Office Policy


“Ok ladies and gentleman, please put your hands together for the beautiful and talented Erika!” the DJ’s voice rang out over the thumping alternative beat as the object of my lust strutted to the stage. Erika’s saucy red curls bounced on her head and on her soft porcelain white shoulders as she walked. The crowd was going ballistic with applause in anticipation. Erika climbed the four steps carefully in her outrageous platform shoes bringing all five feet two inches of her under the erratic stage lights. She spotted me right away in the front row with her glittering green eyes and winked at me. That brought a smile to my face. I wasn’t all too much to look at after all. I was bald and plain looking with the emotional scares of break-up etched on my face. Erika was always glad to see me probably because she knew I always brought a big roll of cash to club Private Eyes. The strip club had become a regular haunt for me since my girlfriend left me four months ago. We had lived together for three years until she caught me one day in a precarious position. Now I show up once a week with three hundred bucks with Erika’s name on every fifty-dollar bill.

Erika danced and teased for the packed crowd who cheered from the dark room. The crowd was mostly guys, especially up front, but also had many women with their husbands and boyfriends or as part of a large party group. The couples usually kept further back. Erika liked to play with the ladies too. In fact she was very eager to get a girl to tip her or to go do private dances for the couples.

After a standing ovation from the pact house after the third song Erika peeled her naked body from the stage and grabbed my wrist. By now she did not have to ask if I wanted a private dance, it was a given. Her perfect little tushy swayed in front of me as I basked in her sweet aroma of perfume and perspiration. We found ourselves a nice quiet couch in a very dim corner of the private room near the fireplace away from the loud speakers and even louder crowd.

As usual, I would have to behave myself. Erika was very strict about her rules. No man could touch or lick her breasts, her crotch or her face. I tried to on many occasions but got a warning. She was good at keeping a space between us. Her rules did not apply however to females as I had observed once or twice before with her and another dancer and a female patron. It made me wish that I could be a girl and get that much closer to Erika. I know she liked me for my money but she always told me that she liked me more than most guys because I was a gentleman and always made her feel special. She would always leave me at the end of the night with a soft kiss on my barren forehead. I longed for a day when I could kiss her pert lips, her perky upturned breasts, her firm little bottom or her red trimmed love nest instead.

As usual I ventured home with empty pockets, a raging hard-on, and of course, alone. The next day Friday, I always had trouble dragging my sorry ass into work for eight o’clock. The bags under my eyes were extra dark and I wouldn’t bother shaving. I never called in sick, no matter what. As a part owner in a company, I had a responsibility to the business. My two business partners, Donny and Kelly would always get a good laugh out of me at our Friday morning meetings. We were all very close and friendly with other. I had known Donny since high school. He was a business and marketing major in university and was the company’s key to getting our customers and accounts. He knew enough about our technology, fibre optic surveillance systems, to get by. He is slick and considered good looking. Donny is half Italian and has that charm that gets him a lot of female attention. He is a great talker and has managed to keep the accounts coming in. Kelly is Donny’s ex. She is blond, built and gorgeous. She had been a paralegal at the last company Donny and I worked for, a wireless provider, but was under appreciated and underestimated by the company brass. Donny was already dating her and they eventually moved in a common apartment. While we were there I had been working on a new idea that would transform video surveillance. As one of the junior engineers, I was often underestimated as well. The company simply took no interest in my ideas. When I discussed all this with my two friends Donny and Kelly, they suggested we start our own business. We scraped together the money and we all jumped ship together. My share at first was fifty percent with Donny and Kelly at twenty five percent each. Kelly is in charge of all business operations, and handles the fine details of the contracts. I am the brains behind our products and oversee all engineering and production.

That was five years ago and since my break up I had sold an additional five percent of my share to Kelly and Donny. Their relationship didn’t last long after they moved in together. There were a few spats and they soon split up. I was terrified what it would do to our business but they were civil about it and managed to remain professional about our successful company. They get along great at the office, much better than when they were a couple. Neither one of them has any trouble attracting the opposite sex, and they don’t cater to jealous feelings when one or the other discusses a recent love interest.

I had thought about asking out Kelly many times but remained aware of the trouble that could cause with Donny. Kelly was really out of my league anyway. Besides all that, she introduced an office policy to keep our company successful we should stay professional and keep out of each other’s pants. It made sense and it worked up to now.

“So, are you going to tell us about the girl or what?” Kelly blurted out.

“What girl?” I tactfully responded.

“The one keeping you up late every Thursday night,” she coyly responded.

“Come on stud, we want details,” Donny added.

“Oh well!” I figured. I might as well tell them what was happening. I proceeded to give the details of my private sessions with Erika, the dancer. I sounded pretty pathetic, and I figured they were about to erupt in laughter at any time.

“Why don’t you just ask her out?” Kelly insisted.

“Hey, I’ve tried. Really, but she told me she doesn’t date guys, even the ones as nice as me. She said that she prefers girls,” I responded.

“How can you be sure that she isn’t telling you that just so that you will stay interested enough to keep coming back but giving up hope of a date,” Donny asked.

“Honestly, I don’t know for sure. You could be right,” I agreed. Then I added, “I do know for sure that she does like the ladies. I have seen her with some of the other girls there, and if she was acting, she deserves an Oscar.”

“Did you see her up close?” Donny pried.

I shook my head, “Not too close, I would have had to be at the same table.”

“What is it about guys and lesbians?” Kelly asked with an annoyed scowl.

“Well, instead of one, hot, sexy woman in heat, you get two, it’s very visually stimulating…” I started.

“It was a rhetorical question,” Kelly answered. “This one here tried to get me to seduce another girl for a threesome,” she continued, pointing at Donny. Donny had a cheesy but guilty look on his face. I looked at him intensely as if waiting for a response.

“The answer is no. I did not,” Kelly jumped in, sensing my curiosity. I knew better than to pry any further. For some reason, Kelly felt that she had to keep volunteering info. “It’s not that I have any thing against it. I don’t! I am pretty sure that I could be comfortable with another woman, if she was pretty cool. I admit that I have thought about from time to time. I just didn’t do it for you, because it was your threesome fantasy, not mine. We were a couple and that would have been totally about satisfying your ego,” she ranted towards Donny. He obviously did not want any more of that fight and thru his arms up in mock surrender. They still had some hidden issues, but I was still stuck on Kelly’s words about being comfortable with and thinking about having sex a woman.

We didn’t ride the subject too much longer and eventually got down to business. On the next Monday, Kelly interrupted me while I was over my drafting table. “So tell me more about this Erika chick. What does she look like? How old is she? Give me some details.”

I was a bit surprised at her interest, shocked even. I described Erika as best that I could as Kelly listened intently. The next day she asked me if I would mind some company on Thursday night. Kelly claimed to be interested in checking out my obsession. “You need the perspective of an outsider. I can tell you my thoughts on what your chances are when I see this girl in person,” she sold me.

“Yah, umm… that would be helpful, I guess,” I responded not certain what to make of all this. “Would you be comfortable? I mean…umm, ever been in a strip club before?” I blurted.

“Oh, don’t worry, I’ll be fine! I’m totally cool with it,” Kelly reassured me. Her broad, beaming smile really had me worked up. This was the closest she had ever been with me and I was excited about it.

Thursday afternoon Kelly booked from work early to get her hair and nails done. She said that she also had to pick up a dress and some new shoes. She gave me instructions to pick her up at nine o’clock. She was really going to do this. I arrived on time to pick up Kelly. I decided to wear something better than I usually do since Kelly was apparently getting a new dress just for tonight. I picked out a silver suit jacket and pants with a black priest collar shirt. It wasn’t my normal style, but I didn’t want to disappoint Kelly. I nervously rang her doorbell and was soon greeted by my co-worker as I had never seen her before. I was used to seeing her in her conservative suits, pulled back hair, and glasses. Tonight she was dolled out to the nines, wearing a wispy little black chiffon number that was mid thigh in length, sleeveless, and cut low enough to show off some fabulous cleavage. She wore dark black stockings and four inch black velvet stilettos with an ankle strap. She accessorized with a gold chain around her hips, some wrist bangles and a black and gold choker. Kelly had her hair fluffed out in a wild, abandon look and she wore her makeup dark and slutty, with ruby red lipstick. She looked amazing and took my breath away. “Hey, you look great!” She told me, as I stood there with my jaw hanging open.

“So do you, Wow!” I somehow managed to spit out.

“Do I really look okay? Not too over the top?” she asked.

“No, really! Your perfect! I have never seen you like this before. You look amazing,” I stammered on.

“You clean up pretty good yourself,” she complimented while punching my arm like a school buddy. That was to remind me that she was not my date, just my friend. I was having a rough time concentrating on driving to the club, constantly being distracted by Kelly’s full cleavage and her sexy legs. Her scent was also very alluring. I was sweating.

I opened Kelly’s door and got a great leg show for my effort. She held my arm as we entered the dark, noisy, smoke filled room. Every guy we passed gave Kelly a thorough once over. She grinned politely at every one we passed. I was beginning to feel proud for a change. They must have all figured that she was wife or girlfriend. We found a table near the main stage but not too close. The cute waitress brought us our drinks quickly, and we made short work of them. We watched the parade of dancers go buy and enjoyed the lovely dark haired Russian girl on the stage. Kelly seemed perfectly at ease and completely comfortable in the unfamiliar surroundings. We ordered another round and as the drinks were arriving the DJ announced the next dancer, Erika!

Erika paraded in and did her strut to the stage with a huge grin and exuding electricity. Kelly paid close attention as the tiny little redhead bounced up onto the stage and began her routine to the tune of Wild Thing by Prozzak. My head went back and forth between Erika and looking at Kelly’s expression. Kelly had her eyes locked on the young dancer. Part way into her number Erika spotted me and made eye contact. She winked at me, as was her custom. Finally Kelly spoke, “Wow! She is cute! And a fantastic dancer.”

Erika’s second song started, Sex on Wheels by the Thrill Kill Cult. During this song, most of the laundry came off and Erika made a point of locking eyes with Kelly several times. I noticed Kelly beginning to blush. “I think she likes you,” I teased. She had no response.

The crowd roared their approval after the second song. During the third song, Justify My Love by Madonna, the customers traditionally start tipping the dancer. I pulled out a five-dollar bill and handed it to Kelly. “I usually tip a five for the floor show,” I told her.

“You want me to give it to her?” Kelly asked with a tone of shock in her voice. I sheepishly nodded.

“I’m not going up on the stage!” she insisted.

“You don’t have to, just hand it to her, she’ll thank you, it’s simple,” I lied to her. The crowd suddenly got much loader and Kelly and I turned to see why. Erika was staring at our table and was pointing at Kelly. As Kelly acknowledged her, Erika crooked her finger and summoned my date to the stage. Felling the crowd pressure, Kelly nervously made her way to the side of the stage with the fiver in her hand. Kelly held the bill out in her outstretched hand. Erika shook her head, and pointed to Kelly’s breasts. Kelly looked back at me with confusion on her face. I made a gesture signalling for her to stuff the bill between her boobs. She turned back to the stage and did as instructed, shoving the lucky bill down between her heaving mounds. Erika signalled Kelly again to move closer. Standing inches away, Erika gently leaned forward and softly kissed Kelly on her breast. Kelly stayed still and Erika moved over to do the same on the other boob. She then took the bill between her teeth, and slowly removed it from its fleshy trap. Erika’s hands pushed up on Kelly’s breasts to accent the overflowing cleavage. She didn’t release her hold on Kelly and after turning her head to spit the bill out onto the stage; she pulled Kelly to her and planted her open mouth square on Kelly’s lips. Kelly was a bit shocked but with the overwhelming approval of the crowd, she allowed Erika to kiss her. It was no sisterly kiss either. Erika really was going to town and Kelly reciprocated by sucking the tongue of the pretty stripper. The make out session lasted nearly thirty seconds. When Kelly returned to the table her face was bright pink. I had never seen her so off her game. She was usually a pillar of control. The crowd really loved the show, as did I.

“Bastard!” she said with a smile. I tried to hold in my laugh. Erika made her way off the stage after her third number and immediately came over to our table. She was buck naked with the exception of her platform shoes and body glitter. She giggled as she started to apologize to Kelly for centring her out. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to embarrass you, my name is Erika,” she said, almost ignoring me.

“Hi, I’m Kelly, a friend of Marty’s, he’s told me so much about you. You’re very pretty and your show was extremely sexy,” She started to ramble.

“You two want to go sit somewhere more private?” Erika asked Kelly, again barely acknowledging my presence. Kelly looked at me for an answer. The look in her eyes told me that she was still curious so I nodded and winked.

“Ok, sounds good to me, it’s too loud in this room to talk,” Kelly justified. Erika held out her hands to each of us. We got up and walked hand in hand with Erika in the middle of us to the V.I.P. room. We found a nice comfortable couch and the waitress took our drink order.

“Two cranberry vodkas and a Keith’s please,” I asked.

“And two Sambuccas,” Erika added.

Erika had parked her butt beside Kelly and it was a rather tight squeeze. Her hand sat on Kelly’s stocking clad thigh as she asked, “So what has he told you about me?”

“Well, he did say that you were beautiful and sexy, but I had no idea…”

“Did he tell you how much I like girls?” Erika interrupted.

“Well, he did mention something, but I don’t know…” Kelly started rambling.

By that time a song had started and Erika slid herself out of her seat and straddled Kelly’s lap, rather aggressively. Our drinks had arrived and I paid for them. Erika handed Kelly the shot of Sambucca and they did a ‘cheers’ before downing the drinks. Erika’s hips gyrated and grinded and Kelly placed her hands on them to steady the young dancer. Erika slid forward a bit so that Kelly’s hands slipped onto her ass. Erika’s well-practiced move brought a smile to her face and a blush from Kelly. Kelly was going to take her hands away but Erika forced her to leave them there. Kelly then began taking the liberty to fondle that perfect little caboose. When Erika sensed that her prey was warming up, she gently placed a finger under Kelly’s chin and very closely whispered to her, “Now, where were we?”

With that, Erika’s mouth closed in on Kelly’s and very softly planted a kiss. Kelly closed her eyes and relaxed her mouth as she allowed Erika’s tongue to explore her mouth. The kiss was as passionate and beautiful as any I had ever seen. The kiss began to get hot and heavy as Erika gyrated her naked body all over my business partner. Kelly let her hands explore deep into the crevasse of the Erika’s ass. I could see her manicured fingertips probing into the pussy and ass of the hot little vixen. Erika encouraged her by humping on her fingers and working her lip lock even more aggressively. Erika brushed Kelly’s long blond hair away from her face and held her head in her hands. They continued making out until the song ended. As the music died down Erika turned her face away from Kelly to look at me. Both hers and Kelly’s lipstick was smeared all over each other’s face. I had the most painful hard on of my entire life. She looked at me is if waiting for something. I realized what her dilemma was and produced a roll of fifty- dollar bills from my pocket. She smiled and reached to take Kelly’s hand from her crotch. During the break Erika held Kelly’s hand and slowly and seductively licked her fingers clean. Kelly never took her eyes off of the pretty seductress.

When the music started up again, Erika returned Kelly’s hand to her bum. She leaned into Kelly again and once again shoved her tongue into the blond bombshell’s mouth. Kelly could taste Erika’s juices on her tongue and eagerly sucked it clean. Erika worked Kelly’s mouth for a while longer, then she pulled back to catch her breath as she raised herself up a bit so that her perky breasts were in Kelly’s face. Kelly instinctively licked the dancer’s titties and took a nipple into her mouth. She sweetly sucked on Erika’s nipples one at a time while at the same time she finger fucked her. Erika was enjoying her attention and also teasing me. She raised herself up higher and Kelly licked Erika’s belly. As Kelly licked Erika’s belly button the song ended.

Erika looked over at me and I signalled for her to continue. She smiled and continued humping Kelly’s fingers. While Erika had a sip of her drink Kelly took the opportunity to suck her own fingers clean in much the same way as Erika had done earlier. Erika asked, “Do you like it?” Kelly nodded. “Want some more?” Erika asked while stroking the Kelly’s blond hair. Kelly again nodded. I was so jealous of her at this point.

The next song started and Erika got up off her knees and stood on the couch. She took hold of Kelly’s head and pressed her face into her belly again. Kelly began licking down until she reached Erika’s pubic mound. Erika lifted her opposite leg and slid it over Kelly’s shoulder. Soon I could see Kelly’s tongue slip between the lips of Erika’s closely groomed snatch and bury itself deep inside. Erika groaned in ecstasy. Kelly tongued her dancer’s pussy as she continued fingering her tight ass. Erika held Kelly’s head in place as she humped her face. Her clit rode Kelly’s lip. Erika looked at me with drowsy eyes saying, “You girlfriend gives great face!” She was face fucking her more than anything and this went on during the entire song until Erika shuddered in orgasm, soaking Kelly’s face with her love juice.

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