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Office Space

bySeries 6©

Lisa and I work together for a large company. We’re both in our late 20s and have a lot of similar interests. We became pretty good friends during the time spent working together and have gone to a few movies and hockey games together. Both of us are single and frequently flirt with each other. I always enjoyed the attention from her and often wondered if there was some seriousness to her playful come-ons. She is a very attractive woman, with a voluptuous figure. She has medium length, light brown hair, and a smile that lights up a room. I found myself very attracted to her right away, and I always hoped her flirtations would lead to something more.

One night we were working late, as usual, and our flirting had taken us to a discussion on underwear and lingerie. Lisa admitted that she felt sexy underwear were essential to a woman’s wardrobe. I dared her to prove that to me.

She only smiled and said, “Only if you’re really lucky, Greg.”

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the courage to go any further with Lisa’s comment about luck. When I left for the evening, Lisa was still at her desk working.

The next morning when I came in, I opened one of my desk drawers to get something. When I looked inside, I saw a pair of purple women’s panties. They were bikini cut and very sexy. I looked over at Lisa, but she gave no sign that she knew what was inside my desk. I decided not to ask her about them, but I wondered all day long how they got there. Lisa must have put them there, but she didn’t make any comment about them all day long. As usual, Lisa and I were working late. We were the last two left in the building when she turned to me and said, “I see you had some good luck today, Greg.”

We both knew what she meant by that comment, and I could feel my face was blushing. We looked at each other and laughed a little.

“Quite lucky indeed. I wonder how long this run of good luck will last.”

“Maybe it will be a nice run,” replied Lisa.

I turned to face her. Lisa had already turned her chair to face me. She leaned back and seductively uncrossed her legs like Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct. She was wearing thigh-high stockings. She also didn’t have any panties on underneath her skirt, and she gave me a long look at her pussy. She enjoyed giving me a show and watching me squirm. The feeling of nervous excitement came over me as my heart began beating faster.

Lisa got up out of her chair and walked to me. She straddled my leg, putting her knee between my thighs like a stripper giving a lap dance. She wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a gentle peck on my lips.

“You always act so shy and innocent, but I think I really know what is going on in that naughty mind of yours.” she whispered in my ear. “I’d like to show you what I’ve been thinking about you.”

Our lips met for a long, passionate kiss. Our tongues circling each other. It was the sweetest kiss I ever tasted. My hands roamed down her back to her ass, gently squeezing her butt. I unbuttoned and unzipped the back of her skirt.

Lisa’s hands were rubbing my chest as we kissed. When I unzipped her skirt, she loosened my tie and unbuttoned my shirt. We were breathing hard and undressing each other as we sat in my chair. She tossed my shirt and tie onto the floor before she stood up to let her skirt fall to the floor. She pulled off her blouse and unhooked her bra to reveal her large breasts. Her clothes were in a pile on the floor in front of my chair. She looked gorgeous as she stood in front of me wearing only her thigh-high stockings and high-heeled shoes. I pulled off my pants as I sat in my chair. I was completely nude, revealing my growing cock as I sat in my chair in front of her.

Lisa stepped back to me as I sat in my chair. She moved her thighs to straddle my hard cock and I could feel her furry patch brush against the tip. My cock jumped and I took a deep breath at that sensation. Lisa could tell I loved it and moved her hips up and down, teasing my hard cock with her pussy hair. I gripped the arms of the chair as I enjoyed the feeling of her soft pussy hair tickling up and down my hard cock. Lisa moved her hips to rub my cock with her clit and pussy lips. I gasped as her warm pussy lips touched my hard prick. They felt so hot on the tight skin of my dick. I could feel her pussy getting wet as her pussy lips slid up and down. She leaned forward and kissed me again.

Lisa stepped off my lap to lie on her back on my desk, spreading her thighs to show me her glistening wet pussy. I had always wanted this. Fantasized about it.

“Oh fuck me Greg!”

I stood up between Lisa’s open thighs. With one thrust, the entire length of my cock easily slid into her hot wet pussy. Her pussy felt so warm around my cock as my balls met the lips of her pussy. She was running her hands over her hard nipples as I pumped in and out of her wet pussy. We were both breathing hard as I fucked in and out. She was incredibly wet, as her juices ran down her thigh onto my desk. Her hips were wildly bucking as she enjoyed the ride my hard cock was giving her.

I didn’t take long before I could feel her pussy tighten around my hard cock. Her body began to shake as she wrapped her legs around my body, pulling me deeper inside her.

“Ohh, Ohh, Fuck! Make me cum!” She cried out.

Her body was shaking from the ecstasy of her orgasm when I could feel my cock getting hotter and hotter. I could feel my orgasm coming as I fucked faster. Pushing my cock all the way in, I could feel Lisa jump as my orgasm released deep inside her. I gasped as I shot stream after stream of cum into her pussy.

We slumped back onto my chair, enjoying the warmth of each other’s bodies and the glow of the moment. We kissed deeply, knowing that our friendship had taken a turn to something new. Knowing that we were now more than just friends.

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