tagNovels and NovellasOffice Top and Bottom Ch. 02

Office Top and Bottom Ch. 02


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* * *

Chapter 2

Steve blackmails Jenni

Steve was on edge the next day. As he walked through the hallways that he had been forced to vacuum in the nude the previous night, he felt like everyone knew what he had done. Every glace from a passing coworker was unbearable. And when he walked past Jenni's office to get a cup of coffee, he was sure that accusations were going to ring out.

To make things worse, he didn't have much work to do to keep himself distracted. The big presentation that he'd finished the night before had been sent off. Normally, he loved days like this, with time to goof off a little, or go and gossip, or check out football websites. But just as it was painful to wander around and be seen by people, sitting still at his desk was worse.

In his list of "rainy day jobs" that he'd been putting off there was a reminder to organize some old archived projects that were kept in the storage room. That seems out of the way, Steve thought. And maybe it will at least keep me busy 'til lunchtime. So he headed down to the basement to the airless storage room, widely-spaced fluorescent lights dimly present above high metal shelves.

Steve wound his way through the maze of the room, trying to remember where his material was stored. The row and shelf number were in a database that he'd looked up before heading down here, but in his scattered state, he'd forgotten to print them off. And now, instead of going back up, he was content to wander and hope he'd find it.

Steve was looking at the lower shelves as he turned into a row at the far back corner of the vault. He heard a shuffling noise, and looked up to see Jenni hurriedly put a container back on a high shelf.

Oh, fuck! he thought to himself. She must think I've come down here to find her. She probably thinks I'm a creepy rapist.

"Oh! Sorry!" he said in a surprised voice that sounded awkwardly loud in the confined space. He help up his hands, to show he wasn't carrying anything, as if that somehow made him less of a threat. He stepped backward. "Sorry... I was just looking for my project storage. But I forgot to write down the shelf number. I'm... I'll..."

He had to take a breath to keep from stammering. Jenni was looking at him with an intense expression that Steve couldn't quite read. Does she know what I did to her cup? Is she going to get me fired? In his mind, it seemed almost like a certainty and he was near panicking. Jenni was still looking at him and hadn't said a word, though Steve realized only a few seconds had passed.

He took a step backwards. "I'll have to go back up," he said, turning around and almost walking into a shelving unit. "I'll have to go and double-check where my stuff is." And with that he briskly walked away.

When he got back to his cubicle, Steve was feeling terrorized, his heart racing. He had to just sit for a few minutes to calm down. Jesus! Nowhere to hide today. He was relieved a few minutes later to get a phone call that had him tracking down some data for about an hour after that, and having to actually work took his mind off all his nervousness. He was also distracted when his computer monitor started to flicker and he had to smack the side of the frame until it settled down. He was supposed to have gotten a new monitor over a month ago, but there had been a cryptic message from IT saying "deployment of upgraded hardware is indefinitely delayed," whatever the hell that meant.

He felt almost back to normal after that, and when he closed the documents on his computer he got up to head to the bathroom. He was going to get a coffee right after, so he went to the one by the kitchen -- turned the knob, opened the door and stepped in. And then realized several things in what was a frozen but prolonged instant.

As he pushed the door shut behind him, flipping the lock out of habit, at first he just thought it was strange that the light was already on. Then he realized there was already someone in the bathroom!

And then he realized it was Jenni. Sitting on the toilet. Her pants around her ankles.

The frozen sensation lingered for an immeasurable time. And then it broke, as sound rushed back and he heard the dribbling sound of Jenni's pissing suddenly stop.

Her knees snapped shut in front of her, but that seemed to be an automatic reaction, as a strange look of... fear came over her face.

Shit! This is it -- I'm so screwed now, Steve thought to himself.

"Oh, Steve!" She gave him a long look as her expression turned to panic. "Please!"

"Um, look," Steve fumbled, trying to think of something to say. But her rush of words cut him off.

"Please! I know you saw me this morning! Just... don't tell anyone! I can explain it. I can pay the money back!"

Steve was about to keep muttering his excuse as that registered with him. Wait, what? He carefully shut down his facial expression and leveled a stern look at Jenni. I have no idea what she's talking about -- but she looks terrified. She must have done something really bad.

He was still looking at her with a bland, level stare. I wonder if I can bullshit my way through this?

"You know you're in a lot of trouble. But, well, I don't think anyone else has to know... yet. But if I'm going to help you, you're going to have to help me."

There was an almost palpable look of relief on her face. Steve decided to press further. "You know what I mean, right?"

He stepped forward, nearly right up to her, and stuck his knee in between her closed legs. He twisted his leg back and forth, pushing her legs open, and stepped back, looking down at her.

"Go ahead," he said. "You can finish."

She looked up at him, and her mouth dropped open. Steve simply intensified his stare until she blinked. Without speaking, her body tensed a little, and after a couple seconds, she began pissing.

As the splashing noise returned, for the first time, Steve managed to look down and take notice of her exposed pussy. A neatly-trimmed strip of pubic hair gave way to her pinkish slit and he eyed it as her yellow-ish urine streamed out... and then dribbled... and then dripped.

It was quiet again in the bathroom. Steve raised his eyes to look at Jenni, watching him with a blank expression on her face.

Steve smiled, and then reached over beside her and tore a couple squares from the roll of toilet paper. Without losing eye contact, he reached down between her thighs and ran the tissue up the length of her pussy, and dropped it in the toilet. Then he tore off a couple more squares, and repeated the motion, but this time wiping her more slowly up and down.

He dropped that tissue into the bowl and reached down to her pussy again, this time stroking it with his fingers. Jenni shuddered a bit at his first contact, but didn't move to stop him as his fingers moved up and down her pussy lips.

Steve closed his eyes and rubbed her labia one more time. Then he took a deep breath and stood up straight.

"I think we understand each other, right? You can help me, and you'll stay out of trouble?"

Jenni's voice was quiet when she muttered, "yes."

Steve stepped back, lifted his fingers to his face and sniffed. "Phone your parents and tell them you're getting a ride home tonight. Meet me out front after work."

He didn't wait for her to respond. I'm the one in charge here! Instead, he turned around, unlocked the door and stepped out into the hallway, shutting it behind him and making sure there was no one else in the hallway.

* * *

At the end of the workday, Steve waited for a few minutes for the rush of people to thin out, then casually made his way out of the office. Jenni was standing by herself in the lobby, fidgeting with her purse. Steve nodded at her as he walked by, but didn't pause as he opened the front door and stepped out. Jenni followed behind him as they made their way to Steve's car and got in.

As he started the ignition, Jenni started to speak, an awkward rush of words that she couldn't quite get out. Steve held up his hand. "It's okay, we'll talk when we get to the park."

He pulled the car out of the parking lot and out of the industrial mall the office was located in. After a minute, they were in a leafy suburban residential neighborhood, and after a couple turns, at the entrance to a large local park. "It's nice and quiet here," Steve said. "I know a good spot."

Walking side by side, like they were a couple out on a stroll, Steve led her across the large lawn. There was a baseball diamond to one side, and a small pond with trails around it to the other with a wooded area beyond. Off in the distance, there were a few kids in a playground, but otherwise the park was quiet. It was a warm day, not quite summer weather yet, but very pleasant to walk around in. Steve led them past the pond and the trail curved into the small forest. And after walking a couple minutes more, he indicated a path, barely visible through the thick underbrush. They followed this for a minute, and suddenly, it felt like they were miles from the city as they entered a small clearing with a picnic table.

"It's very private here," Steve said, as Jenni was looking the area over. "So I think you can take your clothes off."

"What?" Jenni looked surprised, and a little embarrassed. "I can't! I mean, what if someone comes along?"

See? Steve thought to himself, proud that everything was going according to his plan. Doing this outside surprised her so much she didn't even object to the idea of getting undressed. Steve shook his head, and reached into his shirt pocket, pulling out a tiny plastic case with a memory card in it. He held it between his fingers.

"Look. This is about the files that I have on here. You know you're in a lot of trouble, so I think you should do exactly what I tell you. Someone coming along is the least of your worries today. And anyway, we'd hear anyone well before they got here."

The memory card was blank, of course. Steve had no idea what trouble Jenni had gotten herself into. But as long as she thought he knew, there was nothing she could do. Steve could see the calculations being made as he watched her expression. Having been on the other side of this power struggle just the night before, he knew what it must feel like for her -- and yet he felt an almost erotic thrill as he saw her shoulders slump a little as she reached the inevitable conclusion.

Slowly, Jenni pulled her sweater over her head, and set in on the bench of the picnic table behind her. Dropping her eyes, she unbuttoned her blouse and untucked it, pulling it off her shoulders and setting it on top of her sweater. Steve eyed her taut, flat belly and moved up to scrutinize her plain bra as Jenni bent down and undid her shoes. She grimaced as she looked at the scrub and dirt she was standing in, and pulled off her white socks. She unbuttoned her slacks and they quickly slid down her slim, long legs, revealing the plain white cotton panties she was wearing.

"Is that... is that okay?" she asked, looking at Steve.

Steve shook his head. "No way. You're going to have to give it all to me." As she reached behind to start undoing her bra, he continued. "If you're going to be bad, you're going to be bad for me. There's a lot of stuff that you're going to have to..."

He trailed off as the straps of the bra slid down her arms. Her breasts were small but firm -- not much more than a handful, and topped with small dark areolas that stood out against her paleness. They were exactly the kind of tits that turned him on the most.

Jenni didn't stop to ask again if that was enough, and quickly the panties were sliding down her legs as well. As she started to turn to set them on top of the rest of her clothes, Steve interrupted. "I'll take those."

Her eyes widened, but she reached out and handed them over. Steve stretched the panties out between the thumb and forefinger of each hand, and looked inside. In the bright late-afternoon light, he could see a stray pubic hair curled against the fabric. And, lower down, a small, faint yellowish stain.

He turned the panties inside out and brought the crotch against his face. He breathed in and smelled the musky tang of sweat and cunt and piss. He exhaled and breathed in again, more slowly, savoring her dark odor. This is mine, he thought.

He stuffed the panties into his back pocket, and looked up to see Jenni observing him his a mix of curiosity and faint distaste. Then he let his eyes slide down her body, again taking in her tits, her belly, and then between her legs.

"Turn around," he said, and she did. Steve grunted quietly to himself when he saw her behind. Most Chinese girls have a flat ass, he thought to himself, but Jenni's is really great. Hips and everything, too.

"Bend over," he said, and Jenni did so, gripping the end of the picnic table for support. He put his hand on her shoulder and ran it down her spine, pushing as he got to the small of her back, and she instinctively arched, pushing her ass out. He ran his hand down the rest of the way, cupping her left buttock and then slapping it lightly. It was firm, and her body felt very warm.

Steve stepped back. "You have an incredible ass. In fact, you have a very beautiful body. I'm going to really enjoy this. But first, we have to talk about why we're here."

She half turned, looking at him over her shoulder.

"Get up on the table," Steve instructed, and following his directions, Jenni sat up on top of the picnic table. He guided her to sit, leaning back with her legs spread open, knees raised, her feet at either edge of the table. He walked around her in circles as they spoke.

"Okay. Tell me everything."

And to his incredible surprise, she did. She told him about how her father had racked up gambling debts, and how her family was close to losing their house. So Jenni had started making changes in the office supply invoices, increasing the amounts listed as being paid out, and taking the difference in petty cash. Over the months, it had grown to tens of thousands.

As she continued telling her story, Steve stopped circling her, and put his hand on her knee. She paused for a second, but kept going as he began rubbing her lower leg. And then back to her knee. And then in the other direction, slowly rubbing her thigh. As she was getting to the end, one hand was now on her upper thigh, and the other moving across her stomach. He could feel her breathing was speeding up. His hand was slowly creeping below her belly button and rubbing back and forth.

As he finally brushed against the top of her pubic hair, Jenni grunted, and looked at Steve. "I... I don't think I can keep talking if you're doing that!"

Steve desperately wanted to feel her pussy, but he wasn't going to give in quite yet. He decided to shift the ground a little. "Are you a virgin, Jenni?"

She exhaled sharply, and said, "no," stretching out the word a little. "There was Vincent. My parents wanted me to get married to him, so I let him go all the way with me."

"You let him fuck you?"


"Did you like it?"

"Not at first. And then... not as much as I guess I was supposed to. It wasn't like the books said it would be. He was always in a rush, and he didn't really care about how much I liked it."

Steve was still slowly running his hands around the edges of her pussy, left hand against her pubic hair, slowly shifting around, the right stroking just outside her labia. Now he let it run across her pussy lips, and then up the length of them. Jenni trembled.

"A guy can take care of his needs -- that doesn't interfere with making sure the woman gets off. In fact, it makes it better."

With that, he set upon her pussy, the right hand caressing the length of it, while the thumb of the left slowly moved to trace a line around her clit. Jenni gasped, and Steve had to control himself to keep advancing slowly, slowly... rubbing the tip of his right middle finder against her lips until it naturally slipped inside her, and he began wiggling it.

"Do you masturbate, Jenni?"

She looked like she didn't want to talk now, and definitely looked like she didn't want to talk about masturbating. She nodded. Steve's finger was pressing in deeper now, sliding back and forth against her warm moistness. Jenni hitched her hips forward, pressing up against the thumb that was still moving carefully around her clit.

"Later on, you'll have to show me how you do it. Because I want to give you mind-blowing orgasms. I want your head to fuckin' explode."

Jenni was breathing heavily, and it looked like an explosion was on its way. Steve's index finger now also found its way into her pussy, and the two fingers were slowly but carefully frigging her as his other thumb finally ran gently over her clit. That was enough, and with a little cry, Jenni started coming. Steve intensified now, and she thrust up against his hands even more, bucking, once, twice...

And then falling back against the tabletop as Steve slowed down, easing her back. Slowing down, withdrawing... not quite stopping, and eventually back to just lazy finger-traces on the surface of her pussy. Jenni's breathing was slower now, her body more relaxed beneath him.

"I plan to make you come a lot," Steve said, and Jenni almost smiled at the thought. "And you're going to make me come a lot. That's what our deal is, right?"

Jenni nodded, and Steve continued. "And there's a lot of stuff I want to do with you... to you. You might not like it all, you might think it's kinky, but you'll do it, right?"

She nodded again, this time a bit less readily. "We're keeping secrets here. So you don't have to think about what people might think of it. You can do it, and you can enjoy it -- or not, I guess -- but on your own terms, not what you think people might think of you. I mean, it doesn't matter if mommy and daddy think you're a dirty girl, right? Seeing what you're doing for them." He paused. "Did what's-his-name --"

"Vincent," Jenni said, almost whispering.

"-- yeah, Vincent. Did he like doing any kinky things with you?"

Jenni bit her lip, hesitating.

"Look, you're going to be doing a lot of sexual things with me," Steve said. "You're also going to have to talk about them."

"He... he made me give him blowjobs," Jenni said, almost looking embarrassed.

"You think blowjobs are kinky? Oh shit. You're going to have to push your boundaries a lot further than that." He took a step back from the table. "But I like the idea of you giving blowjobs."

Steve undid his belt buckle and let his pants drop to his knees. he had to pull his boxers out over his cock, which had been achingly hard for awhile now.

"Why don't you move down to the seat there," Steve said, and as Jenni stretched to lower herself from the top of the picnic table, a subtle movement off to the side caught Steve's eye. As he shuffled back toward the picnic table, he took care to re-angle himself, and looking from the corner of his eye, he found the spot at the edge of the clearing. There was a guy in a jogging suit watching them from behind a tree! He must have just arrived, Steve thought. Well, he can have a look at what I'm getting!

He was in front of the seated girl now, Jenni's eyes at about the level of his navel. He moved in right in front of her and looked down. "So, when you were with Vincent, did you like his cock?"

"Well, I... I mean, I never really..."

"After you sucked him, and after he fucked you, when you were touching yourself... did you think about his cock? Maybe more than him?"

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