tagGay MaleOffice Top and Bottom Ch. 01

Office Top and Bottom Ch. 01


Chapter 1

Caught in an Awkward Situation

Steve twisted the lid off the tube of lip balm. He squinted and looked at the gap between the edge of the plastic tube and the waxy material within. Then he lowered it down to his cock, which was hanging out of his grey work pants. Squeezing the head of his half-erect penis, a drop of clear pre-come oozed out. With a careful motion, he scooped the droplet into the tube. He squinted and peered into it again, then replaced the lid.

He returned the tube to a small case that was on the desk in front of him, positioning it just like it was when he pulled it out. He looked around him. He was in Jenni's office, there was no one else in the building, and he was giving her a special gift. Maybe when she rubbed it on her lips in the morning, she'd be excited by the taste or feel of it and not know why.

Steve liked the idea of his pre-come dripping onto Jenni's lips.

He looked around her office again. There were a couple pictures of her family. Sheesh, he thought, it's not like she doesn't see them every day. They both started work at the same time, so Steve often saw Jenni's parents dropping her off in the mornings. It's funny that she still lives at home, but I guess that's how Chinese families are. Jenni was in her early twenties, tall and thin with her hair cut stylishly short. He didn't know much about her – they'd only spoken casually a couple times – but he found her very attractive. She doesn't seem to do anything but work. I wonder if she has a boyfriend?

It was only by accident that he'd heard his co-worker Dawn talking with Jenni about a project they were working on. Something about dropping off print-outs in Jenni's office, and Dawn opened her desk drawer, and looked in, saying, "yeah, I have the key right here."

Sometimes Steve worked late.

Tonight, he had been late in the office, finishing off a presentation. He was so wrapped up in it that he didn't even realize that it was past eight when he was finished. There was no one around. In fact, as he wandered around the whole office just shaking the fatigue out of his system, he realized he was the only one on the premises.

He went to Dawn's desk, opened the drawer, and took the key to Jenni's office. Unlocked the door and let himself in.

At first he just puttered around, looking at her workstation, peering at the things she had lying around, being careful not to move anything. Thinking about her slim body, nice ass and small tits that still stood out under her variety of sweaters. He was horny. He wasn't really planning on it, but it was after that that he unzipped his pants and lazily pulled his cock out.

Unsure what to do, he ran the head of it along the spacebar on her keyboard. Now when she types, she's touching my cock, he thought to himself. That turned him on. He looked over at her phone and picked up the handset. he rubbed the head of his cock against where she'd be speaking into, where her mouth had been so many times. He felt an excited sensation in his belly.

That was when he saw the little case beside her coffee cup. Opening it carefully, he saw a couple make-up type things, and the tube of lip balm. That was how it came to pass that he left her his fluid to rub against her lips.

Now he sat down in her chair, and looked around at her things again. His eyes settled on her coffee cup, a souvenir from New York City. He grabbed it, looked it over, and was quickly rubbing the head of his cock all around the lip of it. Maybe you want some morning cock to wake you up! In the background, something made a clik noise. Steve ran his cock around the lip of the cup again, trying to squeeze out more pre-come.

"So! What's this?"

With a start, Steve looked up, almost dropping the coffee cup. A man was standing in the doorway, watching him. Trying to move, Steve found his limbs were all frozen in place. The man held his mobile phone out toward Steve and again there was a clik noise.

As if he weren't mortified enough already, Steve realized the man was taking pictures of him. With his cock out, rubbing it on the coffee cup of a female co-worker. He was still frozen in place, but after the first blind flashes of panic, his mind was beginning to settle down. The man was middle-aged, grey haired with a large bald spot. Brownish skin and a middle-eastern face. His mind was racing when he realized, it's the janitor!

Finally able to move, but only in rough spastic jerks, Steve put the coffee cup on Jenni's desk. Then he moved to tuck his cock back into his pants.

"No, no! Just wait a second." There was a hint of an accent in the man's voice, and a commanding tone. But no anger or meanness.

Steve was frozen again, but tried to talk. "Um... what?" The camera clik-ed again. Finally, he found his tongue. "What the fuck? You can't take pictures of me like that! I'll have you fucking fired faster than you can..."

"Oh quiet down," the man commanded, his voice almost sounding bored. "Very clearly, you are the one in trouble here. I am the one with the pictures."

Steve was suddenly nearly panicking. "Look – why don't we forget the whole thing. You could maybe delete them? What – you want a few bucks?"

The man gave him a withering stare. "My friend, do you know what happens if some girl comes to work and finds a pubic hair in her coffee mug? The cleaner gets fired for being a pervert. That is what happens."

He took a step toward Steve. "No, I think very much that I would rather have you take the heat, sir." He took another step forward, held out his camera, took another picture.

"Um, look," Steve said, his mind racing. "I can... I can help you here."

Another step closer. He was standing close to Steve now and looked down at him. "Oh... you want to help me?"

Steve was looking up at the man, now looming over him. He was shaking a little bit from his agitation.

"You want to help me?" the man repeated. "So you don't get in a lot of trouble?"

Steve nodded.

"Okay, then. Undo my zipper."

Aghast, Steve mouth opened in shock. "What?"

The man raised up his phone and peered into the screen, flipping through the pictures he had just taken. "Your boss here, Darlene – she emails me when there's special instructions for the cleaning. I have her email in this phone. Why, I could send her a picture right now." He started thumbing at his keypad.

"No, no! Just... wait a second. Wait a minute here."

The man looked back down from his screen. "You want me to wait? Then unzip my fly."

Steve was mortified. He felt trapped in a corner. This guy is just a janitor... if I had a minute, I could think of something to do! But I need to buy time...

Steve's eyes met the man's, and he felt a shiver run down his spine. I don't think this guy is bullshitting me. But I need just need some time!

Making what seemed like a rational deduction, Steve did the only thing that he could. Slowly reaching up to the man's workpants, his shaking hand reached under the cloth flap, found the zipper, and tugged at it. He had to pause and try again with a more gentle pull, and slid the zipper down.

"See? I think you are understanding how this is working here. Now reach in there and pull it out."

Once again, Steve's mind was set back to racing. He'd been trying to plan, to compartmentalize things – but now the walls he'd been constructing collapsed when it started racing through his mind, he means his cock! He wants me to pull out his cock... to touch it. Steve felt dizzy.

"I would advise you to get along with it," the man said, with the commanding edge in his voice. Again, that tone somehow affected Steve, and without thinking, his hand moved to comply. He reached into the man's pants. Sliding around, he found the brim of his underwear, and reached behind that. It was warm – shockingly warm – as Steve's hand rubbed against the man's pubic hair, and then moved down against something else. Something that radiated heat.

Steve shifted ahead and leaned in so he could reach forward. He found the base of the man's cock, and gripping from there fished it out with a careful tug. For a gesture that he had performed himself unthinkingly thousands of times, it felt complicated, though his fingertips seemed to work instinctually as he flipped it outward.

That done, Steve looked at the man's cock for a second while his mind tried to avoid thinking about the inevitable next step. It was deep brown, like the rest of the man's complexion and thick black kinky hair peeked out around the zipper. And though flaccid, it was thick and smooth like a sausage. Steve was momentarily surprised by the foreskin concealing the cockhead, having only really seen his own circumsized cock up close. The slit winked out like an eye under the thick cloak protecting it.

Clik. Steve looked up to see the man taking a picture. A picture of his face next to a cock. Shit! Now he has even more on me! What am I gonna...

"Suck it," the man instructed, cutting off Steve's thoughts.

Steve reached forward, putting his hand around the base of the man's cock, leaning forward even more as he did. Moving closer, he could suddenly smell the man, which hit him like a wave. The man didn't smell like dirty B.O., but there was a sweaty whiff coming from him, like from someone who had been doing physical labor all day. And a vaguely pissy, musky smell. Not like pussy, he thought, but still an earthy body smell. It made his stomach tremble, in a different way than it had before.

Fumbling, Steve's hand started to rub along the length of the man's member, and was rewarded with a little twitch. Even if it was from an angle he had never considered before, the basic motions of jerking off were natural for him, and after a few seconds he noticed that the cock was definitely growing. Pushing outward. As he moved his hand up and down a few more times, he was entranced with watching the cockhead swelling under the foreskin. With thumb and index finger, he gripped it, and retracted the head. Clik.

Curious with this unfamiliar architecture, his thumb and finger moved back and forth, playing with the foreskin, trying to roll it back over the head which was now bulging.

The man's cock was now mostly hard, enough for it to stand up on its own as Steve removed his hands and leaned back for a second.

The man was looking down at him. "I think maybe you like, huh? Well, you can go ahead and suck it."

A whole flowchart of arguments and courses of action popped up in the front of Steve's mind for just a fraction of a second. But where he would normally be evaluating the options, thinking his way through the scenarios offered by each path, this time the whole thing just popped out of existence, like a switch had been turned off. Instead, Steve leaned forward and put his mouth on the man's cock. Clik.

If Steve were thinking about things, he'd have been surprised at how easy, how natural, the whole thing was. The tip of the man's cock fit naturally in his mouth, and without hesitation his tongue was exploring the underside. It sure as hell doesn't taste like pussy, was about as analytical as he got as he began moving forward, his lips beginning to slide down the shaft. The man's cock wasn't particularly long – maybe six inches, tops – but it was surprisingly wide, now even more than when he had been initially surprised at its thickness. As he craned forward to take more in, he felt his lips stretching.

He went down as far as he could, and about two-thirds of the shaft was in his mouth. His right hand moved to grip the base of the man's cock, and Steve began moving his mouth up and down, up and down, in the familiar rhythm that he had enjoyed from women so many times.

The camera was clicking steadily now, and the man was leaning over to the side, trying to find different angles. But Steve, eyes closed, hardly noticed. His face felt flushed, like it was glowing with incredible warmth, and his mouth was tingling with an oblique pleasure. Why does this... feel so good?

Steve was drifting into a trancelike state and had no idea how long he had been sucking on the man's cock. But in fact, only a couple minutes had passed before the man set his phone down on the desk, and then reached over to grab the coffee mug that had been occupying Steve when he first entered. His other hand reached down, gripped Steve's forehead, and pushed his face away. Taking the hint, Steve leaned back, letting the man's cock slide out of his mouth.

When it was freed, the man began to jerk himself off with his right hand. Steve watched, the man's fist soon a blur just inches from his face. After about thirty seconds, the man grunted, and moved his grip, pointing the tip toward the coffee cup. With another grunt, he started to come, shooting three strong jets of semen into the cup. And then a weaker fourth one.

Catching his breath, the man carefully shook his cock and squeezed down the length of it, milking out the last drops and carefully depositing them in the cup. "We don't want to make more of a mess to clean up."

Steve was also catching his breath. What just happened? His mind was still racing and he couldn't quite get a grip on events. Is this done now?

The man picked up on Steve's questioning look. He picked up his phone. "Okay," he said. "get undress."

"What?" Steve was startled – this was the last thing he was expecting the man to say.

"Undress. Undress!" the man said, impatiently."You have wasted all my time. Now you must help me with the clean."

Shocked out of the reverie he had been feeling, the critical part of Steve's mind was suddenly back in action, going through the opening gambit of several lines of argument with the man. But with each, he could see no way out. For nearly a minute, the man stood there, watching Steve thinking. He tucked his now-limp cock back into his pants and zipped up his zipper. He had just started tapping his foot and looked to be about to say something when Steve began unbuttoning his shirt.

Standing up, Steve pulled it off and folded it over the arm of Jenni's chair. Clik. Looking at his feet, he sat back down and untied his loafers, kicking each one off to the side. Then stood back up, undoing his belt before unbuttoning his fly. Not looking at the man, he pulled off his pants and folded them over the chair's other arm. Then, pausing for just a second, he tugged down his boxers. The man was taking pictures steadily through this, even taking a couple steps over to get behind Steve after his boxers hit the floor. Looking down again, Steve saw his socks – now the only thing he was wearing – and felt momentarily absurd before lifting up his feet to pull them off, dropping them on top of his shoes.

For a minute he just stood there as the man circled around him, taking picture after picture. When he leaned forward and in to get a close-up of Steve's crotch he felt a rush of involuntary excitement as his cock twitched.

Then the man nodded. "Okay. Now we must work." He turned and walked from the office, and Steve followed. They went to a supply room at the end of the hallway that the man unlocked with a key from a large key ring on his belt. He wheeled out an ancient, beat-up industrial vacuum cleaner, round and squat on rickety wheels and handed Steve the metal vacuum head.

"You vacuum hallways. I open the doors and then you do in the offices." He pulled out the long electrical cord, plugged it into an outlet and turned, leaving Steve to figure out how to turn the ancient brute on. When he did, it seemed to be as loud as an airplane.

As he began to vacuum the length of the hallway, Steve let the white noise of the vacuum push out his thoughts. Naked man vacuuming! he half-giggled to himself. He looked around for the janitor as he came around a bend in the hallway. All of the office doors were now swung open, but he was nowhere in sight.

Not having vacuumed this much since he'd moved away from home, Steve was soon lost in the drudgery of it, just trying to get the whole thing finished. He caught the cleaner out of the corner of his eye a couple times, pushing a cart of cleaning supplies. He started vacuuming each the offices, including Jenni's. Twenty minutes later, at the end of the hallway, he was in the large office that belonged to Darlene – his boss. Looking over his shoulder, he quickly pulled open each of the drawers on her desk, except one at the bottom that was locked. Nothing too interesting here, but I wonder what's in that last one?

He bent over to get underneath the desk with the vacuum nozzle, and as he reached under, stretching out the hose, the vacuum came unplugged. Muttering, Steve was turning toward it when he heard something behind him.

He turned and saw it was the janitor – and now he was holding onto a much larger SLR camera, snapping pictures of Steve. "Keep going," the man told him, and as Steve finished the last couple offices, the man followed him, taking a lot of pictures.

The vacuuming done, the man pointed Steve back to the closet, and they put the vacuum away. The man then led him across the office, passing through the open production area. When they passed the one computer that was still on, the man turned to him. "This is where you work?" Steve nodded, and the man kept going, to a utility closet beside the washrooms.

Opening that, the man rustled around and handed Steve a pair of yellow rubber gloves. Grabbing some solvents, he led Steve into the washroom. The office didn't have central washrooms with men's and ladies' rooms and stalls, just pairs of bathrooms at either end of the office. Making a sour face, Steve realized he was going to have to clean all the toilets.

This was indeed the case, and between giving instructions on wiping the seats and brushing the bowls, the janitor was busy taking pictures of Steve. It was at least a half-hour of steady scrubbing, and Steve had broken into a sweat, starting to feel a bit numb and tired.

As they entered the last bathroom, Steve moved quickly toward the toilet, just wanting to be finished. But the janitor stopped him. "Wait, wait," he said, stepping up to the bowl. Unzipping his pants, he whipped out his cock and began to piss. As Steve watched, the man deliberately mis-aimed his stream, splashing some on the rim and down the side of the toilet. After he shook off and tucked his cock away, he nodded to Steve. "You too. Take piss."

Steve had to close his eyes and concentrate for a few seconds before his bladder relaxed and he could begin peeing. As he held on to his cock, he could hear the janitor snapping pictures, and that made it even harder to start. Finally, his stream began. When he was mid-way through, the janitor leaned over and jogged his elbow, sending his stream out of control, splashing the toilet tank and the wall.

"Now you clean it all," the man said as Steve finished pissing. Fuming, he put his gloves back on, picked up his rag and began wiping off the stray urine around the toilet.

That finished, there was nearly another hour's work to be done. The janitor mostly gave instructions and watched Steve do the actual work, snapping pictures the whole time. Finally, it was complete. The janitor led Steve back to Jenni's office where they had started from.

"You do good job," the man said to Steve, who was now feeling exhausted. "I like to watch you. In fact, I think I like enough that you can suck me off again."

The man undid his belt and quickly dropped his pants down to his knees and stood there, his hands on his hips. Steve stood for a second, looking at him, before wearily dropping to his knees in front of the man. But once his face was even with the man's crotch, it now felt familiar and vaguely exciting. The man smelled more strongly this time, but Steve realized he could also smell a sweaty funk from his own body.

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