tagIncest/TabooOffice Rules Broken

Office Rules Broken


Mariah worked in a small office in the heart of a well-to-do suburbs, and at 23, was the youngest employee there. She had a girl next door look about her, though her blue eyes were striking in contrast to her dark chocolate hair. She sat up front, greeting her co-workers with a cheery smile, and dealing with calls as they came into the office. A handful of men liked to flirt with her, and she flirted right back. She was a very liberal person and liked not only the attention but also enjoyed dishing out the teasing.

Physically she was average, both in height and weight, though she thought she had a little extra to spare. The one thing she loved about herself were her sharp eyes and her ass. Which she knew many men in her office lusted after. She wore thongs at any opportunity just so that he ass was not constricted by fabric other than her pants themselves. She knew of for sure a few men who wanted her, and they made it very clear in their looks and their way of speech. Which did not bother her, for inside writhed a deviant woman, open to just about any sexual encounter that she could find.

It was apparent in her wicked grins and the glint to her eye as she teased those who flirted with her, be it with a bounce as she hit a grande plie putting labels on boxes, or an extra sway in her hips as she walked down the hall. She had a rule however, a rule that she vowed to never break, and that was that she did not shit where she ate. Essentially she would not date and or fool around with anyone inside the office. As sorely as she was tempted by a few of them, she refused. Sex was not something that was worth losing her job over.

One day as she was in the security room she heard the main door to the room open. Expecting it to be her boss she stayed quiet, figuring that he was going to just come in to check on a tape then leave. But instead she felt a taller male body step in behind her. She turned from ordering the product in front of her and looked up at the man occupying the room.

"Oh hey Casey, whats up?" Her eyes flitted back and forth trying to read his expression. Casey was an older gentleman and well formed for his age. He stood slightly taller than her and hard dark hair with piercing eyes.

Casey shook his head. "just wondering if you needed any help in here." He looked her up and down. She wore a pair of black slacks and a red long sleeved button down top. At his height he was easily able to take a glance down her front, which he currently was doing.

Mariah smirked and snapped her fingers under his nose. "No no help needed here," she indicated the machines whirring away besides her. "Only thing i really need to do is finish rearranging this stuff here then its back up front for me." She looked back up at him and felt her eyes dilate slightly as she saw the look in Casey's eyes. That unadulterated male hunger and power and determination to take what they want. And it was quite obvious that what Casey wanted was her.

"You sure there is nothing that you need help with?" Casey re-iterated as he reached back and shut the door to the supply room.

"Pretty sure, why do you need help with anything?" Mariah asked, smirking as she sensed the deviant in her rising, even as her nerves clamored alarm bells. With a twitch she ignored them and listened to Casey.

"Well I was going to talk to your boss about this but i think that you could help me a lot better," Casey said slyly, taking a step back and tugging on his shirt. Mariah licked her lips.

"And what is that?" She asked, watching his busy hands and feeling herself get wetter. Casey chuckled and Mariah looked up at him.

"Just a problem i have with sitting in my chair. I don't know what it is but its just not comfortable to sit down." Mariah gave him a cheeky smile.

"So order a new chair. The CEO's already ordered one." She loved being a smart ass, always made the comebacks to the flirting so much more fun.

"Don't need a new chair," Casey replied as he reached into his underwear. "Just need a way to get this down."

Slowly he pulled out his cock and grinned as Mariah licked her lips almost uncontrollably in desire. "That's all you're worried about? I'm sure i could help with that." Mariah stepped close to Casey and looked up into his face even as her warm palm closed around his cock, feeling it pulse, twitch and grow under her steady ministrations. Casey closed his eyes as her hand closed around his cock head her hand pulling some flesh with it so it hugged and teased his head. Casey marveled at some of the tricks that she knew for her young age and she laughed before lowering her head and licking the pre-cum that was forming on his tip.

He groaned and his hips thrust forward instinctively at her warm touch and she quickly sucked on the thrusting phallus, her tongue flicking at the eye, lips curling at Casey's hiss and groan. Her tongue swirled around his head, keeping the suction tight as she bobbed her head. Occasionally she'd stick her tongue out and lap at his shaft, teasing and stimulating before she slid her mouth farther down.

Casey fisted one hand in her hair as she blew him, the thrill of the tugging shooting to Mariah's pussy and spurring her on even more. She stiffened her tongue and sucked hard on his cock, slipping the tip of her tongue over and slightly into the slit and bobbing faster and faster. Casey groaned above her and his hand tightened in her hair again before pulling her off him, panting hard.

"Jesus," he panted hard, his cock twitching almost comically, the glans an angry red color. "Get those pants down and bend over there." He indicated an old swivel chair that was backed against one wall.

Mariah smirked and her hands went to her belt and unbuckled it before loosing the clasp of her pants and drawing down the zipper before letting the slacks fall to around her ankles. She wore a simple black cotton thong and the swell of her ass nearly obliterated the stripe of fabric that was settled happily between her cheeks. She bent over the chair and drew the fabric to the side, revealing her shaven pussy and her puffy pink lips which glistened with juice. She heard Casey groan with desire and Mariah grinned at him over her shoulder.

"Like what you see yeah?"

"Oh very much so," Casey groaned and slipped his fingers over her snatch, moaning in tandem with Mariah as he felt how slick and wet she was. "Just wanting to get fucked by this cock dont you?" He asked her before sticking his fingers into her mouth.

Mariah hummed her response as she suckled his fingers as well as any cock, moaning as Casey slipped his cock into her, her hot center engulfing him completely. As he thrust into her she tightened herself around him, her hips tilting downwards, letting him take her deeper and harder.

Mariah started to cum, her nails digging into the chair and her jaw clenching as she muffled her scream, her pussy pulsing and coaxing Casey to fuck her deeper and harder; which he did, all the while calling her a dirty slut and pulling her hair. Mariah groaned as she felt Casey's rhythm change, pulling her shirt tail up higher as his breathing became ragged.

With a grunt Casey pulled out and tugged his cock over her bare ass and back, wanking it faster and faster until he came hard, his jizz shooting onto her flesh in warm spurts. Both stayed where they were as they panted, trying to catch their breath and regain composure.

"Stay there," Casey instructed as he looked around. "I thought i saw some paper towels someplace."

Wordlessly she pointed to a corner where there were two rolls and Casey shuffled over and ripped a few pieces from one roll and wiped off his cum, though he did take a finger of it and offered it to her mouth, which she greedily tasted and suckled on. They both chuckled as Casey's cock twitched, trying to go for round two but they both knew that it wasn't going to happen. After they got Mariah cleaned up and clothes adjusted and both went back to work.

Later that day as Mariah went over the events in her head, she wondered if Casey would even want the same encounter again; secretly admitting to herself that she would look forward to another encounter.

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