tagRomanceOffice Politics Ch. 02

Office Politics Ch. 02


He asks, "Shall I continue?"

I'm torn. I know that once I admit to the feelings burning through my body there will be no turning back, if it isn't too late already. Yet, my mind is fighting, creeping into my thoughts are such things like 'how will I be able to work with Him after this?' , and 'if I let my guard down, will He ever have the respect for me as a competent member of the company?'. I stare up at Him, trying to decide. I see His expression change, and almost as if He can hear my thoughts, He smiles at me softly, leans over and slowly kisses my lips, then down to my cheek, my neck. He stops at my ear and whispers to me.

"Our personal lives shall not interfere with our working environment. I would never use My dominance in private to hurt you or distress you in any way, I am not that Man." He straightens up, and grins a wide smile, "Besides, sometimes I think your ideas around here are even better than Mine. Very creative." As He glances down at my naked form, "and you never cease to impress me."

With these words rolling around inside me, I can feel my body relax, my resistance fading away. I look back at Him, a small smile on my lips, as I nod in agreement. Finally feeling at ease with my decision, I allow my head to go along with my body and let HIM lead me, It feels SO natural, like this is what I have always been needing, but not allowing myself to admit it.

He lowers His head to mine once more, bites my neck, as I yelp and come back to the moment. He stands and places His blazer over the arm of the couch, just barely covering my eyes. I can see His shadow moving, from under the edge of the fabric, but that's all I could see. I decide to just close my eyes and let His touch and the sounds be my guide, to just be in the here and now, feel every emotion. I sense that he is leaning over me again, I can smell his scent. Then as His hand cups my breast, I feel my nipple rolled between His thumb and finger. I hear a low moan, and realize that it is coming from me. Teeth on the other nipple holding it still as His tongue flicks over it has me gasping now. The sofa sinks down a bit as I feel him sit on the edge next to my hip.I feel his other hand softly begin to rub my belly, then a little pinch. OMG all the sensations rolling through my body is overwhelming, I feel a trickling of moisture run from me, down the crevice to the leather below me. I rub my thighs together to try and ease the slow throb building there.

I then feel Him rise from the couch again. His feet softly pad back over by the desk. I hear drawers being open and closed, like He is searching for something.

"I wish I had known about this evening," He says " I could have come prepared." Another drawer opens and closes. "AH! This will do nicely." Over to the bar He walks. I hear a cabinet open. "Hmmmm, and maybe this."

As I hear Him come back to me, every nerve ending tingling, I wonder what He is going to torture me so pleasantly with now.

AGHH!!!! I feel as if my nipple has been burned. Then suddenly I realize, not burned, frozen. He has ice rolling it along the tips of my breasts. Down along the curving mound, across my belly, a drips melts and runs down my side. Over to the opposite hip, even farther down, to the top of my thigh. I lean my head farther back on the arm of the sofa, as a moan escapes my lips. My back arching so slightly. My thighs still rubbing together, trying to ease the pressure building.

Then I feel liquid poured directly onto my sex, across my clit it runs between my legs to the leather sofa beneath me, till my cheeks feel like they sitting in a puddle. At the same time I feel a tingly fizzy sensation. And a new scent reaches my nose. Then it dawns on me, mmmmm, bubbly champagne, foaming between my 'flowers' lips and stimulating my clit without a touch from Him. WOW!! this Guy is good. Every move is building inside, yearning, ready to burst, but still needing more.

Next I fell His tongue licking my mound, a hand slides between my thighs and roughly pushes my legs apart. Then as if trying to confuse my senses He gently licks the inside of first one then the other thigh. I'm suddenly startled as He buries His nose between my legs and I can here Him sucking the champagne from the couch beneath my tush, His tongue barely touching the crevice as he licks up all of the bubbly effervescence.

I am held in suspended ecstasy and yet constantly changing new sensations. The intense feelings are almost more than I can comprehend. The arousal, more than I have ever experienced so far.

I am brought back to the present when I feel His weight shift next to me. My entire body is awake and waiting for the next assault to my senses. When I feel the pressure of His palm on the mound in the center of my hips I feel the need to lift and press back. Then GASP as I feel Him pinch between His thumb and finger the already tender nub of my clit. However, as I let my hips rise for more, I feel Him pull His hand away. Leaving me to moan in frustration. But not for long as I hear a soft humming and then feel a new sensation.

It doesn't take me long to realize what exactly He has found in my desk drawer. My back massage! But I do not have long to consider this because as He rests it on the most sensitive part of my body at the moment, I also feel the shock of His first penetration, sudden and almost savage at first, then His fingers slowing to stroke me from the inside as I feel a yearning build within.

This is all almost too much for me to bear, I feel a tear slide across my face and into my hairline, and I am glad for cover beneath his jacket. I don't have long to consider the cause for soon He has me thrashing wildly beneath His nimble fingers stroking the fires burning inside. I am SO close now, I can feel a the climax building threatening to explode.

And then He stops again. Damn it, OMG. So close. What will He do to me now.

As He rises, I sense He has come to stand above me at the end of the sofa. Then He unties my hands, lifts His jacket from my face. Then He helps me to stand, my legs are a bit wobbly. :)

At the same time I notice His own hands are not as steady as I had assumed. I am surprised, does this have as much of an effect on Him as it has on me? I glance down to His pants...It seems it does. He leads me across the office to my desk. Then as He stands behind me, leans over and whispers to me,"Lean over, please." I turn to look into His eyes, but He just looks back at me, calmly waiting.

Then I almost smile as the thought comes to me..'In for a penny, In for a pound' And I lean over my desk in front of Him. I feel Him as He runs His hands along my cheeks up to my hips along my back and into my hair. There he grabs a handful and lightly pulls, then lets go. The His hands are back at my ass, rubbing then grabbing two handfuls and squeezing. I giggle and smile a bit at this. And push my butt back into Him standing behind me. I hear Him take a sudden deep breath, and think 'could I actually be arousing Him?' I look back at Him again, and I say just two words, "More, Please"

Then I see the fire of passion burning in His eyes, as if He had just been holding back for my sake. I watch as He opens His belt buckle, lowers His zipper, and lets His pants fall to the floor. Then He steps up closer to me and roughly pushes my legs farther apart with His knees. As He reaches up into my hair again and pulls it harder now, I am sure He is just going to bury Himself inside me with no warning. But I am wrong again, as He leans over and whispers to me, "Tell me what you want." I look at Him. "What?"

"Tell me what you want." He says again, then bites my earlobe.

"I want you."

"NO, tell me what you want me to do."


"Tell me, if you want me to continue." He says

"I want to feel you inside me." says I

"What do you want to feel?"

I can feel my cheeks blush, but I say it, cause I am so aroused I need to be fulfilled.

"I want your cock buried deep inside me. Please!!"

And then He did just that. I shuddered as I felt the the head then the length of His shaft penetrate steadily into me, all the way, until I could feel Him bump up against my cervix. And then He stopped. Just held still, as I felt my body adjust to the fullness, I could feel the throbbing begin to increase. And still He didn't move. I pushed back against Him. Still He didn't move.

"Arghhh, damn, please, I need more!!!" I screamed.

Then He started to slowly pull out and then just as slowly push back in. And with each stroke I could feel the mounting tide within me.

"MORE, MORE!!!" I was begging loudly now.

As He increased the tempo, I didn't know how much longer I could hold on. Then He reached around me and pulled me up, my back against His chest, one of His hands grabbed a breast and began pinching my nipple, the other hand down between my legs rubbing my clit.

I could no longer hold back the wave that washed over me. As the pulsing of my muscles climaxed, gripping His cock from within, I felt His release only moments after my own. We stood still, grasping each other as the waves subsided. I was in complete awe, I had never felt an orgasm quite so powerful as that. My knees were still weak.

As I felt Him slide out of me, I collapsed into my desk chair and just sat there for a moment, watching as He pulled up His trousers, and buckled His belt. Then He looked up at me as He realized I was staring at Him, started to say something..

"You damn CUNT, If I had known you liked it rough, I could have done that years ago."

I jumped up quickly and grabbed the edges of the blouse I still wore, pulling them together, trying to cover myself. Embarrassed and shocked. I had completely forgot about the drunk ass passed out in my other chair. Before I could respond to his outburst though, I saw him picked up out of same chair and tossed across the room. Then He walked over and picked him up again, drug him across the floor towards the door. Before He bodily tossed him out the door, He said, "You don't deserve to lick the dirt off her heels."

I just stood there speechless, I was starting to feel ashamed, and it must have shown on my face, because He then walked over to me, put His arms around me. Then He said quietly to me, "The most precious gift you could ever give me is your trust, don't ever think I will let you down that easily."

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