tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOffice Staff Ch. 2

Office Staff Ch. 2


The next morning the two women barely acknowledged one another, preferring to avert their eyes as they passed in the corridors; but by mid-morning Helen walked up to Judith's desk at a point when they were alone and wordlessly placed the now washed and dried underwear quietly on her desk. Judith quickly covered them with her hands, and said quietly: "Thank you. I'll have yours here tomorrow." Helen wandered off without another word, but as Judith watched her retreating back, brunette hair flowing down to cover her shoulders, she wondered what lay in store for them that evening.

By the time James called them into his office in the late afternoon, both women already felt drained of energy, mouths dry, stomachs fluttering. The experience of the previous evening had succeeded in filling them with apprehension. He, on the other hand, was confident, friendly and engaging.

The office had also been changed: the women both noted with mounting dread that a large couch had been pulled into a corner, and he directed them to sit on it. This placed them alongside one another, like mannequins on display. He sat on the edge of the desk facing them, and seemed to tower above them. Alongside the couch were coffee tables, and again there were tumblers, liberally filled with Whisky. He waved at the drinks and spoke expansively: "Drink! Working hours are over. Time for fun!"

Predictably, the women had no comment, but obediently took small, cautious sips from the glass rims. "There really is no need to be afraid of me", he smiled, speaking softly. "This is going to be an adventure for us all. Of course it is out of your control – I understand that. But I would like it to be mutually enjoyable. In a strange way, that's really quite magnanimous of me, don't you think? I don't recall you being this considerate of me when you decided to steal my money."

It was obvious that the reminder had been used to emphasize the helplessness of their situation, but it probably was not necessary – they sat in subdued silence, and took another sip when he implied with a gesture that they should do so. Helen's resentment was clear, though, but James seemed not to notice. Instead he started to engage them in seemingly meaningless smalltalk. They discussed their respective jobs, answering his questions uncertainly. He moved the conversation onto their private lives, seeming quite kind and thoughtful; but the whisky was being consumed quickly now, and as the words seemed to flow more easily each woman became aware that it was having an effect. At some point James took out his video camera, holding it in his hands now, pointing it at each woman as she spoke, but it seemed less threatening.

James pulled up an office chair and faced the women directly. He leaned forward as he spoke. "In your own way, you are both very attractive women. You would agree with me, wouldn't you?"

Judith laughed selfconsciously. "Oh I wouldn't say that! Helen is, but I'm just plain."

"Don't be silly!", exclaimed Helen in a time-old ritual. "You look stunning. Your eyes are perfect."

"You don't need to say that!", dismissed Judith; but James stopped her. "No Helen – carry on. What makes Judith attractive?"

Helen spoke almost without thinking. "Well – she has beautiful hair, a nice curl, full body. My hair is so-o-o straight, I struggle to bring it to life. Her green eyes with that blonde colour – it catches everyone's eye." Realising what she had said, she suddenly, shyly stopped, and then both women broke out into girlish, silly laughter.

"Now it's your turn Judith. Do you find Helen attractive?"

Judith smiled and nodded. "Sure. How do you keep your body so trim? I have one slice of cake and I just bulge all over!"

"Sure – but I don't get those boobs!" laughed Helen. "All I have are these bumps!"

"You don't have to jog with them you mean. They're not the easiest of things to handle!"

"Interesting", said James. "I can tell you that from this side of the camera you're both quite stunning. Especially in that formal office clothing. Anyway – enough time spent on loose chatting – time to get down to more intimate business, don't you think?

"I've spent some time thinking about tonight, and I've decided to keep it quite simple. It's still really an introductory session. The camera still has to get to know you because it really didn't record too much detail last night, and you have to get to know each other." The women glanced at one another at this point.

"So we're going to do three things tonight. We've already established that you find each other attractive – but it'll be interesting for me to watch you exploring that a bit more by kissing each other. Have you ever intimately kissed another woman? No? Then you're going to undress one another, and the camera will explore the similarities and differences between your bodies. And finally, you're going to rub some of this oil" – he produced a bottle from a drawer – "onto one another. By the end of the evening you will have crossed new boundaries in your understanding of each other."

Helen snapped back at him: "I'm not into women!"

"Nobody said you were", responded James. I only said that you were going to engage in some experimentation with me. The only choice you have is whether you kiss Judith here, or learn to kiss women in jail." He laughed out loud. "I'd prefer to do it here, but it's your choice." He turned to Judith. "Judith – do you have any objections?"

Some discomfort showed on her face. "It's not something I've ever wanted to do", she murmured.

"I can understand", he said. "But you know – I'm a customer that you have to please now. And you may find that it's more pleasurable than you expected. You both admitted that you found one another attractive, after all."

"That's not the same thing!" said Helen.

"Well. You have only one choice ladies. Which is it to be?"

The two women looked uncomfortably at one another. At some point in the prolonged silence they seemed to come to an understanding. Judith was the first to tentatively lean over and bring her lips towards Helen, staring into her eyes with a mixture of uncertainty and fear. Finally, their mouths touched softly, the beginnings of a tentative exploration. James was moving closer with the video camera, recording their first moments of intimacy, moving around to get a more comprehensive picture. After soft, hesitant moments they drew apart, Helen's glance slipping away to the floor as she took a drink of whisky.

James smiled. "That was wonderful", he said. "That was more erotic than you can imagine." The women's hearts were both pounding after the new experience. Helen put her drink down, glanced fleetingly into Judith's eyes, which had remained transfixed on her face. "Real lovers do more than that, though. Lovers share the intimacy of a deeper infatuation. Lover's tongues dance for long minutes. Kiss again – but this time with passion."

It seemed easier this time: the women leaned towards one another, eyes open at first, then closed as their lips parted and their tongues met. Helen felt her heart pounding, her reluctance undermined by the whisky, her senses contaminated by the closeness of Judith, her gentle scent, the palpable rise and fall of her chest as she breathed, the softness of her cheek as they brushed together, the tenderness of her palm now pressed against Helen's hair, the slow searching of her tongue. When Helen opened her eyes momentarily, it was to find Judith watching her with an emotive intensity, a private shared familiarity.

James voice was barely discernible now, but the silence was so intense that it didn't have to be: "Now touch each other's tits." Their eyes were open as Judith took Helen's hand and raised it slowly to her own breast, then trailed her fingers across Helen's forearm as she reached across and cupped Helen's breast, feeling the ribbing of the embroidery on the brassiere, the gentle rise of the nipple in the cup of her palm. A shiver slipped through Helen's frame, the softest murmur escaping her lips, the deeply erotic sound filling the space between them. She found her hand taking the weight of Judith's breast, exploring the contour and the malleability, squeezing, feeling, watching it change under her manipulations. "Now take off each other's blouses."

Helen took the lead for the first time, reaching for the top button and undoing it clumsily at first, then with more ease at each successive attempt. Judith's bra came slowly into view, showing deep, soft cleavage. Judith, in her turn, undid Helen's buttons and took the opportunity to slip her hand under the material of the blouse, stroking the fabric of the bra, feeling the nub of the nipple hardening. It was evident to all three of them that this had gone beyond a posed pretence for the women: their bodies leaned towards each other, their breathing deeper and less measured, their eyes attentive to the subtleties of each movement. Both blouses slipped down over their shoulders now, sliding into shapeless puddles on the chair, and the women faced each other in brassieres and skirts only, occasionally kissing, hands, fingers stroking exposed flesh. James only had to watch as Judith's hands found the clips of Helen's bra and drew it open so that her breasts were exposed to them both. Helen pulled her hands back, covered herself momentarily, but Judith smiled and gently pulled them away. Helen's breasts were quite small, barely moving as her body swayed, with pale, pointed nipples. James moved close in with the camera, and when Helen unclipped Judith's bra he caught the larger breasts, swaying as they were released, mounds of flesh contrasting directly with Helens.

James began to direct the women into specific poses: hands behind heads facing the camera to fully expose their breasts; hugging so their tits flattened against each other; removing each other's skirts; facing the camera alongside each other with their legs apart, hair evident through the material. At each step they complied without complaint, apparently becoming comfortable with the camera's intrusion. Now he told them to stand facing one another. They obeyed, Helen throwing her head back to free the hair from her face.

"Now – look down the front of each other's panties – pull it open to see." They stood for long moments, staring at each other's pussies, heat rising off their bodies, like posing dolls. "Now push the panties down to your knees. No further." The women had to bend forward, but they did as they were told. "Good. Face the camera." For the first time the women presented themselves fully naked to his gaze. The panties, emblematic of their predicament, constricted their movement, so they turned with difficulty. He moved in close, lens panning across from pussy to pussy, capturing the detail: Judith's blonde whispy hair standing out from slightly plump, soft flesh; Helen's dark pubic hair lying flat against her in a narrow strip reaching to her belly, lips clearly evident between narrow thighs. The erotic moments between the women dissipated as it became clear that they were there only for his voyeuristic pleasure. "Turn away from the camera now. Good. Bend forward. Further – I want to see pussy. Good. Now pull the cheeks of your bottoms open a bit."

"You disgust me!" said Helen, spurred into anger again.

"Do as I say!" he responded. Humiliated they obeyed, and stayed in that uncomfortable position for unending moments as he satisfied the demands of his camera, capturing the most intimate views imaginable. Eventually, amazingly, they heard him put the camera down. Helen began to rise, but he snapped at her: "Don't move!" There was a sound she didn't recognise, then she felt him behind her, close, and suddenly felt him, unmistakably, pressing into her, opening her up, sliding deep. Tears burned at her eyelids, for her shame blended into the lust and relief of this cock pinioning her, driving her forward. As she started to respond he pulled out, sidled sideways, and she realised by Judith's gasp that he was doing the same to her. The bastard was trying them both!

Judith groaned, her hips writhing. The prolonged erotic events had raised her to a brink from which she could not return – and as he plunged into her he reached across and began to finger Helen's clitoris. She almost wept with shame and pleasure. She heard Judith gasp in the pleasure of orgasm, and he pulled her over, pushed Judith aside and pulled her back onto his member. Within moments they both cried out, Helen forcing herself back onto him, realising that Judith had turned back and was watching them, watching her arch her back, open her mouth, pant in pleasure.

And then her drew himself out of her, turned and walked away, and by the time she had recovered he was fully clothed again, composure returned. "That was enjoyable", he said. We never did get to use the oil though." And then with a slight grin: "Perhaps next time."

He leaned over, found a stray brassiere and tossed it at Judith. "You can get dressed now. Enjoy the weekend. We'll resume this next week."

Helen drew herself up, naked, and looked at Judith's body, lying back in repose on the couch, Judith slowly recovering from the evening's exertions. Her legs lay open, and her pussy still showed where James had penetrated, slightly open, moisture evident. She recognised the conflict in her: this moment of humiliation had been as erotic and exciting as any single event in her life. She bent down wearily, picked up her panties from the floor, and slowly began to draw them up her legs.

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