tagGroup SexOffice Party at Jan's

Office Party at Jan's


"Good time tonight, Jan. Great idea you had!"

I handed my friend three glasses and two bowls I'd brought in from her living room, and she dumped the ice and put them into her dishwasher.

"Jan always has great ideas, you know that. Hell, it's her ideas that keep us in business half the time!"

"You have that right, Thomas. Both you guys better remember that too come year end. All three of us better have good bonuses coming, or you two boys will be hangin' out to dry!" Gretchen giggled as she tried to sound tough.

I leaned back against the kitchen counter with a fresh handful of chex-mix and just smiled at the banter going on in the kitchen. It was just like any other day in our office, just this time it was at Jan's apartment on a Friday night. We'd had several of our front-line business contacts in for a fun evening here at home, and the night had been a complete success. Tom had jotted down a list of nine solid prospect calls to make next week from his conversations alone. The girls had decided our normal 'happy hour' gatherings at the local gin mill were getting too routine, and that an informal party at one of our places would be just different enough to create a good mood for conversations and business. The girls were right once again.

The dishwasher was soon running, and the last plastic bag full of trash had been taken down to the dumpster. Anita was just finishing winding the cord back on the vacuum. I slowly crunched an ice cube from the almost empty glass in my hand.

"There ya go, sis. The place looks as good as new", Tom said with a wink, "and no thanks to you either old man."

"Talk, talk, talk. While you were dreaming dreams I took three fresh orders. If it weren't for the ol' man we'd all be standin' in line somewhere."

And on it went. We had put together a great team over the years, and we knew it. As the conversation flowed along, I took time to just watch each of them.

I'd taken Tom on as a trainee almost ten years ago. He was somewhere between wife number two and whoever the next lucky girl would be. Two every-other-weekend teenagers and two households of bills kept him working hard. His hole card has always been his personality. Tom never met a stranger, never met a lady who he wouldn't flirt with, and rarely failed to make a deal. I'm not into men at all, but even I can tell the ladies all think he's good looking.

Jan was the office workhorse. Typical middle-aged divorcee who'd seen it all and done a lot of it herself, you just can't pull anything over on her. The youngest of Jan's three daughters is still in college, and home only about one weekend a month this time of year. Watching her working around her kitchen reminded me of the little mental crush I've had on her for a long time. Efficient. Funny. Way smarter than anyone ever gives her credit for (except me of course). I smiled. Like me, Jan's worked her way into her late-40's with some scars and road-wear. But damn, she's always had the best tits! I shook my head silently and fished out another ice cube to crunch.

Anita's the kid of the office. A thirty-something single gal with the live in boyfriend who's satisfied with the "fiancée" status. Guess he figures the engagement ring will keep the lady happy for another couple of years. She's waking up to him I think, but sometimes easier just to keep things status quo than to start all over again. Always find Anita "comfortable". Attractive enough to notice, but not gorgeous. Soft and curvy, definitely at the entry level of BBW status. Very bright, but standing pat with an Associates Degree. Conscientious, but not "work brittle" in the old fashioned sense. But she's becoming more "playful" the longer she's around us all.

Then there's Gretchen. Hard to figure this one out. I've never quite understood what exactly keeps her on our team. She's got all the talent, experience and credentials to be running her own office, or more likely running several. In the three years she's been with us, I've grown to trust her instincts enough to float new ideas past her. Unspoken clues lead us all to believe things are rocky at home with her upwardly-mobile and mostly-invisible husband. She's a taller lady, close to 5'9", and very well built physically. I'm the first to admire her anytime she walks by, but it's her attitude that makes her fully beautiful.

"So. What next?" Jan said as she dried her hands on the dishtowel hanging over the oven door handle.

"What next? We just put your place back in shape, hon! You should be sending us packing!" I responded with a grin.

"Hell no, it's now our turn to relax. The company's gone. The office is closed. And that leaves just the friends. Our turn."

Everyone smiled. We all knew she spoke the truth. I figured the old man should lead by example, so I kicked off my shoes and went around the counter into the living room and sat down on the recliner. One by one the gang filed in. Tom pulled out one of the tall counter chairs. Gretchen sat on one end of the couch and crossed her legs. She let her heel slip from her short-heeled pump and playfully bounced it from her toes. Anita put her glass on a napkin on the coffee table, and already barefoot, sank down on the floor with her back to the couch, pulling one of the throw pillows off to put on her lap. Jan walked in with a fresh drink, stepped over Anita, and plopped down on the middle of the couch. And so the conversations really began.

After an hour or so of laughs and stories, the mood found a wonderful mellow level. It was almost 11:00, and no one seemed to want to go home. Shop talk had not occurred once since we hit the living room.

"I have a good bottle of wine from last Christmas if anyone wants to help with it", Jan said as she got up and stepped back out over Anita. "I'll open it if we promise to finish it."

"Getting late, don't' you think darlin'?" I asked, forever trying to keep up the image of 'the boss'.

The room filled with boo's. Everyone was enjoying themselves too much, and no one had anything better to go home to tonight. My gang was off for the night. One by one everyone said they'd help with the bottle. What the hell. I'm in too. I got up to help Jan with the glasses.

"Think one's enough?" Jan asked as she pulled two bottles down from the top shelf of her pantry.

"Hon, we're mellow now. You pour two bottles into this crowd and we'll all be waking up here."

Jan smiled as she handed one to me. Reaching back up, she pulled down another. "If you think that, then let's make it three!"

I shook my head as I put three glasses between the fingers of one hand and two in the other.

The conversation mellowed out seriously from that moment on. Even Gretchen lost her shoes. Laughter became deeper.

"Oh hell, excuse me gang, but I can't stand this thing anymore." With that, Anita put the pillow down beside her, reached behind herself and up under her top, and in one swift movement was tugging her bra out from one sleeve. She tossed it over beside the end table and picked the pillow up and put it back on her lap. I smiled. Having raised three daughters, I knew going braless wasn't a statement of liberation, it was a statement of comfort. Tom raised his glass and winked at her.

Gretchen followed suit, announcing that not only was her bra binding her, but... to all of our amazement, she simply lifted her skirt enough to tug her pantyhose down, and danced back and forth a bit tugging them off too. I held out my hand and she put them and her own bra into it. I handed them to Anita who added them to the stack of undergarments beside them.

Jan stood up. "I can't be outdone, but this top is binding. I'll go grab a tshirt and be right out."

"Oh no you don't. Right here." Gretchen said in playfully demanding tones.

"Is that right?" Jan said, putting two hands on her hips.

"Damn straight. Put up or shut up."

With that Jan disappeared down the hall. We heard a drawer open and close. She then came back in, offered me the tshirt to hold, and slowly began to unbutton her top. The girls all began to whistle and clap as she playfully added a bit of "bump and grind" motion to the mix with her hips. Slipping it off, she put her top in my other hand, and reached behind her back. The applause from the couch got louder.

Tom sprang to his feet and walked up behind Jan. "Let me assist you, pretty lady." Slowly, playfully, he began to unhook on snap at a time. As the bra loosened, Jan put her hands up and held it in place, giving her hips one good gyration for effect. Obviously, she'd never actually done time on a bar top, but we all got the drift. Tom slowly slipped first one then the other strap down off her shoulders, and then sat back down on his stool. She looked back over her shoulder at me.

"You've wanted to see these puppies for a long time, haven't you, sugar?"

"Couldn't deny that, darlin'" I said with a smile.

Oh my. Slowly she let the bra slip from her arms and there she was. Topless. Her full and heavy breasts swaying hypnotically. Far from saggy, yet obviously rarely set free. I'm afraid my expression must have changed as I looked at her lovely creamy globes with the small, pale pink nipples (already starting to harden at the thought of being out). I held out the tshirt.

"Shit, why bother? How 'bout it ladies? Let's all just get comfy, shall we?"

"Damn, Steve. We should get a deck of cards. At this rate we'll all be naked in an hour!"

I handed the garments to Anita, and she put them on the pile. She then offered me her hand, and asked me to help her up. I stood up and obliged. Two glasses of wine had left her just a bit less graceful perhaps, but she simply tugged her top up, and then, letting her long hair tumble out, tossed it to the pile. Oh my. She was full-bodied, but oh so soft and young. I sat back and took a long sip from my glass. She then stood up straight, and you could see she sucked in her tummy a bit, and her fingers found her jeans button, and slowly she undid it, and then unzipped them. Playfully, she shook her own bottom as she giggled and began to peel them down. Soon, she kicked them off onto the pile, and lifted her arms and turned around for everyone to see and admire her. Obviously, this little lady was enjoying the moment.

I saw Gretchen suck both lips between her teeth and raise her eyebrows as she looked down and shook her head. A deep breath and her decision was made. What the hell. She slipped out from behind the coffee table and handed me her glass as she took 'center stage'. All of us applauded. Slowly, she unbuttoned her top, and then, licking her lips she came over in front of Tom, and slowly tugged her silky top off revealing her luscious breasts just inches from his face. I could tell he was fighting the urge to reach out and touch... she smiled and ran one fingertip over his cheek as she handed her top to me, and I tossed it to Anita, and she added it to the pile...

Gretchen then stepped back and turned sideways, offering her hip to me, and silently requesting my assistance with the zipper to her skirt. I obliged her request, and slowly she wiggled and then... let it fall. All that was left was a little black lace thong. I smiled.

The girls all turned to us and I looked over at Tom. He grinned.

"You do know that this is not a business related function, right?" I asked.

"Shut the fuck up, will you?" It was Jan. "I clocked out hours ago, and now it's my turn."

With that she walked over in front of me. She held my eyes as she unzipped her jeans and tugged them down, panties and all.

"Stand up", she said "Help me ladies. The gentlemen want to join us." I felt her fingers tug at my belt, and my fly unzip as fingertips slipped inside.

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