tagInterracial LoveOffice Inter-Action Ch. 1

Office Inter-Action Ch. 1


I had a feeling that this was going to be a good week. But at the time I didn't know it would be an unforgettable and incredible one. I did my normal preparation for work in the morning. I stand 5'11, Light brown hair that flows to the middle of my back with gold highlights streaked throughout. Sparkling chocolate brown eyes and a lusciously built body, 42 DD breasts all natural that I love to show off and long thick legs that seem to go on for hours.

Lately I had started to spice up my attire, dressing a little more sexy, with my nice bonus, I went out and spent it all on myself. Today I had on a beige cashmere V-neck sweater, that showed off my ample breasts. A brown suede skirt with matching knee high boots. But underneath was were I had all the goodies. A white lace underwire bra, that pushed my breasts up and out to where they looked like they were about to spill out at a moment's notice and matching bikini panties. To top it all off a pair of white thigh high stockings.

Traffic was a mess as usual, I ended up being about 15 minutes late to work. But it turned out today that everyone else was running a little late also, as the elevators were jammed packed. I was finally able to get a elevator. I moved in towards the back and we were packed in pretty tight. As the doors were about the close a big hand came into view to stop the doors from closing.

Then slowly as if out of a movie scene he came into view. My heart started beating at least two times it's normal speed, because my sense's were on high alert when I saw his face. Dark midnight black hair, that brushes his neck, but is cut conservatively, a face that belongs on a face magazine, high cheekbones, thick eyebrows and a strong nose and a piercing grey eyes, that took my breath away.

He looks to be about 6'3 inches tall because he can see me directly over everyone, I look directly into his eyes and he can look into mine, because of my 4 inch. heels on my boots. He looks at me puzzled at first, then slowly he smiles and man what I smile, I grow weak in the knees. He has suck perfect lips, thin on the top but a full bottom lip and he has the sexiest dimples.

I finally realize I have yet to take breath. I take a deep breath which in turns makes my breasts rise and almost pop out my sweater. I look back over at him to see his eyes have darken and he is looking at me with such intensity. He cocks his head to the side as to say "Do I have some kinda effect of you". He is totally puzzled I can see, shocked that I would have any interest in him, I'm sure. He's probably thinking " I know this black woman is not lusting after me".

I continue to hold my gaze with him. The elevator doors open, people get off and on. But neither one of us moves, He continues to stand there and watch me. My throat and lips start to feel extremely dry, I clear my throat and slowly slide my tongue out to wet my lips. His eyes darker even more, it looks like a storm going on in his eyes right now. I am so turned on right now my pussy is so wet. I am itching to reach out and touch it. I feel like it's just me and him in our own little world.

Then the contact is broken when he reluctantly turns away to get off the elevator. It take me a second to get my minded clear, that I almost don't notice it is also my floor as well. I get off just in time and start towards my office on shaky knees, thinking what just happened back there in the elevator. I almost had a mind blowing orgasm by just looking in a man's eyes in a crowded elevator, talk about sexual rush. When I finally get to my office and close my door I fall against it for a second to slow down my heart some, which is still beating fast take some deep breaths and adjust my bra and sweater.

My hands touch my breasts which are so sensitive right now, my nipple are hard and sticking straight out, I reach down and pinch them, my pussy get instantly moist again. I run my palms across my breasts, closing my eyes thinking about his large hands cupping and caressing them. I take my other hand and slide it up under my skirt and slowly put a finger into my warm wet pussy. "UMMMM that feels so good" I say in a hoarse voice, that I don't even recognize as my own. I slip a second finger in, playing with my clit, I am so close to cumming I have to cum now. In goes another one, as I continue to play with my breasts and pull on my nipples.

I push one of my breasts out and lean down and start to lick and suck on it, my pussy starts to contract around my hands, I slid all three fingers deep into my pussy and ride them. With my eyes close I see his face, feel his hands all over me and then it hits me, so fast and hard, I see stars. My head falls back against the door and I ride out the orgasm as it hits me. I also hear a buzzing sound, but slowly come out of my dream to hear my phone buzzing.

I straighten up my clothes and walk over to my desk and pick up the phone. It's my boss saying to meet him in his office in 5 minutes, I tell him I'll be right there, I hang up and sit down in my chair to catch my breath. Then I head to the Ladies room to freshen up some. I arrive at his office, he is on the phone and motions for me to take a seat. I take a seat looking over at the other chair and notice a suit jacket on the seat next to mine that looks very familiar. He finishes his call and asks me how was my weekend. "Very good, I caught up on some housework and sleep" I say. He smiles saying" Good to hear, because I have a project I really need you work on with our client from London"

My senses all of a sudden again go on high alert as I hear someone walking slowly towards me. I turn around and there he was again, up close and personal, this time. I had to bring myself back down to earth to hear my boss making introductions. "Chase Storm, Jemma Moore" I stand to shake his hand, it seems to happen in slow motion he reaches to grasp my hand and I feel a sensation that starts at my head and goes down my back, straight to my toes. He feels it also because his eyes darken once again, up close looking into them almost mesmerizes me.

"Pleasure to meet you Ms. Jemma Moore" he says with deep rich voice with a touch of a English accent. By now I was at a lost for words, but I was finally able to get out a polite nice to meet you also. Then my boss asked us both to sit down. He started to talk. My mind started wondering off what was going on, what did he have in store for us with this project we were working on together. Boy I had no idea what was in store for me...

To be continued...

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