tagGay MaleOffice Hours Ch. 02

Office Hours Ch. 02


Walking home from professor Summers' office was one of the most embarrassing, humbling, humiliating and EROTIC experiences of my life. It was about a 25 minute walk through the south end of campus to my dorm and I was wearing only a short pair of blue mesh shorts which I had sweated through and used to wipe up multiple loads of cum. Professor Summers had kept my shirt and running shoes as bait so I had no choice but to visit him again privately.

I kept trying to wrap my mind around his explicit instructions. He had told me to walk straight home and to stop and buy a box of diaphragms at Discount Drugs and then to go home and open my email. He was very specific that even though my face and neck were still crusted with cum and sweat and my shorts (my only clothing) were cum and sweat drenched, that I was to walk into the drug store and get the diaphragms then check my mail...so I did.

After garnering about a thousand looks of shock in the drugstore I decided to sneak up the back stairwell to my room and sat down to check my email which read like this from Professor Summers:

Good Job Mr. Williams, a soon-to-be mutual friend of ours saw you in the drugstore and said you looked like you'd just left a cum spa, so I trust you did not shower first. Your eager nature and obedience impresses me, but we must still take the next step toward your total transformation. Tonight at 3am, be in front of your dormitory waiting for me. I will be driving a black Tahoe with tinted windows and you will then get in the back seat where you will be inspected before we depart for the evening. My two assistants will be inspecting you to ensure you fulfill two VERY specific instructions.

First, you must steal a pair of panties from the girls' floor and wear them under your shorts, and second you must completely shave the following areas prior to our meeting at 3am: Face, Neck, Chest, Arms, Legs, Armpits, Pubic Hair, and any other hair on your body except your hair on your head and eyebrows. Don't forget the film we took Mr. Williams, I am sure these tasks will be performed to my satisfaction if you'd like that tape kept between us :) See you tonight!

Mr. S.


It was already almost 1am at that point so I had to rush. I grabbed my razor and ran down to the shower to start removing all of the hair from my body (which really wasn't much to begin with). As I shaved my pits, arms, and chest the water started feeling amazing on my skin. And then as I started my legs I looked at myself and had become SO smooth I was like a totally feminine version of myself. I finished shaving and discretely toweled off and hurried back to my room to get dressed.

230 rolled around and I still hadn't managed to find any panties so I decided to hit the laundry room and sure enough, they hadn't been washed yet but I found a pair of purple ass-less panties and grabbed them and darted to the men's room to put them on before running downstairs. I barely had time to fit in a cigarette before the Tahoe had pulled to a stop at the curb in front of me. I gulped, killed the rest of my cigarette and walked toward the Tahoe as the back door slowly opened and I heard a female voice softly mutter, "Come on in sweetie."

As I closed the door behind me we immediately pulled around the corner of the dorm and stopped. The two girls in back with me were both very attractive from what I could tell, but it was dark and I was already turned on beyond imagination so I can't describe them in too great of detail. But as we came to a stop they ordered me to strip for the inspection. They stopped me when I was in just my panties and then the girls informed me of the next test I had to pass. They made me get out of the car and told me to come back when I could convince a girl to give me her bra because I was cold...

As I walked up to one group of smokers I got laughed at and one girl almost felt sorry for me and gave me hers, but her bf wouldn't let her, so I kept walking in shame until two girls walking by asked me if I lost a bet. "Kindof" I said, but it's not over, I need a bra to complete my outfit...and to my astonishment, the shorter blonde reached back, unclipped her bra and held it out for me.

"But if I'm giving this away I want a damn picture." she said laughing. So I reluctantly agreed and put on her bra for a picture. It wasn't until she showed me on her camera that I realized JUST how feminine I now looked in a bra and panties with a smooth shaven body.

I quickly walked back to the car where the girls let me in. "Very impressive," came Mr. Summers' voice from the front. "Enough tests for now, we have more transforming to do..."

The rest of the ride, 20-25 minutes was filled with the girls caressing my smooth legs and arms and constantly complimenting how sexy and girly I looked already...ALREADY? ...


We drove until I wasn't entirely sure of my surroundings anymore and we came upon a slight clearing in the woods where I could see a large sprawling mansion behind a gated fence. As we got closer I could tell that was where we were headed and started to get a little anxious.

"You ok honey?" asked one of the girls.

"Yeah," I said, "Just a little nervous."

"Well you have nothin' to worry 'bout sweetheart. Mr. Williams is gonna take good care of you I promise. And Me and Allie here are gonna make you beautiful for him and his guests."

(Holy shit, what had I gotten myself into? GUESTS??)

I sat quietly as we approached the front gate and watched as it slid open for the Tahoe and closed behind us. The Tahoe pulled up the driveway and into the roundabout before the doors opened and the girls escorted me up the back stairs and into the "dressing room" as they called it.

As we walked in the girls pointed to a massage table and told me to lay down and remove my panties and bra. I handed them to girls and laid down on the table face down. The next thing I felt was a torrent of hot wax being poured over my ass and down my legs. I could feel it cover my asshole as it trickled down warming my shaft between my legs. Before long, what seemed like 10 girls were gathered all around me applying paper strips, and right about the time I realized what was happening the first girl tore her paper off taking with it the last traces of manhood from my legs.

This process was then repeated on my back, chest, pits, well...everywhere but my actual hair...which was next to go...

After my freshly waxed and marble smooth body was finished I was instructed to stand and make my way to the barber chair, which I did obediently. My hair was cut just short enough to allow for extensions which Mr. Summers' team of girls were about to attach to make me come even closer to that gorgeous blonde he somehow knew i'd always dreamed of being.

Finally it was makeup and wardrobe time. The girls made my face shine of sexy femininity as my golden locks fell down my back as i stood. Though shaven head to toe, my 8" semi-hard erection still didn't quite fit the scene. But that apparently hadn't gone unnoticed, as two girls began removing a diaphragm from the pack I had bought and tied it off around my penis. They then used the excess material aside from the bladder they left by the tip to roll it all up in a pouch.

As my clothes were brought out one article at a time, the girls showed me how it all worked. They slid the ass-less panties on that they had amended with a frontal pouch and inserted my cock into it. When it was all over they told me to look in the mirror and I couldn't believe it. They had even made paste-on silicone breasts that looked real without my bra!! I WAS a woman! I was so turned on that I didn't even see them bring out the butt-plug insert for m new panties as they finished dressing me in my gorgeous red cocktail dress that showed off my legs and ass. As the girls slid it inside me it hit home that my cock was off limits, and I was to use my new vagina tonight.


Though I really had NO IDEA what was really in store for me tonight. Finally Allie, the girl that had inspected me in the car came over to me at the mirror and said, "So, Mr. Summers says that before the party you and I are supposed to go out and get an expensive dress for tonight."

"Expensive?" I said. "But I'm just a college kid, I don't have any money."

"Well," said Allie. "I guess you're gonna have to improvise then honey." Don't worry I'll be with you. We'll go to this place up town that you have to buzz in to shop there. There's bound to be a hottie you can seduce there."


As we walked into the dress shop Allie walked up to the guy at the counter and whispered something in his ear that made him look at me.

"Come over here gorgeous," said the salesman who was old enough to be my grandpa. "What can we help ya with today? Allie here tells me you're a lil short on money but we'll see what we can do here."

"Oh Thank you sir," I said instinctively and was surprised by the words when I heard them come from my mouth. "I'd do almost ANYTHING for that gorgeous green ball gown!"

"Oh really darlin'," said the slightly overweight salesman. "Well we might be able to work somethin out if you step in the back we'll take care of it today and you can walk out with that gown of yours sweetie."

As we walked to the back Allie didn't follow but stayed up front like she was the saleswoman. Once in back the man forced me to my knees and told me I was gonna suck the cum outta his cock or he was gonna call the cops for attempted robbery.

This caught me off guard and as I got up to run i tripped over my own heels and fell to the floor. I scurried to get up but as i turned over he was on top of me growling about how I was gonna love it and i better open my damn mouth or else, but it was all just a blur as all i could see was his hard cock, dripping pre-cum approaching my face and then SNAP, like that he was in the back of my throat, he pumped me uncontrollably until he came violently and grabbed my face - holding the head of his cock in my mouth and forcing it to fill and eventually overflow down my chin.

My makeup was smeared with cum as he forced me to swallow with a look and a scowl. I was totally and utterly humiliated as Allie helped me back to the car with the gown...


Back at the mansion, after reapplying my makeup, the girls all dressed me in my new lingerie and green gown and I was beautiful once more and ready for the party - whatever THAT would bring...

I guess word finally came they "they were ready for me" so Allie led me out of the dressing room to the ball room which was empty, but about the size of a basketball court, if the court itself were a luxurious ballroom, yet decorated by goths in dungeon-style. At the very center of the room was a small stage raise 2-3 feet with plastic stairs leading up to a clear fiberglass altar, that was empty.

"What the hell IS this Allie?" I was starting to get a little worried. I mean the dress encounter ended up being a lot of fun...but what on earth was my own professor involved with?!

"Don't worry girl," she said, "Just sit up on the altar and lay in the swing there."

I walked up to the swing mounted to the altar and was then clamped in place by Allie.

"It's just a ritual silly" she said. "To confirm your transformation to womanhood." She winked and walked over to a table that had the diaphragms on it. She removed one and walked back to me and removed my panties. Removing the butt plug she inserted the diaphragm into my ass and pulled my panties back up.

It wasn't until she left the ballroom that all of the lights went out. I saw all of the other girls there...they were naked now and lighting candles all over the ballroom illuminating all of the gothic design details.

I could hear footsteps growing louder and louder. It sounded as if a LOT of people were walking towards us! And all of a sudden, I was blindfolded and the doors burst open to loud chatter and drunken shouts of at least 70-80 men.

"Quiet down now folks, quiet down," said professor Summers. "You all know why we're hear tonight, but our young lady over here has still yet to put it all together. A day ago this "BOY" came into my office confused and slacking, and I taught him what he needs!"

I was growing more nervous by the second as he went on with his regime.

"Tonight, this young boy, will become a WOMAN!"

"And what do we do with young boys to ensure they stay WOMEN?!" Mr. Summers shouted.

"BREED EM!!!!" resounded the crowd of men.


At once they were on me. Mouths, tongues, cocks, hands, you name it. My clothes and new dress were immediately ripped off and thrown aside along with the blindfold and I counted 99 guys gathered just in front of me.

The next 5 hours were a blur of different men womanizing my mouth and ass as if I never had a cock to begin with. It wasnt until the fifth guy exploded inside my ass that I realized I was cumming and had already cum once previous. My bubble was starting to get tight by my cock.

Mr. Summers finally called a time out to my relief in order to change out diaphragms, but as he did i saw him tie off the one full of cum and hand it to Allie. But I was too aroused to care as Mr. Summers calmly said that "now it's time for the real deal honey...me and my closest friends that are left are going to fuck your brand new pussy bareback, and I'm gonna breed that hot little hole first you sexy little track and field whore!"

As he finished he plowed his 9" monster into me and forced me to further fill my diaphragm with a fresh load. I lost count at around 100 and started over and finished at 55...so around 155 men bred me that night and many fed me for round two. I filled two diaphragms with my own cum and theirs in my ass...and i filled 5 gatorade bottles with cum bareback straight into my new pussy.

After the girls had gathered up all the cum, they brought out a giant funnel that had a 4-foot diameter at the top and attached to the hole was a plastic tube. I knew what I was in for as Mr. Summers made the next announcement.

"Gentlemen, those of you that have it left in ya feel free to rub one more out onto our new girl Alexis as she DROWN! IN! CUM!!!!"

With that, they all gathered as they needed to shoot and most came on my face but my whole body was coated as Allie turned the knob to allow the 3.12 gallons of cum to begin to flow down the tube and into my waiting mouth.

I gulped at that tube for what seemed like forever, taking cup after cup of strange men's cum into my stomach as i had my bare ass. As I stopped to catch my breath cum sprayed my entire face and soaked me before i could get the tube back to my mouth. I continued gulping and got about another 2 minutes into it without gagging and took a breather again. I went back one final time to gulp and on my 5 gulp it started to drip and there was a thunderous applause from the men in the ballroom.

I collapsed exhausted and cum-drunk as my stomach started to gurgle and churn. men were still cumming on me as Allie and her friends were picking up handfuls of spilled cum and throwing it on me and each other as they giggled "She's one of us now!"

About that time my stomach rejected the 1.5 gallons or so of cum i had actually swallowed and I watched as the pure white jism flowed on the ballroom floor. Just when I thought it had all ended...Mr. Summers dragged me into the newly formed cum pool and threw me down soaking me again...

"You don't move a muscle sweetheart...by morning i suspect you'll be crusted quite nicely to that ballroom floor! Goodnight!"

And then there was nothing but candlelight as I laid my head back in the pool of cum that was to become my second skin.

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