tagGroup SexOffice Seduction of Sue

Office Seduction of Sue


It was easy to see that the new manager of the department was my kind of man. First of all he was handsome and second he could not look at me without taking the liberty of scanning my over abundant 38G-cup boobs. He had that look like he was dying to see what I was smuggling around under my sweater while I was wondering how long he might last in my mouth.

It wasn't common knowledge in the office except for a choice few that I love to go down on men and suck a nice thick load of cum out of them. I'd preformed this more then once in the privacy of a boss' office.

I during the course of the first day and even more on the second I walked in Jim' office several times to bring him contracts. I'd lean on his desk next to him and point out some of the loose language needing repair. When I did this I'd lean next to his chair and each time he'd take a look at my overripe tits hanging under me.

Oh he was a tit-man for sure and I loved that in a guy or girl.

On our second day at five while all the others were filing out rushing to get home. I lingered a bit and sure enough he came out and said he had found some errors. He asked if I had time to stay and go over them with him.

I walked coming around the side of his desk to look. I took my normal flirty position and as I was leaning with one hand on the desk when I felt his fingers brush lightly over my tight sweater. I didn't even act surprised, I looked down so he moved both hands to my bulging heavy tits and caressed them.

"I don't see an error Jim." I said casually as though what he was doing was appreciated.

"No there isn't, these are fucking perfect, so huge and perfect!"

I gave him a sly smile then stood turning to face him as he lifted my sweater exposing my huge fleshy melons. My tits are so full and firm I rarely wear a bra and even if it appears obvious I could care less I adore showing off my boobs.

I watched as Jim moved his face to my tits sucking each nipple in bring a moan from me as he moved over my tits from one to the other sucking each nicely and firmly, perfect.

Looking over his head I noticed a picture I had not seen earlier. It was a women posed on the side of a pool wearing a skimpy red bikini revealing a very healthy set of creamy full tits. As he sucked mine lustfully I held his head and massaged his hair thinking, "what she doesn't know....bla bla bla"

"Yes baby suck my tits, suck them honey that feels so fucking good!"

His breathing was becoming labored as he orally assaulted my heavy soft natural tits. I was getting excited quickly and needed something to suck on as well. Pushing his head back I sensuously went to my knees working open his pants.

"Yeah Sue go get it, I heard you can suck cock better then most women fuck!"

I took the compliment with a sexy smile since it was true and had heard it more then once. I tossed my sweater off to the side and worked his big dick out eyeing the rock hard flesh sculpture in my hand cooed, "Mmmmmmmmm...I'd suck this gorgeous thing all day. lover!"

I moved over and let some drool slither from my mouth coating his satiny cock flesh stroking it with my now wet hand before plunging my mouth over his dick and sucking it in with a long moan of pure pleasure.

With my head bobbing and his hand tangles in my hair I sucked with long deep strokes using my lips and tongue to full advantage. My mouth lathered his cock with suck slobber increasing the intensity for us both hearing the wet sounds of my efforts. I was in a euphoric state of mind as I usually get sucking a nice hard big juicy cock. In this case his was so gorgeous it got me there faster.

I was in no hurry to get his cum since the feeling of this luscious cock in my mouth was extremely exciting so I sucked his cock with long steady slower strokes pumping my head up and down as I worked my tongue.


Like a flash I was on my back I felt a hard tug of my hair and my mouth jerked free of that luscious suck rod....

"You fucking bitch!"

I hear the voice of the other woman but disoriented it took a moment to see her. She was standing to my left side looking now at Jim.

"You just make me crazy, you just fucking had to have her didn't you. I knew when you told me last night in bed she had huge fucking tits you'd do something like this!"

I took the moment she was directing her attention at him to roll and get up quickly. My top was gone and my enormous tits wobbled on my naked upper body as I stood facing the irate female. It was obvious she was the one in the photo, huge tits, slender frame and gorgeous. She was wearing a stylish red halter dress obviously ready to go out someplace nice for dinner. But at the moment she was also pretty fucking furious finding me sucking on her husband's big juicy cock!

"Baby settle down it was only a blowjob, she has been flaunting those fucking enormous jugs at me for two days you know I can't resist a huge set like those!" Jim said almost as if were common place with him to go for any woman with big boobs.

I was not about to be a topless object of their argument. "Don't you ever put your fucking hands on me again, bitch!"

She turned to me and with an evil hiss said, "I'm going to fucking get to you, so just stand there and shut up, you cock sucking slut!"

I had enough and walked towards her reaching for her hair but she caught my arms and we turned and circled around past the desk to the larger open area behind. We were both struggling to get at the other but she had her hands firmly holding my wrists. My huge naked boobs wobbled loosely as I jerked my arms trying to free myself. She pushed me but I resisted and her upper body bumped mine. I was facing her and could see Jim was sitting back not the least bit interested in becoming an active part of this as he was stroked his big cock and watching with eager eyes. I lessened my effort for a second and with a quick motion raised my arms up and jerked them down fast and hard. It worked. She lost the grip and as my hands came down the fingers of my left hand caught the bodice of her halter hearing a loud rip the garment opened and her enormous tits tumbled free. She stepped back looked down as if assessing the damage pushed the material at her shoulder down off her arms leaving the dress in tatters hanging from her waist.

"Ohhhhh you fucking slut, you're really going to fucking pay for that!"

"Fuck you, and it takes one to know one, slut!"

It was obvious she meant it and moved to my right we circled slowly pawing out at each other. I was not experienced at fighting but if this bitch wanted it I was willing. We appeared evenly matched both being about the same height and weight. Her tits were not quite as enormous as mine but still huge by any standard. As we circled Jim got up closed and locked the door returning to his seat and seemed oddly comfortable with this unusual situation.

"Going to fight me bitch!" She hissed at me.

As a distraction, ignoring her I looked at Jim stroking his cock slowly. She looked his way and I made my move reaching and getting her hair as well as catching her off balance we stumbled to the wall right to the side of him. I pinned her arms high to the wall and my body pressed into hers. My tits mashed into hers and as she struggled to get free our huge soft tits bobbled wildly against the other'. We were both breathing hard and squirming tightly together. She shifted trying to turn dragged her cushy soft tits across mine as I used my body to bring her back into line and mine rolled back over her'. I felt her arm tension lessen and her body move into mine with a different feeling. She turned to the right dragging her tits over mine again and I backed off just enough to allow the erotic feeling of our huge boobs to slide sensuously together.

I looked into her eyes they were softer now as I returned the caress twisting so my fat soft tits rubbed back over her'. Within a minute we were both breathing in shorter more heated fashion. I made the move and pressed my red full lips to hers. Our mouths opened, sucking, licking making loud wet sounds of lust as we kissed feverishly smearing full excited lips together in a heated oral exchange.

Sex with another female was not something new to me. I had more then my share and she kissed with the same vigor as an equally experienced lover. We moved arms down around each other as she made no effort to move away from the wall I slithered my tongue deep into her mouth. She sucked it in working my tongue with her hungry full soft lips. We kissed torridly moving our upper bodies together so our tits worked back and forth over the others.

"Oh fuck yeah girls....GO!"

We both sucked in deep breaths not breaking the oral lust our nasal passages were being over worked, inhaling, exhaling with passionate moans. We were trying to keep enough air in us to remain on our feet. I pressed hard into her sexy soft tits and moved my body down then up raking my fat huge soft boobs over her'.

She tore her mouth from mine panting, "Let me suck them, I want to suck your massive fucking sexy tits!"

I smiled and let my body relax moving away she leaned down taking my huge full boobs in her small soft hands and began lustfully licking all over my boobs.

"Oh fuck yeah Maddy suck those giant fucking melons, lick them baby....oh yeah fucking hot!" Jim moaned as his sexy wife orally assaulted my heavy tits.

She was moaning as she licked my creamy flesh up and down moving from flesh melon to flesh melon licking them wetly as if completely obsessed with my huge tits.

I tangled my fingers in her hair tossing my head back and thrusting my enormous tits into her face she pushed my billowing fleshiness around her pretty face engulfed in my buttery tit flesh she was licking my deep cleavage and sucking on the insides of the soft creamy flesh.


Maddy scooped my heavy tits in her hand s and went to my hard excited nipples sucking from one to the other sucking them in and releasing them with a loud pop of her sexy lips. Her tongue worked around my sensitive areola then her lips took in my nipples sucking deep and hard.

I reached around her sides her body. Bent over in this position her huge soft tits hung under her. I found the stone hard nipples and tugged them firmly as I did this she sucked my nipple harder and moaned her appreciation.

"Go girls go...fucking suck her Maddy....Sue jerk on her big fucking jugs!"

As if she had enough Maddy stood kissing my panting open mouth and whispered into it, "I want to fuck you baby!"

I wasn't sure what she meant but I was not about to ask either, I nodded fast and sighed. "Yes...yes...fuck me honey!"

I heard a light thud on the floor next to us and looking down there was a nice, realistic looking 9" dildo attached to a white satin harness. Maddy and I both looked at it then I moved to my knees picking it up as she pushed the tattered dress off kicking it away. I held the waist band of the harness and Maddy stepped into it. I wiggled the sexy cock holding harness up over her thighs and around her round sexy butt. I pulled the securing straps running up between her legs tight. Still on my knees she held he big dick out and directed it into my eager mouth. I sucked it as I had sucked Jim' wet and hungry.

"Fuck her baby. We know she can suck cock." Jim said to his sexy wife standing before me holding my hair in her hands as my mouth pumped on the rubber dick.

"Mmmmmmmmmm...she has a real hunger for it doesn't she baby." Maddy hummed at him watching my mouth work the thick lesbian fuck tool.

"Yeah but I want her to finish blowing me now and I need to see you fuck her!" he said in more commanding fashion.

She pulled the cock from my drooling mouth and moved behind me onto her knees lifting my skirt and pulling my skimpy purple lacy panties off. I turned so my face was looking directly at Jim and felt Maddy push the head of the dildo into my eager yearning soaked pussy.

"OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...," I moaned as she worked the thick cock in me slow holding my hips and beginning to fuck me with her girl cock.

"Blow me you huge tit cocksucking slut, show me how you love to suck a big dick with one fucking you!" he said with an emotional tone.

I pushed back onto the hard fuck stick in me and leaned forward taking his cock back in my mouth with a renewed lust. I pumped my mouth sucking his thick dick thrusting back into Maddy urging her to fuck me faster.

"She really fucking want sit baby, she wants my lezzie cock to pound her good and hard!" she hissed to no one in particular as she held my hips and fucked me faster.

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM," I moaned my approval of her increased tempo.

"Fuck her baby, fuck her hard, you've wanted to fuck a hot slut for a while now show me you meant it!" he barked at her to fuck me.

"Ohhhhh she is hot too so fucking hot. I like it she really moves like her pussy is sucking off my dildo-dick!" she cooed leaning now onto my back reaching and finding my fat hanging tits. Maddy pulled my nipples holding the tight and shaking my fat tits.

I was doing all I could to keep from screaming and Jim' cock was soaked in my oral moth fuck slobber as I bobbed and sucked him faster and wetter.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh...fuck she is a cocksucking vixen like they told me. Fuck...Maddy she is going to gobble my fucking cock right down to my balls!" he moaned loudly.

He was right I had nearly taken it all the last few pumps of my haed and I wanted it all I sucked and slobbered moaning for more hot fucking. I pushed and took his entire cock into my throat and he made an odd sound like a wounded animal. Maddy fucked into me driving in deep and slapped my round firm ass.

"Get it all you cock sucking whore, suck his fucking thick load right out of those big balls!" she cheered me on.

I was pushing into her fuck strokes finding her rhythm we were a perfect fuck machine.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCK CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMING!" Jim screamed rising up in the chair shoving his dick further in my throat.

I backed off and took that fleshy rock hard cock in my wet hand jacking him as he yelped, "F-F-F-F-FUCK!"

His cock swelled and jerked then the sudden rush of thick hot sperm filled my mouth.

Maddy knew, she was on my back her face next to mine not fucking me nearly like I needed it at that moment. She hissed in my ear.

"Eat that hot cock cream slut, drink his fucking load!"

His cock jerked again and before I could swallow the first onslaught the second thick stream of man juice gushed in my mouth. I felt cum seep from my mouth hang on my chin as he moaned and jerked harder and louder.

I pulled his cock from my mouth jacked it and shot the next big long bolt of white hot cum right into Maddy' face. She squealed her approval and jerked into me fucking my pussy with a new vigor.

"YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS FUCK YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" I yelled as Jim' cock jerked again in my sloppy hand blowing yet another huge thick stream of luscious man cream this time all over my face.

He gave out a gush of wind and fell back in the chair as I sucked the last of his cum from his still stone hard cock.

Maddy fucked me until I finished and then said, "Roll over Sue I want to fuck you tits to tits now!"

I rolled on the carpet and she sunk the dildo back in my waiting pussy moving down so her tits rolled over mine we fucked like two wild animals.

It was fast and hard, too fast. Her tits felt so good on mine mushy and soft rolling together I couldn't hold on anymore and even before I went off Maddy moaned loudly, "C-C-C-C-C-C-CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMING!"

"YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSS!" I hissed right along with her as we bucked hips grinding into each other setting off a mutual orgasm fucking hard and fast.

I pulled her face to mine kissing her with a savage lust Jim' cum on our faces mingled as our heads rotated smearing the juices against each other with tongue swabbing passion.....

Maddy and I laid kissing softly and cuddled on the floor breathing more evenly now we looked up at her husband and he said to her, "Baby I might have to work later every night!"

I laughed and cut in before she could reply giggling, "I'll take all the overtime I can get, Boss!"

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