tagRomanceOffice Relations Ch. 01

Office Relations Ch. 01


"That is enough! Both of you into my office now." Susan Watford the director said.

"Can't you get through one project? One day without going at each other like cats and dogs?. Now look Mark, Shirley, if I have to move you two to other departments my work will suffer but I will do it."

Shirley Chin was taken aback, she did not want to be moved but working with Mark was almost unbearable.

Mark felt the same way, he could not stand Shirley, her lack of imagination. Sometimes though he did check out her chubby breasts and round ass, for an Asian girl she was very curvy, but still that little habit of clearing her throat always drove him mad.

For her part Shirley could not stand Mark's always leaping to conclusions before reading the reports, even though a good deal of the time he was right.

Susan opened her desk draw and took out and envelope. "You two are going to leave now," she said handing over the envelope, "Dinner and a show, on me! You two work things out or..."

Mark wondered if she could even do that. In the elevator down he and Shirley talked, it might not be Kosher, so to say, but she could definitely move them to other departments where their careers would dead-end.

The show, an extravaganza staring a super-hero was so bad it was good. Over dinner they did find a topic they could agree on, how much they resented Susan making them go out.

Mark took Shirley back to her apartment. To his surprise he found himself sitting on her couch, not to either one's surprise they found themselves arguing again about whose fault it was that they were there.

"Fine!" he said getting up.

"I don't care if they move me or not! It will be better than spending another second with you."

She got up to yell some more and he stood up to defend himself. Her face grew red with the shouting. She advanced towards him and he put up his hand to push her back and maintain his personal space. His hand instinctively landing and then holding her left breast inside her tight black sweater.

She stopped yelling and looked down for an uncomfortable moment then up at him.

Time seemed to jump forward a few seconds and they were kissing. He vaguely recalled taking off her glassed and gently placing them down on the coffee table. His hands grabbed her behind pulling her in close. Their tongues met in each other's mouth as clothing was shed all over her apartment floor.

He remembers actually carrying her naked over the threshold into her bedroom. They knocked the stuffed animals on her bed onto the floor. After the first fuck, and only after did they think of protection while she stroked his cock hard again and he sucked on her tits. As he guided her to get on top of him they knew it was too late to give it consideration.

They went on late into the evening and in the morning she got up first and called in sick waking him up to do the same. She laughed after he got off the phone saying that "This is not the Jetsons. They can't see you."

He smiled at her, then they went back to bed together. That afternoon they went out and discovered how much they did have in common outside of the sheets. They actually went to the same used book store and dumpling shop.

At dinner it was not even going to be mentioned that they both wanted to develop a relationship.

"Look don't worry I am on the pill but it has to be bareback, with you. Okay?" he was stunned never thinking to hear that from her.

He kissed her whispering that he wanted to take her there and. She giggled and asked why not? He said they might have to tip more and she laughed. They did not even make it to dessert before asking for the check. The cool air outside helped them calm down.

As they went down the curved streets of the village they saw an adult "toy shop," one credit card bill they knew they'd regret later they were in a cab going back to his place.

The next morning, naked she went through his comic collection asking for a stack she could barrow.

"Oh young geeks in love," he joked.

She looked up at him noting, per her female programming the first time the "L" word was used. Though she felt the same.

"Hey those are some valuable issues. I don't know."

"Let me convince you." she said never getting up from her knees.

Sunday came and after a lazy day of watching classic movies and slow really getting to know you sex she was put in a cab and went home. Him stupidly standing on the corner long after the cab vanished from sight.

In the middle of next week Susan came in, oblivious to what the whole office could see. "I deserve some sort of prize. Don't I? Where is that Noble committee when you need them?"

"How did you two work it out. As a matter of fact I want to take you two out. But to a different play of course. If I can figure out what made it work between you two I can perhaps develop a new program for work."

"Oh I am sure we can help you find you how we made it work," Shirley said smiling as he blushed.

To be continued...

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