Office Trip


Stan, exhausted and weary, looked over at Mark. "I guess I lost, huh?"

Mark smiled. "Yep. Jane got you to bust your nuts in exactly two minutes and forty-five seconds."

Stan didn't seem to care that he lost the bet. "Damn, Jane, you know how to work that thing."

"I told ya," I mumbled. "Now pay up."

"Maybe we can charge your winnings to the company's credit card," said Stan.

This caused all of us to laugh uproariously for at least two minutes. Several jokes ensued from that comment, which kept us in laughter for some time.

Stan then went over to fetch some cigarettes from his bag. "Anyone want a smoke?"

"I'll take one," I replied, even though I seldom smoke. I was still shaking like a leaf and needed something besides more booze to bring me down. Some nicotine would be good, indeed. He brought over a smoke in addition to five crisp $100 bills that he took from his wallet. Our debt was settled.

We sat around, drinking more scotch, and getting loaded on nicotine. The temperature in the room was still close to unbearable, so we all sat around nude. Even twenty minutes after I had sex with Stan, I was still dripping his fluids.

"For a three minute fuck, that was one of the hottest sessions I've ever seen," said Mark. "Damn, that was like porn but better."

"Sorry to have left you out," said Stan, "but there was cash on the line. Besides, we needed an official timer."

I didn't respond. I was ambivalent about the matter. The idea of having a threeway with both Mark and Stan was not something to which I felt obligated. I had been simply randy and hot, so I had sex with Stan. Maybe I should have finished the hand-job on Mark earlier, simply as a courtesy, but things had not escalated enough at that point. It was not my responsibility if anyone got "left out." I wasn't a fuck toy, after all.

We continued to drink and smoke our way deep into the night. At around 2:00 AM, we decided to go to sleep. Instead of sleeping with our beds apart, we decided to put them all together. There were no secrets left between us, and we were all drunk, so it seemed logical to sleep en masse.

It was not an entirely uneventful night, however. As I was lying on my side, I felt one of the guys behind me (I'm not sure which) part my legs slightly and slowly finger my pussy. I was still reeling a bit from the booze, and was tired, but his fingers felt wonderful. I didn't even look behind me to see who it was. I started to moisten, and opened my legs further. I proceeded to let whoever it was back there fuck me slowly and tenderly in the "spoon" position. Within minutes, the cock inside of me jerked, swelled, and blew yet another load of creamy seed into my womb, after which we returned to sleep. The cream oozing from my frame, coupled with the breeze coming through the window, felt warm and loving.

The next morning I woke earlier than the others and looked at the alarm clock. It said 12:00 PM. Shit! We had missed half of the conference!

"Guys!" I yelled. Mark and Stan shifted sleepily in the bed. "It is fucking noon! We overslept. The conference! What are we going to do? It ends at 4:00 PM today!"

"Shit," said Mark. "I don't know, Jane. We can't go now, I don't think."

Stan was hung-over and looked like a train wreck, but he too was giving it some thought. "I agree. We can't go now. They make everyone sign in and record the time people did so in their logbook, so either way we're fucked, if our boss learns about it. We can just 'wing' the presentation when we get back."

"Well, we are in New Orleans for our last day," I said. "We might as well do some more sight-seeing and have a bourbon or two on the rocks for breakfast."

"Sounds good," said Stan. "And maybe we can come back to the hotel and make a few more bets like we did last night."

"Watch it, buddy boy," I said smiling. "Just so you know, the price of my pussy just went up $1000 today. Simple supply and demand, Mr. Financial Analyst."

"Maybe we can add that news to our presentation when we get back," laughed Stan.

Shortly thereafter, we went back into the city to play, hoping to make our last day in New Orleans as memorable as our first.

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