrangement isn’t for the best.”

“If it isn’t money you’re after, what is it you want?”

She glanced at her watch. “I really don’t have time to discuss it now, Alan. Maybe you should take some time and think about it.” She turned and walked towards the door to my office.

“What about our next appointment?”

“Not now. I’m late as it is.” She stopped by the door and fished around in her purse for her keys. “Damn! There’s never enough time for anything,” she muttered. “Oh, well. I guess I can just have something delivered again tonight.” She opened the door and turned to face me. She raised her hand to her lips and blew me a kiss. “Mind what I said, now.”

I walked to the door and stood, gazing after her. My secretary noticed my expression and gave me a quizzical look. Shaking my head, I went back into my office. I adjusted the blinds, watching the sun’s reflection on the placid water.

If I have to spell everything out for you, then maybe our arrangement isn’t for the best.

No, of course not. The one constant in our relationship was that Annette loved to keep me off-balance. She did it as a way of ensuring that I was worthy of her attentions. If I couldn’t keep up with her then I lost out, pure and simple.

Well, I thought, turning back to my desk, wives could play worse games with their husbands. I went over her last words in my mind, knowing that she always left clues for me to decipher. I grinned suddenly. Yes, of course. Pizza. Pizza would be perfect.

After all, the pizza man always delivers.

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