tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOffice Naughtiness Ch. 02

Office Naughtiness Ch. 02


Erica stretched, holding the heavy box of files above her head as she tried to place it on the high shelf. The pretty young secretary was about an inch short of reaching.

"Here, let me help you," said Paul Anderson, her boss. He stepped up behind the beautiful blonde, placing his hands around her slim waist to offer her support. As she reached for the shelf again he tried to lift her up. Instead, his hands slipped up off her hips, slithering around the front of her torso and sliding up over the underside of her heavy breasts, cupping the ample melons through her top.

Erica gasped as her boss squeezed her large, full breasts through her top. She felt him press up against her from behind, the clearly discernable bulge of his crotch rubbing up against her ass.

"Wh...what are you doing Mr Anderson?" Erica stammered as he thoroughly groped her big tits.

"Oops, sorry babe, my hands slipped," he apologised, giving her nipples a tweak through the thin material of her top before he finally released her breasts and stepped back. "Why don't you let me put that box away."

Erica wordlessly handed him the box and hurried off, biting down an angry comment as she made a bee-line for the corner office where Maria Chessman, the branch manager was located.

"He's impossible!" she furiously declared as she entered Ms Chessman's office and took a seat in front of the attractive brunette's desk without being invited.

Maria glanced up in surprise. "Hello Erica."

"We need to get rid of that slime-ball now!" snapped Erica, still raging from the groping she'd just been on the receiving end of.

Maria nodded and smiled. "I've got an idea about that. We've simply got to get some evidence of Mr Anderson's bad behaviour, then you can take that to Jim O'Reilly. I won't be involved at all."

Erica nodded slowly in response. "What sort of evidence?"


"Just set up a camera by my desk and I'm sure we'll get some groping footage," said Erica bitterly.

Maria shook her head. "Not enough. We need something really powerful if Jim is going to fire Paul. A little groping won't cut it."

"Like what?" asked Erica uncertainly.

"My plan is to entrap him. We've got drinks tonight. If he sees a lovely drunk beauty such as yourself passed out in the sick room he won't be able to resist. I'll arrange for a surveillance camera to be set up to capture all the evidence."

"You want me to pretend to be drunk and then let him...rape me?" asked Erica, visibly whitening.

Maria nodded.

"No way!" said Erica, refusing adamantly. "I'd rather put up with the fondling."

Maria frowned. "I want him gone just as much as you do."

"You do it then!" shot back Erica.

"I know," said Maria, "Jennifer will do it. Paul has a real soft spot for her anyway, it's perfect."

Erica looked surprised. "Do you think she'll agree to do it?"

"She will if she wants to keep her job," retorted Maria brusquely.

They were interrupted by the sound of Jennifer's voice on the intercom. "Hi Maria, Paul Anderson is here to see you."

Erica jumped, feeling like she'd just been caught out in a guilty secret.

"Fine show him in, we're done here," Maria said.

Erica nodded, still a little pale at thought of what Maria was proposing. She turned and let, meeting Paul in the doorway. Paul turned sideways to let his pretty young secretary past. The gap was quite small and Erica had to turn sideways herself to slip past. As she squeezed by him, Paul thrust forward with his crotch, rubbing himself across her firm posterior as she pushed past. He was clearly hard.

Erica scowled, her guilt at the plot against her boss suddenly gone as she headed back to her desk.

Paul grinned as he kicked the door closed and walked over to Maria Chessman's desk and unbuckled his belt. "B.J. time," he announced as he dropped his suit pants to the floor and stepped out of them. His fully erect penis was jutting out of the fly of his boxers.

Maria grimaced as the horny sales manager moved in front of her chair and sat on the edge of her desk. She gave a sigh as she reached out and took hold of his throbbing erection in one soft hand. With any luck this would be the last blowjob she was forced to give him.

Maria swiped her tongue around the head of Paul's erection, then gave the tip of his dick a tender kiss, leaving a slight smear of lipstick. She ran her tongue down along the underside of his shaft and then swiped her tongue across his scrotum, teasing his testicles.

"Don't tease me, just suck it," instructed Paul.

Maria reluctantly moved back to the end of his cock, slipping her warm lips down over him and sucking his stiff erection into her wet mouth.

"Oh yeah!" Paul groaned with obvious relish. "I really needed this!"

Maria's cheeks hollowed as she forcefully sucked on him and her head began to bob over his lap. The office filled with the sounds of her slurping, her pouty lips sliding up and down the thick pole of his cock.

"That's it, suck that cock like you mean it!" said Paul with a loud groan as Maria's pace picked up. With each bob of her head the tip of his cock was nudging right against the very back of her mouth causing her to gag slightly.

"You look beautiful with my cock in your mouth," Paul told her as she sucked him off.

Maria's mouth popped off the end of his dick and she looked up at him. "Why don't you keep the commentary to a minimum and just let me get on with this?" she snapped irritably.

Paul grinned mischievously. He held his cock by the base and slapped it against Maria's closed mouth. "Whatever you say, you're the boss."

Maria scowled up at him. If it wasn't for the fact that this was hopefully the final blowjob she had to give him then she would probably have thrown him out.

Paul spanked his erection against her forehead. He was certainly pushing his luck.

Maria reached up and smacked away his hands, holding his dick firmly around the base as she put her mouth back over the head of him. Paul gave a moan as Maria resumed her blowjob, rapidly bobbing her head over his cock as she sucked.

He reached down and took hold of Maria's sizeable boobs, squeezing them through her blouse as she blew him. He could feel the stiff lacy texture of her bra as the large melons overflowed his groping hands. He still wished he could get those puppies out in the open one day.

"Oh yeeeaah!" Paul gave a long groan of pleasure as his cock jolted between Maria's lip. He moaned as his salty seed exploded, filling the gorgeous brunette's diligently sucking mouth. Paul squeezed down tight on Maria's titties as he spurted, his erection flexing in her mouth.

Maria swallowed, quickly drinking down all of Paul's load without spilling a drop. The last thing she wanted was her office stinking of cum.

"Mmm, that was amazing as always," murmured Paul in appreciation as Maria sucked him clean.

She sat back, grabbing a glass of water off her desk and taking a long swallow.

"Maybe we could have a repeat performance after drinks tonight?" suggested Paul hopefully.

"No. I'm leaving early today," Maria curtly replied. "I'm going to dinner with my husband."

"Fine," replied Paul with a shrug. "Make sure you give the old man a big kiss from me," Paul added with a wink.

Maria shook her head as Paul left her office. The man was definitely an obnoxious asshole.


For some reason, Friday drinks always brought out the worst in Paul. He was all over the ladies of the office, hitting on them, making lewd comments and plenty of touching.

Glenda from accounts seemed to bear the brunt of it this week. Neither Maria nor Erica, his usual victims had shown up for drinks and Jennifer seemed to be staying well clear of the lecherous sales manager that evening.

Glenda wasn't quite as pretty, and certainly not as stacked as Maria, Erica or Jennifer. But the thirty three year old red haired accountant was a keen jogger and kept quite fit. Paul was standing uncomfortably close to the relatively shy office worker, one hand resting on the small of her back as he told her an inappropriately sexual and racist joke. Every so often his hand would wander down from Glenda's back and slide over the taut round swells of her buttocks, which were perfectly encased in a pair of slim fitting black suit pants.

"...a donkey's dick!" announced Paul, reciting the joke's punch line and roaring raucously with laughter at his own joke.

Glenda smiled politely as Paul pinched the well toned accountant's bottom once again.

The slender accountant had clearly had enough as she began to politely excuse herself, claiming an early morning run the next day.

Paul barely even heard her as his attention was suddenly caught by the sight of Jennifer across the other side of the office.

The gorgeous personal assistant was swaying as she walked, clearly quite inebriated. This was rather unusual, as Jennifer almost always maintained control. She was dressed in a pretty, charcoal grey dress which was quite tight fitting across the upper half, nicely displaying her expansive bosom. The lower, skirt part of the dress, was short and flared slightly as she walked, giving Paul a great view of her long, tanned legs.

As Paul watched, the drunk blonde staggered through the door into the sick room, disappearing from sight.

Paul frowned in thought. He glanced around the room to see if anyone else had seen Jennifer depart, but no one seemed to be paying any attention to her.

Paul hesitated about another minute and then followed Jennifer, slipping quickly into the sick bay without anyone noticing. His heart was rapidly beating as he quietly closed the door behind him and then looked around the room. Jennifer was lying face down on the small single bed that filled the far side of the room. The hem of her dress was up around her sleek thighs, inches short of revealing the swells of her buttocks. She was snoring softly.

Paul let out a quivering breath and walked softly across the room. He reached out a shaking hand towards Jennifer's pert ass and then stopped, thinking better of it.

"Jennifer?" he said, reasonably loudly. "Are you okay?"

He reached down and prodded her shoulder. "Jennifer?" he repeated, more loudly. The sleeping beauty still did not stir.

Paul shook Jennifer's shoulder to try and wake her up, but her drunken slumber could not be interrupted.

"Thank you God," he whispered.

Still a little cautious, Paul reached down and touched the back of Jennifer's thigh, right down by her knee. He gave her leg a gentle squeeze, glancing up towards her face to make sure she was still asleep. Paul traced his palm up the back of his boss's gorgeous personal assistant's slender thigh, enjoying the incredible feel of her smooth, soft skin. Inches away from the hem of her dress he stopped again.

Paul turned and moved back to the sick-bay door, locking it. It would be bad if someone from the office stumbled in on him while he was molesting the unconscious woman.

He grinned to himself and rubbed his hands eagerly together, before moving back across the room and sitting on the edge of the bed where Jennifer was slumbering.

This time he laid both hands on the back of Jennifer's smooth thighs. As he ran his hands up the back of her sleek thighs he pushed the hem of her skirt up. His hands slid up the swells of Jennifer's beautiful round buttocks, cupping one taut mound in each palm. Jennifer was wearing the skimpiest of g-string's beneath her dress, leaving her lovely ass pretty much bare for Paul to grope.

"Gorgeous," he murmured in admiration as he squeezed and kneaded the firm cheeks of her ass. This was a dream come true for the sleazy sales manager.


Paul gave Jennifer's ass a hard slap, watching the quiver of flesh. He grinned and slipped one hand up between the lovely blonde's thighs, rubbing his fingers across the crotch of her g-string and feeling the heat of her pussy.

Paul unzipped his fly and pulled out his now erect penis, stroking it as he rubbed the gorgeous blonde's crotch. He briefly considered just jerking off, but realised that this was an opportunity not to be missed. Instead, he climbed up on the bed, straddling the back of Jennifer's thighs.

Holding his cock in one hand he rubbed it over the firm spheres of Jennifer's ass, using his shaft to slap her butt. Paul then leant forward, leaning over his sexy colleague and rubbing himself against her ass, humping her from behind as he ground himself into her perfect bottom. It would be so easy to just pull aside her g-string and slip into her.

"What the hell," said Paul with a shrug. "You only live once."

He reached down and tugged aside Jennifer's g-string. With his other hand he guided his erection into Jennifer's pussy.

As Paul thrust into the sexy blonde from behind, she lay there motionless, still fast asleep lying face down on the bed.

"Oh yeah!" groaned Paul as his hard erection slid smoothly into her pussy and his hips ground against her ass. Holding his weight on his elbows as he lay over top Jennifer, the horny sales manager began to fuck her from behind, driving his cock into her clutching pussy.

"This is much better than a blowjob or a quick grope," he murmured, thinking of Maria and Erica.

Paul humped against Jennifer for a few minutes, pinning her down on the bed with his thrusting penis. The whole forbidden, non-consensual element to the sex was turning him on and his balls were churning in no time.

Paul wasn't sure if the beautiful blonde was on the pill and he certainly didn't want to knock her up so he pulled out before it was too late. He wasn't about to finish off using his hand however, so instead he moved up towards where Jennifer's head lay.

Paul rubbed the tip of his cock over Jennifer's angelic face, leaving a smear of pre-cum over her nose, cheek and lips. He then grabbed her head in both hands as he stuffed his erection into her unwilling mouth, spearing her full lips open with the tip of his penis.

"Fuck!" he grunted as his hard cock thrust into Jennifer's mouth. He gripped her hair tightly and began to quickly saw his hard cock in and out between her full, pouty lips. It perhaps wasn't as nice as Maria's oral talents, but the workout he'd had in her pussy had him close to the edge anyway.

With a few vigorous thrusts, he gave a choked grunt of pleasure and blasted his sticky wad of jism into Jennifer's sleeping mouth. "Oh yeah!" he groaned as he emptied his load across Jennifer's tongue. He pulled out and sat back on the bed, breathing heavily.

"Thank God for Friday drinks," he murmured with a satisfied grin.

To be continued...

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