Office Space


Lucy was sitting at her desk, filling out a PT-47 form for Billing, but she couldn't shake the nervous feeling in the pit of her stomach. Jessica, the boss's secretary, had been staring at her oddly ever since lunch, always looking away when she saw Lucy look back. In light of the recent layoffs, Lucy felt decidedly unnerved. Henry, the head of the third floor marketing division, and Lucy's direct superior, was due to come back any minute from lunch. Lucy herself had just had lunch, and she knew that the company told administrators to fire people on Fridays, just after lunch, to minimize the possibility of an incident.

Sure enough, the elevator doors opened with a 'ding' a few moments later, and Hank strode out. He walked into his office, stopping briefly to whisper something in Jessica's ear. Jessica pressed a button on her phone, and Lucy's blood ran cold as the dull twanging ring of the intercom emanated from her phone. Lucy calmly picked it up, and heart Jessica's sweet voice ring in her ear, "Do you have a few moments for Hank? He wants to speak with you in his office."

Lucy's heart sank. She took a deep breath, stood up, and started walking to Henry's door. She knocked lightly, waited for him to say "Come in," before turning the knob. She walked in, and sat in the low-backed chair in front of his desk. He was standing, looking out his window at the gorgeous ocean view, one of the perks his seniority gave him. His jacket was on the back of his chair, and his white shirt and khaki pants clearly advertised his muscled chest, and wonderfully firm ass. If he weren't her boss, Lucy knew perfectly well she would ask him out, but that momentary diversion of her mind didn't detract from the meeting at hand.

"Do you know why I asked you here, Lucy?" he queried, and turned to face her. He took a few steps towards her, walking around his desk.

"I'm not entirely sure, sir, but I may have an idea," she tentatively began.

He smiled, and continued walking towards her. Standing beside her chair, he continued speaking. "If you're not sure, then I'm afraid you don't know." Leaning down, he kissed her, full, on the lips. Lucy bolted up, her relatively long skirt rustling as she did.

"Hank, that's not appropriate, especially consid—" Lucy found her objections abruptly cut off when Henry's hand covered her mouth. She had barely a moment to process this when, with a powerful shove, she felt herself trip over his slightly outstretched leg, and start to fall. His hands slowed her slightly, but it still stung as she fell to the ground. Before she knew what was happening, she felt fabric land on her back, and heard a zip. She tried to scream, but his hand muffled it to nothing. She heard the 'click' of an intercom opening, but ignored the sound as she struggled against his pin.

Her mind was whirling in a thousand directions, when she heard the door open, and saw Jessica run in, opening the door barely enough to fit her slender body in. With a start, Lucy turned her head towards the secretary, her eyes pleading. Jessica kneeled down, and, to Lucy's surprise, helped Henry flip her on her back. Not realizing what was going on, she felt Henry kneel on her lower thighs, and Jessica's hands pin her shoulders down. Lucy thrashed futilly, as she felt something pinch down on her clit. She hadn't even noticed when it hardened, and she cursed her body for betraying her, arching her back as a shot of pleasure went up it. Only then did she notice that Jessica's pin gave her a clear view up her skirt—and that she wasn't wearing panties. The small pink line dripped down on her forehead, and Lucy realize that Jessica had to have been playing with herself... the odd stares now made sense, and everything fell into place. Then, as she felt something pushing inside her, everything fell apart again, as her mind disrupted, awash with newfound pleasure.

Henry's head entered her, just slightly, the wide rim at its base holding her open, her labia wetly surrounding him. He pinched on her clit, again, harder this time, and started to roll it gently between his fingers. Lucy heard the sound of another zipper, and, abruptly, the dark shroud that was lowering towards her lifted, and she saw, clearly, Jessica's pink pussy, just a few centimeters over her face. Lucy tried to cry out, again, as Henry's hand removed itself from her mouth, but it was rapidly replaced by the wet kiss of Jessica's lower lips, smothering her cries.

Lucy thrashed, as she felt her boss sinking deeper inside her... she felt his head stroke against her g-spot, and she moaned into the smothering wetness above her, involuntarily. She felt Jessica's hands slide under the collar of her shirt, under the bra, and begin to touch her nipples, and she felt herself respond to that, too, in an ecstatic way she desperately didn't wish to. She felt Jessica slide against her mouth, her clit stroking Lucy's chin, her wetness streaming down her face, and, for reasons she couldn't understand, Lucy reached up and grabbed her ass, pushing Jessica's wetness down on her.

Lucy felt Hank's thighs slide off her, and she wrapped her legs around his waist, struggling to pull him deeper into her, but he easy resisted. He was sliding, slowly, wetly, inside her, inch by inch, and Lucy felt her breath quicken. She felt fires in her nipples and clit under the fingers that pleasured them. She felt a visceral joy as she suckled on Jessica's moisture. But all that paled compared to the sheer enjoyment of feeling Hank's long cock spreading and stretching her, feeling her pussy expand to accept his entreaties. For a moment, Lucy forgot how she had gotten into this situation... she cried out, against to be smothered by a beautiful pair of lips. She cried out again, softer... and again... and then she was silent, embracing her newfound lovers.

Lucy gripped more tightly around Hank's waist, and took a hand off Jessica's ass to find the secretary's nub, still rubbing against her chin. Jessica moaned as she felt her own clit touched, and ground herself harder into Lucy's mouth. Her liquid was streaming down Lucy's face, and, as she started to lift and press herself against Lucy's face, she saw the boss lean forward, and suckle on her nipple. Lucy sucked hard on the other woman, licking and kissing her fringed lips, and her sopping hole. Hank kept sinking deeper, his entire shaft rubbing, inch by inch, against her spot, his fingers pinching and pulling and tugging her clit. As Jessica pinched down on her nipples, Lucy felt herself start to come. She gripped the other woman's clit hard, and, even as she did so, felt a rush of liquid pour down her cheeks.

A long, low moan came from Jessica as she came, and she slid off of Lucy, slowly, wetly, as her own orgasm began to build. Hank pulled her up, embraced her, and, through the mirror behind him, she saw Jessica touching herself, watching Lucy fuck her boss. Finally, wonderfully, Lucy felt Hank's hair stroke her labia. With a painful ecstasy, she felt his entire length pulling her cave taut. She gribbed her legs hard on him, and rubbed her pelvis against him, struggling to bring the orgasm higher, but her eyes remained transfixed on Jessica's wet pussy, admiring her own handiwork. And Jessica saw her.

Softly crying out, not so loud as for the thick office walls to stop it, Lucy felt the orgasm wash over her. He pussy clenched on the length inside it, she gripped down hard, and embraced the zenith of her pleasure. The rapturous feeling suffused her, and her breath left her, her vision momentarily blurring. She closed her eyes, and bit her lip, riding the orgasm down for a six hour eternity of thirty seconds.

She only opened them when she felt something press up against her back. It took her a moment to realize what it was—Jessica's lovely round breasts, their pert nipples like pupils. Lucy felt a gently pressure on her ass, and, with shock, realized that the woman was wearing a strap-on. Jessica gently pressed the head of it into her, and bit her shoulder. Lucy almost came again as the shockwaves rumbled through her. Jessica slid her hands between Lucy and Hank, slowly sliding them to find the large round nub of Lucy's clit. She began to thrust, slowly, softly, the lubricated cock gliding with some difficulty in Lucy's tight ass. Hank reached around to grip Jessica's own ass, and used that anchor to pump himself in Lucy's chasm.

Lucy moaned with pleasure , luxuriating in the touch of Jessica's hands, and in the glory of the double penetration—two long cocks entering her two holes. She reached to stroke Hank's balls, but quickly couldn't resist, and moved her hands to her own nipples. She would have been happy remaining there for eternity, pinching her nipples, while soft, womanly hands played with her clit, and while the deep penetration of her lovers touched her inner core.

Her moans grew louder—she didn't care if they would start to pierce the thick walls of her boss's office anymore. She felt another orgasm gathering like an onrushing wave, as she pinched her pink nubs. Jessica tugged hard on her clit, and thrusted the clear dildo into her lover's ass. Hank ground himself into her, his long cock pulling her slickness around him, embracing his intrusion, her labia stroking at his pelvis.

The wave started to break, and Lucy felt herself contracting around Hank, as if even her pussy were trying to hold him close, for stability. Jessica sensed her pleasure, and thrust in, the leather of the strap-on a cold touch against Lucy's ass, and Lucy felt herself slipping from consciousness, her mind blurring with the joy of coming. She felt her crotch soak, as the shattering orgasm overtook her, and she lay her head on Hank's shoulder, unable to do anything but ride the orgasm the couple gave her to whatever heights they brought it.

She felt herself being lowered to the ground, and, as her mind cleared, the echoes of pleasure still roiling through her, she felt herself propped up against one of the large leather chairs that peppered the office. She touched her pussy, lightly, and it sent shivers through her. Her entire pelvis was soaked—it was only then that she realized that she had gushed, and her cheeks reddened.

Jessica, the strap-on removed, bent over her, and gripped the armrests. Her pussy was inches from Lucy's face, and Lucy, getting her bearings, began to slowly lean forward, wanting to give Jessica the same pleasure she had just received from the beautiful woman.

Just as she started to move, however, she saw Hank's cock thrust brutally into her. Lucy, her hands still on her own pussy, began to masturbate at the sight of his length, still soaked with her wetness, thrusting into Jessica. Lucy kissed Jessica's clit, standing out like a tiny bead of a soldier, and sucked in on it. She licked it inside her mouth, as she felt Hank's cock stroke her lower lip with each thrust. Lucy rode her fingers, and suckled on the nub, eagerly eating on the woman who had just helped her gush. She heard Jessica say, first softly, "Please," then repeat it, louder—"Please!"

Lucy's eyes opened wide with a start, as she realized what that meant. With an audible sigh, Lucy knew that Hank was coming inside his secretary—and she was insanely jealous. He had fucked her to two orgasms, yet it was Jessica who'd reap the benefits? Lucy bit down on Jessica's clit, no hard enough to hurt, but enough to make herself known to the secretary, and pinched her own nub, hard, as her own fingers rubbed her spot.

Hank's thrusts reached a fevered pitch, and Jessica cried out, yet again coming. Bucking her hips against Lucy's face, a stream of wetness blasted the sitting woman's forehead, as Jessica returned the gushing favor. Hank's pumping slowed, and he dragged himself out of Jessica, who stood up, proudly displaying her oozing pussy to Lucy, and she saw Hank draw a long, slender chain of beads out of the dripping woman's ass.

Jessica pinched her own nipples, and grinned down at Lucy. "If you want to taste him," she began, "feel free." Lucy licked her lips at the thought. "But be warned—you only have until Hank is hard again... and watching us will speed that up.

Jessica spread her legs slightly. "Enjoy."

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