tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOffice Play Ch. 01

Office Play Ch. 01


It's a small office. Three people really. Diana was hired a couple months ago, and she had started noticing that there was something rather odd about her new job. First there was the fact that there was only her boss in the office, and Juan, a rather attractive thirty-year-old Hispanic man who seemed to be around to do anything and everything that she didn't. There was also his abnormally high paycheck. Yes, he did everything and did it well, but it was still more than she'd ever seen a handy-man type person make. Hell, it was more than most paralegal's make at the top of their game.

Second, she had no idea what her office actually did... just that Michael (her boss) had offered her an exorbitant amount of money to be his secretary, and that he never seemed short of phone calls or clients. His Rolodex contained some of the biggest names in Washington D.C., she'd already had the nerve-wracking experience of speaking to the Secretary of State in the White House. There was also the women who came in and out of her boss's office... a couple times she'd found panty-hose in his wastebasket (and she'd only been there a week). There were never any noises coming from his office while they were in there, his office was always immaculate, and she'd never seen any evidence other than the panty-hose.

Not to mention that all of them women were drop dead gorgeous, and professional, and confident... everything she aspired to one day be (after working her way up from a mere secretary in a 3 person office), yet there was always something about them after they'd left Michael's office. Some kind of glow to their face... a bounce in their step... something in their eyes.

She was also developing a huge crush on her boss... Michael... he was tall. 6'3" to her 5'7". Dark black skin, gorgeous deep hazel eyes (who knew where they could have gotten their greenish cast from), shortly cropped hair and broad tapered shoulders. Older than her, she was only 22 and just out of college, he was at least 35. But very strong and athletic. Even under his designer business suits she could sense the sheer power in his body. Imbued with a charisma, he drew her eyes every time he came out of his office and into the main room. She didn't think anything derogatory of the women who went in and out of his office... they never came in again, and their names never showed up again in his calendar... but she was starting to wonder what it would be like to be one of them. Instead of where she was... sitting at her probably overpriced mahogany desk with her desktop computer and phone, greeting Michael every morning and Juan three times a week... and always wondering....

After about three months of working in the office, she took one weekend to go shopping for a new work wardrobe. It didn't occur to her that someone might wonder at the fact that all the skirts she bought were about two or three inches higher than the ones she had been wearing previously. Or that some of the blouses were the next thing to sheer... and the gorgeous thong and bra sets that she bought at Victoria Secret's had nothing to do with her work outfits. They were for her own pleasure only. Expensive undergarments made her feel sexy and confident, and it was just that now she had the money to afford more - a lot more - than she'd ever been able to before.

Diane thrilled at the looks she saw Juan giving her under his eyelashes when he came in that week... she knew that her long slim legs looked fantastic in her new business skirts - tighter and shorter than the ones she'd been wearing the week before. Juan was cute, maybe 30, short wavy hair and deep brown eyes. A Brazilian accent wasn't especially exotic, but it was still sexy and intriguing. She considered his regard to be a very high compliment... despite her long legs and curvy figure she'd never been very confident in her body image. Her hazel eyes with their flecks of color, enhanced by the amber highlights in her brown curls, much more striking, so his subtle approval was warmth and support to her ego.

She just wished that Michael had noticed.

He hadn't said a word. Not even twitched or blinked an eye. All week she was disappointed, he'd just come in as usual, gave his deep basso "Good Morning" and gone into his office. A couple times he'd called her in to ask her to do some filing, and if she wanted to order lunch from the Chinese food place he was calling, but nothing about her new look.

By Friday disappointment was rapidly dwindling and she was starting to get frustrated. That weekend she went out again, determined to find something amazing to stun Michael with. Juan had given the male nod to every single outfit he'd seen her in... and he wasn't even there every day! With her new income she could definitely afford just one more outfit.

She found it too. Monday morning found Diane modeling nervously in front of her mirror. The dark red of the suit definitely looked great on her... it made her slightly tanned skin glow, and her lips looked pouty and defined with the lipstick that was the same color as her suit. She'd gotten it special, it was supposed to stay on all day and not rub off on anything, and it was the kind of dark red that she'd always associated with movie stars and Hollywood. Her matching shoes were 2 ½ inch stilettos... much more dramatic than her normal flats for business wear... she loved the way they subtly changed her posture and stance, even though walking in them still made her a bit nervous. They made her hips swing seductively when she walked - and her hips did look good with the skirt hugging them so sleekly.

Adjusting the jacket nervously over her breasts, she eyed her chest. Her blouse was much more sheer than the ones she'd bought before. A hair less and it'd be completely transparent... although it outlined her new bra very nicely. Demi-cup, so that the tops of her very perky 34D breasts could be clearly seen. Curves had never been a problem for her. Resolutely she squared her shoulders, unbuttoned her blouse one more button so that her cleavage could clearly be seen... and adjusted her jacket back over her chest to help her nerves.

Entering the office she passed Juan - who looked like this Monday he was going to be out running errands for Michael again. He gave her the once over and a low whistle, bringing a rush of heat to her cheeks. Holding her head a little higher, and putting a little more swing into her hips, she was out right sauntering the way only a confident and beautiful woman can. Out of all the reactions she'd gotten from Juan, this was the most blatant. There was no way Michael wouldn't notice her now.

He didn't. Or at least he didn't say anything when he came in and did his usual good morning... Despite the fact that she was standing when he came in, posing at the window, pretending to be engrossed in opening the blinds... how could he miss her? One of her legs was bent seductively, and she knew that the sheerness of her blouse would be apparent because her jacket was riding up high while she reached above her head... and how could he miss the way her skirt was hugging her hips and ass while she leaned forward?! But there he went, holding his briefcase, in his sexy perfect suit, with his sexy deep voice, into his perfect and immaculate office.


She irritably readjusted her skirt down, and jacket, buttoned up the button on her blouse and also did up the buttons up the front of her jacket. Then she stalked over to her desk - as best she could in her heels - and sat down and got to work.

About 30 minutes before lunch time, Michael called her into his office - probably to find out if she wanted Chinese she figured, and she did so she went. With none of the swaying that had been featured in her early morning performances. As she entered the room she was surprised to find Michael standing by the side of his desk on the phone, he was just hanging up as she came in. Ignoring me still, she thought irritably. Then he turned and looked her square in the eyes.

Diane stopped in her tracks, her breath caught in her throat. The look on his face... intensely focused, almost angry, but everything completely in control, had her completely paralyzed. Michael stepped towards her, and she had the immediate urge to move back, but deliberately and stubbornly held her ground. He looked her up and down, the same way Juan had earlier, but his gaze held some kind of contempt in it, as well as a kind of questioning. It brought a different kind of heat to her face - a flush of embarrassment rather than pleasure, and also the flush of sensual tension from having him examining her so closely. No longer able to meet his gaze, her eyes lowered and swept down to the floor. She twitched as he moved again, around her and shutting the door heavily... then she heard the lock click.

What?! The word died on her tongue as she spun around to face him and met his gaze again. The focus was back in his eyes, and as he looked at her the vague questioning look on his face resolved into something resembling a man who has been given an answer. She backed away, slowly at first and then more quickly, as he moved towards her, until she ran into his desk. The pace of his step never changed. Looking for escape, her eyes left his face and swept the room. As he stopped in front of her, not more than 6 inches away, she closed her eyes, focusing inward. Her chest was heaving, her lungs were on fire... adrenalin was rushing through her body, making her feel as though she was bursting with energy. It felt as thought her heart was a butterfly in her chest, a panicked butterfly.


She couldn't look at him, she just couldn't. Opening her eyes again she stared at the floor. At their feet. "Yes sir?" Her voice sounded totally normal, totally under control. But she knew she wasn't. She was like a bird, trapped by a cat, as soon as she could she would fly frantically to freedom. She closed her eyes again.

"This... this is an interesting outfit." Oh my God. His finger was touching the collar of her jacket. Her head flew up, eyes locking with his.... And the bird was caught. It felt like his eyes were penetrating every whim, every thought, every wisp of fantasy that was in her head from the past months. She couldn't breathe. And she couldn't handle it. Jerking back from his touch, the back of her things hit his desk and she had to throw her hands back to keep from coming completely off balance.

He smiled. White teeth gleaming sharply... both her hands were still on the desk.

"A very interesting outfit." The finger returned to her jacket and stroked the collar and down the right side of the front of the jacket, and back up again and onto her blouse... over the swell of her peeking through the front of her shirt. There were tears in her eyes, sparked from tension and anxiety...

"What do you want?" her voice wasn't normal anymore, wasn't even close to under control. It was shaking and raspy, she'd forced the words through her too tight throat.

"It's not what I want," his incredibly deep voice sent vibrations up and down her spine as his finger continued to play lightly over the top of her breast, "I believe, this is about what you want." His eyes never left hers as he pulled back the right side of her jacket, and ran his fingers completely over the top of her breast revealed by the demi cup of her bra.

* * * * *

This is the end of part 1, please leave any comments and or constructive criticisms, i would love to know what everyone thinks, and also if there's anything in particular you might like to see in later parts! This is my first submission to Literotica, so any comments at all are appreciated. I plan to make this an ongoing story, because i already have lots of ideas for Diane and Michael. Thanks so much for reading!

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