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Office Party

bycandy-prairie girl©

Grant was having the time of his life. He never thought love would come to him again. Yet here was his perfect girl. They had so much in common and so much time to discover that. They had met online and after time they had grown so close, so...well... there is no other way to put it..but in love. And now she was here with him.

It was going on the third week of intense, passionate, love making. Tonight was the night she was going to meet his closest friend, at an office Christmas party. Neither of them were nervous about the evening. They felt so great together that there was not a worry in the world.

As they got ready for the night (after a two hour shower), Grant could not keep his hands off Tara. She had the best body, just curvy in the right places. Legs that would make any man on the street stop to look at her. Golden hair that fell just below her shoulders...to him, she was the best vision in the world. And she was all his.

At the party, most of the men could not keep their eyes off her. Grant introduced her to his friend Eric and his wife Betty. They were a nice looking couple that had been together two years now. They all mingled, drank a few drinks and laughed most of the night.

As the party came to the end Eric approached Grant. He told him that Betty was very interested in having a foursome somewhere in the office with him and Tara. Grant could not see why not... he and Eric had been friends for years, they had shared everything. Grant felt that Tara would want to try that. They talked about it all the time.

He talked to her about it and she thought it would be fun to be very naughty on this occasion. They agreed to meet in Grants office. It was on the third floor and the party was on the second so no one could walk in or hear them. As inconspicuous as can be, the four left the party, getting on the elevator. It stopped on the third floor, the four got out and weren't exactly sure what was going to happen, but each knew deep down that they would leave the office with the biggest smile.

Part 2

Grant unlocked his office door, and they went in. It was a normal office; a couch, TV, desk, chair. Tara leaned against the desk. Betsy slipped off her shoes, and took her hair out of the tie she had it in. Eric eyed Tara. Yes she was attractive, but he wanted her for other reasons. If she could make Grant this happy, what would one good fuck with her do to him. Grant walked up behind Betsy. He had known her ever since she started going out with Eric. She had an appeal to her. Which Grant loved.

"OK Betsy, we all know why we're here! Now get down on your knees and suck my dick."

She turned around and placed her hands on his jeans. Undoing them quickly, for she wanted to taste Grant's dick as badly as he wanted her to suck him.

Lowering his jeans and gitch, she grabbed his "9" inch cock and sucked it. Right in front of Eric and Tara. They didn't seem to mind though.

Tara perked up "Yeah, Betsy I know you love sucking on Grant's cock...I know it is making you hot as hell." And she was right. Betsy's panties were soaked.

Grant started yelling that he was gonna cum. Betsy didn't care. She told him to hurry up and do it in her mouth. He did. He grabbed the back of Betsy's head , grunted, and blew a gallon down her throat. It kept squirting out. Dam there was so much. But Betsy swallowed it all. Every last bit.

Betsy got off her knees and noticed Eric and Tara going at it. Actually Eric's head was between Tara's legs. Her pants and panties sitting on a chair. He was lapping her pussy like he never tasted one before. Then he spread her luscious pussy lips with his fingers, and started tonguing the shit out of her clit. Tara was going wild. She was groaning, bucking her hips, clutching Eric's curly blonde hair with her hands.

When Eric got up from eating Tara's pussy, Tara gave Betsy a funny look. This dirty, sensual look. Tara played with her clit and said, "Come on Betsy, you know you want to try it."

So Betsy walked over to her. Lowering her head to Tara's wet pussy. As Betsy ate Tara, Tara's face turned red, her mouth hung open. She looked like she was going to explode.

But poor Eric hadn't even came yet. When Betsy was done eating Tara, she suggested that the two men fuck her at the same time. The two men stripped naked as did Betsy. Eric laid on his back on the floor. With her back to him, Betsy sat down on his cock, with it up her ass. Then Grant laid on top of her. Stuffing all 9 inches into her pussy.

Tara walked over and sat down on Betsy's face. She wanted to play too. So Betsy ate her while being fucked. And Tara had 2 more orgasms. The men took their time fucking Betsy. They soon got the rhythm going. And she felt they were going to cum, so she lifted Tara off of her and rolled off of Eric. She got on her hands and knees. The men came up to her face. Jacking off, they soon were cumming all over her face. Some cum even went in her mouth. Which she swallowed.

The four got up and cleaning themselves as well as they could.

They agreed it was fabulous and would do it again, next time Tara was in town.

The four returned to the elevator. As the door closed, the four smiled at one another. Knowing infact, the orgasms they experienced were one of a kind!!!!

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