tagRomanceOffice Party Extraordinaire

Office Party Extraordinaire


The email announcement of our annual holiday office party had arrived in my in box weeks ago. I was undecided at the time if I would bring a date or go stag. My procrastination made the decision for me because the party was scheduled for tonight. I'd be attending alone this year.

The office gossips were all excited to see who would be with whom so they'd have fuel for their daily gathering in the lunchroom for the next few months. I've attended 12 of these boring office gatherings since I started working for the company. They usually had a lousy buffet of hot and cold offerings and a cash bar.

About 9:30 Melissa stopped by my cubicle and asked, "So Frank you coming to the party tonight?"

I gave her a sarcastic grin and replied, "Why sure Melissa I wouldn't want to miss out on all the fun."

"Good," she replied, "at least I'll have someone to talk to then."

Melissa didn't fit in to well with most of the other office women. She is slim, with long legs and straight blonde hair. Her tits are probably about a 34C and she has the greenest eyes I've ever stared into. The rest of the office staff is married, fat, or just down right homely looking. The thought of spending a few hours in a social setting with Melissa would make the night worth enduring.

These parties usually got started about 6:30 PM and by 9 o'clock most everyone had their fill of Swedish meatballs and cold cuts and were already home for the evening. And since it always included a cash bar most everyone went home totally sober also.

Later that morning I was walking to the lunch room to refill my coffee cup when I ran into Carol Fister. Carol is about 40 and married to a jerk named Jack. Carol is attractive but a few pounds overweight. Her full 38D tits are her best feature along with her stylish red hair. She normally dresses down, wearing nothing very revealing and always in flat shoes. I suspect that before she married Jack and had two kids Carol was a fairly hot little number.

She smiled at me and asked, "Going to the party tonight Frank?"

"Sure Carol." I replied. "Are you and the hubby coming?"

Carol said, "I'll be there but Jack is staying home. He says our office party is boring and he wants to watch some college football game tonight."

"Well maybe you'll have a good time for once Carol." I suggested.

"Maybe I will. Lord knows I won't be having any fun at home again this year." She replied with a sheepish grin on her face.

As I tried to finish up the stack of paperwork I had on my desk before quitting time I thought about the two women who'd at least asked if I would be there tonight. Perhaps this latest edition of our holiday gathering might not be so boring after all. Time would tell I suppose.

As I finished up my work for the day the catering company was beginning to set up their usual buffet in the lunch room, and a couple of the office electronic geeks were setting up a stereo system to provide some music. I'd figured I would have time to stop by my apartment and shower and change into something a little more comfortable.

The boss was out of the office doing whatever bosses do late in the day so I was able to cut out a few minutes early. As I walked across the lot to my car I noticed Carol doing the same thing.

"Change your mind about the party Carol?" I asked her.

She replied, "No Frank, I'm going home to make Jack dinner and change my clothes."

"Okay, I'll catch you later then." I said.

I thought her jerk of a husband couldn't even make himself dinner. But perhaps she'd wear something a little sexier for the party.

Arriving at my apartment I had time to spare so I mixed myself a Southern Comfort and Coke. I filled my pint flask with SC figuring I'd save some money at the cash bar and rolled a joint thinking maybe I'd run into a co-worker who might want to catch a non-alcoholic buzz later.

I showered, shaved and splashed on some cologne. I picked out a pair of black jeans and a navy blue silk shirt. My tan leather jacket completed my outfit for the night. As I slipped the joint into my pack of cigarettes I wondered if I should take along a condom or two just in case one of the ladies wanted to have a little fun. That had never happened in the twelve previous office parties I'd attended since starting with this company, so I figured they would go unused this year too.

I arrived back at the office about quarter of seven. The parking lot wasn't full and I spotted a space next to Carol's Impala. Pulling into the space I notice she was sitting in the car. When I got out of my car I tapped on her window.

Carol opened the window but tried to avoid making eye contact. She said, "Hi Frank glad to see you." She glanced toward me finally and I could see that she had been crying.

I said, "You okay Carol?"

"I'll be fine Frank." She said, "It's just that Jack really hurt my feelings before I left the house and I'm feeling a little depressed right now."

Leaning back against my car I asked her, "Do you want to talk about it Carol?" Hoping she wouldn't.

She replied, "Well I asked him how I looked just before I left Frank. You know what the asshole said?"

I was afraid to question Carol on what her jerk of a husband had said.

But she offered the answer anyway saying, "He told me that I look fat in the dress I had picked out."

"What an asshole." I said.

"You've got that right Frank, I'm married to a complete asshole." Carol said.

Since Carol was wearing a long coat I couldn't offer an opinion on her dress or how she looked in it, but I made a mental note of Jack's comment so I could disagree with him later. Whether or not it was true, I'd still disagree with him.

"Come on Carol, let's go have a good time. You can forget about that jerk for a few hours." I said.

"That's a great idea Frank." She answered, "At least for a few hours I can forget about him, my boring marriage and how depressing the holiday season is."

So she wanted to forget about her marriage along with the jerk she was married to. Hmmm. I thought, maybe this years holiday party would be different then the previous twelve additions.

Carol opened her car door and slid out of the seat. Her long coat still covered the dress that according to her husband made her look fat. But she had on a very nice pair of black heels and nylons that were totally out of character for her.

As we walked across the parking lot I noticed she was wearing a very sexy perfume and I complimented her on how pleasant the vanilla scent was.

She smiled and said, "Thank you Frank I'm glad someone noticed my perfume."

"Now Carol, I thought you were going to forget about Jack for a few hours." I said.

"You're right Frank, I'm going to block him out for the rest of the night."

I held the door for Carol as we entered the building. She smiled and said, "Thanks Frank, you're quite the gentleman tonight."

In the light of the building foyer I could see that Carol had taken the time to expertly apply eye shadow and a lovely shade of pink lip-gloss. Her hair was styled differently than I'd ever seen before, teased front along the sides and framing her face perfectly. She certainly looked quite sexy to me. But I'd have to wait until she took off her long coat to make a final determination about that.

We didn't talk while we rode the elevator to the fourth floor, but I checked her out again and thought she was looking pretty darn good.

The doors slid open and I offered to hang her coat on the rack for her.

She smiled and said, "My oh my Frank, I can't remember the last time a man helped me with my coat." An obvious reference to her jerk of a husband Jack.

As I helped Carol slip out of her coat, my nostrils filled again with the sweet scent of her perfume. The vanilla scent was very sexy and more than a little pleasant to my sense of smell.

Hanging her coat on the rack I turned to face this married woman. I got my first look at the dress and instantly said, "Well Carol, as usual Jack doesn't know what he's talking about."

She smiled widely at me before saying, "Thanks Frank, I needed that compliment."

The dress was shorter then any I'd seen her wear before. The hem was about three inches above her knees. It was made of a shimmering black material and rather low cut in the front. Her full breasts and quite a bit of succulent cleavage were exposed to my gaze.

Carol leaned forward to smooth the material down her thighs giving me a chance to get a good look between her very sexy tits. She pulled the short tufts of red hair forward at her temples and smiled at me. She looking very sexy, and I thought to myself, if given the chance I'd fuck this married hottie.

Carol said, "Frank I'm going to the ladies room to check my eyes, I'll catch up with you in a little while."

"Okay Carol." I responded. "If you want to spike your diet coke come see me." Showing her my small silver flask of SC.

"I'll be sure to find you and your little flask Frank." She replied.

I watched her walk down the short hall toward the ladies room. Her hips swayed seductively as she walked. I figured she was making sure I'd noticed her ass, which I happily did. I figured Carol didn't want to limit her options to just me and went to the ladies room just so we wouldn't give the impression that we'd arrived together. I wanted to keep my options open too.

I walked across the office to my cubicle and hung my leather over the back of my chair. I'd stop back after I checked out who was at the party and spike my coke later.

As I strolled toward the lunch room I greeted several of the other employees who were already mixing company and relaxing around the office. I hadn't yet spotted Melissa and wondered if she had changed her mind about attending.

Turning the corner and entering the lunch room I noticed that someone had put up the office Christmas tree and had it decorated with twinkling colored lights and glass balls with silver garland. It actually looked pretty nice. The usual buffet was set up at one end and the stereo was playing festive holiday music. I didn't see any sign of the cash bar. Apparently the boss had read the horror stories about employees suing their company after getting involved in accidents after company parties and put the kibosh on drinking. At one end of the buffet there was a cooler of iced sodas. I was glad I'd brought my flask along because nothing makes for a more boring party than a bunch of sober partiers.

I decided I'd grab a coke, stop by my cubicle to spike it, and then make the rounds looking for Melissa. As I headed toward my desk she rounded the corner from the other end of the office where her work station was located.

She smiled widely at me as we approached each other.

Stopping at my desk Melissa waited for me to walk the rest of the way.

"Evening Frank." She said. "I see you found out the boss is giving a dry party too."

I said, "Yeah, what the fuck is up with that?"

Melissa just smiled and said, "I don't know but when I found out I made a quick run to the liquor store, so if you want to add a little something to your coke let me know."

I reached in my coat pocket and slid my flask out showing it to Melissa.

"Ya got to plan ahead sometimes Melissa." I said as I opened the flask and added some SC to my coke.

Melissa sat on my desk and crossed her legs. She hadn't changed her clothes from earlier, but I noticed an extra button or two was open at the top of her white blouse. Her long sexy legs looked very inviting below the short denim skirt she was wearing.

She said, "Frank if you'd like you can call me by my nick name. It's Mel, okay?"

I smiled and said, "Sounds rather masculine but Mel it is." She giggled and said, "I'm sure you won't get confused Frank." As she stretched out one long sexy leg toward me.

I thought to myself, this office party might just turn out to be better than I'd hoped for. I'd already had one great looking blonde showing off her sexy legs to me and a married hottie swaying her plump ass for me.

I figured Mel would be more inclined to want to get high then Carol so I reached in my jacket breast pocket and pulled out the pack of smokes.

Mel said, "Frank I didn't know you smoked?"

"Once in a while Mel I enjoy a smoke, and occasionally I enjoy one of these too." Showing her the joint.

"Well my oh my Frank, aren't we full of surprises tonight." She said. "It's been a few years since I last got high, but maybe later it would be fun."

"Let's go mingle and see how things develop Mel." I suggested.

Mel agreed and slid off my desk allowing me to get a good look at her long sexy legs.

I again thought to myself, if given the chance I'd fuck this sexy number too. Things were certainly looking up for this year's office party.

As Mel and I strolled toward the main group of folks hanging out near the lunch room Carol approached us.

She said, "Hi Mel glad to see you." Then she said, "Frank, I need you and your little flask, seems like the boss is throwing a dry party this year."

Mel laughed and said, "Yes Carol, Frank's going to come in quite handy this year." "And wait till you see what he has in his cigarette pack."

Carol looked at me with a surprised expression on her face before she said, "Frank you smoke?"

"Only after great sex Carol." I quickly responded. Laughing out loud after making the comment about sex.

Mel said, "Why don't you and Carol go spike her Seven-up, and catch up with me over by the lunch room."

"Great" Carol responded, grabbing my arm and turning me around toward my work station. "We'll see you in a minute or two." As Carol led me back to my desk she asked, "So Frank what do you think of my outfit?"

I took a step away from her and let my eyes run from the tip of her head down across her full succulent tits to the hem of her dress and down her shapely legs to her sexy heels. Shaking my head in a positive motion I said, "I'm glad I brought my smokes with me Carol."

Carol giggled and said, "So you think I look pretty good for a forty year old married woman with two kids?"

"Carol, you just look good! Forget the forty year old married with kids' part." "You look very sexy baby!"

She giggled again and said, "I'm glad you brought your smokes too Frank."

As I poured a shot of SC into her 7-up Carol asked, "So Frank, what was Mel talking about when she said you had something special in your pack of cigarettes?"

Pinching my thumb and index finger tightly together I placed them against my lips and sucked like I was drawing on a joint.

Carol instantly said, "You're kidding, you have some weed?"

I shook my head yes, and Carol smiled broadly at me.

"Geez Frank, I haven't gotten stoned since college." She whispered.

"Enough there for you and I and Mel if you want to later Carol." I offered.

Carol thought for a moment and then said, "I might just take you up on that Frank. What better way to forget about the asshole I'm married to then to get stoned?"

Carol and I returned to the main group attending the party and caught up with Mel. The three of us mingled about chatting and offering holiday wishes to our co-workers. When one of us needed to add a shot to our drinks we'd either stop by my desk or Mel's. I had a little something to eat, and reminded Carol that she should too so the SC didn't catch up with her too quickly. Someone in the group decided to turn most of the office lights off which made the place seem a little more festive.

About eight fifteen or so Mel came over to me and whispered, "Are we going to smoke that joint or what Frank?"

I answered, "Sure Mel, let me grab my coat and we'll go find an out of the way place in the lot."

Mel responded, "It's too cold out there, lets just sneak down the back stairs to the offices on the third floor."

Carol spotted Mel and me talking, and she discreetly put her fingers to her lips like I had earlier. I shook my head yes and motioned toward the back stairway in the office. Carol smiled and held up one finger asking us to wait.

I watched as she ducked into the lunch room and then returned carrying two cans of soda.

"I'll meet you and Carol by the stairs Mel. Let me grab my flask and cigarettes quick." I said.

Mel headed off in the direction of Carol and I walked the other way toward my desk. I thought to myself. This party may just turn out to be extraordinary if things worked out the way I was fantasizing they might. Perhaps I'd get a chance to fuck them both before the night was over.

Since the lights were out at the other end of the office no one noticed the three of us sneak through the door and into the stairway.

Mel and Carol were standing at the top of the stairs whispering to each other as I came through the door.

"You lead the way Mel." I said.

All three of us were feeling a little tipsy from the drinks, and the girls were giggling as we entered the offices of the company a floor below.

Mel seemed to know her way around this office and lead Carol and I to a door marked conference room. Stepping inside we found a long table surrounded by comfortable chairs on rollers. Along one side was a large bookcase. Mel walked over and flipped on a light switch lighting two recessed lights above the bookcase. These dimly lighted the room.

Carol opened one can of coke and filled our glasses. I added shots of SC to each one and tossed my pack of smokes on the table. Mel sat down along one side of the conference table, and Carol sat across from her. That left me with the chair at the head of the long table. I slid the joint from amongst the cigarettes and placed it on the table between the three of us.

"Who wants to do the honors?" I asked the two of them.

Mel said, "You brought it, go ahead and fire it up Frank."

I placed the joint between my lips and lit it. Taking a deep drag I sucked the sweet tasting smoke deep into my lungs and held my breath, passing the joint to Carol as I did.

She hesitated a moment, then said, "What the fuck why not!" Carol hadn't tasted marijuana for twenty years, and I'm sure the reefer of today is a lot more potent then what she was used to smoking in college. She took a light drag on the joint and let the smoke enter her lungs. Instantly her lungs tried to expel the offending air and she coughed sending what little smoke was in her lungs back out again.

I said, "Take a sip of your drink before you hit on it Carol."

She sipped her coke and SC and tried again, and this time she was able to hold the smoke in her lungs. Carol quickly passed the joint across the table to Mel.

Mel knew what to expect and took a deep drag sucking the smoke deep into her lungs. She passed the joint to me, and I hit on it again just as Carol exhaled. I held it toward her.

Carol said, "Give me a second Frank."

Mel exhaled her first hit and said, "Sweet tasting weed Frank." We're all going to get good and stoned on this stuff."

Carol said, "Okay Frank, let me try another hit."

I handed it to her and she sucked harder on it this time, her lungs remembering the feel from twenty plus years earlier.

We sipped our drinks and passed the joint between the three of us until it was nothing more then a short little roach.

Carol was first to feel the effects, and said, "That's enough for me, I'm already feeling buzzed."

Mel and I passed the roach back and forth finishing up the last little heavily resin coated part of it.

Mel said, "I'm good Frank." As she began to feel her own buzz from the joint.

I took one last hit on the roach and dipped the end in my drink to put it out.

Carol was already sitting back in her chair feeling the full effect of the drinks and the weed.

Mel giggled and pointed toward Carol before she said, "Frank, I think Carol is a little stoned. I'm a little stoned too," she admitted.

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