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Jake Barrow was the new man at Marble City Fund, a mutual fund management company in Knoxville, Tennessee. Despite its odd location, the relatively small firm had been in business for more than 100 years and carried on profitably through economic booms and busts.

The firm hired Jake in 2014, as a new fund manager. The company only had 4 managers before he arrived, and he liked the idea of working at a small firm. He was hired away from one of the large funds in New York.

Jake loved New York, but there were advantages to living in a smaller city. The price of real estate for one. He bought a luxury two-bedroom condo in downtown Knoxville within walking distance of the office for less than a crappy studio apartment cost on Manhattan.

Ash O'Leary was the senior partner at Marble City Fund, and he handled Jake's recruitment and hiring personally. Before Ash finalized Jake's contract, there was one important item to discuss: the "personal assistants."

80 years ago the "personal assistant" tradition was born at Marble City Fund. Each fund manager chose a special PA (the shorthand for personal assistant) from the pool of secretaries and clerical clerks in the company. The PA provided the manager with sex. Yes, sex.

If the practice sounds sexist and archaic, that's because it is. But the firm got away with it for two reasons. One, the PA was paid a large bonus in return for sexual services. And two, the sex was all consensual. Secretaries had the right to refuse to become a PA and some did. Others happily took the money.

To prevent the office from devolving into a constant orgy, sex was only allowed between 4:00 and 5:00 PM on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Those were known as "PA Hours".

Jake could hardly believe his ears when old Ash O'Leary explained all that to him. It was crazy, but he had to admit it was enticing too. In the end Jake agreed to follow the PA rules and to never speak a word of it to anyone outside the firm.


On Jake's first day at Marble City Fund, Ash showed him around the company's space on the twelfth floor of a downtown office tower. "This is your office, Jake," Ash told him. His windows faced west across downtown and the nearby University of Tennessee campus. Not a bad view. Ash left him to settle in.

The office was spacious, and included a desk, two armchairs, and a sofa. All were stylishly modern. Jake set up his lap-top on the desk.

A few minutes later, a tall older woman with long dark hair walked in. "Good morning," she greeted him with a warm smile. "I'm Carmen Perez. I'll be your secretary."

"Hi, I'm Jake Barrow," he answered and shook her hand.

Carmen had a smoky Hispanic hotness that reminded Jake of the model Adriana Lima. Her full, cupid-bow lips inspired sinful thoughts. At five-feet-ten-inches she was unusually tall and had shapely long legs. A perky round ass perched beautifully at the top of those legs. Her waist was narrow and toned. Her tits weren't large, but they were pretty B-cups.

"Have a seat, Ms Perez," Jake said and motioned her into one of the two armchairs. He took the other. "Umm, I'm not quite sure how to delicately ask, but you're my normal working secretary, right? Not my PA?"

The beautiful older woman blushed and nodded. "That's right. You'll choose your PA yourself." She paused and grinned, then continued, "I bet you were surprised when you learned about the personal assistants."

Jake returned her grin. "To say the least. It's pretty wild."

"I guess it must seem that way to an outsider. I've worked here for 20 years so it seems normal to me."

"You don't look old enough to have worked here for 20 years. Did you start when you were 10?" Jake asked.

"I'm 48, Mr Barrow, but thank you for the compliment."

She didn't look 48 to him. More like 30. "Call me Jake, Carmen. Are you a PA now, or have you ever been? You can tell me to mind my own business if you want."

"It's alright, Jake. It's best if the people in the firm speak openly about the PA system to each other because we certainly can't talk to anyone else," she said. "To answer your question, no, I've never been a PA."

"Turned it down?"

She shook her head. "Never had to. It was never offered."

Jake's eyebrows raised. "That's hard to believe. You're a great looking woman, Carmen."

She blushed again. "You're a flatterer. The firm hires women based on looks, so I'm nothing special. You'll see what I mean when you meet the rest of the girls. They're going to love you. There hasn't been a young, good-looking manager here in ages."

"Do many women turn down offers to become a PA?"

"Sometimes, I guess," she answered. "PA selections don't happen often Jake. The last one was 4 years ago when Grace retired and Ash chose Alice. She was his first choice and she said yes."

"Old man O'Leary has a PA? The images that conjures up aren't pretty," Jake told her.

Carmen laughed but warned, "Don't let him hear you say that. Ash thinks he's still a stud."

"What's his PA like? I'm curious."

"I guess you could say that Alice is a cheerleader type. She's blonde, short, cute and hyper. When Ash picked her it was strictly a business decision for her, if you know what I mean, but now she's crazy about the old guy. If he wasn't happily married I think she'd marry him. She's 23."

"23? Didn't you say she was chosen 4 years ago? She was picked at 19?"

"Yep. Ash likes them young."

"Christ," Jake exclaimed. "The guy must be 65."


"It's nuts," he concluded.

"It's all consensual, Jake," Carmen reminded him. "And the girls are happy as personal assistants. Alice has been one for 4 years, Miranda for 6 years, Jami for 17 years, and I think Hayden has been with Trey for 22 years."


"Yeah. Once a girl becomes a PA, she doesn't quit. The PA bonus is $50,000 a year, which is a lot of extra money to give up."

Their conversation turned to mundane business matters for almost an hour.

"Are you ready for a break, Jake?" Carmen asked. "I think it's time to introduce you to the rest of the staff."

"You mean the PA selection pool?" he asked with a grin.

"Exactly. I'm sure they're dying of curiosity."

Carmen introduced Jake around the office. 16 other women worked there. Half were in their 20s and only one was older than Carmen. It was indeed obvious to Jake that they were all hired for their looks. He'd never seen so many hot women in one place.

Jake turned on the charm as much as he was able, and the women responded warmly. Many of them were clearly eager to compete for the PA position, and a few brave ones addressed the subject directly.

"This is Maria, Jake. She's my best friend," Carmen introduced him to the last of the women in the office. Maria was Hispanic and beautiful like Carmen, but there the similarity ended. Maria was only 22, much shorter, had longer hair, bigger tits, and a bigger ass. They were both hot in their own way.

"Pleased to meet you, Maria," Jake said and stuck out his hand.

Maria leaped to her feet, hugged him and kissed him on the cheek. "Welcome, Jake! You're so tall! I hope you like Latino girls because I really want to be your PA. Do you like big butts?" The girl turned and presented her big ass to him.

Jake laughed. "Don't be so shy, Maria."

Maria giggled. "Sorry. When I'm excited I'm kind of hyper. I thought Carmen would never bring you to me. What's up with that, Carmen? We're supposed to be friends."

Carmen smiled at her friend. "I saved you for last so Jake would remember you."

"Oh. Thank you then. So, how about it Jake? Do you like big butts?"

Jake had to laugh again. "I like you, Maria. You're crazy but fun. And for the record, I like butts of all sizes. The complete package is what's important."

Jake took two weeks to get to know the secretaries in the firm. Being the center of attention of so many women did good things for his ego, but it wasn't all smooth sailing.

For example, Tara was a 29-year-old blonde from Alabama with a deep southern drawl. She was prom queen pretty and habitually wore preppy clothes. Jake thought she was one of the most stuck-up people he ever met.

Bernise was a 22-year-old who giggled constantly through every conversation with Jake. It gave him a headache.

Jake took another secretary, Emily, to lunch. She was a 25-year-old redhead with a terrific rack. "Jake, I'm so excited. I feel like fate has brought us together."

"Fate?" Jake asked. He already had a bad feeling about this one.

She nodded her head emphatically. "I dreamed that you'd come! You arrived in a big black limousine and carried me off to your apartment in the sky. And now you're really here! And you have an apartment in a tower! It's fate!"

Emily's fiery red hair and big tits were high-quality eye candy, but there was no way that Jake was locking himself in his office with that loon.

"This is the downside to hiring women for their looks," Jake complained to Carmen one afternoon when they were alone in his office. "They're weird."

She held back laughter. "They're not all weird, Jake."


"Carmen, come in and close the door please."

She came into Jake's office and closed the door behind her. "Have you decided?" she asked. "Are you picking Maria?" Maria was the sexy 22-year-old who was Carmen's best friend in the office. The girl was eager to be Jake's PA.

Carmen's curiosity made Jake grin. "No, not Maria," he told her. He was seated in one of the armchairs in front of his desk and he motioned her into the other one.

"Bernise?" she asked as she sat.

"Bernise?" he replied and made a face.

"She's cute," Carmen objected. "And funny. I thought you liked her."

"No. You seriously don't know who I chose?"

She shook her head. "How could I know? Tell me."



"You. We clicked right away and you're easy on the eyes. I think you're great."

She sat there for a long moment, blushing with her mouth hanging open. "You can't be serious, Jake. I'm married."

"I know, but three of the other personal assistants are married. It doesn't seem to be a problem."

"It's a problem for me. Also I'm 48 and you're 27."

He nodded. "You're the first older woman I've ever been seriously attracted to."

She blushed deeper red. "Oh God. You're teasing me, aren't you?"

"Nope," he replied and laughed.

"Oh God," she repeated nervously. "I can't, Jake. I'm too old. I have a daughter who just started college for God's sake."

"I know. That's one of the reasons I think you're the best choice. You can use the $50,000 a year to pay for her college."

"But Jake, you're supposed to choose based on ... on ... attraction."

Jake reached out and took the nervous woman's hand in his. "Carmen, I already told you that I'm attracted to you. And I feel like I've known you forever. What could be better than being best friends with benefits?"

She looked in his eyes. "I'm flattered, Jake. Really flattered. You're a great looking guy. But I can't cheat on my husband. I just can't."

He sat back in his chair. "I think of it as more of a business arrangement than cheating, Carmen, but I'm single so what do I know? Think about it overnight. Talk to the married personal assistants to get their perspective."

"I don't think I'll change my mind, Jake."

"Okay, but please don't turn me down right away. I want you to have that money."

"Alright. I'll think about it," she hesitantly agreed then stood to leave.

"Carmen," he stopped her, "what if we agree to not do anything you're uncomfortable with?"

"But I'm uncomfortable with anything sexual outside my marriage, Jake."

He shrugged. "Then we won't do anything. This whole PA thing is weird anyway."

Her mouth fell open again. "You'd pass up sex with one of the girls just so I can have that money?"

"Yeah. But you still have to spend the PA hour in my office with me. It will be our time to relax and unwind at the end of the workday. And you can't tell anyone that we're not having sex. I don't want them to think I'm some kind of wimp."

"You're a very strange man, Jake," she told him.

He laughed. "Does that mean you agree?"

"I guess so. I can't pass up an offer like that. Thank you!"

"You're welcome. I look forward to hanging out with you."

"Maria is going to be so jealous," she told him with a grin.

The other managers told Jake to make an announcement of his decision, so he gathered the entire firm. "I decided on my personal assistant today, and I'm happy to say that she accepted my offer. So I'd like everyone to know that Carmen Perez is my PA."

There was a collective gasp, then a moment of awkward silence. All eyes trained on Carmen and she blushed bright red. Finally some of her friends began to clap and everyone joined in.

"It's not fair," Jennifer whined when the lukewarm applause died. "She's with him all day, influencing him. Who knows what she might have done to bribe him?"

"Yeah," Emily agreed. "We should all have equal time alone with him."

"Ladies, this isn't a reality TV show," Jake cut them off. "I made my pick and I'm sticking with it." To annoy the complainers, he added, "It was an easy choice. Nobody else was even close."

Trey Carlisle, one of the other fund managers, shook Jake's hand. "Interesting choice," he told Jake. "Very unorthodox. I had young Emily in the betting pool."

"You bet on my PA choice?"

Trey shrugged. "We're easily amused. We'll all get our money back because nobody had Carmen." He paused to admire the tall Latina across the room. "Good choice though. Beautiful. Do you have a thing for older women?"

"Just that one," Jake answered.

After the announcement, Carmen was immediately approached by her friend Maria. "Oh my God, Carmen!" the excitable young woman exclaimed.

"I know. I was so surprised when he picked me. Do you think I'm a bad person for accepting it?"

"No! I would accept in a heartbeat."

"But you're single," Carmen pointed out.

"Yeah, but I'd accept in a heartbeat if I was married too. Jake is hot."

"He is," Carmen agreed, keeping up the pretense that she was in it for sex.

"He must have a thing for older ladies," Maria suggested. "Or maybe older married ladies."

"He's a nice guy, Maria."

"I agree. He's really really nice." Both women laughed.


As the time for their first "PA hour" approached, Carmen became more and more nervous. "Why am I so nervous?" she whispered to Jake. "We're not going to do anything."

"I'm not surprised that you're nervous, Carmen," he admitted. "You're a married woman and everyone in this office thinks you're about to have sex with me."

At 4 o'clock, Carmen and Jake went into his office and locked the door. She sat on the sofa and leaned back. "Here we are, Jake. Our first PA hour. Is it everything you expected?" she joked.

He sat with her on the sofa. "I get the feeling we aren't doing something right," he kidded along with her.

"Seriously, do you regret that you didn't pick a real PA?"

"No, I'm good with it. I did something nice for my new friend, and I don't have to go through the drama of sex for pay with a woman I hardly know."

"The Perez family finances thank you. My husband is amazed by the size of my bonus."

"What did you tell him about it?"

"Just that the company is really profitable and as your personal secretary I get a bigger bonus."

Jake nodded. "That's perfect. It's the truth so he'll never have a reason to be suspicious."

They sat there and talked for the hour, and enjoyed each others company.

Carmen's friend Maria hung around after 5 o'clock and rushed to Carmen when she walked out of Jake's office. "How was it? Are you okay?" the young woman asked.

Carmen blushed. "I'm fine, Maria. You didn't have to wait around."

"Are you sure? I thought you might be ... you know ... emotional."

"I'm not upset. Jake was very considerate."

"Was the sex really good?" Maria inquired. "I bet he has a really big one."

Carmen blushed deeper red. "I can't talk about anything that happens in PA hours, Maria. You know that."

"But I'm your best friend," Maria implored.


"Damn. You're no fun at all."

The women laughed and left the building together.


Everyone in the office took it for granted that Jake was fucking Carmen, and it colored their perception of the woman. The fact was that the personal assistants were at the top of the social pecking order in the office. They were the elite few who did unknown erotic things behind locked doors, and that carried an alluring mystique.

To the rest of the employees, Carmen was no longer an aging secretary and dutiful wife. She was the lover of a young alpha male. The men saw her as the embodiment of a sexy cougar and MILF. The women looked at her with a mix of jealousy, envy, scorn and admiration. Most of them wanted what they thought she had.

Carmen noticed the changed perceptions, and they made her feel like a fraud. She wasn't a cougar at all. She was a 48-year-old woman who sat in a locked office with a very nice 27-year-old man for a hour, three times a week. She had plain vanilla sex every Saturday night with her husband and that was it. The whole thing made her uneasy.


On a Monday morning in November, Jake finished a set of overhead presses then mopped his sweaty brow with his towel. He liked working out at the downtown YMCA. It was well-equipped and this early in the morning it was half empty. It was only 6:30 and he had plenty of time to complete a workout and get to work before 8.

"Hello, Jake," he heard the call of a sweet voice.

"Carmen? When did you start working out here?"

"This is my first morning. I just joined a yoga class." Her eyes lingered on his muscular arms and legs shining with sweat. Her young boss was seriously built. "My old yoga studio was out in West Knox, so this is a lot more convenient to work."

"Yeah. An easy walk to work," Jake agreed. He couldn't get over the way the 48-year-old looked in her pink sports bra and black yoga pants that clung to her like a second skin. Her arms, legs and abs were sleekly muscled. Most 20-year-old women would kill for that body. "I have to say, Carmen, you look amazing."

"Thanks," she replied and blushed. "I better get to my class." She walked away, but looked back and caught him staring at her ass. She gave it an extra wiggle and laughed.

Late afternoon on that same Monday, Carmen finished laughing at a story Jake told about people on the subway in New York. He stood and said, "It's 5 o'clock. Time to go home." He took her hand and helped her stand. She admired how he was always a perfect gentleman, and funny too. The image of his sweaty body in the gym popped into her mind.

Spontaneously she wrapped her arms around his waist and laid her head on his chest. "I love hanging out with you during PA hours. You're so much fun," she told him.

Jake was surprised by the hug, but happily took the opportunity to put his arms around the beautiful older woman. Her tall, slim body fit perfectly against him, and he remembered how she looked in her sports bra and yoga pants. "Thanks. I like it too. Best way to end a workday ever."

She lifted her head to look in his hazel eyes. "You sure are tall," she commented. "I'm not used to looking up at anyone when I'm wearing heels."

Jake wondered if Hispanic women aged better than others, because Carmen's face hardly had any signs of aging. A few tiny lines by her eyes and that was it. She was gorgeous and those full lips drew him in. He kissed her. Only a light touch of the lips, but their first kiss nonetheless.

Carmen sharply drew in her breath, but then she craned her neck to kiss him back. Their second kiss was harder but also only lasted a second. Her lips hovered near his for a long moment and she felt his warm breath. She backed away and released him from her hug.

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